Separatists Together

The “Defend Rural America” county secession event that several Montana elected officials are headlining December 16th uses “separation” as a euphemism for secession.  But perhaps the word choice is appropriate given this group’s ties to an infamous separatist of another kind.

“Defend Rural America” (trademarked!) uses Red Beckman on their website and in their “literature” as an expert source to rationalize their crackpot beliefs. For example, they cite Beckman in claiming that neither the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution, nor the Federal Reserve Bank, were “lawfully passed.” (Screenshot) The group also promotes Red Beckman seminars to train its acolytes. (Screenshot)

In addition to refusing to pay his taxes, Beckman believes that Jewish people are the literal children of Satan, and people of color are sub-human “mud people.” He wrote a book called “The Church Deceived,” where he wrote that the Holocaust was God’s punishment for Jews because they worship the devil.

He was a headliner at the infamous Liberty Convention–the Montana event that included keynote appearances from several white-supremacist speakers including Schaffer Cox, the Alaska militia leader who was convicted last year on 9 counts including conspiracy to kill public employees.

When it comes to secession, Defend Rural America has taken to using the word “separation” as a euphemism instead–perhaps in hopes that the naive will not be immediately repelled. On page 10 of this bizarre white paper, the group writes that secession (separation) is one of five wingnut tactics “being pursued to gain control over management of our lands”:

Separation seeks to create new states from existing states to insure rural Americans are represented. This approach is being pursued by certain counties in Colorado, California, and Oregon

Cowgirl tipsters also uncovered another connection between Defend Rural America’s leader, a new world order conspiracy theorist by the name of Kirk MacKenzie, and the tax-evading anti-Semite Red Beckman. Seems MacKenzie is a caller to the birther radio show co-hosted by Red Beckman and Montana birther Dr. Kate “Usurpathon” Vandemoer. (MacKenzie’s appearance can be heard at 90:39). “Dr. Kate” has been enlisted by Montana TEA Party activists to block tribal sovereignty rights in Montana by opposing the CSKT water compact.

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon, vice-Chair of the Montana State Republican Party

But perhaps the most surprising connection here is that besides the birther state legislators and county commissioners who are keynoting this event, the vice-Chair of the Montana State Republican party is writing op-ed promoting it.

In addition to headlining this group’s event, Jennifer Fielder, the TEA Party state senator (R-Sanders County), is also openly promoting this organization in an op-ed in her local paper, the Sanders County Ledger. (Screenshots here and here–the Ledger is not online.) Those who are wondering just how far the Montana Republican Party and its elected leaders are willing to go to roll out the welcome mat to the to people with these beliefs may now have an answer.


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  1. Fielder aside, anyone else notice how these militia-separatist-secessionist types are mostly men? If “rural America” is counting on these folks to form splinter colonies to survive, they’ve got a math problem.

  2. Since this blog is written by party professionals, they surely know about “political cover.” This is the term applied to distractions that allow politicians to operate safely – the Tea Party creates space that allows Obama/Bullock/Tester/Baucus to function as
    right-wing Wall Street warmongering Food Stamp cutting student loan sucking Republicans. That’s how politics work. You all are supporting the republican agenda, and you don’t even know it!

    There will be no separation. It’s nothing but a distraction, political cover. These rural areas are in dire poverty for the most part. If they secede, they lose important subsidies from other areas of the state, like oil and coal severance. They should be called the Teat Party.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 7:53 AM at 7:53 AM |

      No news is TOKARSKI news! Dude, it’s called news because it’s new! Try it some time. I mean, saying the exact same thing a gazillion ways really DOES get old and indicates a weak mind! Jus sayin’. BREVITY, dude. BREVITY! We get it. Next time, I suggest, “ditto my previous posts”. That’s all. That’s all you need to do. We’ll understand!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 7:49 AM at 7:49 AM |

    Ah yes. Ms. Fiddler and the Teat Party Pubes are ON to something here! If we can just keep them Jews and darkies out, cut all the trees, steal federal PUBLIC lands, run the Indians off the rez, steal their land and water, mine the SHIT outta everthin’, suck the Big Kockh by bringing in EVERY corporation to rob, steal, pollute, shit in the water, destroy the air, clearcut every tree, basically turn the state into an giant industrial wasteland SHIT hole, AND, say that we’re doin’ it ALL because that’s what God wants us to do, then by GOD will have more money for the schools for our kiddies! Yep. According to nutjob fiddler, they’re doin’ it for the kiddies!

    Good LORD, Pubes! Your crazy trains has JUMPED the rails again THIS time, dudes! Yeah, that’s a real brilliant strategy you got their, Assman. COURT the racist, inbred, ignernt vote to the max while alienating an rational thinking Republicans left out there! There’s just GOTTA be enuff inbreds movin’ to the new white homeland to make the difference, right?! Geez, what a bunch of pathetic bastards. How many times must we go DOWN this road before a frickin’ state daily FINALLY calls these racist inbreds out? Sad, so sad. Pathetic really.

    But don’t take MY word for it. Here’s red Beckman (hell, I was dead!) in his own words. You see, when a fella starts talkin’ dee RECTLY to God, it’s time to put on the tin foil hat and join Assman and the inbreds! What a bunch of losers!!

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres RED! Assman’s faithful “expert” on talkin’ to God and such. Guess that God tol’ him that them Jews were Satan’s spawn! And that ANY folks of color are mud people! Wow. God sure keeps some funny company!….AS IN FUNNY FARM!

    And really, can any actual GOOD come from all these racist assholes moving to Montana? Anyone?? Anyone?? Anyonee??

    Jump in here, my inbred pals!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 8:07 AM at 8:07 AM |

      p.s. And if you heard sally mockery’s Mizoo lost dog report interview with that Ivory dude, you would see how pathetic these losers really are! Ivory could NOT answer even the simplest question lobbed by sally. These people are frickin’ IDIOTS!, and hence, good Teatards! I get a kick outta inbreds like ms. fiddler. She’s a’gonna MOVE to Montany and claim it as her own! Federal land and all! The gummint be DAMNED! She’s a’gonna HOMESTEAD fer herself and her white, god fearin’, inbred tribe all that there empty land just a’waitin’ to be shat upon! It’s manifest destiny all OVER agin! But I call it Manifest Dysentery, after the shitheads promoting this shit!


      What arrogance! What hubris! Can anyone explain to me just WHAT ms. fiddler thinks gives her the right to MOVE here from Californyeeeha and CLAIM all this public land as her very own? I don’t get it. Where’s the precedent for such a bullshit idea? Could it BE the fact that ALL federal land is owned by ALL Americans, so ms. fiddler figgered that she’s entitled to HER share, like maybe the ALL the federal lands in Montana? What an embarrassing BUFFOON of a woman. Her and ALL the other outta state inbreds maybe otter head on back to their OWN states and steal THEM federal lands first! Kick out all the Jews, darkies and mud people too! That would be good practice for’em before they take on Montana!

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 8:15 AM at 8:15 AM |

    Assman, get this woman as spokesperson for your Teat Party! You dudes are on the same wave length!

    Santa is WHITE, dammit! As white as Jesus! (except that the real Jesus would be classified as a mud person by red Beckman, for poor real Jesus was black and hair like that of a wooly lamb!, and thas what the Buybull says!)

    Yes, Pubert Murcock has made a WONDERFUL addition to America with his “news” organizations! No WONDER he’s hated around the world! Taking advantage of inbreds is a pathetic way to make your billions, especially if your daddy really WAS a respected newspaper man! Geez, what a loser.

    Come ON, inbreds out there in America, wake the f*ck UP!

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 8:33 AM at 8:33 AM |

    HERE are a couple’a fellas explaining in detail the beliefs of the Rural Values folks! It’s actually a pretty good defense of what they believe. Enjoy.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 10:03 AM at 10:03 AM |

    Sumbitch! I knew it, I just knew it all along! The dude’s really white!………..can I have my O’bamacare now please?

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 10:53 AM at 10:53 AM |

    Merry Christmas!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 14, 2013 6:08 PM at 6:08 PM |

      Just a parenthetical note. Deaf children learn language egg SACKLY at the same rate that hearing children do! Except that they learn it in sign language. If you plot it on a graph, it is exactly the same as a hearing child! Amazing, right? Interesting fact is that the little girl in the video is hearing, but her first language is ASL, because both her parents are deaf. I have met only one person like this, and he was actually more comfortable in ASL than English. He had ZERO concept of grammar, for English was his second language! He WROTE in ALS. I had to proof read all his papers for him a class he was taking, because he WROTE in ASL too. Very, very interesting.

      But we must be careful not to judge. For you see, I have met some absolutely brilliant deaf people who wrote deaf, so to speak!

      I have had the splendid opportunity to work with many different peoples of many different languages, and the thing I took away from all that is that people WILL find a way communicate! It might not be by traditional means, but they WILL communicate!

      I would encourage the readers of this forum that if they ever get the opportunity to learn sign language, DO IT! It AIN’T your high school Spanish class! It is pura communication with some wonderful people!

  8. Lets face it, there has got to be something wrong in the state, when we let these Defend Rural Americans out from under the rocks they came from.

    People so spiteful about diversity…. I am just happy cowgirl helps us all in pointing them out.

    • Yeah, and while WE’re at it, why did WE let those dark folk have the vote or use out drinking fountains? What’s wrong with this state that WE let wimmens out from under their aprons and out of the kitchen they came from? Let’s face it, there’s gotta be something wrong with this state that WE let these foreigners and Californians out from under the rocks they came from! (/sarcasm)

      In all seriousness, Norma, since you are someone who wants to be a state legislator, perhaps you could clarify what you propose that would keep ‘those people’ under their rocks? I, and presumably many others, would really like to know …

      • Poor Rob you must be real bored….just sayi ng

        • “Sayi”. A mud crab. Bored? No. Amused, most definitely, you racist, sexist TeaPeep dipshit.

          • You are Comical Rob, keep it up!

          • Assume, for example, Norma, that Tea Party folks are genuinely frustrated with our system, and also so poorly educated and read as to be easily manipulated by people who use them to keep the old game of misdirection going.

            You would be the other side of that coin, poorly educated and read and easily manipulated, but you by Democrats. You could easily pass for Tea Party.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 13, 2013 10:58 AM at 10:58 AM |

              Yep! The Teat Party HATES their social security and medicaire! At least that what’s lifer Barking Seal says! You see, it’s damn EASY to be a Teat partier IF you’re on easy street, like military retiree Barking Seal! His lips are firmly on Unca Sugarit!


            • So following the lame opinion of yours Mark, what would it make you? Dumber than dirt about everything?

              • Of course, I don’t know what it has been like in past generations, but this is an immensely stupid country right now, people easier to train and better trained than dogs, believing everything they see on TV. There does seem to be an undercurrent, where some are aware that things are not as they appear – I judge this based on the anger people display when things are pointed out to you.

                Say for instance I tell you that your party, the Democrats, are very corrupt from the top down. Your first reaction is denial, then anger, and then some lame reply like “Yeah, the Republicans are worse.” They are equally corrupt. So what?

                All that tells me is that you know your party is corrupt, but since it is the only reality you have, and because you like the feeling of moral (and intellectual) superiority to others, that you are willing to live with a corrupt party. Outside of that structure is scary.

                That’s all I can make of it.

                • Im not saying we dont have them Mark. but your scale one which to balance the events of both parties is rather skewed. Are you trying to say the equivalency is the same. I beg to differ with your opinion!

                  See to me its not the same!

                  If i have to vote as a citizen am I gonna vote for the party that closes their own door to science and what science tells them because someone says he spoke to an invisible man who spoke to them from the sky?


                  I am gonna vote for the side of reason, fact finding, and science. Yes!

                  Democrats are not perfect, but they harbor a few million more intelligent people than the right does.

                  • Not necessarily. That’s a nice sounding talking point but you’ve got nothing to back it except your own prejudices.

                    And you are not required to vote, in fact, if it makes no difference, you are intellectually required not to vote.

                • Mark, once again with fewer words: Your claims of corruption are overly general, binary as regards the moral charge, universal and indefensible. Though many see things this way, the Parties are not ‘persons’, any more than corporations are. Corruption is not all or nothing, damned or saved. Those who participate in Party politics are not of one mind and you have yet to show that they are, though you claim it often. Elizabeth Warren is not equivalent in her ‘corruption’ to Lamar Alexander. Neither is Jon Tester (though you may be able to convince concerning Max.) I assert these things yet again, but rest assured, I have no intention of having the same argument we’ve had for years.

                  Norma, the Democratic Party is *not* the party of Reason, Fact-finding or Science. It is none of the above. Really, look it up. And it’s kind of ironic that you would paint Democrats as the Party that doesn’t listen to the magical sky-Wizard when the most Christian President we’ve had in the last 50 years was Jimmy Carter. (It’s also probable that he was likely the last.) I, for one, would be incredibly interested to see your data on the intelligence of Democratic voters as opposed to Republican voter’s complete lack of intelligence. Since science is a big issue with you, throw in the data points for Libertarians and Greens while you’re at it. TIA. And, if curiosity holds any sway with you, please show us how intelligence makes for better governance in a democratic republic. Before you waste your time, yes, I have seen all the studies that show how Democratic voters tend to be better educated than Republican voters. Funny that, the TeaPeeps tend to have better education as well. Still, you’ve made us all privy to your educational cred, but frankly I’m not seeing the smarts. Remember, correlation is not causation.

                  Norma, many times in many ways I have asked you to explain what “Democratic principles” you serve. So far, you’ve pretty much failed to do so, even right here. Intelligence, Facts and Science are not democratic principles; sorry. For the record, you should be commended for advocating Plato’s Philosopher Kings, but then the TeaPeeps should be lauded as well. That sure as hell isn’t democratic in any way.

                  Let me once again tell you clearly the democratic principle important to me: One person = one vote, equal representation under the law. Here are the implications of that to me: Women should have equal representation on our courts in our Congresses. With almost 14% of our voters being black, prisons should not be filled with 40 – 50 % black folk. The ability to sell one’s labor under organized rules (unions) should not be under attack by the 1% of labor-users/owners. 37% of the voters should not control >60% of the US Senate. That’s how ‘democratic principles’ should inform policy, not with demands to serve party platform on promises from party candidates.

                  • Wow I said thathis all last week and you told me I was wron, but this week its all right with you, only if you caa bash me with your Hypocracy??? Whats it you say to most everyone else, you dont like here? Oh yeah F off!

                    Lastly Big Tent Rob, think Big Tent. Democrats have never always held the same belief as others in their party, and they are still Democrats. So stay on the rabid dog side of the tent Rob and leave my side, in simplicity, as a Kennedy Democrat.

                    And Again F off!

                    • Oh yeah and from now on, just for U I a gonna write crap that wood make a Word Nazi likes U F-en Cray-Zee!

                      F off Rob KaiKai F-off!!!!!!!

                      Foe the rest of you reading: Have a nice evening!

                    • oh abNorma, you are such a charmer.

                    • Shorter Rob: Whaaaaa I cant get Norma to stop!

                    • 7 words = 7 words. Note the concept of “shorter” is also beyond abNorma’s mental capabilities.

                      Norma, when I wanted you to ‘stop’ acting like a fool was when you could still be seen as a viable Democratic candidate. That ship has sailed. Now, I want you to keep up the clown-show for 2 reasons. 1) It amuses the hell out of me that you have become the very thing you rail against. Maybe you always were, but still … Fun! 2) It’s important that no one ever mistake you for a viable Democratic candidate again.

                    • A few programming notes as well, Norma:

                      1) When you suggest that hungry people are more motivated to do the right thing as you see it, you are agreeing with very people you claim not to like.
                      2) When you state flatly that WE should not let racists or other undesirables out from under their rocks, you are not attacking ‘the enemy’. You are attacking free speech and the first amendment. You are attacking the very rights you claim to be a champion of. What pissed you off about Bob Brigham is that he saw you doing that and he accepted it no more than I do.
                      3) Demeaning people who are engaged in the political process because they disagree with you, based on what you’ve been able to stalk from their personal history, is not only counter-productive; it’s also stupid and more than a little evil.
                      4) You look pretty damned goofy claiming that you will vote for the side of “reason, fact finding and science” when you exhibit none of those.
                      5) There is no such thing as a “BigTent” when you attempt to segregate it into ‘good sides’ and ‘bad sides’. That’s how Democrats lost union voters to the lies of Republicants.

                    • Rob keep trying! I have been on this site since 2010, and have yet to say anything your trying to feed the public now.

                      What a spiteful, lying little harpie you have become.

                    • All anyone has to do is read the last couple of Posts to see that All I have asked of you is proof of your Glorious past. You know the online version of you… you have made up here on the internet??? The one you can back up with photoed evidence???

                      And now all of a sudden you have a stick up your ass?

                      Whose fault is that for not proffering evidence???

                    • Your a sad lying little man Rob, a guy who cant even link to a story…. because we should just take your word for it?????


                    • Well congradulations Rob you can link out of context And who was I writing about Rob? Idiots like you who aren’t very truthful. But still nothing about you Rob. where all this proof your this respectable man people should trust here? wheres your proof of being an expert on College?

                    • abNorma, you are not Orly Taitz, though probably funnier in the long run. I am not posting my personal information online just because you are an idiot trying to avoid the very things you’ve written.

                      Here’s the obvious dealio, stupid. The only point of a link is so that nothing will be out-of-context. You are the one desperately attempting to appeal to negative public opinion about me so much so that you demand I do something truly stupid, and post more personal information online. I’m not as stupid as you are , abNorma. What I’ve highlighted are the incredibly stupid things you’ve written and that’s just in the past week. Because they are linked, people can make up their own minds about you and what you’ve spewed. Somehow, someway, I don’t think you’re coming out of this in a favorable light …

                    • Wow Rob, see what irks you and your kind, is women can own an Opinion now…. hell we women can even own Property. I know, its all to much to bear for your kind of out of touch male folk. But your Part and parcel to that kind if menfolk You Know the kind that talks big, but hides when they need to prove that toughness… or their truthfullness

                      Hey I know how about we start small Rob. Prove to me you’re somebody other than a mouth! Prove to me and the readers in Cowgirl land you at least own a house. since you ain’t gonna prove your some college professor. Show us all Something thats got your name all over it, that you busted your ass over.

                      like this:

                      GO on scatch your address out, for your privacy and prove to me at least something beside your bullshit is own by you, paid by you, proud of it! Ill wait!

                      Let s see you put your money, where your mouth is.

                    • See you don’t want to post out of your own privacy but your already online in full living color Rob.

                      I know all of us get a laugh when someone posts a video of a politician saying wacked shit. but the fact is there is a piece of everyone of us online that can be proved…. yet you keep talking in grandiose style about how you’re an expert on this, or that.

                      Your just a regular joe albeit with a mouth man, whats so wrong about that? I dont find anything wrong with that when your truthful… I embrace that kind of honestly whether its female or male, gay or straight, rich or poor. why cant you do the same.

                      Keep digging that hole your in… Obviously if you spent that much time and effort, helping Democratic efforts as you do in trying to spite me. We would be winning by landslides in your area????

                      Bwahahahaha now thats a positive thought!

                    • Hehe. You know that scene in every Disney movie when the antagonist goes all pop-eyed, and then the eyes narrow into evil slits? The background gets all red fiery and black shadowy? Yeah, that scene when they finally realize that the protagonist isn’t going to do what they want or fall for their trap? That’s abNorma right now.

                      You actually want me to post my property information online, you idiot? You actually have access to the Cadastral maps, you dipshit. Look things up yourself. Prove yourself the stalkerish asshole you really are, and post my personal information. Orrrr…

                      You can actually read what I’ve written, the comments to it, and know exactly where I live, for how long and under what conditions. Exactly what the fuck are you striving for, abNorma? That’s right, you’re still digging a hole, and are desperate for me to stop you before you go too deep. I won’t, abNorma. Keep digging. I’ll let you know when to stop. Everyone else will as well.

                      People can make up their own minds about you and what you’ve spewed. Somehow, someway, I don’t think you’re coming out of this in a favorable light …

                    • For the record, kitten, we have been winning by landslides in my area. And yours? (`heh`)

                    • So you have no proof about you…. I am reading between the lines here Rob but is that answer you posted above a big NO??

                      No! Your not some college expert, never been a professor, just a loud mouth who can’t back up what he says, with evidence…. are you a online bullshitter? Why yes you are.

                      I mean Mickey Mouse stories isn’t gonna help you here…. Theres no childlike magic gonna save you, from all the lies you have told people for years on the internet.

                      Well, I guess you have to live with all the doubt you’ve caused yourself…..

                      I made my point.

                      By the way, I was talking eastern Montana in general. I know Franke, Tom, Jennifer and Kathleen won and I can guarantee it was because they weren’t using you!

                      Unless you want to tell another lie!

                    • Norma, you really have a serious difficulty with logic. If you can guarantee wins because people aren’t “using me” (which, frankly, every Democrat I’ve ever voted has used me to win), then consider this. Franke Wilmer’s latest state congressional opponent was Tom Burnett. According to your logic, you can guarantee his win because he wasn’t using me. Whoops. Do you see the problem you have, yet?

                      Norma, the fact that I don’t post my personal bona-fides online is actually a smart thing to do on my part. Most especially because I am not your problem. You are tripping over your own feet, not mine. I am not attacking you. I am not demanding that you prove yourself worthy of commenting here. I’m not using Ad Hominems to ‘attack’ you. I’m not name-dropping as if you had anything to do with the elections of Democrats in my district. I’m not using my life as some ‘proof of cred’ the way you are. I’m using those things you claim to value but obviously don’t: Reason and facts. Logic, even, the very logic you simply don’t seem to understand.

                      Cowgirl is tired of our little back-and-forth, and frankly so am I. Until next time, abNorma.

                  • I claim some safe ground, Rob, in”over general binary claims” due to money. Democrats, controlled on the same leashes, are allowed to wander further with the understanding that once elected that button is pushed and they are again under control. While it appears I overstate for effect, I attempt to deep scribe the underlying reality of American politics. Money. If you look at the reality of American politics, democrats campaign as right-leaning liberals and govern as right leaning right leaners.

                  • I claim some safe ground, Rob, in”over general binary claims” due to money. Democrats, controlled on the same leashes, are allowed to wander further with the understanding that once elected that button is pushed and they are again under control. While it appears I overstate for effect, I attempt to deep scribe the underlying reality of American politics. Money. If you look at the reality of American politics, democrats campaign as right-leaning liberals and govern as right leaning right leaners.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 14, 2013 5:48 AM at 5:48 AM |

                      Shorter mark? Ditto my previous 3K posts!

                      See how easy it is, mark? You don’t crap on your own site endlessly, so why do so here? On you own site, you actually attempt originality at times. Why not use those same skills here instead of using them only on the three dudes that read your site?

                    • Kralj, your continual wordbarf, domination this site, posting five, six to 14 or 15 times without waiting for an answer, the use of preachy tone and distracting features like caps, nicknames, drawn out mock ridicule (“Bwhahahahah”), hardly puts you in a place to criticize others. In fact, I don’t see where you bring anything new to the table. You’re utterly predictable … the “Teatards” are stupid, “Rethuglicans” evil, all repeated ad nauseum. It’s not only insulting to the reader’s intelligence, it is boring.

                      Commenting on this thread requires working around you, as your comments and links and caps and nicknames are everywhere, and they give the place a bad image. Reasonable people avoid this place due to you and Norma, peas in a pod.

                      Therefore, I ask that you ignore my comments. Don’t reply or mention my name or even vaguely reference them. Just leave me alone. You are in your own private arm-bending hell.

                      Regards the content of my comments, I often encounter your attitude, that because there is underlying truth to what I say, and because you know it, your automatic defensive response is anger. For that reason, if you could, you would ban me.

                    • No Mark! Reasonable people understand that Democracy isn’t as hard to understand as you and your conspricy friends, the Kailey’s make it out to be.

                      They understand Larry as a sarcasm writer, they understand me, for being around the block a time or two, I have a nose for the propaganda you spew. I was a horse trainer and trader… I know what horseshit smells like. So forgive me if I have a fondness of curtailing the need to listen to horseshit like yours…. People who like to make things more difficult than they are.

                      Christ, you have been saying the same crap for years….. I happened apon an old google forum called, “Alt the liberal bird” that has your same, tired old arguments here, going back ad nauseum to 1999. your arguments never even evolved?? You’ve never learned anything new in over 15 years of saber rattling wordsmithing?

                      You see Mark, People don’t go to your website or Robs, they come here. Why? because the writers here don’t make it about them they make it about the people of Montana. They do it for the edification of the masses… you and Rob haven’t figured it out yet. Larry and I have, and are along for the ride, we don’t denounce the writers here, we augment the conversation

                      When you and foul mouth friend Kailey finally figure that out….Well hell, you might be able to overcome those nasty personality disorders you have. Larry and I are harmless to the dialogue at hand.You guys on the other hand want only your version of liberalism here…..

                      Think Big tent Mark, not pup tent! think Augmenting the conversation not trying to bend it to your will.

                    • Now THAT bit of comedy was worth the price of admission, abNorma.

                    • Sarcasm? That’s what that is? Geez, I I guess I don’t know what sarcasm is.

                      For the record, Norma, I write to satisfy internal urges. I don’t seek audience, or don’t know how to do that anyway. I have been at it for seven years now, 2400 posts, not slowing down? I have driven Kralj off (if he uses nicknames or caps, I delete his comments). I don’t want you coming around. Rob is mostly doing football these days, his particular passion this time of year, and when he writes about other matters, has far better chops than anyone here.

                      Propaganda, Norma? You live in it, breathe it. You are validated by it. It gives your life meaning. It allows you to feel smart and moral and teaches you who to hate. Without it, you’d have to find something else to fill your void – you’d go all religious or feminist or vegan or something. Propaganda has supplied your meaning, your reason for existence. You should study up on it sometime.

                    • A new name Just how many personalities can you carry in that frame of yours Mark????

                      Bwahahaha You and Rob are such a hoot! One cant tell the truth and the other can’t remember what personality to answer with… HEeelarious!

                    • You are apparently incompetent in intellect, unable to do any more than some surface responses. You’re not up to this. In one of Michener’s books he had a character who exhibited all of your inadequacies, and he simply retired and educated himself. If you are basically educated, as you claim, can write and cipher, you are merely at the beginning of education. All you need is some doubt. That will set you going.

                      Doubt is the beginning of education. To date you exhibit none. You’re not even at the starting line.

                    • See what I say about leaving you under a rock Mark. Because you have no real world experiences except when your girl comes home and explain things shes did( according to your facebook page), you have nothing…. you have to take your experience of calling people names out of a book? Man what a sad state of affairs you have become.

                      Get a life!

  9. These douchebags don’t need to form a new state, their utopian paradise already exists–it’s called Idaho. Move there and leave the rest of us out!

    • Yep those postal cops…. some of the toughest Law enforcement there is…. no BS. I have watched these guys in action. against some low level lawyers for the feds first hand. tampering with the mail. Child Porn I betcha they weren’t at all gentle. Trust me the Government still watches over themselves pretty well.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 7:07 PM at 7:07 PM |

    The last REAL American hero from the sixties! She’s our champion in single combat! If jonny testoroney tester had HALF the oysters of this woman, we’d be better off!

    Look OUT, Kockh brothers! This woman is NOT impressed with your billions! For you see, SHE didn’t wack the Kennedys! Your daddy did!

    p.s. Hey, limp Kokch brothers, when you morons gonna sue ME??? Jus wonderin’. What’samatter? You fear the ol’ lie detector test? I don’t blame you! Think of it as a safety stop that we average dudes must undergo. You see, WE have to prove our innocence! Why SHOULDN’T a big kockh have to do the same???????

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 12, 2013 7:20 PM at 7:20 PM |

    Jeff the Assman and nutjob Fiddler’s people. EMBRACE YOUR INNER INBREDS, Assman and Fiddler! They’re YOU! The Reepiggie big tent just got bigger!

  12. Why is everyone attacking this woman-I’m surprised anyone comments when to do so is to subject yourself to a barrage of meanness. Sheesh!

    • For one reason she doesn’t believe in the free market of political idea’s. She supported SB 408 the top two primary bill because the Republicans have a hard time competing against groups like the Libertarians. Republicans are saying let the voters decide this issue, but had Rick Hill become governor this issue wouldn’t be on the ballot and we would have lost same day voter registration as well. Republicans have a hard time getting out the vote compared with Democrats so they want to take that advantage away. And while there are election problems on election day Republicans want to use the force of government to win elections rather then the free market.

      • Remember Jeff the Libertarians in Montana were not allowed to vote for RON PAUL, the GOP basically dumped the libertarians at the GOP conference here, and told them they could only vote for Romney.

  13. Fielder pic definitely telling, and that ‘look’ scary…..and she’s VICE chair of the state’s Party of Lincoln?? Ike, TR and Abe would be stunned at the lack of INTELLECTUAL depth in the ‘Grumpy Old Party’ and the ‘bagger’ whacko wing….

  14. Speaking as a Jew myself, I find it pretty funny that Christians who supposedly follow a Jew named Jesus think he is Satan….just saying!

    Or maybe because in the Jewish faith, the word Satan is actually the Jewish word for Adversary.

    There is no such thing as a Devil, there isn’t an anti-christ or some pointy headed red being with a pointed tail in Judaism, running around with a trident in hand …..Evil is innate. An ability found in each of us to be cruel. The torah merely explains how to use the better side of Humanity as you grow in your faith.

    NO devil no evil minions no comic book characters of deadly boogy men in the dead of night, just the evil we allow in our own lives to flourish…..or not.

    In our texts The angel of death works for God folks. That’s why we put up “Muzzsahs” on our door posts. so he sees we are devoted to God and doesn’t mistake us from others… they make mistakes too, we don’t consider them flawless.

    Kinda only one text regarding an Angel named Adversary in the Jewish bible, and he is in the book of Job.

    Jews do not character anyone with supreme authority except god, there is no trinity of gods either, no father, son or holy ghost….those stories come thousands of years later from bad interpretations of our Texts by Greek, than English priests and outright fairy tails spun and injected into the original lessons that came from some of our ancient stories of faith like the Maccabees

    In our bible, regarding the story of Job. It is actually a text that explains why evil is present in the world, the Adversary Angel is merely an explanation of one part of man, the jealous part, that is within all men. It is our interpretation of one kind of evil.

    In Judaism, God is the Creator of both good and evil and it is up to mankind to choose which path they will follow. In our version of faith, God creates hardships to make you stronger, which at times is somewhat cruel…. but we harbor no belief in Devils….. that’s a christian thing

  15. The devil is merely a christian story to place blame on something other than that of people who act badly. It deflects responsibility to act morally right in the eyes of others. Thats why I dont get after Larry when he complains about some of the leaders in Israel … sometimes he is right!

  16. Just kind of seems like something the democrats will waste their time over in Helena come the next session. Is it some kind of surprise we have some more radical and reactionary groups in this state? No, so why are we wasting time on it.

    41 comments, jeez, no wonder nothing gets done here and special sessions are always seen as an inevitability. I guess if I was wasting so much time talking about childish things I’d get nothing done either.

    When people are perfectly willing and capable of shooting themselves in the foot you let them do it if they’re not on your side, and stop them if they are.

  17. Ravalli County will be well represented at this secessionist seminar. In addition to our legislator Nancy Ballance, we’re apparently sending two county commissioners – Suzy Foss and Ron Stoltz or, as I prefer to think of them, Floozy and Doltz. I hope someone braver than I will attend and film this event for posting on the Cowgirl website. I would love to hear what my representatives have to say about secession. But only from the safety of my own living room.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 13, 2013 10:17 AM at 10:17 AM |

      UH oh! I don’t theenk that Beck Redman is gonna be showin’ THIS video at his gathering of Banana Republicans! (they want a banana republic for their new state, or as I call is BananaMontana!) The folks in BananaMontana doan LIKE mud people a’dancin’ and a’singin’ and a’jivin’, and havin’ fun, and jus generally showin’ off that they’re just a WHOLE lotta smarter than the inbred crowd! And talented too!

      So, I present it here for you folks. B rock Rap! Or as I like to say ’bout that dark skinned Irish kid, B rock O’bama Rap! Enjoy! (Muhammad Ali was Irish too, didja know? True story. His great granddad married a black woman back in the days when that was a big no no!)

      Disclaimer: I hope I do NOT offend any inbred from their new state of Banana Montana!


      The Big Kockhs WANT a banana Montana!

    • Doesn’t Ravalli County have a huge deficit of there own to pay????

      Isn’t it more important for their County Commissioners to stay home and figure out how they can overcome that big obstacle, or are they hoping not to pay off everyone they owe, by just ignoring those bills and learning from a bunch of other Tax evaders and non paying cheats how to create a new fiction and fiefdom in the republican Bubble????

  18. Perhaps that “answer” is that Montana deserves leaders who will live up to their obligations and responsibilities, put service ahead of self, and have the courage to make the tough decisions.

  19. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 14, 2013 6:27 AM at 6:27 AM |


  20. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 14, 2013 6:38 AM at 6:38 AM |

    Our new year’s resolution? Let’s FINALLY break the CIA and the fascist bastards into a thousand pieces! They stole our government too when they whacked the Kennedys! Let’s wack back!

  21. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 14, 2013 8:08 AM at 8:08 AM |
  22. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 14, 2013 6:12 PM at 6:12 PM |

    Sumbitch! I ASSume that they won’t be a’showin’ THIS video at the Manifest Dysentery conference! They shitheads don’a LIKE mud peeeeple!



  23. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 15, 2013 8:01 AM at 8:01 AM |

    JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! Traditional Biblical marriage upheld!


    HEY, it’s IN the Buybull!

    I luv conservatives, don’t you????

  24. No one likes reading comments attacking other commenters. There’s been a lot of latitude here for commenters, but when comment after comment seems focused only on attacking others, it make other people afraid to speak up–and it needs to stop.

  25. Hey I didn’t have to say anything until I was called names and asked to prove myself Craig. From People just like you…..But when the same question came up for others to answer they went to name calling me and changing the conversation.

    I gave my proof in Photoed evidence discharge papers, college evidence, House ownership but where is their proof? And they are calling me the liar, because as a woman I won’t back down from my convictions? Really?

    In order to make a stand in life you have to be standing on some bedrock and not just the quicksand of opinion. You just can’t keep making crap up and not get called on it by someone sooner or later? Like I did the others

    I called them on their expertise, and they had none. Case closed, they been telling people lies about who they were for years.

    As Democrats . we need to go to people we can trust in a pinch, not vapor. We can’t help move people forward with people who wont be there when we need them. because their credential are suspect!

    We need all the elbow grease and none of the storyline we can get!!!!

    I saved you the trouble of believing in someone elses fairy tales, You might not like the way I did it, But believe me, your road ahead just got smoother.

    Even us Dems have to clean out the tool shed once in a while….

    • By the way Craig I believe in the American dream for the Middle class.

      I raised 3 kids as a single mom. I went from living in my car at my works parking lot after discharge from the army, to where I am now without asking for my parents help, and I know it was easier for me, than a minority single parent. and that bothers me as well, So I understand that struggle. I am in a place to help and do it now.

      I, for god sake am not perfect, But I am as do try everyday!

    • Norma, you have a warped sense of history. Without any provocation you have engaged in name calling merely in response to a comment you don’t like. One of your favorite pejoratives is to attack by calling people idiots when they haven’t even been addressing you. Again, you are one of the worst offenders here.

    • I didn’t have to say anything until I was called names and asked to prove myself

      ‘Completely ignoring the fact that you didn’t *have* to say anything even then.

      • Norma has now even succeeded in turning Craig Moore into a sympathetic figure. Clearly she is now at cross purposes with this blog and should be flushed.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 16, 2013 9:37 PM at 9:37 PM |

          Norma, take it from me, ig NORE any criticism and just post what you need to! Keep your eyes focused on the enemy flag, and ig NORE all the petty skirmishes going on around you! They mean nothing. Just ignore the slings and arrows and just charge right through them! That’s what I do.

          You see, you have something that many of the more supposedly “learned” posters do NOT have, and that is a HUGE wealth of actual experience! Hell, Buttinski FINALLY, after all these years, FINALLY made an overseas trip, when many of us. like the old song says, took our senior trip to Nam! I wonder, did he run the hookers? Did he get the clap? Did he get dysentery? Did he get malaria? Did he boom boom BIG time?? Did he get drunk and go a leetle dinky dau??? And get tossed in a shitty prision?? Did he lose his cherry boy???? Did he try some good hashish?? Or maybe Maryjane?? Did he screw a Buddhist???? Did she steal his watch???? (she took mine!) bwhwhahahahahaaaaa!

          You see, poor Buttinski spent nearly his ENTIRE life in Billings, Montana! And it shows…….PAINFULLY! You can’t GET any more provincial than that! And I love Billings, but it AIN’T in any respects the center of the universe! And he’s not atypical ’round here. There is NOTHING that beast actual experience! Y tu tienes much ISMO de eso! Orale! Usalo para educar y capturer esa bandera de los Kocks grande!

  26. Whatever Craig? Its your Bubble!

  27. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 16, 2013 10:40 PM at 10:40 PM |

    BIG KOCKH GOES LIMP IN MAINE! Details at ten!

  28. Congratulations to State Senator Jennifer Fielder for having the resolution to support the traditional demographic identity and customs of rural Montainians.

    Considering the massive cultural dysentery that multiculturalism has had on the fabric of the rest of the nation it’s refreshing to see an elected official willing to represent her district with unwavering fidelity.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 8:01 PM at 8:01 PM |

      Dear Mstr-bater Ric. How’d you get so bald, dude? And really, bald dude, just WHAT are “rural Montanians”?

      Mstr-bater ric’s site. Check out the white stuff!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 8:06 PM at 8:06 PM |

        A good read I’m sure from Mstr-bater rick’s site!

        Mr. Mstr-bater dude, since you’re here, would you answer one leetle question that I ask of every white sumpremnit dude? WHAT MAKES YOUR SUPREME, DUDE? For you see, just by lookin’ at your site, I’m not seein’ it! Shouldn’t it be obvious? Degrees? Achievements? Intellect? Anything? Anything? ANYTHING off hand that you can think of that makes your supreme? Thanks in advance. I’ll wait.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 8:16 PM at 8:16 PM |

          “massive cultural dysentery”. Wow! Mstr-bater ric, you’ve got at LEAST a third grade education, right? That was a fantastic metaphor! Your third grade teacher done you proud, ric! Where you from, lil’ ricky? Florida? Did you come with Pastord Bulbdim? Jus’ wonderin’.

    • the real customs and culture of Montana are from the 13 tribes in this state, not white folk. I think it is time to acknowledge them before usurpers!

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