Reason Number 867 Why Women Don’t Take Republicans Seriously

Last week, Montana Senate President Jeff Essmann put out a press release (thanks Google cache, and screenshot) touting state Sen. Debby Barrett as being the first woman to serve as first “Speaker Pro Tem” of the Montana Senate.

But it turns out the legislative branch’s own website shows that the first woman served as Speaker Pro Tem in Montana 20 years ago – when a woman named Marian Hanson held the post.  Essmann issued a correction today.

In his correction, Essmann called state Senator Debby Barrett, who has a zero percent voting record with Montana’s leading women’s issue advocates, “a trailblazer for women legislators everywhere.”

If by trailblazer, you mean following trails that lead back to the 18th century, then Debby Barrett certainly deserves the highest honor.  Barrett was nominated for recognition by the National Foundation for Women Legislators by GOP legislative leadership, who have demonstrated that by “excellence” they mean the longest serving choice among a very small pool. There are only 5 Republican women in the Montana Senate today, and Barrett is the R-TEA member who has held office the longest.

The women’s group doesn’t appear to have bothered to put out their own press release on the “awards,” which is telling.



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 9, 2013 9:32 PM at 9:32 PM |

    The Assman breaks wind in an attempt to woo women voters! Cool. What an asshole.

  2. “A Republican candidate for Senate from Iowa says he’s had lessons communicating with women and has learned that they need to be talked to on an “emotional level.”

    Last week, staffers for House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told Politico that Republican candidates were being tutored on how to speak to female voters in response to the so-called GOP “War on Women.””

  3. Larry, Assman is a turd. It is what comes from digesting all of the teabagger’s shit and is eliminated from the body. He is lowest form of life on this planet.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2013 7:47 AM at 7:47 AM |

    OH MY GOD! SURELY this policy violates SOME Amendment, AND God’s Law too! Maybe even the Ten Commandments! What is the Teat party take on this, Assman?! Did O’Bama start this? I say it’s time to im PEACH him, and then at least we’ll have a white dude (such as he is) in the White House again! I mean, they don’t call it the “white” house for nuthin’! PLEASE don’t watch the following video if you are a Jesus luvin’, home schooled youngster, for the images are just TOO graphic for your teensy, tiny little home fooled brains! Folks, I give you O’bama’s America! I tol’ you this would happen when Kenyan values become the law of the land!!!! We’re reapin’ what the Kenyans have sown!

  5. Barrett represents a district that went about 70% for Romney. It’s about 96% white. The issues don’t really matter in District 36 (Beaverhead and Madison counties). If you’re somehow connected to agriculture (Barrett is married to a rancher) and you’re a Republican with some name recognition (the local hospital is named after a Barrett), you’re going to win.

    I ran against her in 2012 knowing I’d lose. Her positions are odious, but local voters don’t seem to care about them. She’s one of them. That’s all that counts.

    • Debbie Barrett, Part of another family value of living off the name of a successful relative, who has a doctor denied care to no-one.

      Debbie votes against everything the name Barrett stood for. Affordable healthcare, womens issues…. and why?

      Because no one approaches her from our side here in Dillon, or at least thats her reasoning after I asked her personally……

      I cant tell you, if what she said is true in that vein, that no one Democrat, ever asks her about the issues. But by God as a woman voting against our issues, or childrens issues????? Just proves she is not in touch with this community at all.

      We have a lot of Family court here because of deadbeat dads, abusive husbands…. more than a little town like Dillon should have. to not have a finger on that problem and continually vote against.protecting her gender….

      Its like a slap in the face.

      She wants to be remembered for funding Museums here in MOntana, not protecting children, or women.

      We do have a great protector of ladies in the woman’s resource center. Kelly the director fights tooth and nail for women and childrens rights here…..

      But for every good story she writes protecting women’s rights in this area, I can tell you twenty stories of some of the woman barflys that screw that up…. just saying

      Dillon and the Surrounding Area has a lot of growing up to do.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2013 9:48 AM at 9:48 AM |

    Maybe Assman could use MY video in his outreach to women! I offer it up free of charge!

    Won’t be see’in THIS one in the home fooled setting any time soon! Cain’t have them little homeschoolers thinking for themselves! JAYsus does their thinkin’ for them! Jaysus and the Assman!

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2013 9:55 AM at 9:55 AM |

    That’s alright. After all, he’s a Kenyan! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

    OOOOOeeeeee! I can just see ol’ Daddy Cruz shittin’ his holiness knickers over THIS one! And his son, Baby Batatista prolly al READY has his verbal sword out! For you see, cain’t NEVER allow that they’s a real country un TIL they have in place another dicktatership and control by the mafia! For that’s the Murcan way! USA! USA! USA!

  8. So unfortunate to see. What moves a woman to denounce women’s issues, anyway? It’s as if a person of color advocated the return of Jim Crow (’cause it’s a good way to maintain order?) I’m just not getting it.

  9. Just because she has a mind of her own and doesn’t toe the politically-wrong leftist line? Of course, if she were Nancy Keenan, you’d approve. GMAFB.

    • She has a mind of her own and it isn’t a good one.

      • She doesn’t have a mind of her own. Debbie Barrett, told me the reason she votes with the Republicans is because it is her party.

        Thats like saying the reason I wont feed kids is because my Party is against feeding kids. Or I don’t mind senselessly killing the poor because my party says its okay!

        Thats not a mind of her own, for chist sake shes a stepford wife!

        • The party didn’t vote her in. her community did!

          • And regardless of what anybody on this blog thinks about her, the people she represents apparently approve of what she is doing in numbers sufficient to elect her. Funny how those elections work.

          • Now you’re starting to get it. No one is going to remove people like Debbie Barrett by attacking her or her party. One certainly won’t remove her by attacking her community. The problem is to change that community and the culture that it fosters (worships?) Sadly, in Barrett’s case it is a foregone conclusion that she will serve out her limits of term, and then fade away (or run for higher office and find out that the largest counties in Montana don’t necessarily see eye to eye with the most populated counties in Montana.)

            • Its why I ask myself I dont read it or make it up like you do…

              But thank you for sharing since you and even your brother know nothing about how our area Operates. But I am sure we will see how you think it does.

              Klakken this new Mayor has already told us in a meeting yesterday, that he thinks he can fire who he wants without just cause, which must be employee related… not as he says because he doesn’t get along with them.

              Apparently, Mike Klakken thinks he can go over the city councils heads to fire and put in his cronies and no one will say anything???

              Just a bang up job the people you Kaileys hang out with.

              A cluster suck in the making already!

              • Wooo its begining to smell like Daffy Warner in Dillon all over again…..

              • You know, sometimes you just can’t help yourself. You just have to be a complete git. Read the damn ordinances of Dillon before you blow your idiocy all over the pages of this blog.

                Klakken – as mayor – gets to choose his administrative staff, not the City Council. The City Council has the opportunity to approve or disapprove of Klakken’s choices but it is HIS choice, not the City Council’s. I hope he does clear out the Malesich cronies – starting with that good for nothing pet lawyer, Wilber.

                You are just airing your sour grapes that your candidate, Malesich was sent packing. By all means, continue to post bullshit and complete lies about the incoming Mayor for the town you claim to run two businesses in, Norma. It certainly explains all the “businesses” you have run over the years and why they ultimately failed.

                As far as Barrett is concerned, this is her last term and then she is termed out. Wellborn will step up into her office just as she stepped up into Tash’s office. Who will run (and win) for Wellborn’s office is still up in the air but it is likely to be Malesich himself. It is the neverending cycle in a small rural town like Dillon.

                • I wonder how the current city council and mayor might feel about a local ordinance preventing employers and landlords from discriminating against gay people.

                  Time to put out some feelers?

                • So city ordinances trump state and federal Law? Really? Are you that stupid. There is already case law in Montana citing your Klakken fantasies wrong. Hiring and firing has to be maintained by state and federal Law.

                  And a mayor isn’t the Absolute ruler of any city, he shares the job with city council members. and the public A No vote by city council members means a No Jobs for Klakkens Longhorn Bar/Mexican restaurant coffee Klatch.

                  This Incoming Mayor is a guy who thinks he is gonna fire a police chief, a city manger, and countless other city officials because he doesn’t like their first Amendment Rights????? You two are fucking loons!

                  You guys are actually starting to rule like despots in a third world country. Firing anyone who disagrees with you personally, while they do a bang up job as an employee is grounds for countless lawsuits. You Must follow state and federal Employer law. but it looks like that isn’t gonna happen with you Klakken despots.

                  I can hear the sound of hard earned leaving the pockets of Taxpayers in dillon like a waterfall! Klakken cant even deliver on his promises to people on lowering water and city sewage. because it was already voted and passed on years ago to fund these past due infrastructure projects. I will be posting the Taped entire employee meeting. I am telling you it is gonna be a clusterfuck with people like you whispering stupid Ideas in this poor Idiots ears!

                  • By the way you were part of a group of spiteful people who went after Marty for years and lost every friggin argument. And you personally hate him because you got caught driving without a licence. And why did you lose that license to drive in every state in the US. because serial Deadbeat dads are against federal Law Dude.

                    Tell lies long enough and people start to believe them, Including the Liars that tell them…. just like you and Klakken.

                    He might not even get to be a one term Mayor, with all the crap I have heard from your rumormongers.

              • Oh Norma, ~facepalm~. My wife is a 4th generation Dillonite. My father-in-law has forgotten more people in Beaverhead county than you’ve ever met. My sister-in-law spent a number of years working at the Metlan (a university of its own sort) and a number of years working at the Dillon Tribune, another educational opportunity. Face it, you’re not upset because other people don’t know anything about the Dillon community. Your tantrum is because they do, and they don’t agree with you. You’re like a kid throwing a fit because someone else has the audacity to play in *your* sandbox. Now, since you are such a proponent of ‘Democratic Principles’, could you please explain how your acting out here supports anything in even the remote fringe of a democratic principle?

                You want evidence of something? Be scientific and experiment. Take what you’ve written here, replace every instance of ‘Klakken’ with ‘Obama’, every instance of ‘Malesich’ or ‘Marty’ with ‘Dubya’ or ‘George’ and every reference to my brother or myself with ‘you libtards’. Then post that to a wingnut website. All we have to do is count the ‘Fuck YEAH!’ and ‘You go, Girl!’ responses.

                I know you are committed to being willfully stupid and defensive, but in the dark hours of night, alone with your fears, certainly at least once it must dawn on you that you are sounding more like a Republicant TeaPeep every fricking day.

                • So even by osmosis you’re not a Dillonite… isn’t that what I said. You dont live here, work here?????

                  Amazing, You’re just like Klakken in that regard Explaining in the newspapers all the good things his wife did in the community, but he couldn’t point too anything he did himself? So by osmosis that makes him a good man too????????

                  Ahhhh No! Are you and your wife living in Dillon???? Aaah No!

                  Now you’re beginning to sound just like Mark, involving yourself in a place… you don’t live in for the sake of just arguing???? Bwahahahaha

                  See since 2010 people of conscious in Montana have been writing about you and your bullshit Rob

                  An article almost 4 years old, still in the top 5 on the state, when you type your name in google. One of the biggest reasons “Left in the West Blog ended up falling apart… and nutcases like Bob Brigham use it today as a springboard for conspricy theorists who want to hitch their wagon to a liberal star in John Bolinger????

                  • *Knock Knock* Norma, oh Norma. It’s time to wake up and take your meds now.

                    If you bother to use your scrolling claw in an upward direction (which moves the cursor up) you will find that the comment I made which turned you into a rage fueled TeaPeep stalker scream-harpy had nothing to do with my living in Dillon. It was a simple comment about Debbie Barrett and the fact that her community elected her. I didn’t. I never claimed to. You, while foaming at the mouth, shrieking and ripping at your stuffed animals, turned that into some twisted super-power whereby the only people who can write anything knowledgeable at all about a state Senator from Dillon have to live there, and if they live there and disagree with you, then OFF WITH THEIR HEADS FOR BEING LESSER HUMANS WHO HAVE BEEN NAUGHTY IN YOUR SIGHT!

                    I reiterate, all it takes to transform you from the foul tempered political candidate that no one likes into a frothing mess is a bit of disagreement. That’s all. And to be honest, it’s kind of fun to do anymore. Look at yourself, squealing about who can play in *your* sandbox …

                    For the record, abNorma, I’ve never taken Mark to task for commenting on Montana politics when he no longer lives here. Since you’re so interested in stalking me now, look this up. I have only taken him to task for telling Montanans how to vote when he no longer lives here. Of course, in your research you will find that I have a problem with anyone who thinks they have the power to tell others how to vote … you know, like you constantly do.

                    Since you style yourself as a wild-eyed Disney villainess, I must admit, I am terribly disappointed that the best your AWESOME Intertube powers could produce to put me in my place was a link to a website that damns me … with a lie. I never wrote anything about a reporter that alleged ‘criminally bad’ anything. Follow your own links, stupid. You’ll find that I pissed Becker off because I wrote “almost criminally bad reporting” about one of his peers ‘piece of work’, and it was. I explained exactly why I thought it was “almost”. Becker decided to be a journo-supporting hack, not that you would recognize such because for you its all about who agrees and who doesn’t. Let your dementia rage subside for a minute, and do explain what your little screenshot is supposed to prove. If you’re going to stalk me, you should at least have the will to explain what you find. Or are you too busy gnashing at your Christmas decorations in the fury that I will not concede to your ignorant will?

        • Yea, because there isn’t one democrat that votes straight party lines. Hate to tell you Norma, this us against them, party line voting is a big part of why our government is defunct. To point the finger at one person and cry fowl just isn’t fair.

          • Sam how about that case in point? Give me the Dem equivalent, to Republican disfunction????????

            • I don’t have any particular names to provide. I’m basing my opinion on the numerous straight party line votes that take place at the national and state levels. Unfortunately a vote for the party is more important than a vote for the people, both Repubs and Dems are guilty.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2013 7:57 PM at 7:57 PM |

    Oh my God! Pastor Klingonshit is SERIOUS!…seriously a moron!

    Dem equivalent, please, my inbred pals!

    WHERE is the lefty equivalent to Dr. Klingonshit? I ask, you provide! But just like with every time I ask, you can’t provide! Sad, so sad. Pathetic really!

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2013 8:21 PM at 8:21 PM |

    WHAT THE F*CK?????? NOW, they’ve gone TOO far! I WANT cheerleaders to LOOK like girls I’d like to get lucky with, NOT girls that tell me sex is a freakin’ SIN! What the f*cking HELL is WRONG with Baby Batista? Even for a nazzi, this stupid nucker is FUTZ!

    craig, skinner, sam, Dem/lefty equivalent PUUUUHLEEEZE!

    I know you morons can find one, for you always do! But seriously, are there REALLY commie/atheist cheerleaders out there with signs?????


    Folks, this is a HORRIBLE mass transit tragedy, for the fucking CRAZY TRAIN has gone OFF the fucking tracks! And it’s fucking YOOOOGLY!

    (but it’s enjoyable as hell to watch!)

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2013 9:26 PM at 9:26 PM |

    OUCH! Right in the ol’ Hickory Nuts! Montanans 1, Outta state Inbreds 0!

    Seems that the poor widdle sagebrush rebellion corporate fascists learned a lesson ’bout messin’ with REAL Montanans! What a bunch of ASSHOLES! Is there a more polite way to put it? I think not. Good show, Bitterrooters! Send these assholes right BACK to Utah, a place that never wanted to join the Union in the FIRST place! Mormon assholes! And corporate fascist Kockh bastards!

    We’ll KEEP our public lands public thank you very much! Take your Big Kockh money and SHOVE it where the sun don’t shine! SOME of served the country in times of war, and now, we’re callin’ in our chips! Them lands belong to us ALL, you asshole outta stater POS! Take THAT message back to your corporate Kockh masters!

    helen chenowtich and her butt buddy whine hage are rollin’ round in HELL tonight after that meeting!

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 11, 2013 7:28 AM at 7:28 AM |

    Hmm. Ya gotta wonder how many people from around the world will show up at the Dick’s funeral, and his little dicklette’s too! I’m sure that more will have come to Mandela’s! Will the world mourn or party at the end of the Dick? Me, personally, I’m gonna PAR TEY! Sad, sad commentary on America. S. Aftrica gets Mandela, we get the Dick! They ENDED apartheid, our government supported it! They produce great leaders, we produce Dick! Sumthin’ real wrong with our system of government that allows the dicks to rise to the top, but prevents people of real talent from getting elected!

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 11, 2013 7:32 AM at 7:32 AM |

    MY kinda presidential candidate! He’s got my vote! A real man of the people, BUTTE people! And we could use a little Butte values in D.C.!

    • Larry, did you sustain a brain injury? You, an Environmental Ranger????? Schweitzer supports logging, mining metals in sensitive environmental areas, coal, oil, and the Keystone pipeline. The latest Q poll holds little good news for Dems.

      Democratic President Barack Obama gets a 38 percent approval rating in a Quinnipiac University poll out Tuesday. (Associated Press)
      Tom Wrobleski/Staten Island Advance By Tom Wrobleski/Staten Island Advance
      Follow on Twitter
      on December 10, 2013 at 5:52 PM, updated December 11, 2013 at 1:08 AM

      WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new poll shows President Barack Obama’s approval rating among Americans dropping to a new low, and also has some bad news for Domenic M. Recchia and other Democrats running for Congress next year.

      A survey from Quinnipiac University shows Obama’s approval rating at a negative 38 to 57 percent.

      “A rousing chorus of Bah! Humbug! for President Barack Obama as American voters head into the holidays with little charitable to say about the president,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

      Obama gets negative scores of 6 to 92 percent among Republicans, 30 to 62 percent among independent voters, 31 to 64 percent among men, 44 to 49 percent among women and 29 to 65 among white voters.

      Obama even gets a negative 41 to 49 percent among voters 18 to 29 years old and a lackluster 50 to 43 percent approval among Hispanic voters…

      In potentially troubling news for Recchia and other Democrats running for House and Senate seats in 2014, American voters say 41 to 38 percent that they would vote for a Republican over a Democrat for Congress, the first time this year the Democrats come up on the short end of this generic ballot.

      Independent voters back Republican candidates 41 to 28 percent. Voters also said by a 47 to 42 percent margin that they would like to see Republicans gain control of the U.S. Senate and the House. Independent voters go Republican 50 to 35 percent for each.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 11, 2013 10:12 AM at 10:12 AM |

        I disagree for a couple’a reasons. First, Schweitzer took ON the corpos after the Yellowstone oil spill. And two, he’s the ONLY politician who had an comprehensive energy policy that made sense! I tried to bring up the Charlie Rose interview, but you have to pay for it now. He’s very pragmatic in his approach to things.

  15. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 11, 2013 7:49 AM at 7:49 AM |

    Wanna see compassionate conservatism? Compassionate fascism? Compassionate Kockhism? Well watch this! Ya see, they’re nice nazzis! Or so they say. But the bottom line is that the Pubbie health care plan is STILL get sick and die, die quickly! Efficient, tidy, and non-threatening to Kockh-sized profits! Ya see, we just don’t NEED no mo damn reg U lations gummin’ up Teatard world! The teat party doan LIKE them regs! They’re to difficult for the average teatard to understand! So we must keep things simple, as simple as the Jesus luvin’ teatards themselves! (that’s STONE simple!) All’s you need is Jesus, and that’s it! Got hemorrhoids? GET JESUS! Got a tooth ache? GET JESUS! Got NUTHIN’? GET JESUS! And let the Big Kockhs trickle on you! It’s the American way, the teatard way, the founding FATHERS’ (and Jesus’s) way! GOD BLESS MURCA!

    Jesus plus nothing, RIGHT morons?

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 11, 2013 7:59 AM at 7:59 AM |

    The wit and wisdom of Pubert Murcock! Now, you would THINK that no one on America is stupid enuff to buy this shit, but you would be wrong. For our ReePube legislators from Montana PROVE that there are people DUMB enuff to believe this horse shit! In SPADES!

    This is what happens when your press rolls over and lets the Big Kockhs rub their bellies like the little puppies they are!

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