Baucus to China

The big news today is that Max Baucus is Obama’s choice for ambassador to China.

On the one hand it’s surprising, because Max has shown signs of slowing down in recent years and the ambassadorship to China is a demanding post.  But on the other hand, it’s easy to see Max enjoying himself eating dumplings and drinking Tsing Tsao for a few years before hanging it up.  Clearly as a powerful Senator, he had the juice to negotiate a nice landing, and he got it done.   And it’s a big appointment, China being one of the top posts in the State Department.

There are a few big questions that now arise.  (One of them is not, however, the ridiculous question that a few reporters in Montana have tweeted, which was “what will happen to Baucus’s pledge to work on tax reform?”  (If you thought that was going anywhere in this congress other than the wrong direction, think again.)

First, the timing.  If Max has a yen to to get to China ASAP, then Steve Bullock will be in the rare position of appointing a US Senator.  He does have the option of not appointing anyone, of leaving it vacant until the 2014 election, but it seems to me that unless Max waits until the autumn, it would be tough to justify leaving Montana with 50% less US Senatorship for many months.

If so, then who is Bullock to appoint?  The obvious choice is John Walsh, his lieutenant governor and a Senate candidate.   The pro is that Walsh is running already, holds a high-visibility post in Montana government, is known to some voters, and has a compelling personal story as a soldier and firefighter.   The con is that Steve Daines and the Republicans will naturally and obviously cry bloody murder, trying to ding both Bullock and Walsh by claiming that “the people” should choose the Senator, not the Governor.  That’s on the first page of the “how to criticize a gubernatorially appointed Senator” playbook.   The idea that the governor would be precluded from naming someone just because he is already a candidate just seems silly to me, especially when the person is qualified and already is a high elected official.

Daines would certainly not be amused by a Walsh pick.  Walsh’s name brand would instantly grow, and the race would be fundamentally altered.  Walsh would have a year to prove his worth as a US Senator, while campaigning, and he would instantly be turned into a fundraising powerhouse since sitting U.S. Senators don’t ask for money, but rather send invoices.

Now, if Bullock does opt to name a placeholder Senator, Williams or even his wife Carol could certainly be on the list.  So could somebody like John Bohlinger or even Brian Schweitzer, on an oath that they not run for reelection.  Although it’s hard to imagine Schweitzer taking a nine month job and giving up his plum gig as at the Stillwater mining company.  Plus he’s making noise about running for president, not to mention he already passed on the Senate once.

Bohlinger would be interesting, although Bullock might be criticized by the GOP for appearing to be implementing a political solution–preventing a primary contest among Democrats.  But I’d say that such criticism would be twice as silly as the criticism of a Walsh pick.

Then there are the statewides–Lindeen, Juneau and McCulloch.   They all passed on a run for Congress, and they would have to give up their current jobs.  But, that wouldn’t be a problem because a US Senator nowadays can make a fortune after leaving office.

If it’s Walsh, of course, then a new Lt. Governor must be found.  That would not be easy.  Some of the same names above could fit the bill, but there are others, too.  There are Mayors and State Senators, cabinet officials, and so on.   Pam Bucy, who ran statewide in 2012, could be in the mix.  Plus if anyone turned Bullock down last time around, surely they would now reconsider since it’s no longer a 50-50 proposition, but a sure thing.  And the job pays over $100,000.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post stated that Pat Williams said Walsh should not be appointed and that he, Pat Williams should be appointed for Max Baucus’s seat, based on this Mike Dennison tweet:Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 6.28.54 AM

In fact, Williams did not say that the Governor should appoint him to the Senate.  Yesterday he was called by both Lee Bureau and AP.  He was asked two questions: Would he consider accepting an appointment? And if so why?  Williams answered yes to consideration and to the “why” question he responded that he thought two of the criteria for selection should be experience and a pledge not to seek election to the post.  He mentioned that he had both of those and that he would thus feel obligated to help this state if asked.


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  1. Dems need to use EVERY legal tool in the toolbox, do you think GOP, Kocksters and teabaggers would even have the moral reflection to NOT play their position for all it’s worth? With the unrelenting and immoral attack on voting and civil rights in this Nation by the GOP, why should Dems be shy at this moment? BE FIRM!

  2. Drunks for Bohlinger | December 19, 2013 9:22 AM at 9:22 AM |

    Walsh already has a job. Steve should pick John Bohlinger. All he’s doing is working out at the gym.

  3. I find it interesting that you didn’t bring up Bohlinger’s objection to Bullock picking Walsh. Bohlinger lodged a pre-emptive complaint about it even before the State Republicans did. Once again, he brought up the meme about “Washington choosing our Democratic Senate Candidate”. He repeated that meme in his Facebook post this morning.

    The more I see of Bohlinger, the less I like him.

    I would like to see Walsh appointed. I want to see him in action so to speak. I want to see what the man stands for. I want to see how he deals with the sharks in Washington and I want to see what kind of Senator he would make for Montana.

  4. Let them scream, its the perfect advantage that Walsh needs to upstage the already very lacking GOP. It gives him better name recognition within Montana, a Better foothold with the DNC. and he can use the experience to stump with. Another voice from the trenches telling people the GOP has ruined Washington. How dysfunctional they have become.

    If he goes over there and starts working with Tester on Jobs, veteran affairs, and Budget….. all something the GOP are horrible at, he will be just fine.

    • “Working with” is considerably different from ‘accomplishing’. The Senate is dysfunctional. What do you see changing in the 10 months until Walsh faces Daines?

    • Dems have to STOP going to gunfights with kitchen knives! Leverage opportunity, and John Walsh has BEEN to Iraq as a soldier as well as his SON, so all the posturing chickenhawks can suck that!

  5. I’m with Moorcat- Walsh has been virtually invisible- I too would like to know what he stands for, what his proposals are -we need to see him in action. It’s like he’s in hiding- I hear he’s great, so let’s bring him out into the public!

    • I, too, agree with Moorcat’s thoughts on a Walsh appointment.

      By the way, Cowgal, love your line: ” … sitting U.S. Senators don’t ask for money, but rather send invoices.”

  6. Assuming Bullock picks Walsh, this is a great move for the Democrats and one that I’m guessing has been vetted at the highest levels of the Democratic machine.
    Personally, I will be shocked if Walsh isn’t appointed.

    • What it will come down to is how comfortable Bullock is with his own political position. He can take the safe road and demand a special election. He can take the slightly less safe road and appoint someone like Pat Williams, or he could take the least safe road and appoint Walsh. All are within his rights as Governor.

  7. The Hill, a political website, is all hot about Jim Messina, the Obama campaign manager. You get the impression reading the article it has never occurred to them that the folks back home in that state where Baucus is from get any input.

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 19, 2013 12:28 PM at 12:28 PM |

    My inside sources tell me that there is only ONE reason that Max Fawkus is going to China. I’m not supposed to leak it, but I will anyway.


    Yes, that’s right! It’s kinda a shot across their bow! You see, we’re sending Fawkus to TOTALLY fukc up the health care system in China, just as he did here! It’s payback for them sendin’ the fighters where they weren’t supposed to be!

    Yes, I think it’s against the Geneva Convention to use an idiot and the insurance industry to attack your enemies, and yes, I think it represents asymmetrical l warfare of the worst kind, but what the hell?! If we get rid of Max, that’s a GOOD thing!

    Or maybe he’s just lookin’ for the right concubine to comfort him in his old age, just like the grandfather in The Good Earth! Max ain’t gettin’ any younger, and a good concubine might be just what he needs! Wonder if HIS primo gummint health insurance covers therapeutic concubinism??? I bet it does!

  9. “… he had the juice to negotiate a nice landing,”
    A rice landing, too.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 19, 2013 1:05 PM at 1:05 PM |

      Yes, and he’s al READY working on his Chinese! So far, he’s learned, “me boom boom BIG time your health care system”!

      • Heck, Max already speaks Chinese on the Senate floor, like he did in that O care rant where he was supposedly soused.

  10. Appointing Walsh would be the most sensible thing to do. I don’t care if the GOP screams blue bloody murder, we all know they would do whatever gets them the most juice in the election and damn the torpedoes. Messina? He like Baucus has been in DC WAY too long, and anyway people here who know him don’t like him very much. Lt Gov is easy – Bucy. She got screwed with Fox being bought by the Kochs and she isn’t going to be out of politics for a long time and this would be a great step for her and for us.

  11. Whenever something like this happens, there is quid pro quo. There is a deal in place. If we had a burrowing press, we might have a chance of knowing who gives and gets what. This is corruption as usual. Pick your poison.

  12. Ahem … A simple question for all the folk desiring Walsh to be the next interim Senator from the fine state of Montana: How does the next year play out when the Daines campaign continuously and relentlessly alternates between two talking points? Walsh has ‘gone’ Washington and is avoiding Montanans, or Walsh is a poor Senator because he is spending his time campaigning instead of being a good representative for the state? Upsides? Downsides?

    • This is going to be true whether it is Walsh taking Baucus’s position or Bohlinger. The upside to Walsh getting appointed is that it will put his name front and center with all Montanans. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing will depend a lot on what Walsh does with it. In any case, it is a plus for Walsh because he has the least amount of name recognition compared to Bohlinger or Daines.

      The major upside to appointing Walsh is that it makes a presumptively Daines race into a competitive one. The polls that are currently favoring Daines (some of which favor Daines with a 2 digit lead over either Bohlinger or Walsh), will definitely change. It puts this Senate Seat firmly into the competitive arena.

      I certainly won’t be a cake walk no matter what decision Bullock makes and the pros and cons to any decision. My personal opinion is that it would be a net plus for Walsh to be tapped.

      • Me too – name recognition is huge when Daines will have a kazillion $$$ spent by outside parties on TV ads.

      • I am not aware of polling, but if indeed it is a two-digit lead for Mr. Daines, then this is a slam dunk. It’s Senator Walsh, and that is why this is being done.

        Then the only question is what others got in return. Baucus can only want to go to China in hope that they understand him when he speaks. I hope they can make sense of his gibberish. They understand bribes in China, as that is universal language. He’ll land safely.

        But there’s more going on here. Much more. Wish we had a burrowing press.

        • I agree, there is much more going on here. My guess is that this move is being driven high in the democratic party in order to improve the chances that this seat stays democrat. I personally would rather see the seat change parties, but I’m also smart enough to see that this is a no brainer for the Democrats. If they don’t put Walsh in, they’ve blown a great opportunity. Chances are, the decision as to who will take the seat is already made, we are just waiting to hear the answer. I hate this icky feeling that our Montana election is being manipulated by Washington insiders.

  13. Aware and Not stupid | December 19, 2013 11:52 PM at 11:52 PM |

    This is classic inside political baseball at it’s finest! Harry Reid dictating to Montanans who he wants in the Senate…..really, let see how that works out for oil’ Harry. Bullock has a gun to his head when he was forced to cut a deal, let’s hope he man’s up and appoints Pat Williams to fill the seat, even the playing field and let Montana voters decide who they want. Bullock would do well to remember that he too h another election coming at him and the voters have pretty good memories and he too could find himself in deep weeds politically if he’s not careful. Who’s side are you on Governor, Montana people or the good ol’ boys in the smoke filled room being heated by dark money and lead by the good Senator from Nevada?

    • Right on.

    • Completely stupid! Walsh is a known commodity and was well received in Montana right along with Steve Bullock. by the people of Montana now.

      Republicans here, plus all their DINO friends are gonna cry because Steve Bullock wont be Fair?? Whats that mean in GOP speak? Capitulate???? They want a seat warmer, for their version of an honest election/ Anyone know when they were honest before? These are the same guys who embraced ATP, Crossroads, and tried to dump half a million secretly into the Governors race at the last moment from the GOP party. They have tried to kill voting rights in this state want Americans to die quick if they get sick, and rip up half of the state in fracking, while chopping down what scrub trees we have left.??????

      Paaaalease! Put Walsh in the spot he belongs, in the senate!

      • He passed your rigorous test: “D”.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 1:04 PM at 1:04 PM |

          No, it’s the D’s northern strategy You see, if you can’t beat’em JOIN’EM! There’s TONS of inbreds movin’ up north round Kalispell, and the only way certain Dems think that they can beat them is to out GUN them with their OWN gun man! Kinda sad, really. Hell, I’ve never even HEARD of Walsh before he was picked for lt. gov. I view the northern strategy as desperation. If ya wan’t to beat the nazzis up north like sonju’s folks, go military! It’s “patriotic”, it’s aMerican, and it appeals to the inbred crowd! Really, really sad.

          But HEY, I’ll give Norma a chance. Name ONE notable thing that walsh has said, and notable thing he has done for the state! And don’t give me the standard military horse shit! So he likes boobs. What military dude don’t? It’s a bennie of bein’ in the military. Ya get’ta run the hookers overseas!

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 2:28 PM at 2:28 PM |

            PuuuuuuuuhRAZE Vitory! These are the northern strategy’s people! These are sonju’s people! These are CRAIG’S people! Can we bring them to the D camp? Why yes we can! Say it! Say it! Say it!


            All’s we need is a heapin’ helpin’ of good old fashioned Jaysus, guns, and a military man! Now, where’s we gonna FIND such a man???? Good question!


            Got Jaysus? Well you should! Ifn’ you wanna win the teatard ReePube vote!

            You’ve maybe heard of the Sermon on the Mount. Well, this here’s the Sermon on the Mounting of another man!!!!! Yikes! BIG difference! but not the craig’s people!

          • Larry, the guy just got elected last year in the lieutenant Govs position. Lets say he is no Newer than Daines for the point being, yet done no harm. Daines on the other hand has tried and succeeded at closing the government down with his buddie teabaggers. voted against the new budget and seems likely again to vote with his buddies against the next upcoming debt ceiling. Not to mention voting along party lines to continue pollution from wells burning excess gas and methane in oil and gad fracking around the Blakkens and elsewhere in the states.

            The problem being the production of pollution in our eastern part of the state is equal to three more coal fire plants more in Air pollution. and for every well they are putting in more and more nasty air

            Daines voted against the right for any Montana land owner to petition the government for redress to protest a lease, right of way, or application for an oil or gas drilling project on federal land. Voted no to adopt an amendment to HR 1965 that requires the Secretary of the Interior to enter into an arrangement with the National Academy of Sciences to report to Congress the effect of flooding on oil and gas facilities, including instances of leaks and spills from tanks, wells, and pipelines.

            Im telling you this guys doesn’t give a shit about the health of eastern Montanans. and his crazy voting doesn’t stop because I stopped typing about him momentarily. The List of fucking over Americans for corporational riches goes on and on regarding Daines….And you want me give that guy a chance for the senate seat above that of Walsh. Who came twice down here to survey the damage and reconstruction of Bannack state park?? A guy who cared enough to follow through? And served our state in the national guard for over thirty years? and while running for election still reported to duty a weekend a month for drills…. do you think Stevie boy would do something like that, or wait for it…. Brian.

            Sorry dude but I met a lot of folk while in the armed services who had my respect. and my son’s unit has lot of respect for Walsh as well, apparently they worked with him somewhere overseas too. I gotta go with what I see and what smells right! Walsh is the guy dude!

            Daines isn’t! Nor any seat warmer at this time.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 21, 2013 5:13 AM at 5:13 AM |

              I am well aware of the pollution in eastern Montana. Unfortunately, most people who live there don’t give a shit. They are hard core ReePubes who would do anything for a buck. Hell, look at North Dakota. They will have fracked nearly ALL of it before it’s over. And the people there STILL don’t give a shit! Very, very stupid people!

              All of eastern Montana was destined to be a sacrifice zone for a long time now. And once you turn the aquifers to shit, what’s the point any longer of trying to prevent it? Ever read the Rape of the Great Plains by K. Ross Toole? (get it if you haven’t) This has been going on for a long time now. Daines will just hasten the process. I don’t believe that it can be stopped now. Not enough people who are aware of the dangers. It’s NOT like back east where their are large numbers of people to get upset. A few farmers in Circle a protest does not make! Those folks over there are WILLINGLY destroying their land, culture, and legacy for EVER! Not the brightest thing to do, and very, very sad to watch. But I know the mindset of those people. It’s who they are. Anything for a buck. NO ONE, not even Walsh, is gonna change that. It will be New China before long, all pollution and NO life left! On TOP or below the ground! And the Rape of the Great Plains will be complete.

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 5:12 AM at 5:12 AM |

    Sorry Cowgirl, but you’re wrong on this one. The obvious choice is NOT Walsh, but………..wait for it…….wait for it………..wait for it……BRIAN SCHWEITZER!

    Yes, of course! Why? Well, the answer should be obvious! Allow me to explain.

    After much consideration and too many PBR’s, it came to me in a flash. You see, just look at the comments above. The Pubes are outraged already. And look at them whine! But they should NOT be whining, they should be rejoicing! And I believe that they are in the Big Kockh camp. For you see, this highlights once again in dramatic relief just how PISS POOR the Dem field of candidates really is? I mean, just what the hell’s a John Walsh anyway? No one knows!

    So the Dems resort to what they do best, BLOWING IT big time! Here the have the opportunity of a lifetime, and what do they do? Trot out every consistent loser and has been who ever failed spectacularly! I mean, really, paddy Williams?? As a fill in? With paddy, it’s always a tight race, a race to see WHO falls asleep first during one of his npr editorials, me listening or paddy reading! I usually win, cause I can’t make it through one of pat’s whiney, drone on and on and on drone attacks! Pat was using the drone as a weapon looong before the Army!

    And the others mentioned. Losers all! Oh sure, they’re all competent nice people, but the ReePubes will chew them up and spit them out! And Walsh! If you need a pinch hitter, you DON’T send in a guy with a zero percent batting average, you send in your best!

    And hence, we ALL know who that is! Schweitzer! No, stay with me on this one. See, NOTHING would piss off the Pubbies more than puttin’ Schweitzer in, even as a fill in! He could spend his entire tenure beating the SHIT outta little Kockh brother Dipshit Daines! And he could have fun doin’ it! He could pound the Pubbies at the national level too! He could make things REAL hot for Dipshit! And then walk away if he wanted to! It’s a win/win! And then, if he wanted to run for prez, he’d have some creds! He’s the only one with the chops to get the job done! He’s got the gift and the charisma, and the others have got, well, NOTHING!

    You see, in spite of being a pain in the ass, Buttinski is right in one respect. At the national level, the Pubes and Dems are not all the far apart! To the Dems, compromise simply means how far the Big Kockh brothers go in! The Pubes say all the way, and the Dems say half way, a good compromise!

    But Schweitzer will say oh HELL no! Let’s do something for the people for a change! He would be a wonderful shot in the arm for the Dem party! And well all know that is true!

    So, Bullock, do your duty! Piss of the Pubes, and send a REAL Dem to the senate who, knowing that he’s a short timer, will shake things up REAL good!

    • I just don’t see that happening, Larry, for a couple of reasons –

      1) Schweitzer is currently running the circuit of any potential Presidential Candidate – in fact, according to CNN, he was in Iowa yesterday. To accept the appointment, he would have to choose between running a dark horse campaign for President against working as a Senator for Montana.

      2) He would also have to give up the job he just accepted. Again, I don’t see him doing that for a temporary appointment as Montana’s Senator.

      Make no mistake, I really like Schweitzer. I am not sure his showmanship would go over as well in Washington as it did in Montana, but I think he would make a great Senator. I don’t think he could accomplish a lot (I agree with Rob’s assessment of the Current US Senate in that I think it is seriously broken) but it would be interesting to see him in that body. I just don’t think it will ever happen.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Schweitzer in there. The one thing I really like about him is he can think for himself. He’d be a good democrat and step in line the majority of the time but I don’t think he’d compromise his true beliefs and would generally stick up for Montana.

      • ” He’d be a good democrat and step in line the majority of the time…” I guess that’s all that matters. Harry Reid told Bohlinger not to run as they already had their candidate. Having Harry Reid determine the Dem’s candidate and decide who’s a good democrat and where the line is might just rub some people the wrong way. Oh, and Schweitzer is not Reid’s choice.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 21, 2013 1:45 PM at 1:45 PM |

          “Harry Reid told Bohlinger not to run as they already had their candidate.”

          Source please. And sorry, pullin’ stuff out your ass is NOT a source!

          • Larry, I’ll the self rectal exam to you.

            Former Montana Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger just jumped in the Montana Senate race last week – but he says national Democrats are already trying to push him out.

            Foremost among them, according to the Democratic candidate? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

            “[Reid] said, you know, ‘John, you know, you’re a nice guy, but we’ve chosen Walsh. We’d like you to drop out. We don’t want to have a primary,’” Bohlinger said, according to local news reports. Bohlinger was referring to current Lt. Gov. John Walsh, the preferred choice of the party to run for the seat of retiring Democratic Sen. Max Baucus.

            • I have a hard time buying that. This is, at best, hearsay. Bohlinger started off his campaign with the meme that Washington Democrats had chosen Walsh as the presumptive candidate and Bohlinger’s claim is consistent with that meme. I have not been able to verify that statement from any other source and, frankly, I don’t believe it was said that way.

        • Unfortunately Craig, in national politics stepping in line and voting with the party is all that matters. I hate that aspect of our national politics. It’s pretty much the same on both sides of the aisle. It’s part of the sad affairs that “we” have to stick together and vote against “them”.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 21, 2013 5:25 PM at 5:25 PM |

            Oh, you mean like the Teat Party???

            • Yes, I do. Tea Party, democrats, and republicans alike. It’s all about what’s best for the party over what’s best for the people. Nobody wants to work together to get anything good done, they would rather do nothing than allow the other side take any kind of credit. You can point your finger all you want at the Tea Party, but the democrats are no better.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 21, 2013 6:59 PM at 6:59 PM |

                Sam, your naivete is quaint, but I can no longer engage you in debate, for you must be all of fourteen years old and it would constitute child abuse in a legal sense.

                Peace, little dude!

                • That’s it Larry, you don’t agree with my opinion so rather than discuss or openly listen, you call me a child in attempt to make yourself feel better. Typical liberal move. You need to take off your pretty little goggles and realize that it’s not just the evil tea party people that are the problem with our political process. You can sit in your little glass shack and pretend you have all the answers and every body that agrees with you is perfect. In reality what makes this country great is differing opinions that come together to find a better solution. So continue to point your finger at everybody else and call them the problem, some point you will realize you are as much a part of the problem as you are a part of the solution.

              • There I would disagree with you, Sam. There are actually quite a few politicians that are willing to buck their party over issues (on both sides of the aisle). Olivia Snow was a Republican that is leaving the Senate because she feels the partisan politics has gotten out of control. She has voted against her “party” on many occasions. Senator Tester is another one that will often buck party positions in favor of Montana issues (gun rights is one of the many examples I could name). The generalization you are making is actually doing a disservice to the men and women that are actually willing to discuss issues and vote the will of their constituents.

                Rob has made the argument (eloquently and often) that there is a significant difference between current Democrats and Republicans as well in answer to Mark’s ridiculous arguments.

                • Ok you’ are right there are those that occasionally will go against party lines. However, a large majority of the time votes are done down party lines and those that tow the line are rarely willing to sit down and discuss the issue and come up with a solution. My overall point is that it’s not a one party problem. Nobody can point to one party or faction and claim they are the problem.

  15. A Senator makes $174,000!!! Oh man! I hope Bullock picks State Rep. Amanda Curtis to fill the Senate seat! The $174,000 a year salary could pay off our mortgage, credit cards, collage loans, and medical debt in two short months! I bet we could afford to get Amanda’s 72 VW Bug painted and could feed our dogs the really good sciency type dog food for the first time ever and I wouldn’t have to work on our cars outside in the alley any more. No more water pumps and alternators for this guy. Yep, Bullock should definitely pick Amanda.

  16. The national party would never forgive Gov. Bullock for naming Schweitzer to the post but it sure would be a load of fun.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 12:14 PM at 12:14 PM |

      Can I tell you sumthin’, LK. F*CK the national party! As I mentioned before, Buttinski is right. BOTH parties are f*cked up! But at the state level, we still care! And that’s why it’s important to send a state guy with the narlies to call them out! Schweitzer is the chamPEEN when it comes to that. He don’t care WHOSE toes he steps on. And that’s what we need right now! A man of the people!

      Seems that poor sen. Jonny testerronnie got sucked right IN to D.C. politics! He hasn’t done much sense he got elected except to disappoint. I KNOW that Schweitzer will not disappoint! He’s got the brains, the cojones, the ability, and the motivation to do the right thing! He’s kinda like the Pope. Hell, I NEVER thought I’d live to see a Pope like this. How about a SENATOR who speaks the plain truth also?! (I heard tell the Brian was kidnapped by the Jesuits as a child and educated in their indoctrination camps! He can do NOTHING but good works! Is that so bad???)

      You see, LK, he’s perfect! The Pubes want a filler. Well OK then, let’s give them a filler! Schweitzer will finish Mini’s term, and promise not to run. But while he’s there, he will KICK ReePube ass!, and call OUT the littlest Kockh brother (dipshit daines) every time that asshole passes gas! No more free passes for the dipshit! You wanna debate Schweitzer? BRING IT, pisssant, and your big Kockh brothers too! WE’LL see who’s got the biggest kockh round THESE parts!

      I can not IMAGINE better combo than Schweitzer and Elizabeth Warren! Talk about a one two punch! More like a KICK IN THE NUTS punch! TWICE! Two of the brightest, most un-corruptible politicos around! They’re the Untouchables! Eliot and Elizabeth Ness!

      Look, let’s just do it and see what the Pubes have to say. You see, they’re so friggin’ stupid, that when they said they want a fill in senator, they never even THOUGHT about the damage Schweitzer could do! And really, it’d be worth it just to hear the Pubes and the Kockh brothers whine!

      And Moorcat, I hear ya. But I can think of nothing that would get Schweitzer more publicity for his prez run than kickin’ Kockh ass! What’da’ya want, a dark horse or dark money?

      • No Larry at the state level we as a party aren’t that tight yet. Don at Intelligent Discontent is right. Choose Walsh because it the right thing to do.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 12:45 PM at 12:45 PM |

          Norma, what’s a joe walsh?? Sorry, but military service does NOT impress me that much as a qualification for public office. Remember Ike? Dumb son of a bitch PAVED THE WAY for the military industrial takeover of the country, and then had the never to try to warn us about it! What an asshole! Maybe he should’a THOUGHT about that before appointing his good buddies the Dulles brothers! Nope, don’t NEED/WANT not military dude in there. The military is NOT real life! Sorry. Gunny Highway is REAL! He had a hard time readjusting to real life, for the military is NO WAY related to the problems we face.

      • We are so close to remanding the GOP to the ash heap of history, LK: hang tough, my brother.

      • Aware and Not stupid | December 20, 2013 9:45 PM at 9:45 PM |

        Larry, I think you should get the seat in the Senate, anything that can fog up a mirror would be better than Scheister and his bully leadership style, he’d be a huge embarrassment to Montana and you’d have to clean up your foul mouth, I don’t think Harry lets his minions throw the F-bomb around on the Senate floor. Bullock will nominate Walsh of course, that deal was cut months ago. I suspect Scheister is going to come up with something bizarre before this is over, but Walsh gets this nod and Daines takes it in the general, people are already seeing through this sham at the hand of thr President and Bullock could easily go down on this one too, I don’t think even Brian Scheister could get the stink off this one using that stuff he brags about using on Jag when he tangles with a skunk!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 21, 2013 5:22 AM at 5:22 AM |

          Sorry, Aware, but I am NO dick the dick cheney! You really are NOT aware of much, are you?

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 21, 2013 6:50 AM at 6:50 AM |

            Is this you, Aware? Sure it is, along with all the teat party folks. You folks LUV sonju industries (guns), and you hate gays (pastor Bulbdim), and yet even though you hate gays, you’re willing to TAKE the Big Kockh brothers up your OWN ass and call it patriotism!


          • Aware and Not stupid | December 22, 2013 12:25 AM at 12:25 AM |

            Smart enough to know if Scheister ever takes a step backwards you’ll never see the light of day again, cause yer’ head will be so far up his backside you’ll go blind! He’s the dick Larry, he makes Cheney look perfectly normal politically speaking. Can’t wait to see Hillary make Swiss cheese out of him. In the mean time Bullock will knuckle under to the out of state boys like Reid and Ovomit’s gang and Walsh is the interim Senator until Daines cleans him out.

  17. Im sorry but, Schweitzer’s already talking 15 year old smack about Hillary when he should be focused on the Republicans.

    He is gonna be in a rude awakening when he finds out Hillary has been forgiven for voting for the Iraq war…. after all It was Bush who lied to all of us about WMDS. Staunch Democrats who forgave, won’t put up with it him ripping into her. and the only people he is talking to is republicans sitting on the fence, who will vote for Christie if he runs, and the bridge debacle in Jersey doesn’t kill his chances.

    Christie’s, the republican version of Schweitzer, and the rest of the country might not even put up with his swagger and bravado either.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 12:50 PM at 12:50 PM |

      Um, SOME of us don’t really care for another Clinton in the White House. One was bad enough. And for the record, ONLY a friggin’ moron would have supported Georgie’s Orgy of Slaughter in Iraq! And, no, I can’t forgive hilarity for that! Don’t you remember the HUGE demonstrations in this country and around the world? I do. Hell, I chewed Baucus’s ass before the war! True story.

  18. Whoever gets the backing of the Elizabeth Warren Faction in the Democratic Party will win the Presidency Hands down! I don’t see Brian getting close if he continues to rip a woman candidate..

    Now thats the populism Americans want next!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 12:46 PM at 12:46 PM |

      Huh? Rip what? Who? When? Where? How!? Did I leave anything out? You did.

    • Pssssst! Norma … Hillary is a NeoCon. so is Obama.

      Thought you should know. You should learn to watch the pea and ignore the shells.

      • Man you BS is getting so thin, its beginning to look more like Saran Wrap then credible stories Mark…. Just saying!

      • You’re totally about the shells and clueless about the pea.

        Notice … “you’re.” Grammar matters, college girl.

        • Grammar matters only in schools, business, and professional writing. not the comment Section of a blog, or twitter for that matter.

          Your argument is worthless here, I write here for fun not profit. Ask Cowgirl if she has seen my professional writing? Cuz showing Word Nazis like you I can write for more than effect is a waste of my time. Hell, I have yet to see you string two sentences together without blaming your I Pad for mispellings?

          • Shorter me: Who cares what you think Mark, your daft!

          • I only hold you responsible for bad grammar because 1) you listed your educational accomplishments here, a long string of community colleges, the Sarah Palin way, and yet don’t seem to know how to think properly or write well. and because 2) you are very annoying.

            • My professional work has standed on its own, long before you and other word nazi’s came over and started giving me grief Mark.

              People who know me, Know that! Thats why I pay no mind to the clueless like you.

              • Norma, you rise to the bait each and every time it’s tossed out there. You’re like a gopher that can always be whistled up out of the hole.

  19. The statistical evidence and tragic stories recounted in this report demonstrate beyond doubt that American Indian children on the reservations and elsewhere in Montana are moving into the school-to-prison pipeline at an alarming and tragic rate.

    Do you folks really expect Republicans to have the tools for the work that remains?

  20. I’ll bet Schweitzer is burning wire right about now, after that huge 70-persons crowd in Iowa….did he kick himself, or Jake, after getting home and hearing Max was gonna be ambassadah?
    Gonna be either Walsh, Williams, Bohlinger, Schweitzer in that order of likelihood.
    But Daines will take over in the end.
    You Dems need to find something viable for House, eh?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 2:44 PM at 2:44 PM |

      What, you don’t think that Max can’t screw up China? I think he can!

      Dave, I’d be interested to know how you arrived at that order of likely candidates. I just don’t see it. Did you Pubbie dudes ever hear of Walsh before being picked for lt. guv?

      • I don’t think the party leadership has a clue about China, which is acting sort of hot to trot about now, not a good time to be sending Max Sieben Baucus.
        Let’s just see who Bullock picks first. Safe bet is Walsh for all the obvious reasons, and there’s nothing subtle at all in kicking Max across the sea.

  21. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 20, 2013 7:16 PM at 7:16 PM |

    Uh huh. JUST what I always knew! Must read.

    I wonder how the NRA would rate me?! Gun nut. Vet. Lefty!

  22. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 21, 2013 11:05 AM at 11:05 AM |

    Bob brown pulls his HEAD outta his ass to write THIS one! What an idiot! I think ol’ bob’s trying for a position with the Big Kockhs! HEY, if ya can’t lick’em, LICK’em, right bob? I’m sure the Big Kockhs would appreciate a good lickin’ from you! Yessiree, your the man for the job! They might promote you to officer, Office LICKspittle!

    • Aware and Not stupid | December 22, 2013 12:32 AM at 12:32 AM |

      You’re dumber than I thought Larry, Bob Brown is one of the few Reasonable Republicans left in theMontana GOP. He’s NO wing nut, well educated, thoughtful, and his comments are well thought out and written, with no vulgarity, filth or bad grammar. You could learn a lot from this man.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 6:31 AM at 6:31 AM |

        Says who? Bobby boy thought that the Teatards holding the government hostage was good government! Yeah, that’s very thoughtful! Me THINKS that poor Booby Brown has finally slipped a cog with age! “When the age is in the wit is out”!
        Need proof? See Booby brown!

  23. Heres the Problem with the Republicans War on Christmas Story….

    With all their attacks on Unions around the United States, Its a gonna look like this when they finish with Air Controllers!

    Just saying they have no Idea what they are doing with our economy, let alone Christmas!

    • Here’s the problem with the Democrats war on the people.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 1:46 PM at 1:46 PM |

        Here’s the problem with inbreds, OOPS!, I mean Teatards and their Pube cousins. THEY’RE IDIOTS!


        DAMN! If we all just had the sonju solution! God made men. Colt made them equa! Sonju made them STUPID! Got no money? Get yourself a sonju! Got hemmorhoids? Get a sonju! Kinda horny? Get yourself a sonju? Feelin’ poorly? Get a sonju! Can’t find Jaysus? Get a sonju! Old lady bitchin’ at you? Get yourself a sonju, and her one too! Got no job? Get yourself a sonju! You see, there simply ain’t NUTHIN’ that a sonju can’t cure! You a ninety pound weakling? Get yourself a sonju! Fondle that sucker, and you’re feel better instantly! Craig plays with his sonju ever NIGHT for inspiration and relief from the daily tensions of life! Yes, folks, it works! The ONLY solution to what ails the country today is the Sonju Solution! It empowers even the lowliest inbred to feel like a big man! So, if you’re tired of the big bad homos and feminazis pickin’ on you, YOU know what to do, get yourself a Sonju!……from sonju industries!


        Need proof? See THESE inbreds in action! They were ignernt, lowlife, inbred MORONS until they got their sonjus. And now just look at’em!

  24. Yea Craig you can’t do that! People have the right to call the police when concerned for their safety, when some asshole is walking around town with an assault weapon…. it matters to protect your community from nuts like this! Welcome to the real America Craig!!!!!

    Columbine, Sandthook, Aurora, Wisconsin Sikh temple, Hello Craig your nutty psycho friends shoot people.

    You just pray that that you are not about to witness a mass shooting from a gun nut seeking attention by the Media.

    All veterans know to stand down when they come home Craig. Unless their state or country needs them again. This guys been drinking too much of your Koolaid!

    • Except he broke no laws by openly carrying his rifle. As he said he was hiking with his son who was fulfilling the Eagle Scout requirements. This is Texas which is overrun with wild hogs. He was carrying his rifle to protect his son. Because you and other Dems are scared out of your wits, he was pounced upon by the law because he looked scary to the likes of you and your kind. This is the Democrats war on the people in action.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 2:06 PM at 2:06 PM |

        HE WAS SUCH A VICTIM! A new Rosa Parks! He did it for us all, for we’re ALL inbreds now! We’re ALL inbreds now! We’re ALL inbreds now! (do I have to loose a few more teeth to join up???? and stop bathing? and get me a gut like that “vet” has?? and get some weirdo cammo clothing?? Oh, the red bandana is a nice touch!) It never ends! First, we had to deal with militant homos. And now, militant inbreds! At LEAST the homos ain’t packin’ assault rifles!


        Jeebus, craig, you’re sinkin’ lower and lower! NO ONE gives a shit about some idiot inbred wanderin’ around scarin’ people, for that is NOT what most folks are really concerned about! I think that the cops showed unbelievable courage and restraint when confronting an uncooperative inbred with an assault weapon! Dude’s lucky he ain’t dead! If ya need a Kar to hunt pigs, YOU’RE AN INBRED!…..and a poor shot!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 2:10 PM at 2:10 PM |

          Oops! I mean a Car, as in Car-15.

          HEY, my spelling has gone to shit! I’m halfway to inbredville already! Wooo hoo!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 2:31 PM at 2:31 PM |
        • Ditto Larry!

          If the Idiot was wearing a holstered 44 no one would have said a stinking thing in Texas. Jeez Craig a Nut holding a loaded friggin Assault weapon though???? Really?

          I never go to the woods without a 38 or 44, holstered, but wild pigs run first. they don’t attack unless you corner them. (Personal knowledge of hunting with horseman.. and no I wasn’t shooting for pigs, just went along for the equine ride)

          Wild pigs aren’t grizzlies or Cougars or Grey wolves that think you’re a snack….. even Texas Red wolves in that area, bolt when they see people as well. The man was a lying sack of shit of a hunter. A handgun would have dispatched a pig.

          • First, you are factually incorrect about a number of things, Norma. Pigs are extremely hard to bring down. Moreover, the most common rifle being used for pig hunting the in the US right now IS a so called “black rifle”. The .308 AR is currently the most common “pig gun” in the US. A handgun is recommended only as a backup and they recommend an auto, because pigs are extremely tough.

            Pigs are also very unpredictable. They come in second behind bears. Wolves on the other hard are extremely predictable. There have been hundreds of pig attacks in the US just this year. Unlike bears, wild pigs do not seem to fear humans as much (not surprising given the number of “wild” pigs that started as domestic pigs). A 350 – 400 boar is an impressive animal and do an amazing amount of damage to a human in a very short period of time.

            I recognize that you have a real hard on for “black rifles” but they are the most commonly sold rifles in America right now. Every major gun manufacturer in the US is making their version of an AR and they can’t keep up with the demand. I personally have no use for a .556/.223 rifle – I consider them poodle shooters – but apparently someone does because the sales of these rifles is impressive. I would personally like to get my hands on one of the new 30.06 AR varients to see how it compares to my Remington 742.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 5:08 PM at 5:08 PM |

              Moorcat, I beg to differ. I actually SPENT a entire friggin’ year in Texas in the military, and much of that time was spent on what we called night problems. We would spend all night out in the Texas wilds learning night fighting techniques. And you wanna know sumthin’? I NEVER feared pigs! I could hear them out there at night snortin’ and rootin’ around and havin’ a good time, but I NEVER feared a pig! Just didn’t happen! Heard lots of coyotes and rattlesnakes too, but that was just par for the course.

              I know that they’re are domestic pig/wild pig hybrids that get really large, but your average Javelina is NOT the monstrous creature that you imply. Nor dangerous. This guy is an asshole. That’s all. I never got ate by the pigs even though I did my BEST to try! NO ONE needs an assault rifle to pig hunt. That’s ridiculous.

              • Larry, you’ve got your hind checks on both sides of this issue.

                Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                Oh hell, I don’t see a PROBLEM here, at least not a problem that a 230 .45 slug between the f(ckin EYES wouldn’t alleviate!

                Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


                July 12, 2013 – 4:10 pm Craig Moore

                So you think shooting cops is the proper response to being stopped at a DUI checkpoint. It’s time for you to relinquish your concealed carry before you kill someone just because you get upset over being stopped.
                July 12, 2013 – 4:23 pm Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                When cops break the law, there IS no law! Would I blame the guy for wasting a lawbreaker? No. It would be a good lesson for the dude! It’s called a natural consequence. Sorry, but we fought a WAR to stop this shit from the crown!

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 5:42 PM at 5:42 PM |

                  Was this an illegal checkpoint? No, it was not. The dude was ASKING for a confrontation! Big difference.

                  • It was illegal for the police to stop him without probable cause or reasonable suspicion that the man posed a threat or had committed a crime. It is perfectly legal in Texas to open carry a firearm as he was doing during his hike with his son. He was no more of a threat than the law student in the second utube link or a hunter with a Remington 700. What seemed to freak out people like Norma, was that his rifle was an AR and he was wearing a camo hat.

              • When I was in North Carolina, I went out with a couple of Navy buddies from that area to go hog hunting. The boar my buddy took (with a 300 H&H bolt action) was over 400 lbs and even after being hit in lungs and heart still charged over 35 yards. It was pretty damn impressive and I think that hunt somewhat colors my views on hogs.

                That said, it doesn’t change the fact that the AR platform is now the most common platform for hog hunting. A couple of manufacturers are even marketing what they call “Hog packages”. The 300 blackout and the .450 bushmaster is being promoted as dedicated hog rounds.

                I am not all that familiar with Texas hog hunting. Most of the trade magazines focus on other states.

              • I beg to differ the Wild pigs we killed that day were both brought down with Taurus 44’s 6 inch barrell 5 shot pistols. The biggest one we saw that day was shot. It weighed in at eighty pounds. Contrary to popular belief there ain’t many monsters out there. Television paints a different story dude, than whats actually out there. I dont deny the monster pigs exist. but they are far and few between!

                • So the biggest hog you saw hunting defines the norm? Why do I find that claim completely unsurprising …

                • You didn’t know Norma was crowned the champion hog huntee of California?

                  • You know Guys— I am really sorry you never had jobs that allowed you to travel all over the USA and the world. What boring lives you must have lived……

                    Actually musta been real hard on both of you growing up playing within the same streets year after year as well.

                    My parents took us all over the world, and so did the Army when I enlisted and horse racing after that. Every year since I semi retired, I still manage to travel 2 times a year just for vacation. Out of state somewhere, and out of country. Then, just here in state 4 more times on top of that. Yellowstone twice a year, Glacier twice a year…… sometimes more.

                    What’s wrong, don’t you guys camp under the stars anymore in the summertime on your weekends off, or fish every chance you get. I do! Don’t you Plink with friends once a month? Drive just to drive somewhere….like me?

                    I still don’t have time to hang out at local bars. I work and play to much to cry in my beer…. I carry WiFi everywhere I go now. I am always in touch, and yet as far away as I want to be….

                    WTF dont you live a good life in Montana fellas???? Can’t you call anyplace you hang your hat home?

                    The next question might be the toughest yet:

                    Does everybody have to live as boring a life as you guys, to fit in your little man club? Really? I guess I am too overqualified than? Good! Great in fact! Too many rules on being sad and having to lie. Are you that Desperate for respect Rob? I don’t need it, I am living it and don’t need you to validate my life.

                    See Guys, I aint attached to spite or misery like you are, My kids are grown up and gone. 3 beautiful kids of my own, all college educated, and good jobs. 4 grand daughters who are angels. I have lived a daring life and I am still able to wander wherever I want too. I got Great kin and friends sprinkled throughout the USA and world…. and you think you matter in your little quest…. to bother me while I comment on a cowgirls blog, because you yourself have to make up shit to be important?

                    Bwahahahahaha! What sad little mother thumpers you are.

                    Happy Holiday’s to you Scrooges of grammar thought and life! Apparently living in a closet all your lives….. is all you want and have the courage to negotiate.

                    To everyone else I have meet on this blog and get along with…. you have my respect and a warm welcome,Good conversation, good food, and a stiff drink if ever your in my neck of the woods! Peace!

                    • I’ll keep this wail in mind the next time Cowgirl posts some bullshit about avoiding ‘personal attacks’ or ‘insult’.

                    • Norma, you have several times mentioned your children here on this blog, but on your campaign website, you don’t bring them up at all under “Family.” Why was that?

                      Also, I thought you wrote that you lived out of a car and was dirt poor at some point. Just when was that between all your jobs? How did you travel the world then?

                    • After the military, I wasn’t that dirt poor for long, but yah I lived in my car, a 69 nomad station wagon, until I started working with racehorses. You got paid good money to work with horses in those days 400 a week, plus a percentage of the Purse, plus a place to bunk at the track for free if you didn’t want to pay rent somewhere in Arcadia or Inglewood.

                      Women who were nurses back in Vietnam than….. Working tirelessly in Nam Hospitals weren’t treated well or lived a life of luxury Craig…. If we came in with less than 6 months of training like I did, no matter how many people we triaged or stitched up at war, we had to go back to school, and most of us were expected to pay for it. …. And the fucking funniest thing was they only trained us for 6 more weeks at Fort Dix before they sent us out in the first place to put back guts. Go figure!

                      Apparently, they believe the training, once at war, was enough to make you a triage nurse…. saving soldiers from bullet holes and land mines….catching sleep in bloodstained clothes when you got a break. But after service, it wasn’t good enough for Most American Hospitals either, Most hospitals didn’t want war nurses, and when I came home a lot of hospital staff members were against hiring veterans. Yep,we last Nam vets to come home…. were spat on, and fucked with…. So, I went back to what I knew…. Horses.

                      Some of my best friends, and probably me also to a degree suffered from some form of PSTD back then, but it wasn’t considered a medical problem then. Apparently waking up in a cold sweat screaming was as american as apple pie?

                      A good mentor and friend kept me safe, as I struggled coming back home to become human again. I can’t say the same for a lot of the other women in the service who came home all those years ago. My father silently understood that hardship, being a korean war veteran, but my Mom was lucky, she was a navy photographer, who only saw Military events stateside…. and she couldn’t understand what I saw.

                      I didn’t go back to nurses school even though I believed I deserved it, and we were pretty much ignored regarding VA benefits also. Months of fighting and getting no where back then, depressed the living hell out of me…. When Charles Whittingham offered me a job, with his racehorses 4 months after coming home I took it. …. At this point in my life, it is kinda water under the bridge now. but back then Charlie putting me under his wing…. saved me.

                      Women in the military are still fighting a lot of the bullshit we had than…..Sexual predators in the military are still a threat, but at least nurses coming home now are getting their nurse certificates right along with their discharge papers

                      If you think I am bullshitting you about how nurses were treated by the military in Vietnam spend some time to read this:
             So I dont have to take up 20 pages explaining to you the pitfalls of a woman nurse in Vietnam.

                      That might give you a better Idea about how we nurses had to survive. Should I dive into a bottle and cry like a lot of my sisters did… I almost got that low. But I did the right thing jumping back into something I loved doing with horses, and it pretty much kept me from falling apart.

                      All that happened in my life up to that point…probably happened before you and Rob were even born, or you were still drooling as you crawled across a floor somewhere safe in America, all the while loading you diapers twice or thrice a day? I know I am right. Your weren’t even old enough to become the GOP punk you grown up to be now. So what happened to you to make you so scared of life???

                      Then there’s the second question of yours…. Why My kids aren’t on the candidate site of mine? It is because they weren’t running as a candidate, I was.

                      They live their own lives now, why may I ask do you want to know about my Kids?? They been living on their own for years??? Would it bother you to know they are all graduated from college, work good jobs, and they are not lilly white either? that they grew up half brown in color and got loved anyway? Is that what you want to know? I’ve told you all this before here Craig weren’t you paying attention? Does it bother you men in my life were not white? Too friggin Bad!

                      So Lets talk about you Craig, Are you as big a bullshitter as Rob and his brother are?????

                      You know right? The one who keeps telling folks he was in the Navy, when in all actuality he was AWOL, Living under another name in Oregon. Or his brother Rob who keeps spouting hes an expert on….. well, we are not sure what hes an expert on yet…. because he won’t show squat when asked— but we at least- we are damn sure hes a Expert on lying, and cussing

                      So what do you do? Wheres your cred to prove you know a thing or two??? Lets hear about you Craig???

                      Huh oh, Well someone is passing me another laced eggnog Craig. and I have to make an excuse to get up so I can hand it to someone else who isn’t driving tonight.

                      Tomorrow, I have a group of teens trying to beat up their crazy Aunt in video gaming (won’t happen I rule) and a bunch of friends are calling me over for food and conversation, day but I am sure it is because they want me to show them how their new smartphones and tablets work… So I say adieu for now on this holiday eve Craig.

                      Please try and not drink and drive during the holidays. I would hate to hear they scraped you off an embankment somewhere in Montana.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 8:56 PM at 8:56 PM |

                      Wow. That’s a great article you posted, Norma. I had no idea. Thanks.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 22, 2013 8:52 PM at 8:52 PM |

          You have GOT to be sh*tting me! Duck dynasty is the new inbred Rosa Parks! The ReePubes have LOST their fukcing minds! Really? Really? You’re gonna provide state gummint money to keep this racist, bigoted asshole on the air? I give up on the inbred crowd. They are simply despicable fucking racist assholes!

          • ‘Duck Dynasty’ creator Scott Gurney starred in indie ‘gay porn’ film

            The revelation provides an interesting — and some would say amusing — counterpoint to the media flap that has swept up around anti-LGBT and racist remarks by “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson. Also kinda provides a lot of uncontrollable laughter!


            • Aware and Not stupid | December 22, 2013 10:48 PM at 10:48 PM |

              Ok all you Anti-duck Dynasty folk, what about your favorite Buzz word, “tolerance”…….guess it only applys if YOUR view point is tolerated huh? Would it be OK if anything other than the Bible were quoted were being quoted? The real bigots on this one are obvious. Last time I checked the Right to Free Speech was still alive and well.

              • Not if you sign a contract abiding to company rules. the man wanted to be paid to produce a fiction… and last time I looked in the bible, jesus said nothing about gays. Nada zip zero!!!

              • Aware.. are you really bringing up the “Freedom of Speech” bullshit. Are you actually that stupid?

                Yes, you have Freedom of Speech in this country. No one is denying that. What you don’t have is a guarantee of a national platform for your objectionable and bigoted speech. There is not legal or moral reason for A&E to give this idiot a platform for his crap. They cancelled his ass because what he said can have negative consequences for their Business.

                It never fails to amaze me when these “Free Market” people like Aware suddenly demand that markets cater to their every whim. The hypocrisy is astounding.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 23, 2013 3:20 AM at 3:20 AM |

                Right you are, A-ware! One should NEVER be intolerant of intolerance! One should NEVER hate hate! And one should NEVER make fun of a stupid asshole on TV! For he’s got a Buybull! Good points all! For you see, ol’ duck dysentery NEVER saw black people mistreated down south! Just didn’t happen! So why worry about it, America! Them black folk were happy as clams in cow shit! You are so right, A-ware!

                Hard to believe someone that stupid could get on TV and NOT be on Faux news!

  25. Jackie Brown posts a column declaring thumbs down on Baucus. Just why should someone of Baucus’ character and ethical lapses be approved as an ambassador?

    • Go skiing, Craig: you’re on the wrong side of herstory.

      • As Brown writes:

        Here are a few issues that cast a shadow on the life and career of Max Baucus:

        The Christine Niedermeier incident is one for the ages. According to a 1999 story in, “The former chief of staff (Niedermeier) to Sen. Max Baucus claims he sexually harassed her, then fired her, but the senator tells an entirely different story — that she was relentlessly abusing his staff.” The Baucus camp circled the wagons and the Niedermeier incident went away.

        A few years later it was reported that Baucus took his girlfriend on taxpayer-funded junkets in 2008, and it was also reported that he gave the same girlfriend a $14000 raise.
        He was finally caught. From Roll Call:

        Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus’ office confirmed late Friday night that the Montana Democrat was carrying on an extramarital affair with his state office director, Melodee Hanes, when he nominated her to be U.S. Attorney in Montana.

        So, Baucus was dating his state director and then nominated her to be Montana’s U.S. Attorney. In most occupations, that would get you fired.

        As for Montanans being in love with Montana’s Max, many readers may remember that several years ago it was discovered that Max Baucus “didn’t own a home in Montana for 11 years of his 29-year Senate career.”

  26. Its a shame Craig can’t read past GOP Propaganda…..

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