Willfully Ignorant

Steve Daines, imbecileAlthough accepting federal funds to extend health coverage to the working poor would help small businesses, TEA Party Congressman Steve Daines has refused to hear the truth–even when told to him by business owners at a recent listening session.

Last week, a Billings small business owner told Daines he was concerned that Montana policies that may be discouraging his workers from keeping their jobs at a small business “listening session” set up by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Here’s what the owner of Valet Today, a local dry cleaning business with 27 employees, told Daines.  The business hires “mostly women with high school diplomas and a few without” to do unskilled work that doesn’t pay much.  The business owner told Daines that he has “lost workers who said they were earning too much to qualify for government assistance, but not enough to make it without federal assistance, the requirements of which shouldn’t discourage workers from remaining employed.”

But it doesn’t sound like Daines was listening–or else he’s too dumb to realize by refusing the Medicaid expansion for Montana, Daines’ fellow tricorn wearers in the Montana Legislature have created just such a requirement.  These workers could get health care benefits–and remain on the job–if the Montana legislature had passed the Medicaid expansion.  Without the expansion, they only way these workers would qualify for healthcare is if they had kids and made very little money–less than $10,000 a year for a family of three.  A minimum wage worker in Montana earns about $16,000 annually.

Daines did not address the business owner’s concerns.  Nor did he reconsider his own imbecilic opposition to health care for the working poor–low paid employees of small businesses.  Instead Daines, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, decided to remain deaf and dumb to the concerns of small businesses and instead gave the man some of his usual mumbo-jumbo:

“Congress is actively reviewing government agencies,” Daines said.

Gee, thanks.




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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 3, 2013 7:38 AM at 7:38 AM |

    Which simply highlights the point that the absolute SINGLE best thing that could happen to the economy in this country would be single payer! EVERY single worker in the country would be covered! End of problem! End of story! And the insurance industry could suck the
    Big Kockh brothers for all I care!

    But look closely at the pic of Dipshit Daines. See the strings? Kinda hard to see, but if you look hard you’ll see that lil’ Dipshit is a marionette with insurance and Kockh strings! Dancing like a little teabaggin’ puppet!…..or organ grinder’s monkey!

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 3, 2013 7:57 AM at 7:57 AM |

    I wonder if the Big Kockhs sneak out at night to help the poor?



    or maybe mittens Romney!

    Too funny!

    Pat Robertson?

  3. The problem with our oligarchical two-party structure is that the Democrats more often operate to contain left and progressive factions, and then render them powerless. The Democratic Party is the place where progressive movements go to die, a big cemetery plot.

    so our best hope for Medicaid Expansion in Montana is to pressure the Democrats from outside, forcing them to commit and then holding them accountable by voting them out when they fail us. governor Bullock has already demonstrated weakness on this issue, refusing to use the power of his office to force his hand, indicating indifference on his part.

    So it appears that this issue is a GTVO issue for Democrats, not much more.

  4. Why would a special session come out any differently than the regular one since nothing has changed since that time- that’s just a fact.

    • A leader occupying the governor’s office would change enough votes to pass it. You know, give to get, arm twisting back room deals – politics as it should be done if there were leaders in your party.

      • Bullshit, Mark. The Governor has no power or authority over the idiots in our legislature. You are blaming the wrong person, as usual. It is the voters that should be “twisting arms” to get it done and until they do so, these idiots will continue to be idiots.

        Sometimes, Mark, you really say the stupidest shit.

        • Mark’s right on one level, thin as it is. Schweitzer was effective because he could rile up voters and scare legislators. He didn’t do it by his well vaunted bullying, but rather by showmanship. Notice, people didn’t actually change the way they vote, hence 5 “bat crap crazy” legislatures in a row, but Brian at least scared the stupid into doing the right thing sometimes.

          • I will certainly concede that point. Schweitzer was an interesting and effective Governor. I don’t see either Bohlinger or Bullock pulling off the same trick – especially given the issues with the rollout of the ACA. The nutcase right has latched onto those issues as “proof” that the ACA is a failure and there is little incentive (other than voter outcry) for them to change their minds. Some wouldn’t even if the voters campaigned on their doorstep (Our old “friend” Fred is a perfect example of that…).

            What has pretty much doomed any chance of a special session accomplishing anything is that Bohlinger used this issue as a publicity stunt. He has alienated the Governor’s office by the way he went about doing it and he has accomplished nothing. In fact, given what I am seeing in my inbox and on the social networks, many of the wingnut right are sitting back with popcorn watching the show between Bohlinger and Bullock.

            My concern is the same it has been since the beginning of this mess. How are you going to get the batshit crazies to the table? If you don’t have a plan, than calling a special session is just a waste of taxpayer money.

  5. I just got the worst canned response to a email I sent to Daines last week. I asked one question; Would you still support the Keystone XL pipeline if you knew it would export all of the crude to Asia? This guy does not listen to Montanans at all! He sent the TransCanada approved response including many industry falsehoods about jobs and energy independence.The fact is that Keystone XL is going to be a export pipeline causing higher U.S. fuel prices and making us less energy independent. Canadian radio often talks to TransCanada officials about the Keystone XL export plan to gain higher profits in a new market, Asia. OMG GOP you are selling us out!

    • I don’t even try to communicate with Daines. He’s a managed entity, not really a person. He’s the human-like face of the Koch brothers and several corporate groups.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 3, 2013 6:24 PM at 6:24 PM |

        Refuse to wipe your ass with Kockh paper, and you end UP paying 183 K in fines! Sounds fair to me! Hell, I’ve been trying like hell for YEARS to get the Kockh assholes to sue me, yet they won’t. Why? What have I done wrong? I’m a complete failure! Puh LEEEZE, Kockh assholes! Who makes more fun of you kennedy killing assholes than I do?!

        Hey, your asshole daddy was IN on it, wasn’t he, Kockhs? Now, I’ll take that lie detector test to tell what MY daddy knew. Will you?

        SUE ME, KOCKH ASSHOLES! SUE ME! And then, when we get to court, maybe, just maybe, my lawyer will make you take it! I FEEL your fear!


        I await your lawsuit, but again, I hear you assholes got money but no nuts! And I got no money but I got the the NUTS! And the TRVTH mojo on my side, and you pissant billionaires can’t STAND that! Errr! Arrgh! (grind teeth here) I’ll SEE your money and RAISE my mojo! You still in, my nazzis bitch bircher pals? Yes, I’m PUBLICLY accusing your shitbag daddy of MURDERING our beloved president and STEALING our democracy! Now, WIPE YOUR ASS WITH THAT!


        (thas about the best glove across a Kockh face I got! i’m thinkin’ these little turds better join their pissant brother down there in Colorado on my cousin’s Bear Ranch! For you see, Kockh boys, I’M A BEAR, (medved), and you assholes are simply limp KOCKHS! I’M a bear, and you’re limp dicks! It’s genetic. You’re ancestors were assholes, my ancestors were miners and ranchers! And we HATED you lob lolly rich boys! For you assholes never BEEN down to the 4500 ft. in the mine! Suckin’ offn’ DADDY don’t preeepare one for combat!


        I await your lawsuit, you assholes. Your DADDY killed Kennedy! I’m reportin’ that as FACT! Now, sue me, assholes! Or forever look the pathetic cowards you are! Wanna take the lie detector test? I DO!



        Lay off the truckers, pukes. You’re in Ranger country now! You wanna sue somebody, SUE ME!

    • Aware and Not stupid | December 3, 2013 11:59 PM at 11:59 PM |

      No Kevin, he doesn’t get sucked in to left wing enviro whack jobs who are anti job, anti responsible growth and don’t have the common sense that God gave a goose. That’s what you lefties hate about him, you don’t do his thinking for him and that’s why he’ll win the Senatorial seat. The enviro crowd is as off base on the left. The Teabirchers are on the right and Daines isn’t politically foolish enough to sellout to either one of those groups.

      • Mr. Stupid, your anger and rage at the left has made you miss the point. Do you want our domestic oil including our Bakken oil being exported to Asia? Do you want higher fuel prices? I am not a “enviro whack job”, I want to keep our oil HERE in the U.S. so I can afford to drive my 66 chevelle when I please. FACT: All of the Canadian tar sand crude is being refined in the midwest RIGHT NOW, as well as the Bakken crude, the U.S. market gets 100% of that crude. Once the XL in on line that will end. Keystone XL is a export pipeline that will bypass the U.S. market and cause higher U.S. fuel prices and less energy independence. I say keep our oil here. And one more thing Mr. Stupid “Drill baby drill!” only works if we keep our oil from being exported. Ask any pro Keystone XL people if they are aware that all of the crude will be exported, then ask if that ok. Get informed, read the TransCanada’s “Canadian industry” info, listen to the Canadian news and read their newspapers they all conclude that the Keystone XL will not benefit the U.S. at all.

  6. Back to the issue in the story. How do super-low wages benefit the future? In the short run, cheap labor saves money, but these workers are consumers, too. When they can’t make their mortgage, pay their utility bills, or buy a new pair of shoes, of what benefit will be super-low wages? Have we an economist in the house?

  7. Let’s not forget Daines BENEFITED from the ‘gummint’ contracts for his businesses, so ‘Shutdown Steve’, want to send that dough back? WOE to those in power who OPRESS the widows, children and poor as the Bible warns, Isaiah 10:1-3!

    • Publius II, that’s one of the reasons that Daines won his seat to begin with. It is a lie to promote the idea that Right Now Technologies was a huge recipient of government contracts. Only about 23% of RNT’s business was contract with US gummint. So, technically, you are correct that Daines benefited, but making an issue of it looks hollow and doesn’t help get him out of office.

      • “Among the richest freshmen in Congress, Montana’s at-large congressman derives much of his wealth from RightNow Technologies, a software company that Oracle Corp. acquired in 2011 for $1.5 billion, making Daines a millionaire several times over. He drew a combined salary of $268,700 from the companies in 2012, according to his financial disclosure.

        Daines’ biggest asset is a stake worth at least $5 million in Genesis Partners, a Bozeman, Mont., real estate venture that leased office space to RightNow Technologies. He also lists $2.85 million in residential and commercial real estate holdings in Montana.

        Daines grew up in Bozeman and stayed there during his college years at Montana State. After getting a degree in chemical engineering, he went to work at Procter & Gamble, serving in management posts in the United States and abroad. After returning home and working in his family’s construction business, he took an executive post at RightNow.

        Daines frequently invokes his business experience when discussing fiscal policy and says his goals include simplifying the tax code and eliminating government subsidies for businesses.”


        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 3, 2013 7:45 PM at 7:45 PM |

          Con STRUCTION bidness??? The dude has lob lolly written all OVER him! The ONLY callouses HE got are on his KNEE pads blowin’ the KOCKH brothers!


          And yes, you can quote me on that! You see, I get damn TIRED of pissants like Dipshit Daines CLAIMING to be Montanans, when the ONLY work Dipshit has done is blowin’ the Kochk brothers! Is that really a working man?? Oh sure, blowin’ kockh prolly DOES wear out lil’ Dipshit. But that don’t qualify him for shit!

  8. Aware and Not stupid | December 3, 2013 6:10 PM at 6:10 PM |

    I’d be willing to bet that the “owner” of the Billings business was a plant at the Daines event by the democrats, and the Congressman didn’t take the bait! Just a thought….

    • Bwahahahaha! NFIB hand picked the participants – that group is conservative to the core – hence Scott Aspenlieder, TEA party candidate for SOS, kicked it off. Conspiracy theory much?

  9. My guess is that if this business was owned by a republican or was a corporation, the topic of discussion would be about the low wages these people earn that does not allow them to survive without federal assistance. This guy is using the government to subsidize his employees just like Walmart and McDonalds. Where’s the outrage???

  10. Yea, I’ve heard of them, Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, a few others, and John Boy. Great hard working family.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 4, 2013 6:50 AM at 6:50 AM |

      Yeah, they really give back to the country, don’t they?
      The country that allowed them to become what they are! Cheap Chinese junk is what this country is all about. It’s what the founders had in mind! And paying their workers poverty wage is just great. Oh, and how bout that dead peasant insurance? Ever heard of that too?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 4, 2013 6:51 AM at 6:51 AM |

        Here, Sammy, your corporate pals!


        Great hardworking Murcans!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 4, 2013 7:07 AM at 7:07 AM |

          And they’re gonna “fix” education in this country too!

          “The Waltons and their foundation have reaped billions and billions of dollars from a ruthless business model that relies on Walmart jobs being insecure and unstable jobs, with low wages, skimpy benefits, and little respect in the workplace. Their company has helped create a world where parents have to work two or more jobs, with unstable hours to make ends meet. They’ve helped create a world where parents struggle with choices like paying rent, putting food on the table or taking a sick child to the doctor. And now the Waltons want to tell us how to fix our schools? The Walmart model has made its impact on much of the world. But, for many, the Walmartization of our schools is one step too far.”

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