Secessionist Group Gathering MT County Officials Dec. 16

A group called “Defend Rural America” (Trademarked!) is working to get rural counties to secede from states to form their own new states. They’ve organized a meeting of right-wing county officials in Montana this month to “discuss implementation of these ideas” here in Montana.

Defend Rural America has convened and worked with California secessionists to establish the future state of Jefferson. (You can watch a video of the California secessionists gathering here.) The LA Times has an interesting story on Jefferson here. Plans for a “Western Maryland” and “Northern Colorado” are also in the works.

Besides secession, this bunch has some other crackpot beliefs. They say the Endangered Species Act “is used to destroy more of our rights, lands, and resources that any weapons of mass destruction an external enemy could deliver.” Yes, more than a barrage of nuclear bombs, apparently.

They offer–for a small price–valuable pamphlets that explain “the war that is taking place for control of the world between representative governments, on the one hand, and a handful of international banking families on the other.” The group also advises states to “re-established their sovereignty and liberate themselves from ‘the bondage of a (federal) territorial system.'”

You can see the flyer for this eminent  gathering in Kalispell here. County commissioners from Flathead, Ravalli (of course), Mineral, Madison, and Sweetgrass–and a few other elected officials are on the agenda. To be sure, the list of participants reads like a who’s who of TEA Party, Oathkeepers, ATP, and militia-affiliated types.

Jennifer Fielder, the vice-Chair of the Republican Party who has ties to the Militia of Montana, is on the agenda, as well as GOP state legislator Nancy Ballance (R-TEA Ravalli County). Also on the agenda is Dan Happel, the Madison County Commissioner who is featured on the Oathkeepers website for his expertise in Agenda 21 UN conspiracy theories.

Sweeetgrass County Commissioner Bob Faw, subject of campaign finance complaints  and ATP board member, is slated to be on the program. So is Sheriff Tom Rummel, who made headlines when he urged sheriffs across the country against enforcing federal laws. Rummell went on to write that sheriffs should consider actually blocking federal law enforcement officers from enforcing the law either and militia group claim him as a sympathizer. Mineral County Commissioner Laurie Johnston will be there too.

I hope someone goes to this meeting with a video camera. Until then, the main question I have is what the new state (made up of Ravalli, Flathead, Madison, Mineral and Sweetgrass) should be called.

What should Montana's secessionist counties call their new state?

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Posted: December 5, 2013 at 7:19 am

This post was written by Cowgirl

77 thoughts on “Secessionist Group Gathering MT County Officials Dec. 16

  1. Richard Miller

    And here we always thought that Christmas was the season for cases of nuts and fruitcakes.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    Oh ferchrissakes! When the hell is the f*cking PATHETIC media in this state gonna call these assholes out? This is getting ridiculous! Time to implement some immigration policies for Montana to KEEP the inbreds out! If they want a white homeland, create one down SOUTH where most of these inbreds are from!

    1. Montana Mom

      I agree that the media has been unbelievably lame about this bunch of monsters. Our county is crawling with them. A few folks tried to question some of their ‘facts’ in the paper and got BURIED in slander and the written equivalent of fecal matter for WEEKS. Yet the paper just sits back and lets the fur fly. No sign of a fact-finding article anywhere.

  3. none of your business

    i live within the state of jefferson and i support it, while i cant speak for other areas i can say the #1 problem in California is this corrupt provably corrupt abusive government , whether your talking all of the licensing schemes = Economic oppression or whether talking about the felonies being committed against the people by un accountable bureaucrats
    the fact is we have a lawless government these seams desperate to collapse the economy by any means

    1. Larry St Croix

      Yeah – NO
      I live in Tehama, which you and your fellows would like to turn into Jefferson and I don’t want to live in a ‘state’ made up from some of the poorest counties in the State of California. Even with assistance from the state we are struggling financially, without it we would be living in Dog Patch.

      In 1941 when the first Democratic Governor of California in 40 years was elected the idea of the State of Jefferson was spawned. Four years later, with the election of a Republican Governor the idea faded. Here we are again, Governor, Senate & Assembly all Democratic and a bunch of sore losers can’t live with democracy.

  4. Ed Kemmick

    I looked at the website. I think the best part of it is that three of the “books” advertised for sale have the same stock photo on the cover. That’s just lazy.

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Thanks, Drunk dude! I knew I could count on you! Luv it! Crackerlandia! Better than mine. Peckerwoodlandia! Ya see, in the wood bidness, we consider any wood the width of your pecker to be pecker wood! And hence, useless. Not worth much. These dudes fit the bill! PECKERWOOD andia! Or maybe Peckerwoodtopia!!! How ’bout New Peckerwood??

        1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

          Hey, GF Spitoon, can we call these nuckers futz yet?


          Pissant Duke Nuke’em thinks we should NUKE all them Mooselim bastards! And hell, what the hell, I’m WITH him on this one! Nuthin’ like the smell of burnin’ Mooselims in the morning! In fact, I LUV the smell of burnin’ Mooselims in the morning!


          Jump on the crazy train! The view is grand!

          Yes, folks, these are legitimate opinions. The GF Spitoon thinks the Teat Party are just normal folks…….

          fuckin’ assholes!………….HEY, maybe sally mockery of the npr lost dog report could interview this guy! he’s her kinda people…..DUMB AS DOG SHIT! (in the lost dog report!)

          1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

            Drop you Kockhs and grab your socks! The biggest little Kockhs in texASS are comin’ for you!


            wtf. What’s WRONG with these assholes? Well, if your DADDY murdered out beloved President Kennedy, wouldn’t YOU be a shitbag too?


            I await your lawsuit, shitbag Kockh evil spawn! What’s wrong, no nuts? SUE ME, you limp Kockhs! Was wrong, all Kockh and not nuts////

            Kockhs, not worth the shit they’re WRAPPED in!


            1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

              Hey, Kockh assholes, your daddy was a treasonous murderin’ SHITBAG! And the turd don’t roll too far from the anus! Will you sue me now, turd droppings?

              HEY, I will take the lie detector test. Will you??


              Your daddy did it, puke boys. And I know it, and YOU know it, and now the COUNTRY needs to know it! And now you can no longer hide!


              1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                Your daddy’s pal and confidant???? Wow. Just wow! You some sick sumbitches!

                “Gen. Walker was yet another in a long illustrious line of closet homosexual tea-bagger Republicans who, after the assassinations wound down and the South gave up fighting desegregation, ended his days in public toilets trying to suck off undercover cops a-la Larry Craig. But Gen. Walker’s spirit lives on, as these chilling New York Times articles below show.”

                Your daddy end up in public toilets, Kockh dudes????

                1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                  The Kockh daddy and his treasonous pals MURDERED our beloved president because he was on to them! Kennedy had the courage to go after these no good treasonous shitbags. Now, it’s our turn to out them for the evil feces they are!

                  “They equate the Democratic Party with the welfare state, the welfare state with socialism, and socialism with communism. They object quite rightly to politics’ intruding on the military — but they are anxious for the military to engage in politics”.

                  Hold the perps accountable, amigos. Hole them accountable!

                  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                    Put THAT up your Kockh ass! Yikes! The country has about had it with the Big Kockh traitorous assholes and the Walton shitbags! Hey, you want profits? We’ll GIVE you profits right up your fat billionaire asses! Screw you and your fight against a minimum wage increase. While you billionaire assholes reap even MORE billions, you refuse to share with your workers! Hence, we’re comin’. We’re comin’ AFTER you greedy fat asses! We want our fair share, and if you don’t want to give it to us, FUCK YOU!, we’ll TAKE it! Suck on that, bitches!

                    But first, we want health care, and fuck you if you don’t like that! You’re used to havin’ Max Fawkus suck you off, but them days are gone. Not good enough. We’re comin’ for our fair share and there ain’t a God DAMN thing you can do about it! ‘cept maybe move to another country!


                    UNION FOREVER! We’re comin’, Kockh boys! We’re comin’!

                    1. none of your business

                      your comments are the most ignorant i have ever read as for the last part hope you enjoying hanging just like the nazis at nurnberg trails

                    2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                      Dear traitorous treasonous Kockh brothers, I await your lawsuit! Ready to lock assholes yet, cowards?


                      I thought not! You see, you got the money but no nuts. I got no money but I got the nuts. YOU LOSE!


                      You shitbag daddy was in on the Kennedy coup, and I won’t rest until you’re proven guilty!

                    3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                      “your comments are the most ignorant i have ever read as for the last part hope you enjoying hanging just like the nazis at nurnberg trails”

                      Thank you for the kind words. I’ll try.


                      The only nazzis round here are the Kockhs and Bushes! Or did forget that Prescott bush was one of their main money men?!!

                1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                  You can run, Kockhsuckers, but you can’t hide! For we are legion!

                  ark 5:6-9:

                  When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. He shouted at the top of his voice, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? Swear to God that you won’t torture me!” For Jesus had said to him, “Come out of this man, you evil spirit!”

                  Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”

                  “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many

  5. Publius II

    COMPLETELY WHACKADOODLE, especially with legislator Fielder in attendance? As a veteran, I’m appalled with this behavior, it disgraces the lives lost to preserve our Constitution, and strive for a more PERFECT union, not seperate!

  6. Publius II

    Didn’t these goofballs watch Lincoln, or at least read about the Civil War and do they expect these ‘seccesh’ states and their citizens to still get those ‘Gummint handouts’ like soc. security, medicaid, medicare and how about those federal retirements my fellow deluded retired veterans would have to GIVE UP, huh?

  7. Publius II

    I wonder what the Rebels will do about equality in their ‘new’ states? Will they institute apartheid, second-class and worse that Nelson Mandela fought against for over HALF a century? Will these ‘states of chaos’ depend on Uncle Sam or completely break away?

  8. Publius II

    Shocking! The tea(t)tards and their Koch masters ain’t screamin’ in rage about US flag lowered to half-staff in respects to Nelson Mandela? Why isn’t boney Boehner weeping, as he luvs to cry, but NOT for seperated families across borders, struggling moms thankful for at least getting a chance for healthcare with the ACA and veterans who get lip service from GOP chickenhawks. Note the hypocritical GOP who will offer ‘croc tears’ for Nelson Mandela while they and ALEC eagerly attack voting and civil rights right here in the USA, going BACKWARDS, not forward.

  9. none of your business

    i love just how ignorant liberals really are,
    how hard is it to really understand that over oppressive regulation + corrupt bureaucracy = real jobs go away
    i mean i realize most liberals think McDonalds is a career

    and while these small minded dolts keep trying to tie koch to the movements of freedom its only to slander the movements the fact is if the liberal stop ignoring the criminal behavior in our government they could try to selll the idea all this is for the betterment of our society en but when you allow the criminals to seize the government you end up in a position like this,
    There is one last thing to which the people can resort if the government does not respect the restrains that the constitution places on the government,” Cannon said. “Abraham Lincoln talked about our right to alter our government or our revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

    1. Surelyyoujest11

      The irony of you calling others ignorant is mind boggling.

      Signed, a Reasonable Republican.

    2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers


      Wow! What an inspiring speech! Do you have someone who could maybe translate for us?


      Hey, inbred dude, start with sumthin’ simple, would’ja? Here, answer the question. You see, moron, there is only ONE America! There is NOT such a thing as “rural America”, only one America , dufus! So, why would the inbreds call it saving rural America? What the hell does that mean? Have you ever LIVED in rural Montana? Most everyone on this forum has or is. So, just what the hell are you farting about? How is rural America different from America in general?

      You see, little fella, you can’t bullshit us. You sound like that idiot who moved here from Florida (pastord bulbdim) and said that Montana “is a state of mind”. Well no it’s not! It’s a freakin’ STATE, dipshit!

      So, would you be so kind as to use your eloquence to actually DEFINE what you know about rural America, and how it’s being threatened, and how it’s different than regular America? Are the minoriteees attacking while we speak? The great brown hordes and black tides? Are the Mooselims sneakin’ around in the woods in their turbans? Welfare mama’s stealin’ your chickens??


      There’s some grist for your mill, cupcake. Have at it. And btw, just WHERE have YOU lived in rural America that makes you such an expert? Tell us what it’s LIKE out there in the outback? Tell us sumthin’ that we don’t know! I’ll wait…….


      Too funny. Little fella’s gonna spill his blood to protect sumthin’ that he can’t even define! And that’s just real sad! It reminds me of ALL them southerners that died for the plantation owners! By GOD they was gonna protect “their” way of life! At LEAST they had the darkies to look down on!!!!

      Lil’ dude, educate us about the threats to “rural” Murca!

      (this otter be good!)

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

        Me THINKS that this learned scholar has made like the old country song! He knows when to fold’em , when to walk away, and when to RUN LIKE HELL! Buh BYE, Einstein! Come back after you’ve graduated college! You see, simply because you identify with the Teat party does NOT make you any smarter! In fact, it makes you DUMBER! Need proof? Look at Caribou Barbie! Hell, she was freakin’ GOVERNOR and yet still dumb as dog shit! Or maybe louie gohmert. The list is endless. Birther bob. Gen. Robert E. Skees, etc.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    The last time the inbreds tried something like this was right after we passed I-137, which banned heap leach gold mines in the state. Well, in a backdoor attempt to undo I-137 and democracy itself, senators swyssgood and shea decided to introduce a bill that would allow each individual COUNTY to determine what would be permissible in their county, thereby bypassing state environmental laws, etc.

    Well sir, the Rangers didn’t take too kindly to the undoing of democracy, and we went down there and laid down the law! Guess that that did the trick, for the Pubes quickly backed OFF that half-baked idea!

    But here we are again, with a whole NEW parade of inbreds. This is gettin’ kinda old. Maybe eastern Montana could become Fracklandia, and Butte, Copperlandia, and on and on! Kalispell, Inbredlandia! etc. Each unique region adopting a name based upon the resources there to be squandered!

  11. In2it

    These movements are more “separatist” than “secessionist.” One of the many flaws in our constitution, necessitated to pass it, was to grant each state two senators no matter population. Those days are long past. It makes sense to break up some of our states into smaller units, as California is as big and diverse as Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North and South Dakota and Nebraska combined, but has only two senators compared to 12. That’s crazy. Same with Michigan, upstate New York, north and south Florida, and Texas.

    Movements to get more representation for already over-represented states like Montana and Colorado ought to go down to defeat, and will (Colorado has already) once they realize that rural areas depend on cities for economic well being. Talent naturally gravitates to larger population areas.

  12. Craig Moore

    Such vitriol, hate, and resentment in many of the comments.

    “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy.” –Nelson Mandela

    1. Rob Kailey

      You’re absolutely right, Craig. Look at the hate right here:

      i love just how ignorant liberals really are,
      how hard is it to really understand that over oppressive regulation + corrupt bureaucracy = real jobs go away
      i mean i realize most liberals think McDonalds is a career

      and while these small minded dolts keep trying to tie koch to the movements of freedom its only to slander the movements the fact is if the liberal stop ignoring the criminal behavior in our government they could try to selll the idea all this is for the betterment of our society en but when you allow the criminals to seize the government you end up in a position like this,

      … Or maybe it’s just the awful grammar. No. No, it’s the mindless hate.

        1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

          “Israel should withdraw from all the areas which it won from the Arabs in 1967, and in particular Israel should withdraw completely from the Golan Heights, from south Lebanon and from the West Bank.” –Nelson Mandela.

          Stole this little bit from my buddy Larry Kurtz’s site. He does great work over there at Interest Party. It’s in the blog roll. Check it out.

            1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

              p.s. The above is the most important thing you’ll read all day. You see, I never left the Catholic Church. It left ME! And millions just like me. And now, it’s coming back, and we’re still here. Funny how that works. From Ratzi the Nazi to Pope Francis of Assisi! If an atheist can pray, by GOD I’ll do it! I’ll pray for him.

              You see, Pope Francis has seen it all. Unlike the other Popes, he’s seen fascism up close and personal in Argentina. And he KNOWS who’s responsible! Reagan, bush, kissassenger, the Pubes, and the CIA! And he ain’t a’gonna let the world forget it! He’ll keep going until his untimely demise (of course), but I suspect he don’t GIVE a shit at this point. And that’s some real power he’s got there! Yes, I’m luvin’ this! Walk softly and carry GOD’S stick! That is what he’s doing. And he’s unafraid! Sure, killing Jesuits in Latin America is tradition, but he’s gonna do some serious damage before he goes!

  13. Cal

    I hate to spoil the fun but this is not about secession. As the announcements below from the Kalispell Daily Interlake Community Daybook ( show, there are two presentations are about the transfer of federal lands to the states in Kalispell of which this is one.

    “Montanans for Multiple Use present a public presentation about “Transfer of Federal Lands to the States” with Rep. Ken Ivory of Utah, 6:30 p.m. Dec. 13, Flathead County Fairgrounds, Kalispell. Free Admission Call 406-261-9326.”

    “Public meeting on “How to Reclaim Montana’s Lands, 6:30 p.m. Dec. 16, Best Western Flathead Lake Inn, U.S. 93 and Montana 82, Somers. Kirk MacKenzie, founder of Defend Rural America, and a panel of experts will present. Call 837-6929 or 650-967-5679.”

    Need I mention Emily Litella?

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers


      THIS is the ol’ sage brush rebellion crowd in a new iteration!

      (moment of silence here for wayne hage, and his girlfriend, Helen chenowith, who are BOTH now residing in HELL! My favorite Helen quote was when she said that she envisioned a “coming war between environmentalists and Christians”! I shit you not! the woman was that wacked!)


      Ah yes, let’s STEAL land that belongs to ALL Americans, and give it to the inbreds in Kalispell! Uh huh. I THEENK ol’ sen. cornhole burns floated this idea a long time ago. We’ll see how well it works this time! These stupid bastards never learn!

    2. In2it

      Thank you for that link, Cal. I did not make that larger connection. The movement to privatize the most valuable federal and state-managed lands has been around for decades, with various fringe groups fronting for the industrialists behind it. Sen Tom Keating of Billings led a movement in the 90’s to this effect.

      So it makes sense that the Tea Party, a tool serving many purposes (including giving Obama political cover to carry out his right wing agenda), is also a tool for the land grab movement. If that is the case, there is money behind this movement, big money. It needs be taken seriously.

      1. none of your business

        are liberals really that ignorant they would believe you?
        the tea party stand against every thing these totalitarians are desperate to impose on the people ,

        1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

          Ah yes. And they’re trying to impose all that hated gummint money YOU are sucking up, aren’t they? Geez. Try honesty for once, dude. How much you and your geezer friends suckin’ offn’ Unca Sugartit?! Let’s start there with the gummint waste, shall we?! How much? How much? How MUCH?! You’re not a taker, you’re a SUCKER! As are all teatards!

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    It’s all out there, inbreds! You want progress, MOVE HERE! I get SO tired of all the reetarts like Asshole General tiny timmy fux spouting nonsense like we need progress! Well, tiny tim, go ask THESE folks how they like their progress! BTW, you folks down in Hardin still drinkin’ pig pee outta the Big Horn River after your little CAFO pond broke? Now THAT’S progress tim can live with!

  15. Janet Goodell

    Along the lines of Kochville, I submit the name Kochistan as it seems more like a country name. It seems to me, our new state is really aiming to be a country unto itself. They will all need passports to enter the good old USA.

  16. Jay C

    Maybe the separatists can call their new “State” the Commonwealth of Real American Patriots: sounds noble, and has a catchy acronym they can be known by!

  17. Bill Freese, uh, I mean, Anonymous

    Commonwealth of Real American Patriots gets my vote, Jay C. I love Vanilla Sky, but the citizens of the new state won’t understand.

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