Choices for Everyone

The John Bohlinger and Dirk Adams campaigns are naturally pushing hard on Steve Bullock not to appoint John Walsh, the lieutenant Governor, to the US Senate to fill the vacancy left by Max Baucus.

Walsh remains the obvious choice for Bullock, despite protestations from others who want the job. But that’s not to say that that Walsh doesn’t have a real choice to make for himself, should the appointment be offered.

First, he’s giving up a cushy job. Bullock is likely to serve eight years as Governor and thus Walsh has a secure job, at a good salary, and a great boss–presumably for the duration. Had he run for Senate the usual way and lost, Walsh would have been able to keep his job as LG while running and thus have something to fall back on. But if he were to be appointed to the Senate and then had to campaign to keep his Senate job he’d be out of work if he were to lose. The LG seat would be filled quickly and permanently in the event of a vacancy.

Walsh also has to weigh surrendering his valuable outsider’s status. The Senate has its lowest job approval in American history (8%) and Steve Daines, the congressional incumbent who has made a giant ass of himself making common cause with the Tea Party and Ted Cruz, is also very unpopular (37%). These are times to run as a candidate with no connection to Washington DC, something that an incumbent, as hard as he may try, would have great difficulty doing. Plus if Bohlinger stays in the race and continues his attempt to mount a leftward challenge in the primary, Walsh will be damned if he votes with the President and damned if he votes against him.

Overall, however, I would say that Walsh has to take it if its offered. When everything is added up–fundraising power, name recognition, the opportunity to do a few things in the Senate in the few months he’d be there, plus the unspoken thing which is that a former Senator can land on his feet with a nice gig–it makes more sense to accept than to decline, if the offer presents itself.

Remember, too, that Daines had a 15 point edge in a hypothetical matchup against either Walsh or Bohlinger in a poll released last month. That means that the status quo, the presumed route at the time the poll was taken, was not looking very good. An appointment of Walsh to the Senate would shake thing up and probably change those numbers.

John Bohlinger and Dirk Adams would then have to decide whether to stay in the race or go home, or run for something else. This decision would be facilitated partly by information revealed to the public in early December: how much money they’ve raised.

There’s been talk that one or both of them might try to run for the House, where John Lewis, who is raising good money but is unknown, is the only declared candidate. Adams supposedly has personal wealth and Bohlinger has public name brand. A three way race between those two and Lewis, would be interesting to say the least. The good news about that race, however, is that the right wing lunatic Matt Rosendale could actually win the Primary, having picked up a surprising number of endorsements lately from state legislators. Rosendale comes across not like a person who should be in Congress, but rather like a person who should be wearing an orange jumpsuit and be confined to a maximum security prison (or are those kind of the same thing?)


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  1. Who will Max back?

    “The largest campaign fund of the announced retirees belongs to Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., who President Obama has announced will be nominated to be the next ambassador to China. As of the close of the last reporting period on September 30, the Baucus campaign account had $3,280,948 cash on hand.”

    • I dont care what everyone says about Max, he did this state proud and will be a great ambassador to China!!!! The guys been very good to me as a constituent. Hes listened to me, his staff is polite and thoughtful….and treated us like gold when we dropped in unannounced in DC at his office.

      He served only the best brewed Montana coffee and Montana made products at his office there. He was proud of who he was serving as a state, and he was proud to introduce us to other senators while we were there.

      Good people that man is!

      • So as long as Max is nice to you on a personal level and served you free coffee you couldn’t care less how much he has given it to the entire country in the rear on a policy level. Thank you for clarifying Norma.

        • Thanks for your free, yet Bogus interpretation. Since you dont know me, and apparently dont know Maxs full work in this state either. Its nice to see someone else write complete fiction lacking any other evidence whatsoever.

          What I am finding believable is how much many Dinos rely on others poor writing of an event, never having the guts to step into the real word and ask for a chance to speak to someone face to face. Especially in this state where there isn’t the bars to sitting down as a constituent and having a conversation with an elected official as there is in California or New York.

          But hey, since you don’t have the balls to sit down and have coffee with the guy, thats not my fault! Continue to read the BS, what do I care that you haven’t the heart to travel and talk to your elected officials.

      • Norma, read Jackie Browns “thumbs down” on Max.
        Brown doesn’t even touch Max being drunk on the Senate floor as caught by youtube. That was embarrassing.

        Matters are VERY dicey with China at this point given events with North Korea and Japan. The last thing our country needs is someone easily corrupted by sex and booze to look after our interests and the stability of the region.

        • In addition to Jackie Brown’s “thumbs down” HuffPo ran a piece by professor Peter Drier of Occidental College revealing how Baucus screwed the people on Obamacare.

          Baucus’ opposition to government regulation made him the darling of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, which rewarded him with huge political donations. In the midst of the debate over health care reform, the Washington Post described Baucus as a “leading recipient of Senate campaign contributions from the hospitals, insurers and other medical interest groups hoping to shape the [health care] legislation to their advantage. Health-related companies and their employees gave Baucus’s political committees nearly $1.5 million in 2007 and 2008, when he began holding hearings and making preparations for this year’s reform debate.”

          In the previous three years, for example, Baucus received $63,350 from Blue Cross/Blue Shield; $45,250 from Aetna, and $46,750 from AIG. Over his career, the healthcare industry (including insurers, drug companies, hospitals and nursing homes, and medical professionals) have contributed $5.5 million to Baucus, including $1.6 million from the insurance industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

  2. If it’s offered. You crazy? It was offered, months ago. Do you really thing the actual deal plays out in public? It goes public. It does not play out. Timing matters, that’s all.

  3. Cowgirl came on here not too long ago and made a comment about calling people names and the negative impact it has….then proceeds in this write up to call Daines an ass, a giant one at that, and Rosendale a lunatic. Guess I can’t blame those that are just following the example set by the leader.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 4:45 AM at 4:45 AM |

      Isn’t that cute. Jiminy Cricket speaks! bwahahahahaha!
      Um, maybe you should find a NUTJOB site to post your whizzdumb at, Jiminy! But please, since you’re here, come up with a couple of euphemisms for a complete asshole and a raving lunatic! Or do not such people exist in Jiminy world?

      How old are you again? Home schooled, weren’t ja?

      • Sorry Larry, not home schooled, but if I was, would that make my opinion worth less? I’m not going to tell you my age Larry, but I will tell you I’m old enough to have a high school diploma, 4 years of honorable Navy service, a college degree, and many years of work experience. My age doesn’t matter any more than the fact that your age matter. Should your opinion matter less or more just because you are old, I think not. So keep trying to find reasons to discount my opinion since you can’t argue my points. Go ahead, Larry, call me another name, or call me stupid, or call me a kid, or do whatever you need to do so you don’t have to actually admit that I make a good point that you can’t dispute.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 6:30 AM at 6:30 AM |

          Um, Jiminy, you have YET to make a point! That IS my point! You’ve got nothing other than criticizing this site! And that ain’t a point, dude! But for the record, do you bird dog the fatassed, lardbutted, inbred Flush Blimpaugh and whine at him to stop calling names? Or maybe Hantwitty? Or Faux News? You see, you tighty righties are little babies! When someone calls you out, you whine! Maybe you should get your OWN inbred house in order first, doncha think?

          Now, Rosendale IS a nutjob, not only that, an outta STATE nutjob! He’s got nuthin’! Why move here like Birther Bob in order to embarrass Montana? I don’t get it! Why didn’t he stay where he was and fix that place?

    • “She” has also ridiculed people based on personal appearance.

    • Drunks for Bohlinger | December 24, 2013 9:52 AM at 9:52 AM |

      Ummm….Steve Daines is a giant ass. He makes me ashamed to be a Republican.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 2:05 PM at 2:05 PM |

        Drunk dude, are you REALLY a Pubbie? I thought you were one of us lefty pinko homo luvin’ atheist secular humanshit commies! Geez. I am disappointed.

      • Aware and Not stupid | December 26, 2013 10:36 PM at 10:36 PM |

        So tell us, what has Daines done to make you ashamed? What bothers you most, his moral code or his ethics?

        • Vote to shutdown the government for one…

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 3:57 AM at 3:57 AM |

            Yes, and elder statesman and Teat Party wacko, sen. booby brown, the great compromiser and hated gummint TIT sucker, thought that it was a splendid idea! What is WRONG with the Pubes? Hell, even john boner and mitch the bitch mcconell think these guys are wackos! What does that tell ya? The john bitch society is about as popular now as it was when the Kockh daddy founded it!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 4:28 AM at 4:28 AM |

              These are your people, Stupid! You and elder statesman, sen. booby brown, gummint tit sucker, should EMBRACE them! It’s the new Kockh/teat party!

        • Drunks for Bohlinger | December 27, 2013 12:35 PM at 12:35 PM |

          Voting to shut down the government, definitely. Responsible Republicans like John Boehner and John McCain would never have voted to shut down the government. They know, as elected representatives, that their job is to run the government.

  4. Ya Think, If Bob Brigham tweets just a few more times with his long line of fake accounts he would be able to take over all of Montana’s hashtags?

    He has been flooding the hashtags with John Boliger crappola for days… so my son and I are about to start an anti twitter campaign regarding Bolinger of our own…..

    and so the comedy starts anew!

    • Opps forgot the Photobombing!

      • So even as your party is loaded with cloaked Republicans (including your president and governor), you decide that one guy who was openly Republican is DINO? Whatever the hell that means. How can someone be DINO or RINO when both parties tacitly pursue the same objectives and agenda, difference only in the manner in which they play their bases?

        Norma, do you have a scar on your cheek from when they set the hook?

        • Control the federal bench, Dems.

          • Larry, philosophically and practically, I completely agree with you. But do tell us how? In this state, we have a preponderance of emoprogs who think that Democrats are as evil (or more) than Republicants, Tester is a traitor, and Fuck Obama. On the flip of that, you have Democrats like abNorma who push away any Democrat or would be Democratic voter by the shear repugnance of her presentation and personality. Then, like a delusional idiot, she claims “WE don’t need you”. So the state swings ever rightward. And the sewage ganache on top of this giant shit-cake is that the dysfunctional Senate has been completely unable to confirm over 80 nominations from the President, for over six years. The 9th circuit, decidedly the most liberal is getting overturned at an historic rate. So, please excuse my cynicism, but exactly how do you expect this clusterfuck of Dems to hold the Federal Bench, which we don’t even control right now?

            Merry Christmas, LK. And again, I apologize for the cynicism.

            • This is exactly the kind of poorly written, poorly thought out word-vomit you’d expect from someone of Rob’s intellectual capacity….if he had that capability in the first place.

              Shorter Rob: Its always someone who keeps me from being a Democrat????

              The lamest excuse of all!

              I can’t join the party cause I don’t like( Pointing at individuals) that part of the tent? What next? You need carpeting to make it home Rob? Want your own little man cave built just for you?

              Just wondering?

              • By the way Rob not an emoprog like you, I am center left, and willing to negotiate with saner individuals on the right. Just like to laugh at idiots no matter what party they ascribe too…..

                Your one of the more entertaining fools.

              • Did you even read his statement before you vomited all over the comments? He made some very good points that are at least factual (something you have a real problem with) and instead of responding to his points, you vomit unrelated crap in response. Go back to handing out tickets and badly operating the cash register at the theatre. You fail reading as much as you fail customer service.

                By the way, while we are on the subject… Why is it that you had to take a minimum wage job, doing something that is obviously above your ability level (I know how hard pushing buttons on a cash register is…) if your “businesses” are doing so well, Norma?

                • So I am helping a friend once a week and getting Paid for it as well. Its my day off from running the taxi service. Once a week dude cuz no one else really wanted to help out for a day a week wages??? 4-6 hours of my time? and my friend doesn’t have to come to work for a change? Im happy, he’s happy

                  Mind you any extra scap I make goes mostly to Club projects and non profits here in Town.

                  By the way, why isn’t it you have a job at all???? Ooh yea I forgot deadbeat dads have to pay part of your wages to the families you left in a lurch. your to greedy to help even your kids dude….. and you wanna call me out????


                  One day a week isn’t a job dude. Its a joy! and I get to see the latest films and free Popcorn??? Who do you think is winning here.

              • Norma: It is “it’s.”

              • Oh look, Santa brought us a raging asshole for Christmas. I think I’ll name it abNorma.

            • Rob, before you condemn those of us who refuse to participate in Democratic politics based on the corruption of that party, please consider that we might be reasonable people.

              If the problem is caused by money, or private bribes, then the problem will not be remedied by those who are the recipients of that money. They cannot have two masters, voters and financiers. They must follow the instructions of only one. Since voters are not sophisticated and can be fooled on a regular basis while financiers are attentive and sophisticated and know exactly what they want in return, it stands to reason that office holders will 1) try to convince voters that they are all about their business by means of words and symbolic activity while 2) doing the real business of the financiers.

              So the problem is systemic, and yet we who see this problem are told that to remedy it we have to enter and participate in the corrupted system. We see no reasonable prospect that doing so will have any effect. In fact, we know that if we join your party we’ll be ridiculed and marginalized in the same manner that Jon Tester lectured and abused Mathew Koehler shortly after taking office. We cannot influence your party because we are not wealthy. We cannot participate in your party because you abuse us.

              Given the futility of working in a corrupted system, we are asked then what the answer is. I can only say that while we do not have it, neither do you.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 25, 2013 8:05 AM at 8:05 AM |

                Um, mark, WE DON’T WANT YOU! You morons gave us Nader, which gave us bush! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Which gave us un TOLD hundreds of thousands dead and tortured, AND, a very broken government and bankrupt country! Your self-aggrandizement has done NOTHING to help the situation in our country! Nader equals nadir! So, keep it and STUFF it, right up your ol’ Xmas stocking where the sun don’t shine! You can enjoy any benefits that the Dem party might bring, but we certainly don’t need/want any more of your nattering naderistic narcissism! Hope this helps.


                Wow. I kinda like that on myself. Nattering naderistic narcissism! How do I do it?

                • Your name is Rob, then? And the other democrats here allow you to speak for them?

                  • Mark, You write as though you’ve had an epiphany: politicians of both parties are sometimes corrupted by big money.

                    Do you really think the rest of us don’t know this?

                    I continue to vote, almost always for Democrats, because there are some decent people in politics who are actually trying to improve people’s lives. I’m thinking of politicians like Elizabeth Warren and, in Montana, Amanda Curtis. They’re not corrupt.

                    Present-day Republicans are basically fascists. They’re way beyond corrupt. They’re dangerous.

                    So, unlike you, I won’t stay home on election day. I’ll show up to vote for people who’ll put up some resistance to fascism.

                    I was just a child during WW2, but the memory of that epic fight against fascism just won’t go away.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 25, 2013 10:46 AM at 10:46 AM |

                      What tha????????????
                      IT’S MARK! Poor dude never arrives! Same old same old every day!

                    • Spoken like a tRue Democrat, lesser-evil voter. Hint – lesser evil is still evil. It has no degrees.

                      Hint 2: republicans believe they are the lesser evil.

                      Hint 3: some of the most corrupt politicians in Montana history were democrats. Baucus and Tester, both corrupt, are making a run at it too.

                      I don’t stay home on Election Day, but do not vote hoping my guy is less corrupt than the other.

                    • Hint 4: You cannot be clean in a corrupt system. It spits you out. That’s why you guys hated Nader. He was clean.

                    • NO Equivency Mark, snaps again? Always a storyline without proof!

              • Condemn? No. Admitting something is reasonable does not mean I should agree with the reasoning. The simple fact is this, the Democrats don’t really have the federal bench to hold. By your reasoning, and at times mine, maybe they shouldn’t.

                Where you again get unreasonable is in dividing people into easily digestable chunks. “My party”? Us vs. them. Monster making for the sake of personal righteousness. That’s really all it is. Reverse marginalization, perhaps. (Yes, that’s a joke.)

                • I fully understand that it is mature thinking to accept less than you want in opposition to nothing. I support that idea, as politics requires compromise.

                  Here’s where we run afoul: Democrats appear to vote more on fear of the other party than on the merits of their own. Consequently, Democratic office holders easily see that they can get away with more than their Republican counterparts can, because their own base does not hold them accountable.

                  In that situation, right-wingers who might as easily be Republicans see that they can accomplish more of the right-wing agenda as Democrats.

                  Example: Tester’s FJRA is Burns’ bill renamed. COnrand ran into solid united opposition, but Tester, having the D by his name, can pull it off, or so the reasoning goes.

                  One of many examples – Obama gave us Romneycare, where Romney could not ahve.

                  • You’re right about my fearing the other party. It is reasonable, not just “politics,” to fear people who want to enact policies that punish old people (like me), poor people, racial minorities, homosexuals, women, and the environment.

                    Democrats are disappointing much of the time. But they’re not merely the lesser of two evils. In my opinion they’re the only practical hope for gradually achieving, with the cooperation of anti-fascists in other liberal democracies, a more just world.

                    In WW2, America was far from perfect. Despite the New Deal, life was pretty miserable for many Americans. I hope, however, you don’t consider our country in the 1940s to have been just “the lesser of two evils” compared to the Nazis.

                    • In the Roosevelt era, Turner, the parties functioned as they should, each fighting for their constituencies. As JFK said, the oligarchs have money and influence, so that the job of the president is to fight for those without.

                      Roosevelt and JFK died in office. There are no comparable leaders now. Democrats do not fight for ordinary people. But in the two-party environment of their times, you’d be right.

                    • Again another un-demonstrable truth Mark. There was just as many crazies in the GOP then …..So bad did the Republican Party weld their power through Taft. that Roosevelt split from Democrats and started the Progressive Party. Hell, he even start a normalcy campaign with Blacks at that time further alienating white southern supporters on the eve of the election, by publicly dining with black people at a Rhode Island hotel.

                      Teddy had the guts to leave a party that didn’t want women or Blacks Voting Back than. What we are seeing from the GOP of today is a party, with no Leaders like Teddy was back then, in simpler times.

                      You have no clue about American HIstory, just like the teabaggers of today! Do you?

                    • Opps, I mean Teddy Split from the Republicans, not the Democrats. and Wilson won over Taft and Roosevelt ! because of that split

                  • Thing is, Mark, the argument you make here is easily acceptable, but relative to specific actions times and people. As such it stands contrary to the claim you consistently make concerning moral absolutes. Once again, I point out that simply does not match the facts. Taking a metaphor from this auspicious day, Democrats aren’t born into sin anymore than Republicants are.

                    I don’t know that I’ve ever explicitly said this, but to me, as regards governance, the ability to accomplish something almost always trumps the lack of any movement, right or left. You,yourself, have argued that people often will not know how bad something is until they can experience it. To a democrat, notice the lower case, movement by the people even to the right is still preferable to paralysis, which we have now. The very few are indeed making decisions for us all specifically because we are removed from the idea that we have any influence ( by your arguments as much as anything else.). So when you argue that Democrats can accomplish bad things that Republicants can’t, there is a strong urge in me to shout GOOD!

                    I have written many times that my life has been more positively influenced by Democrats than under the Republicant thumb. Anecdotal? Sure. So what? To a democrat, that is what should influence voting decision, not concern for whether Jon Tester was mean to MK.

                    • JT and MK was anecdotal and meant to demonstrate that once elected, Tester uncloaked and revealed himself to be Burns II. The individual personalities are of no importance. It serves as a nice metaphor, IMV.

                      I don’t accept your arguments here, and instead insist that we need movement towards progressive values, and not away from them. Failure to move further towards totalitarianism is not a vice.

                      I also reassert that the politicians, disabled as they are by the finance system, have no choice but to play words and symbols for ordinary voters while serving their real masters. They are corrupt, contemptible people, but good people in their stead seem to die young or fall to scandal or more likely, never earn the label “viable” in the media which gives Americans their opinions.

                      Therefore, I see two problems: the finance system, obviously (as it is meant to be) corrupt, and the winner-take-all system. These are enormous problems that will take decades on popular organization to overcome. But I see no easy solutions.

                      By the way, Merry Christmas to you and yern. I hope Bozeman’s white Christmas was to your liking. It is a beautiful city.

          • Rob: Susan Watters has replaced Richard Cebull sworn in by Donald Molloy, a Clinton choice. The Bucys and the Laslovichs are warming the bench: Montana is the next best place for Democrats to make a stand. Painful to imagine a Steve Daines or a Tim Fox recommending judicial appointments to a President Christie, init?

        • The president and Gov are Left of center Democrats. Somehow you always think that’s something Alien…. I don’t. I knew exactly what they were when I voted for them. I didn’t expect mere men to get everything through we wish for through. I just expected them to get us closer…. I am happy we will be a nation without a war at the end of this 2014 the first time in years. My gay friends are now recognized as equal in federal law,9 more states gave up DOMA this year alone, and more poor people than ever will have health insurance. Yep thats what I call progress.

          • You use the expressions “left of center” without a reference point, as when pointed at actual policies, you avert your eyes. For instance, the foreign policy of the current executive branch is easily seen to be “Neocon” as it is indistinguishable from administrations before.

            The current executive’s landmark accomplishment is called “Obamacare.” It is in truth “Romneycare,” or pounding of the final nails or corporatization in the corpse of the system. It is not “left of center.”

            Until you give me exact coordinates on the map regarding “center” I will assume you are just using word mush to hide your confusion.

            • Where is your governor, John Hickenlooper on the scale, Mark?

            • Colorado politics too boring for you?

              • There isn’t much of interest, land issues settled, trail issues too, D and R the same as everywhere, two right-wing parties. I did volunteer to work on single payer here.

                • I have noticed a disturbing smugness and complacency among Democrats in blue states: that’s how we keep getting beat. Jared Polis is a rising star: you are lucky to have him. Hick has seen a tough year and has earned the respect of a large majority of Colorado voters and the national party loves him.

                  Montana has strong county party leaders and, given the resources, they can deliver next year.

            • Does bullying Norma make you feel like a bigger man?

              • Are you kidding, Kurtz? The woman is a stalker. She’s telling everyone now that I am not a CPA based on her internet research. (Colorado License: 28034, PTIN long in place, EFIN long in place, CAF long in place, CPE done for current period, moving into a new tax season, and she does a Google search and says I’m not even a CPA, tries to sic JeffCo sheriff on me, and now you tell me I am bullying her.

                That’s just rich.

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 4:41 PM at 4:41 PM |

                  I like her! Anyone that can get you upset, Mark, is A OK in MY book!

                  • You two should get together.

                    I’m not even mad. It’s just nuts here. She’s nuts, you’re nuts, and you two are 80% of the place. What the hell is wrong with me?

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 7:45 PM at 7:45 PM |

                      You’re a Naderista! That should tell you everything you need to know. BTW, just WHAT have you Naderisat DONE of any consequence over the last twenty years or so? You dudes are as relevant as the Corvair!

                    • You’re barely compos mentis, a lunatic with your wild ass remarks and big letters and stupid nicknames, drunk when not raging drunk, and man I love the way you want to explain things to the rest of us. When you’re done with politics, want to give quantum mechanics a whirl? Can’t wait.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 8:49 PM at 8:49 PM |

                      Um, Mr. Naderista, just answer the damn question! WHAT’S more important to you Naderistas, your gigantic egos, or hundreds of thousands of innocents SLAUGHTERED by American nazzis like bush in Iraq? Now, doncha think it would have been better for ralphy boy to throw his support to Gore at the last minute, thereby avoiding the slaughter of over a hundred thousand in Iraq and Afghanitistan? I do.

                      You see, you’re kinda like that dirty bitch babbs bush. When she was asked about the dead American soldiers in Iraq, her response was, “why should I worry my beautiful mind about the dead bodies?)

                      Your response is why should I let a hundred thousand innocent deaths in Iraq get in the way of my ego?? You shouldn’t!

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 8:55 PM at 8:55 PM |

                      I do NOT see an Naderistas doing this! Whining does NOT do much in the grand scheme of things! The nazzis luv whiners. It’s the activists they hate! You see, you Naderistas THINK you’re Pussy Riot, but actually you’re simply a bunch of riotous PUSSIES! A good tongue lashing is the way that you dudes lick the fascists, and the fascists LUV a good licking! Frank Little you ain’t!


                      What have YOU risked, tokarski? Nuthin’ I’d wager.

                    • Fuck you, lunatic. You know nothing about me. You are an intellectual lightweight, a coward, cocksure of everything and not knowing shit, maybe read a book here and there, nothing more and you have no power of concentration. All you go to is a keyboard and a little elf inside of you that takes over while you’re too drunk to function. You don’t even know what you write, asshole. You make me want to puke, and I’ve not come near your quantities of libation.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 9:23 PM at 9:23 PM |

                      OUCH! Hey, it’s OK. It’s never too late to redeem yourself! Go out and actually DO something with your life! Bein’ an accountant don’t COUNT for much, dude!

                      As Frank Lloyd Wright said, “To be able to work at, and for, what one most wants to do well should be gospel in our democracy”.

                      Guess that you wanted to change the world by playing with numbers!! Thas OK, I guess. Better than playin’ with yourself!

                      Me, I like to drink!

                    • By the way, lunatic, the Iraqis were slaughtered first during the HW Bush years, at which time I had my car covered with oil-based paint for a letter I had published in the Gazette complaining of the slaughter of the Kurds. The second slaughter was during the 90’s when Clinton was the president, over half a million kids murdered. Democrats were silent at that time, as it was their dude doing the infanticide. Bush II was only the most recent, and Gore would have behaved no differently because, and you need to understand this you flaming imbecile: The President does not make these decisions. The office is a puppet of the MIC.

                      You’re such an idiot thinking you understand JFK but imagining that Gore was somehow something new. If he was, he would have fought the Florida theft, but he meekly gave in.

                      It’s early in the day. Hope you are sober enough to read this, lightweight.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 28, 2013 7:34 AM at 7:34 AM |

                      Post your address and I’ll send you a medal!


                      You Naderistas LUV givin’ each other medals! But when it comes to actual pragmatic results, you’ve got none! (other than giving us bush) But HEY, I’ll design a nice military ribbon for you dudes that you can proudly wear on your civvies, just like them old Russian soldiers. You medal will say, I Ralphed! Wear it proudly!


            • If you were a real progressive instead of a reactionary asshole, Mark, you’d be more accepting of community values and the power of divergent thought; but, your hatred for humanity is manifest with every venomous word you type.

              Have a cocktail and be somebody.

            • Your comments are oddly general personal attacks rather than refutation of my words.

              I loved in Montana longer than you’ve been alive. I have children there, and own property.

              • Your visits here and at Pogie’s only serve to drive others away so that you can imagine holding some moral high ground. You are a fraud.

                • Again, personal attack. Why don’t you say what you mean? You don’t like what I say. It disturbs your comfort.

                  Why should you be comfortable? Why should you be able to avoid thinking?

                  • Good Job Larry,
                    Mark ran away from Montana, and really doesn’t intend to be back. Owner of nothing, according to the montana Castral here, Owner of nothing also according to the Colorado Castral… Never a certified state account here, and from What I see in state records…. not one in colorado either.

                    According to his Facebook page for sometime now he is Unemployed… so apparently Colorado like Montana didn’t like his brand of account activity there either.

                    So now he is just a tax preparer. Only works around Tax time. Has a lot of time otherwise to formulate hate.

                    The funny thing is back in the late 1990’s he had the ear of David Horowitz, on the google forum Alt_the liberal Bird and Horowitz thought Mark was crazy also…. Go figure?

                    The only thing hes told the truth about is he did some college in Billings…. after that nada!

                    • By the way a state certified Accountant is a lot like a lawyer they have to go back to school for changes in the Law and Tax code, almost yearly for refresher courses. Mark is apparently too lazy or poor to do either.

                    • Norma, I don’t believe you have ever graduated college. Please prove me wrong if you can.

                    • Hey guess what Abe, I’ll be more than happy to throw out all the certs Necessary, when Idiots like ROB do so as well! I have been throwing out who I am for two years now,…… While idiots like you continually beat up on a smart woman, because she has the balls you don’t have to speak out. But I am gonna throw out one more for you imbeciles to look at

                      Now nothing more, till I see where you all come from! I am serious, you gotta graduate college for this little Abe….. And continue taking special refresher classes which at the time was only in California and Washington state. Just like Real lawyers and Accounts throughout the country do now in their profession.

                      Last time dumbshit!

                    • By the way that cert Abe, if you can’t read, is for “Professional of Radiation: Sources, Detection, Imaging & Safety so I could work at Nuclear facilities.

                      Attention there are women in the US who are a bit smarter than men in Montana sometimes…… just saying!

                    • Yeah, I hear Homer Simpson has one of those …

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 26, 2013 4:58 PM at 4:58 PM |

                      Actually, Norma, more so than your degrees, it’s your experience that counts. You’ve done a little of everything, and that is very impressive.

                      BTW, for all the folks that think that Norma can’t write, her Spanish is impeccable! Hell, I make errors in NUMEROUS languages, but Norma is perfect!

                      So, I would challenge her detractors to please impress me with YOUR writing skill in a language other than English! And don’t even try them computer generated crap. It don’t work!

                    • Larry, you seem confused by the very thing that befuddles abNorma. What could possibly make you think that anyone cares to impress you, or more to the point, her?

                      No,Larry, no one has problem with abNorma because of how she writes, but rather how she thinks, or put more factually, doesn’t.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 26, 2013 5:21 PM at 5:21 PM |

                      Not confused at all. I like her style. But I must say, I rarely take the time to attack another poster. Just not enough time in the day, and too many bad guys to deal with. I’ve met nearly every type of bullshitter in my life, and Norma strikes me as genuine in her concerns were they should be. She’s good people in my book. And ‘sides, she a horse woman. I like horses too.

                    • No hay ningún hombre, que tienen un corazón aquí, como usted lo hace. Usted complemente lo agradezco. Gracias!

                    • By the way Rob, Its pretty sad that, “Homer” a fictional character, has more going for him than you!

                      Yep Sad!

                    • No, abNorma, what’s sad is that you still haven’t figured out what many have tried to tell you, and the Homer example demonstrates. All your bullshit about your awesome certifications proves is that you have a backup paper plan for when you run out of toilet tissue. Being certified to do something doesn’t mean you can do it well, or in your case at all.

                    • Sad little man wheres your proof of expertise in Psychology?? Oh yeah I forgot you have no proof!

                      In fact all you have is an Opinion, based on what? Su Culo?

                      What you have Rob is a Prejudice against me and not an Opinion, and you’re too stupid to notice the difference!

                    • WTF? Norma, my license is in force in CO. But you haven’t told us where you got your degree. I am guessing you got some OTJ training and passed a test. That’s my guess.

                    • My Facebook Page? Norma, you are creeping me out. Seriously. You really seem to have some issues.

                      Facebook does not allow for self-employment. I was either enemployed or working for someone. So I Put down unemployed as a joke. I’ve been self-employed since 1986. Only way to fly.

                      Now trust me on this one thing: I have never looked up your name, your FB page, googled you are any such thing. Your life is of no interest to me in any way. I only now what you present here, which is disturbing.

                    • Our property is in an LLC, creep. Try SOS.

                    • abNorma, I’ll be happy to ‘prove’ my expertise in psychology just as soon as you show any evidence that I claim to have such. Simply put, one doesn’t need ‘expertise’ to pull your strings, puppet.

                      Your Ad Hominems are completely out of control at this point, a fine punctuation to your total lack of smarts. A prejudice IS an opinion, idiot. (Now think a second before you write something even more stupid like ‘an opinion is a prejudice’.) Yes, I am prejudiced against you, just as I am all willfully stupid people. As has been pointed out at least hundred times, you hold court at website run by person or persons anonymous, and you are actually morally and intellectually retarded enough to think you have the ability to tell anyone else here who they are or what they are capable of, based solely on your awesomely inflated view of yourself. All you’ve really done, abNorma, is 1) prove to the naysayers that you are a hypocrite, 2) remove all doubt that you don’t have a clue what’s going on around you, 3) make wildly offensive claims the equal in their bigotry to the TeaPeeps you disrespect, an 4) prove yourself stupid enough that your buttons are easy to push for anyone willing to do so. You are truly and verifiably an idiot, worthy of no respect from anyone who actually gives a shit about the world beyond abNorma.

                      That’s not psychology, toad. That’s just simple observation. Keep dancing, puppet.

                    • Right Mark I work for me, on my Facebook page, and before that I wrote self employed.
                      Secondly you don’t show up on state records in Colorado or Montana as a Accountant. Sorry dude it pretty easy to check, you have your name plastered all over the internet by your own hand, but not where it counts…..And I never seen anyone not type in a name in Facebook….. Just Saying its easy to have Facebook pages and find them How do you think we liberals find all the Teabaggers like you?

                      Lastly Rob the reverse Psychology thing? Really?

                      Prejudice: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

                      Attention Little Man Your Prejudice…. Its showing like the morning sun. Get a life little man. and while you’re at it….Remember I asked you weeks ago, right here to meet anywhere, anytime, to show who you were. You went silent for days!!!!

                      So all your cussing and loathing… don’t mean squat to me. I know your a fake……whatever!

                    • By the way, you two want a better life. stop throwing rocks at someone who has no trouble throwing them back.

                      YOu need a pair of balls, I knit you some… in bright blue so at least you can say some part of you is really Democrat.

                    • By the way Mark no LLC in Colorado with your name on it exists. Nice try! The name is available though should anyone want to buy it….. Just saying!

                    • Two disturbing matters here Norma: one that you are searching state records of people you meet on the internet, making complaints to local authorities in hopes that they will encounter legal problems, two that any of us would want to justify ourselves in your eyes.

                      You are currently off your rocker, unhinged. I regret having participating in this discussion with you and hereby resign. I am happy to participate in discussion on this blog with the regular people here who offer useful insight. But your presence, personal attacks, invasions of privacy, give it all a creepy overtone. We all have lives, friends and loved ones, larger interests, careers and hobbies in addition to this. You apparently have this. And only this.

                    • Norma that looks like something you’d get with an AA degree from University of Phoenix online. James Knox has his bathroom wall papered with these. Do you have an actual degree from a credible institution of higher learning? If so please prove it. Thank you.

                    • What I and others do here is called “slumming,” or going down under to see what it’s like in the intellectual ghetto. I do it out of boredom, can’t speak for the others, but have to say after this go-round that I feel like I need a shower and need to leave this place for good. Leave it to Norma and Kralj – merely being around them changes me, makes me feel soiled. Enuf.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 28, 2013 7:37 AM at 7:37 AM |

                      You SOILED yourself? And you’re leaving for good? Hey, don’t let the door hit ya!

                  • Abe And MArk, If you don’t mind I am gonna start combining the idiots necessary to equal one posting back to one real Person. People seem to be getting sick of the Numerous postings you guys have regarding me….. and I need to spend a little less time with the bullshitters here and more with the real folk …….just saying.

                    Anyone who works with the Internet, knows how to work the internet.

                    If I was shopping for an Accountant in a world filled with Absolute lousy ones that Big news covers all the time,,,,,,,,, You Know, Accountants that pilfer and steal from their clients…..

                    As a business person looking for a numbers guy, I would shop around, ask folks who they use, Look up the accountants work history before I hired them to see if they were Honest. Thats just me, that how I was raised, Its called “Buyer Beware.”

                    As a matter of course, I also apply that to life, in general. So when some guy or gal comes along, spinning some golden tale here or on their blogs about how wondrous they are, and I know there is always two sides to every tale… I go looking for the side not said.

                    Call it what you want. Kicking the tires looking for a honest deal, Doing a little sleuthing to make sure I don’t get fucked listening to a BS artist…. thats is the American way of knowing what I am after in Quality. If I won’t buy a used car from a car dealer that won’t produce a carFax, or a mechanic’s report on the vehicle — what makes you think, I’d be stupid enough to fall for shenanigans like yours, especially after I looked you up?????

                    2. Mister Abe, I am glad for you, that you Hang out with James Knox and Seem to know his Bathroom so intimately …. and since birds of a feather tend to fuck-up together. I will let you take all the wild guess you want…. now knowing how mentally Ill you might be hanging with such a bloke …. I tend to steer clear of batshit crazy … thanks for warning me of who you really are.

                    I did my part answering all your little questions already, now its on you and the quacks of expertise to answer my question which is this, Who are you really????

                    Have a nice day!

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 4:57 AM at 4:57 AM |

    I have a philosophical question for all you philosophers out there. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? No, just kidding. I wanna know just WHAT a slimey Kockh bastard needs even MORE billions for? I don’t get it. The dude’s in his seventies, and he’s STILL doin’ everything the can to get more! Now, here’s the question. What the hell is he gonna do WITH it that he can’t ALREADY do? Buy more hookers? Eat more food? Travel more? Buy his soul back from the Devil? What? There is some weird kinda pathology goin’ on here that I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed before. The Big Kockhs are some sick sumbitches! Help me figure them out! Instead of enjoying the time they have left, they’re hell bent on doing more evil!

    Bad, bad seed! Well, when your daddy helps wack Kennedy, what do you expect! We’ve got our OWN Kim Jung Kockhs!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 6:34 AM at 6:34 AM |

      Oops. Forgot the link.

      You see, when the Kockh daddy was posting those signs all over Dallas calling Kennedy a traitor, I THINK we finally understand just who the traitors really were! It AIN’T a secret any longer! So, why can’t we finally see all the documents related to the assassination and coup? Well, because SOME of the perps are still alive?? is. the bush crime family!

      Weigh IN here, Jiminy, if you have an opinion. It should be hilarious!

    • The Kochsters and ‘baggers’ would fit perfectly into the 1951 film version of ‘Christmas Carol’ titled ‘Scrooge’ for UK consumption and was considered to ‘grim’ for US audience release at Radio City Music Hall that year, which only wanted ‘happy’ stuff’, not the stern truths presented in that classic film which had a couple of great scene additions from the book.

      Notice that Scrooge would fit well with the Kochs and there Papa, sitting there counting his money, going to the London Exchange, leveraged buyouts like he and Marley did for the company that went bankrupt and the two bought it out for 51 percent? Sounds remarkably like today’s times. Senator Koburn and Senator Paul, are there not prisons, no workhouses?

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 6:43 AM at 6:43 AM |

    Rightwing intellectual??? bwhahahahahahahaa!

    I had a discussion with my black buddies at work yesterday about the dick dynasty guy, and I TRIED my best to explain to them that they were the most ungrateful race of people to ever walk this earth! I mean, the dick dyno guy is right! They had it so good and they blew it! They didn’t REALIZE that they had full employment, watermelon, fried chicken, and good singing! My pals just didn’t get it! And now, the dick dyno guy is a VICTIM, a victim I tell ya, just like sistar sarah says! Racists should NOT be mocked for bein’ racist assholes! We must try to see the world through their tiny little racist eyes and brains, for racists are people TOO, worthy of all the respect due the secular humanshits and commie pinko homo luvin’ libbies! Think about it. Sista sarah has a point!


    (i dare you to watch the whole thing!)

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2013 6:49 PM at 6:49 PM |


    My favorite Christmas song. And for you young dudes, the best Christmas song ever!

  8. Wow, such kind dialogue in the spirit of the season.

    • Well we try to serve folk everyday with the season of giving, but you GOP scrooges continually fuck that up Dave. While liberals like us try to follow the Pope’s words, Heal the sick feed the needy and get everyone a job……you believe christmas starts at WalMart.

      We of course beg to differ.

  9. Okay, so Steve Bullock has thrown cannabis rights and marriage equality under the bus. So, will state courts do the right thing?

  10. Men bullying women: how Montana.

    My prediction for the first bill submitted to your red state legislature? Every white English-speaking foetus over 20 weeks must be fitted with a sidearm regardless of the health of the mother.

    • My prediction for Larry Kurtz:

      Will periodically pop up and leave garbled posts that make no sense, white knight for Norma, lecture others for commenting about MT when they live out of the state even though he doesn’t reside here either, and/or simply says “control the federal bench dems” over and over. Are you carrying the extra chromosome Norma is missing?

      • Brain Schweitzer said there were bigoted assholes in Montana…. he forgot to mention some of the dinos who started filtering into our party in the mid 2000’s GOPers like the Kaileys. Smart enough to leave a dying party of republicans, but not smart enough to leave the hate behind either…. and they wonder just like Bolinger why they ain’t taken seriously????? Bwahahahaha

        • You know Bohlinger was “Brain” Schweitzer’s Lt. Governor right? Your brain must be such an addled mess. If you are trying to say former Lt. Gov. Bohlinger is a bigoted asshole why would Gov. Schweitzer choose him as a running mate? I will hang up and listen to your response off the air.

    • Funny that, Larry. I just don’t see anyone else internet stalking people save abNorma. It appears you have a jaundiced view of what “bullying” is.

  11. Max inserted Montana into the cycle, boys: grow some breasts, assholes.

  12. Look it doesn’t take a genius to read google Take Rob for example, From 2006 to 2008 he was a conservative on a Conservative podcast that bashed Democrats. Thats right folks He was and still is a friggin Dino. And he calls me looking him up on Google stalking????? LOL

    • Really, abNorma? That’s news to me. Do you have a link? I was a guest on Craig’s podcast once, maybe twice, though I only remember the one. What we did was called ‘discussing’, though to you that word means ‘agreeing’. Craig Sprout is and was a good man, regardless of whether he is conservative or not. His website is deeply missed.

      • Once how about 8 pages of Shows. Whahahahaha Comedy gold!

        Shorter ROB:Oh I was only on once or twice…… Bwhahahahaha Bashing Democrats…. the truth finally comes out now.

        • Your reading comprehension is broken again, abNorma. That’s 8 pages of links to 2 shows, one in which David Sherman and I talked about blogging in Montana, and one in which Craig and I talked earthquakes, volcanoes, Yellowstone and irrational fear. You’ll have to do better than that.

          • You can’t lie yourself out of this Rob you were a bomb thrower for the GOP a la podcast style. You’re one of the very infiltrating, BUllshitting, problems Democrats have in this state with people who swear they are Democrats, and in reality aren’t!

            Michael Becker was right about you. You’re a flaming cussing Loss for our party, But you aren’t a Liberal by a long shot, just a Dino twisting shit just like Mark. Two guys who tussle daily with lifetime democrats for what??? Stature? Haven’t you noticed it yet. We are laughing at you two because we never see you helping…. Elbow grease, working with the party, knocking on doors, is the answer. Being there for people–Anyone see Rob here getting people registration cards, explaining Democratic values consistant with our Platform? driving people to the polls? How about treating women equally???? Anyone??… But you just want all the benefits without any work. Screaming like a Mental case on a blog Rob, won’t get you the right attention with Democrats.

            Maybe you need to go back where you came from? GOP land!

            Has anyone read your recent comments to lizard on 4 and 20 on how the democrats are failing ??? Really??? What would you know, you’re too busy throwing molotovs at everybody you meet.

            And this crap you do like Mark, using Fake names, are you attached at the hip or something….Is this a republican thing? Trying to Bum rush a Lefty commenter you cant beat with reason?? ………….The online personas, the Fake I am an expert on ( what we now know to be staplers and coaxial cords). something for the week— when all you are is a glorified requisition officer in a basement somewhere on campus???

            I know I am wasting my breath here but, grow up Rob!

    • I was on Diane’s radio show several times, once with Margo Kidder. Does that make me a dirty hippy, or a RINO? You make no sense, abNorma, and it appears that you’re upsetting Larry.

      • American football and WWF are for people who can’t handle reality: you are proving that to me everyday, Rob.

        • Hey, Rob: do you have a PayPay account? I’ll give you $100 to shut the fuck up.

        • So, since you are free of the taint of football, perhaps you could answer the question I asked way on up there in this thread: you keep calling on Democrats to control the federal bench. How? The simple answer is to grow the Democratic vote (notice, I don’t say party). I contend that doesn’t happen when Good Democrats attack and repulse potential Democratic voters with campaign slogans like “fuck off, and get a life”. The Democratic vote does not grow when people who have reliably voted Democratic for 30 years are segregated into RINOS based on the opinion of someone who is clearly deranged. The Democratic vote does not grow when men (sadly the largest voting demographic in Montana, even among Democrats) are told that we hate women because we disagree with *a* woman! or have small penises because of where we live, or dumbest of all, told to grow breasts so that we understand what many of us clearly understand and vote for already.

          Since his return to Montana, I have worked very hard to get Democratic votes out of my brother, a person historically prone to voting Republican. That goes for much of his family as well. Those are votes, Larry, real live votes. Norma has been able to accomplish the complete opposite, while running as a Democratic candidate in the very district that family votes in. That’s really what it all boils down to, Larry. Getting those votes that will protect the federal bench for Democrats.

          My question to you was cynical, but not even remotely facetious. How do you propose that we do that in a state that trending rightward, in some part because of people like Norma?

          • So, why would you go all wambly now, Rob? Boulder, Broadwater, Meagher, Park and Beaverhead Counties are all within reach. Young people and American Indians need reasons to go to the polls to vote for Democrats, especially in off-season elections and unless Gov. Bullock leads on cannabis and marriage equality we are going to lose.

            Max has given his state and yours a spotlight, Rob: he wants Democrats to start shining it in dark corners.

            • I’m not going anywhere, Larry. And you’d best rethink how Broadwater and Beaverhead county are in reach. They aren’t, not by long-shot.

              • Any county is within reach Rob, You’re a naysayer,not a democrat!

                • Yes, you did such sterling job of turning the Beaverhead blue, didn’t you? Just like when progressives took over the Sweetgrass county party, and the very next election saw an increase of the Republicant share of the vote by 3% over previous.

                  I am a naysayer, abNorma. I tell you flat out that you will never positively influence the Democratic vote because you are petty, self-absorbed, completely lacking in situational awareness, lacking any social moral sense, bigoted, sexist and blind. I’m saying “nay” to you, abNorma. You deserve nothing more, and thankfully the people of Beaverhead county felt the same as I do.

                  Now, if disliking someone as loathsome as you makes me not a Democrat, then maybe, just maybe, you might wake up to why I don’t claim to be a Democrat. It’s because I will never support raging assholes like you.

                  • At least someone is making a difference because you sure as hell won’t do it…… you’re more likely to cry uncle and stay home. Than help anyone.

                    Thats not Democracy Rob, look it up. Democracy only happens when someone stands up for peoples rights.

                    Attention Rob read a history book sometime.

                    Only people who stood up to injustices continually came home winners. And in our country it took almost 300 years to get to the point… to seek freedom from the crown. The fight continues today, to help the sick, feed the poor, give voice to those made voiceless.

                    See all you want to do is complain from somewhere safe

                    Shorter Rob:Oh we cant help the poor in that area, we cant help the sick because those people in that area choose to be there…. so I say fuck them. let them die, or not find work.

                    To Me this is what you sound like, You think I wasted my time. I dont and wont be detoured by jackasses like you. who would rather call people names and hide in your house, then have to wade among people and help.

                    You’re not a democrat, heck you hardly pass for a caring human being!

                    • and your comments again prove you more a republican every day!

                    • I missed this bit of drivel on first reading. Since you are so terribly fascinated with the truth according to Mirriam Webster, you might want to look up the word “democracy”. Democracy is not one person pronouncing “the peoples rights”. That would be totalitarianism. Democracy is the people deciding the rules under which they will live. In a republic, that means the people have the right to decide who represents them. In your case, it certainly wasn’t you. I’m sure that hurts, I’ve every confidence your ego got stung. But don’t you think it’s a bit of an overreaction to call your wailing a ‘defense of democracy’ when the people told you to take a fucking hike? You’re not standing up in the defense of the rights of people. You are standing up for the defense of Norma. It’s kinda sad, really.

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 5:20 PM at 5:20 PM |

    I want my country AND my pope back! You see, this country was FOUNDED on Ratzi the Nazi! Yes, thas right! He’s Aynus Rant with a swastika! I want my POPE back! Ratzi the Nazi! I don’t CARE for this touchy/feelY feel good Pope Rancid the Jesushit! Weren’t them Jesushits kicked OUTTA the church long ago? Well, they should have been! I mean, all this lovey dovey Jesus stuff has GOT to go! It’s a new world ORDER catholic church, and there AIN’T no room for the teachins of some sandal wearin’ peace luvin’ and lovey dovey HIPPIE! Give me NAZI Jesus! Hell, he din’t die on no cross! No sireee! He went out like a MAN, blazin’ away with an AK! USA! USA! USA! AK USA! Pussy Jesus is NOT in our vocabulary! FUCK the poor! If they had nuts and an AK, they wouldn’t BE poor!


  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 5:41 PM at 5:41 PM |

    My boy Snowden is WICKED smart!…..and ethical too! Hey Dick Dynasty asshole, wanna see a REAL American??? Clue, he ain’t porkin’ ducks like you!


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 5:44 PM at 5:44 PM |

      And young dudes who read this site, we must NEVER forget that some actual great men came from the south, they’re not ALL inbred like the Dick dynasty dude and Pastord Bulbdim! Check this guy out carefully. HE is a true southerner! And great American hero! You don’t HAVE to be an inbred from the south!

  15. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 7:23 PM at 7:23 PM |

    Damn straight! Us freedumb loving people KNOW a vagina from an anus, and THIS dude is definitely NOT a vagina!

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 27, 2013 8:56 PM at 8:56 PM |

    Young dudes who read this site, THIS is what they don’t teach you in your history classes!

  17. Aware and Not stupid | December 27, 2013 9:26 PM at 9:26 PM |

    Well, let the games begin, that lovely Christmas present that ol’ Harry Reid gave Lt. Gov. Walsh may have to be returned, unopened……..oops, somebody sort of forgot to let Harry know that his man is damaged goods. Call me a skeptic but I see Scheisters finger prints all over this one. Welcome to the Senate, Senator Bohlinger!!!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 28, 2013 6:52 AM at 6:52 AM |

      Well, I HATE to say I told you so, but again I must ask again, what’s a John Walsh? Seems that were now finding out! Jeebus how can the Dims be so stupid! Take a dude off the street, outta the military, and at LEAST vet this vet! What ARE the Dims in this state, the masters of the sarah palin maneuver?? Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about Walsh?

  18. Larrysucksthebigone | December 27, 2013 11:34 PM at 11:34 PM |

    As much as I love to see Larry (I rant about everything that my alcohol soaked brain vomits out) kralj, and Norma (I’m always right ((and I also went to some sort of college)) and if you disagree with me you will feel my wrath) Duffy take in the their pee stained shorts, I have to say that MTCowgirl has really lost control of her own blog.

  19. Time has resumed its shape. All is as it was before. Many such journeys are possible.

  20. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 28, 2013 10:19 AM at 10:19 AM |

    JFK responds to the kochk daddy’s john bitch society! It’s worth repeating. Kennedy did NOT shy away from being called liberal. And really, there really are STILL only two types of ReePubes, rich guys and suckers! Hell, the teat party is ALL suckers!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 28, 2013 10:28 AM at 10:28 AM |

      “If by a ‘Liberal’ they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people – their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties – someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a ‘Liberal,’ then I’m proud to say I’m a ‘Liberal.'”

      From JFK to Dick dynasty! Wow, have we fallen a long ways! Thank you Kockh brothers! Thank you Pubert Murcock! Thank you worthless press in this country! Thank you CIA! Thank you NSA! Thank you military industrial complex! Thank you inbred preachers of all stripes! You all done REAL good! Viva! Viva! Viva la caca!

      • Yep Larry I follow that quote, everyday!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 28, 2013 11:08 AM at 11:08 AM |

          USA! USA! USA! I’m just SO proud of my country, Pubert Murcock’s a Murca! Wow! We really are that bright shining beacon on a hill to every inbred, intolerant, bigoted, racist group of fundamentalist religeeous wackos around the world! We’re Number One!

          Jeebus, I can remember when the television show the Beverly Hillbillys came on. Many folks were concerned that the rest of the world would perceive us that way. And now, we have the DICK dynasty! Good God what the rest of the world must think of us! I hope the rest of the world is not paying attention! South Africa ends apartheid, and we start’er right back up! Them danged darkies in Murca are the most unappreciative race on earth! They had it so good, and they blew it! As long as you got Jaysus, slavery ain’t so bad, ’cause you gonna git your reeeward in heaven anyways!

          Yes, they’re all about “family” you cheesedick piece of shit! Geez, I long for the good old days where tv preachers fleeced ONLY the little old lady shut ins! How did this country GET so f*cking stupid?!

  21. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 28, 2013 12:29 PM at 12:29 PM |

    For my inbred Dick dy NASTY pals! Here, it’s short. Maybe you can read the whole thing without taking a break! If not, get ex-sen booby brown and teat party spokesman to read it to you. He was a teacher!

  22. Aware and Not stupid | December 28, 2013 2:32 PM at 2:32 PM |

    You all need to stay on topic, go grab another PBR Larry, this one is going to be political theatre at it’s finest. Anybody going to stop by the Governor’s residence with some extra packages of Rolaids, and a few extra rolls of Charmin? Scheister has unleashed the dawgs’ and they’re Nippin’ at Bullocks’ rump!

  23. So just by looking at Google I can see…. People are trying to find out who I am.

    Satisfied, I not a bomb thrower yet?

    Noticed you looked at my income and the fact I worked with Immigration.

    Bwahahaha Shorter Mark: Normas not a bomb thrower….. Damn!!!!

  24. Folks, just for a little change of pace, let’s us try a simple experiment in logic.

    There are pragmatically two choices in our vote, Democrat or Republican.

    For 33 years, I have with very few exceptions voted reliably Democratic. One of those exceptions was a vote for Bob Kelleher against Max, noting that by fighting to include the right to privacy in the Montana Constitution, Kelleher has done more than Max for women’s rights and the rights of us all. I have blogged for 10 years, consistently supporting Democratic candidates and policies. My only volunteer work has been for Democrats, and the only money I’ve donated has been to Democrats. So, unless it can be shown otherwise, I urge people to vote for Democratic candidates.

    abNorma, on the hand, has accused me of being a supporter of Republicants and Republicant policies. She claims that I am not a Democrat, and that I support Republicants. In short, she urges me and others to vote as she feels we should, for Republicants.

    One of us is bolstering Democrats, and one of us is bolstering Republicants. The logic here is simple. Which is which? Do tell me, Larry Kurtz. Which of us is defending the federal bench for Democrats?

    • It’s not just the federal bench, Rob: it’s state courts, too:

      As governor, Brian Schweitzer appointed these people to the commission: Shirley Ball of Nashua, Mona Charles of Kalispell and Paul Tuss of Havre, whose term expires Jan. 1. Gov. Steve Bullock appointed former state Sen. Lane Larson, D-Billings, to the commission in January 2013, and will be appointing a successor to Tuss.

  25. And still nothing to back it up? Just your word… which is proven to be False? Is this a plea for some sort of normalcy? Why don’t you just apologize for lying to folks… and promise to try and be better?

  26. Rob you’re the guy walking by! A little story from my biggest mentor and hero Peter Singer:

  27. It’s bad enough that the Larry and Norma show have driven off most of the center and moderate right but now they are attacking the moderate left. Rob has more creds in the Montana intertubes than Norma ever will and the fact that Cowgirl is letting this go (someone that has been around long enough to know how much Rob has been involved) simply means this site is dead. See ya all. It has been interesting.

    • I miss the days of Matt Singer, Pete, Gregg Smith, and Craig Sprout – When you could discuss politics on a rational level without having crazy cat ladies like Norma calling county officials because she wants to “prove” someone isn’t really an accountant.

      Norma, this may surprise you, but Mark really is an accountant. He ran an accounting business here in Montana for years and most of us that have been around for a while actually are aware of it. He still has financial interest in that accounting business as far as I know. Regardless of your “belief” that Mark is a “fake”, it doesn’t change reality and you calling a county official to complain about him simply proves just how over the edge you have really gone. You do realize that the minute you cause him financial harm with your cyberstalking, he has legal recourse against you and theoretically, this blog, right?

      • I never said otherwise, did I? In fact he was far more verifiable than your younger Brother was. and he was the one calling himself unemployed. You obviously dont know him past his bravado. The fact of the matter is he seems unable to make himself a state certified accountant( because that costs money). anywhere he goes. That is a concern for any business owner.

        And lets face it, for a time he was out there on the fringes, with his bullshit at me…. I didn’t appreciate it, but it did spur me to find out who the guy was… do all of you guys Just figure I will go away if you whine enough.

        Lets out this another way, the Man way. if this was football, would you just run out on the field without researching the player opposite you????? Yeah I thought not! But somehow in Marks mind…. thats stalking? On a blog he doesn’t own no less? after being banned here for harassing people before???? Paaaaalease!

        And no he has no legal recourse against me, because he has put himself on the internet, Made his information Public, by his own hand.

        I’ve used only public sources to conduct my searches on him and the rest of the “Quack quartet” which consists of you, your brother, Mark and Craig.

        Try if you must, when the time comes Ill be glad to have you all pay the penalty for the courts wasted time, and my attorney fees as damages…..

        You are speaking in a public forum Kenneth, try acting like it for a change…. or don’t you remember all the times you thought me calling you Kenny instead of Kenneth was derogatory??? How do you think you brothers, “ABnorma” is gonna go over in a court of law? Or MArks despicable comments as well?

        Save you views of the law for someone less informed than me!

        • Bullshit, Norma. You have used the internet to find what you think is dirt on the people who disagree with you. Besides the fact that it does qualify as internet stalking (as you are using it in a harassing manner), it is also part and parcel of your “values” as a potential candidate. This puts you comfortably in the club with people like John Sinrud and the Lie Monkey. This is the point Rob has made (more than once) and the only one who doesn’t get it is you.

          You have no special understanding of the law, either. You bullshit like every politician and expect us to buy your crap. I will laugh my ass off if Mark does decide to pursue a legal complaint against you. As much as I think Mark is a arrogant blowhard, he at least attempts to argue his position. You do your “internet searchs” and attempt to defame anyone that disagrees with you.

          You go right ahead and feel all “justified” in your bullshit but never think that we don’t see it for what it is. You are a disgusting piece of crap and you are the best argument yet for never voting democrat again.

          • Save the whining! Kenneth. The information is out there for all to see. You all got caught Bullshitting online,with made-up personas that didn’t exist regarding your little “Quack Quartet.”

            Did you forget this is the age of technology?????

            • Buy the way I am not a politician, just a concerned citizen of my community,who helps my community, gives to my community and runs the cheapest most sought out private transportation in Beaverhead County.

              The only Licensed Cab company in the state that has a 60,000 dollar specialty ramp van for wheelchair access in the state that doesn’t look like clunky public transportation, because passengers come in all shapes and sizes….

              I won’t apologize either , that I just so happen to have the guts and balls to run for office and try and make it better for people instead of whining like you do…… I go out and try to change the world a little for the better everyday. I have a spine and I use it…. so what is your excuse????????

              • Of course it is the “cheapest and most sought out” private transportation company in Beaverhead county.. it is the ONLY private transportation in Beaverhead county. You make it sound like you have the number one taxi service in New York city. Does you ego even fit through the door?

                You didn’t seek office to “make the work a little for the better”. You sought office because you want the power and prestige you think goes with being a state politician (besides, given you financial situation, the money wouldnt’ hurt would it…). You don’t represent the people of Beaverhead county and they know it. You got exactly how much of the vote again?

    • In the “it’s a small world” category…

      Norma, when two young women do the responsible thing by prepaying for a taxi ride when they go out to drink and dance, and the taxi fails to show up to take them home, it constitutes fraud. Not only is a fraud issue, it is also one of personal safety. By stranding those two young women, you forced them to walk across town in sub freezing temperatures after celebrating at the bar. Those two young women were my daughters. They WILL be filing a complaint against you for you stealing their money.

      • Yeah, not to mention the THEFT for driving off with our money and not delivering on the services we BOUGHT AND PAID for. Will be talking to the Sherriff in the morning about this one.

  28. They never called for a ride home and I came back at exactly the same time as the last ride 1;45. I Parked outside for ten minutes, I have four witnesses. Including the bartender.

    So were your girls too drunk to stay in one place. Too drunk to call, or did they catch a ride home in a private vehicle? Was it your intention all along, to screw with my Business? I did figure you would try and pull shit, and this is the best you got????? Bwahahahahaha

    Instead of giving them their next ride free… Like I do all my other customers who ask about missing a ride…..they can walk from now on. YOu can tell them that. By law I have a right to refuse service.They wont get to use me again, all because of you! and their 3 dollars ride for a return back home( since there is two of them). I’ll mail it to your address today.

    Nice move Kenneth, but it doesn’t hurt my business at all!!!!!!!

    I knew they were your daughters, and I never ever. left them before I was always there. I treated them right. and now they have no ride ever again from the only cab company in beaverhead.

    I wonder what they are gonna say to you since they have to walk back and forth to the bar from now on, instead of calling me at 11 at night to take them to the moose Bar. are you gonna tell them they have no more transportation or do I, next time they call?????

    • Actually, they did call. So did the other people waiting on you. Go right with your stupid statements about not allowing them to ride again, too. We will add it to the complaint.

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that, instead of acknowledging your mistake and attempting to make it up, you have decided to punish two young women attempting to do the right thing. This is typical of you fanatical democrats. Make no mistake – this incident (and your response) will become VERY public. Small towns.. You got to love them. A smart business woman you are not…

        • I am not sure what you consider a lie, Norma. The fact that they called is easy enough to prove given today’s cell phone technology. The fact that you didn’t give them a ride, you admit yourself. The fact that you attempted to blame them for your failure is equally evident and the fact that you are going to refuse them service simply because of who they are related to is also now on record. Norma, you are burying yourself and it won’t take a legal proceeding to do it. Everytime you open your frog mouth, you can’t help but swallow your foot to your knee.

        • Well, I can ask the owner of the Super 8 for his and his wife’s phone records, and we can also print out ours showing that we ALL called you before 2. Would that help?

    • By the way, I find it interesting that you would blame the victims in this event – just like any other rightwing wingnut.

      • You mean people too inibrated to know what time it was??? Are you blaming me for their drinking habits and what alcohol is doing to your daughters brains.

        Man you’re pretty funny Kenneth. Its all my fault your daughters didn’t take me seriously when I said taxi service closes at 2:00 am????


    • ~heh~ Now I’m curious. Since you have this ‘free-ride’ policy if you blow a fare abNorma, how many times a week does this happen? If you think about it, this is a genius level business plan. Collect a fare, blow off the customer and when they complain offer them a ‘free ride’ they have no expectation that the company can or will fulfill. Money for nothin’. My hat’s off to you, abNorma. That’s f’ing brilliant.

      • Heh, Hey it happens once in a while people catch a ride home after being dropped off by me….. from a friend who isn’t drunk…. all have the intelligence to call me first. and tell me not to come for them, way before business hours close. All of them!!!!

        Your brothers grown drunk daughters obviously aren’t of that caliber…. They never called me to tell me, not up pick them up at the moose, or work out a deal for nexttime, they didn’t call during business hours……Where they too busy hatching daddies plan???????

        I got tons of repeat customers.. I even help families who can only pay once a month. because they are on government assistance. and they need that pocket money during the month to feed their kids. I help Older folks who need a hand into a building and out…. or from the food bank and hospital. because thats what community service is all about.

        I get calls setting up appointments from all over the country…. People wishing to visit friends and family here in Dillon when they fly in…. They all seem to call me ….except for your brothers daughters?

        YOu see Rob, to those customers whose life is not a game regarding transportation……They aren’t trying to fuck the only cab service in Beaverhead county, because they hate the owner…… Beaverhead county residents who need this service, get treated very well….. something your brother will never have to worry about again….

        And the funny thing was, I knew who his daughters were the first time I picked them up at your brothers house.

        I am a fair person to all, who are fair back, no matter who they are related too. Apparently Fairness doesn’t run in your family either?

        Thats too bad!

        • abNorma, you misunderstand. I’m actually proud of how you can make money for doing nothing. It’s insanely cool, collecting money for a service you never have to provide. The rest of us only wish we could start a business (with no competition) where doing nothing still rakes in the cash. You don’t have to justify yourself to me. Profit is where it’s at, and if you can scrabble dough on false promise, than more power to you.

        • OK.. so let me get your amazing delusions straight. Now, my daughters are “drunks” that are part of some elaborate plan to discredit a hard working taxi mogul in a tiny flea spec town in southern Montana. You really are a piece of work, moron. You do realize that you sound like the very “tin hat” conspiracy theorist that accuse others of being, right? You are the laughing stock of the Montana political blogs and you are stupid to know it. People may hate Mark, but they laugh at you…

          • Hey, Hey either put up or shut up! The PSC is awaiting your complaint! Stop Guessing and Bullshitting and prove your point.

            • Norma, be careful what you wish for. Last I checked the PSC has rules about who you can deny service to. Your public statements here about individuals you will never carry again seem to put you in perilous waters.

              • One thing more. Since Farmboy brought up the Chinese saying, from what I have observed about your behaviour on this thread, “Lei da yun fei gae mm sai sou.”

                • Sorry Craig we have the right to refuse service to anyone. Its written in my charter which the PSC accepted. Apparently you don’t know much do you?????

                  They will never get a ride again.

                  • Norma, Just ain’t so. But for the sake of argument, OK. I’m sure the PSC would be pleased to know that you would discriminate against people based on creed, color, sexual persuasion, genetic affiliation and anything else you find that furthers your feud at the expense of common sense, public safety, and service while operating a public monopoly under a government authorized franchise. Now why don’t you service the watering holes until at least 2:30 am when that public service is needed most??????

                    • I am far more liberal than the Kaileys, at least I gave them a chance and put my personal feeling aside to provide a service.

                      I dont discriminate on Color, creed, race, Party affiliation, or sexual orientation, all have been welcome in my van….. or even the ability to pay right away.

                      The Kaileys are the first and only exception to date. and it is legally the right of the owner of the company or driver to do so.

                      There is a placard on the inside window of the van posting the right to refuse service. Thats been there since cab service began in Beaverhead county, it is a state law I follow to have it posted right along with the fees…… That is all that is necessary by the Law of the state of Montana.

                    • Actually Norma, you discriminate based on person bias and animus unrelated to your passengers. NO!!!! You do not have the unfettered right to discriminate based upon a silly feud. Your are a class B carrier. Ask the PSC to edumacate you on your limited refusal powers when operating a public franchise authorized by them.

                    • Norma, isn’t this the law you are REQUIRED to follow?????

                      No driver or operator of any class A or class B motor vehicle used in the transportation of passengers shall refuse to carry any person offering himself or herself at any regular stopping place for carriage and who tenders the regular fare to any regular stopping place on the route of said motor vehicle, or between the terminals thereof, if allowed to carry passengers to such point under the certificate for such route, unless at the time of such offer the seats of said motor vehicle are fully occupied; provided, however, that the driver or operator of such motor vehicle may refuse transportation to any person who is in an intoxicated condition or conducting himself in a boisterous or disorderly manner.

                    • The rule codified by the state of Montana for our taxi service is the following.

                      1 Scope of Authority, Rules and Regulations:
                      As Ordered on April 30, 2013, by the Public Service Commission of Montana, “Cowboy Taxi Transportation” has been granted a class “B” Authority to ferry Passengers in rate regulated service, between all points and places in Beaverhead County, Montana.
                      LIMITATION: Transportation in Limousine service is Prohibited.

                      2.2 Right to Refuse Service
                      Cowboy Taxi Transportation reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that is Abusive, or unable to help themselves beyond the ability of the driver.

                      So guess who is considered abusive??????

                  • By the way The Irish have a saying that makes a little more sense about people like the Duck Quartet and their friends.

                    “When you stand in shit, you cant blame the boots your wearing they put you there”

  29. Its amazing how your mouth ruins two adult women’s transportation. just because you spite me on this blog!

    • No, Norma. I could care less about “spite” when it comes to you. You have made all kinds of claims about who you are and what you stand for. Your actions – including this one – give lie to the claims you have made. This is why you will never be a representative for this county (or any other). People will sooner or later realize what you really stand for and what kind of a person you are. You have proved it here, time after time. I didn’t need to do an invasive internet search for you. I didn’t need to file any charges. I just needed to give you enough rope to hand yourself.

      You laugh about denying two young women a ride to go out (something they rarely get to do because of their work schedules and other responcibilities) as if it is some kind of victory when in reality, it shows your complete and utter pettiness. You are a sad, sick individual, and nothing you say from here on has any value.

  30. Hey present your case Kenneth. Besides, phone records is all I will need to prove my case. Heres the address I wouldn’t want you to not contact the right authorities: State of Montana
    Public Service Commission
    1701 Prospect Ave
    P.O. Box 202601
    Helena, MT 59620-2601

    and when we are done there, I will have a nice civil case for you!

  31. See Kenneth our business closes at 2 am in the morning, we run from 9am-2am. Tuesday- Saturday.

    Its been in every paper in the area, its in the dillonite daily since we first started cab service. Posted at city hall, at the county courthouse, at every bar establishment in beaverhead county. Its on our business cards, flyers, pamphlets, answering machine. and has been policy since our business started last May.

    Lots of people who wont read, or dont take the responsibility to check the time because the are inebriated call for a cab after 2 am in Dillon. People call on my days off. even though they know the times are posted. Just like lots of folks call the city bus after 6 knowing it doesn’t run after 6 pm. or go to the grocery store after it shuts down at 11pm.

    Its not my fault they don’t know the hours…. it is incumbent of them to know the the hours of business, since we publish them daily.

    Phone records Dude! We never pickup the phone after 2 am. We shut our doors after fifteen hours staying awake for the citizens of Dillon and get some shut eye.

    Its nothing personal, its just our hours of business. You have the address of PSC, I have proof I was there for your girls at 145 am at the moose bar . Make your move…. than I will make mine.

    • As you continue to bury yourself, let me point out something you should have learned in all the businesses you claim to have or currently own…

      Good Businesswoman –

      Gee, I am sorry we missed your daughters. I am not sure how that happened as I was at Moose for 15 minutes – even the bartender saw me there. Let me make it up to them by offering them a free ride the next time they need one. Please let your daughters know that we are sorry for missing them but please remind them that we no longer answer calls after 2:00am.

      Daughers (to their many friends and the people they see at their work – the two busiest motels in town…) – Yes, it sucked missing the ride home, but they made it up to us by giving us a free ride. Yes, I would recommend their service.

      Crazy lunatic woman – How dare you question our service. Your daughters were whoring around and were probably too drunk to even call. In fact, I hate you so much, I am GLAD they missed their ride and I hope they caught some horrible disease because they had to bum a ride. In fact, I hate you even more so I am going to deny them EVER getting a ride from us again. I hope you all rot in hell. You should get down on your knees and worship the fact that we provide the glorious service (for a fee…) to the good citizens of Dillon. Fuck off. I hope your daughters hate you when you tell them that they can’t have a ride with us again.

      Daughers (to their many friends and associates/customers at the two busiest motels in Dillon) – That cab driver lady is a complete bitch. I would never recommend her and I will tell simply EVERYONE what a nasty piece of work she is.

      Business 101. Word of mouth is the best (or worst) advertising you will ever have.

      • BTW.. I am not going to “tell” my daughters anything. I will simply allow them to read what you posted here and let them make their own minds up how they feel. You have done a much better job of screwing up than I could ever have done talking to them. I doubt seriously that you will ever get a recommendation from them, though. You have gone kind of off the deep end here….

    • We were there before 2am, wondering where you were since we paid you ahead of time. Check your clocks, because when we ALL checked ours it was 150. 4 people waiting for a ride in the cold, 2 of which had already paid, those 2 being young women with no weapons to protect themselves from attackers because we trusted our safe ride to get us home safely. We did not plan on bundling up against the cold because we trusted in our safe ride, which we had already paid for, to get us home safely. We trusted YOU. Now we know not to, and rest assured that we will let EVERYONE we can know that you are not a good choice to entrust with the community’s safety- especially not when it counts. I would rather bundle up and walk in the cold next time I go out (which would be the 3rd time in 6 years), rather than rely on someone who doesn’t care whether we live or die, someone who is comfortable stealing from others, someone who is petty enough to cause suffering for innocent young women over a grudge with a completely different person. I will make sure that every guest I serve, every person I walk into, every member of this community sees you for who and what you really are- a bad person inside and out who cares absolutely nothing for the good people of this state, a thief, a petty tyrant, and a liar. Everyone will know. And not one thing of what I say will be a lie, and maybe I can protect other innocent members of my community from you.

      Someone needs to.

    • If you run until 2AM, and you showed up at 145 and left at 155, then you still left with our money before you stop running. When we called and called, you knew who it was and you ignored it.

      • You called long after 2 am in the morning, I have the phone records to prove it all you gave me is 15 dollars a round trip with friend is 13 I owe you 2 bucks, and it is in the mail.

        I also talk to the bartender tonight at the Moose he said everyone was out by 145 when I showed up you left earlier. and went somewhere else which would have been an extra 9 dollars to pick you up from a different location. the last bar that closed and still had people in front of it was the Office around the corner. Your lying plain and simple. because your father is trying to pull some crap and you fell for it.

        YOu know good and well, because we had this conversation the first time I picked you up that I do not work past two in the morning. Now you never have to worry about a ride to the bars anymore from me.

        • And of course, you doubled down. Not surprising, really, but I guess a part of me had hoped that you would have figured it out by now. Keep talking, Norma. I have nothing to do with this now, it has taken on a life of it’s own.

          Further, it wasn’t a “round trip” as you failed to pick them up and bring them back. I guess even basic math is beyond you.

        • I am beginning to this Rob’s name for you has some merit.. You honestly think that this is some attempt to “pull some crap” on you? Are you really that paranoid? The story is simple enough to grasp without your paranoia, Norma. You got paid for a round trip taxi ride. You only provided one half of that round trip. End of story. You can try to dress it up any way you want, but that simple fact remains, you were paid for a round trip and you didn’t provide a round trip. Now to make matters worse (for you), as a business owner, you are stupidly making this issue far more combative than it had to be and thereby potentially hurting your business. Why is that so difficult for you to comprehend, Norma. The situation has already gone viral and it will only get worse with time. The more you talk, the more you bury yourself.

          And one last thing. Let’s stop pretending that Dillon Montana is Los Angeles. It is eight fucking blocks from my house to downtown Dillon. We aren’t talking about a 20 minutes taxi ride here. You can walk to the Moose in about 7 – 9 minutes (well, not your Jabba the hut ass, but a normal person). At best, your “taxi” service is a convenience. You aren’t harming or “punishing” my daughters, YOU ARE VOLUNTEERING TO FORGO REVENUE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN AN ATTEMPT TO SPITE ME. You, Norma, are an idiot. You are running a business like an amateur that wants it to fail.

        • Oh, Norma… in case you are interested, a large group of people DID go to the office to dance because the Moose’s jutebox broke – my daughters and the other couple you stranded among them. They were literally around the corner from you had you answered your damn phone.

          • Then Guess what. she was just out of luck when she didn’t show up at the right place at 1:45 Am That was our verbal agreement, and thats why she was no where near the moose.

            • And her and her friend don’t have a cab anymore……

              • and its amazing how well the Misinforming storyline you throw out like so much red meat changes every time one of you Kaileys opens your mouth…… Phone records dude, no messages left, NO phone calls till after the Business closed…. we run a Taxi Business, not a fortunetelling salon.

            • Hi, I thought I’d chime in. I typically don’t get involved in “discussions” like this, but since it’s partially about me, why don’t I provide some facts.

              First, thank you Dad and Uncle Rob for coming to our defense, but since it resulted in Shauna and me being banned from the only taxi service in town, maybe not so much. (Still love ya, tho)

              1. Shauna called for pickup from our house to the Moose. Apparently Norma referred to us as “her little goth girls”. (I was going for punk, but whatevs) She drove us to the Moose and I paid her $15 with the understanding that she’d be back around 1:45am to pick us up, just like last time.

              2. The jukebox at the Moose stopped working, so Shauna and I, along with a few others, went over to the Office. What’s dancing if there’s no music, right?

              3. At last call, we walked back over to the Moose to catch a ride and didn’t see the taxi. That was when we realized that the Moose sets their clock 15-20 minutes ahead, but the Office doesn’t. I thought all bars ran ahead.

              4. That’s when I called Cowboy Taxi. I called twice… perhaps three times. According to my phone, I called at 2:03am. I don’t know if it records the time of the first call or the last one, but I am aware that’s after 2am, when the service closes. We were hoping that we could get a ride anyway.

              5. At the time, I was a little pissed (in both the American and the British sense of the word) mostly because I really didn’t want to walk home in the cold and I did pay ahead of time. I do not drive drunk, nor do I ride with drunk drivers. Arranging for a taxi was the easiest and most responsible thing to do and we missed it because of a jukebox and a few clocks.

              6. Once I’d sobered up, I just sorta shrugged and thought, “Oh well. I’m out a couple dollars. Maybe we can get a free ride next time we need one.” Then I forgot about it. Pico-second attention-span and all.

              7. I didn’t know anything about this discussion until about an hour ago. I was surprised it was such a big deal, honestly.

              8. Shauna and I are not drunks nor are we whores. Yes, we went out 2 weekends in a row and got drunk. It’s been super stressful in the house lately and we needed some sister time to unwind and get our groove thing on.

              9. There is no conspiracy to discredit anyone. If anyone had asked me about what happened (prior to seeing these posts) I would have said, “Yeah, we accidentally missed our taxi and had to walk home. It sucked, but we’ll probably be able to get a free ride later, since we paid ahead of time.” I freely admit we weren’t where we said we’d be when we said we’d be there. And yes, I called after 2am. This was not intentional. We weren’t “too drunk to remember what time the taxi stops running”, either. We were simply unaware the clocks were set differently at the Office. Again, there is no conspiracy. At this point, I kinda wish there was. I don’t get to be diabolical very often. Downside to being the “good girl”.

              10. Norma, I don’t understand why you would consider me or my sister “abusive”. I cannot think of a single interaction we had that anyone would think was abusive. After the first time you drove us, I thought you were kinda cool. If I said or did anything to offend you, I apologize. Take that back, if I said or did anything a normal, well-balanced person would consider offensive, I apologize. I am sorry I was not outside the Moose at 1:45am like I said I would be. Again, that was not intentional.

              11. I had no intention of filing a complaint, mainly because I didn’t know I’d been banned until an hour ago. That being said… you’re really going to punish us for something my dad and uncle said? Seriously? I’m a pretty easy-going person. I probably wouldn’t even have insisted on a refund or a free ride simply because I don’t like confrontation and it was technically our mistake. Now, even if you let us use your service again, I wouldn’t. Yeah, you’re the only taxi in town, but I’d rather walk a mile home than get into your car. I don’t want to risk ending up stranded in the middle of nowhere (or worse!) because you decided I was planting listening devices in your cab at the fiendish orders of my dad and uncle. Not worth it. I still probably won’t file a complaint. I have other things to worry about.

              I know this is a long post, but since I really don’t intent to respond again, I wanted to make sure I got everything in. The closest I get to reading blogs is This is a political blog, yes?

              Anyway… I wish you all a pleasant day.

              Rob, see ya later, bud.

              Norma, try to be less crazy. You’ll be happier for it.

  32. Oh by the way, Kenneth. The Cabs are getting camera surveillance and audio turned on Tuesday. because your tin hat buddy is gonna be mayor very soon….. and we don’t trust the town wont go nutsville, as you and your rabble try and fire our fine Chief of police Paul Craft.

    • A couple of small points here Norma that I am sure you missed.

      1) I like Mike. That said, I have nothing to do with what he does as mayor. I have had contact with Mike exactly one time in the last 8 months (to congratulate him on his victory over Malesich). Until you posted it, I had no idea that Mike has any plans to “fire” Craft – and I still don’t because I don’t trust a word that comes out of your mouth.

      2) Dillon won’t go “nutville” regardless of who sits in the Mayor’s office. It has survived mayors since it’s founding and it will survive Mike’s administration just fine. You are sounding suspiciously like the idiots that predicted the end of world when President Obama got elected – you know, the ones you complain about all the time…

      3) I have no idea who “my rabble” is in your deluded mind but I have no intention of firing Craft or having him fired. I can’t say I like Craft as he appears to be a Malesich tool but I can’t say I dislike him either. I have no idea whether he is a good cop or a bad cop or whether he is a good Chief or a bad Chief. I haven’t really had any dealings with him personally. Your paranoia is full blown. Just how much influence do you really think I have in this town that you would make a statement like that? You give me too much credit. I am one voting citizen. That is all I am and all I aspire to be. Please take your delusions somewhere else. You are sounding pretty insane.

      • look in the mirror Kenneth insane is staring back.

        • Well, you are at least right about one thing.. Insane is staring back…

            • If ever an individual needs a primer on how NOT to run a business then they should simply read the screed that Norma has put forth here.

              All that edumacation that you tout and you are still so foolish as to spew crap that any first year marketing student would cringe at as the exact opposite of what you want to be putting forward as a business owner.

              I know there is a lot of criticism in regards to your sanity on this site but I don’t find you crazy. I find you to be ignorant. Apparently the voters in your county recognized your weaknesses as well. Might I suggest you get rid of your carnival mirrors and buy a some real ones?

              • Sorry, but you’d think with bar traffic and closing time being what it is, the cutoff time would be 2:10.
                Another Californian, I guess.

                • Like an extra ten minutes is gonna break or make you in the taxi business?

                  Cutting off at bar closing time, gets workers, who have to serve people who dont want to go home…. all night….. HOME!

                  Don’t the people who serve deserve to go home as well?

                  Lastly my bread and butter is day shift not nights, for goodness sake. I am here for the people who break down, the old folks who cant drive anymore and the mothers who need to get their kids home.

              • Hey at least you amusing!

  33. Norma drives people around town for spare change? I thought she was a world famous nuclear engineer, horse breeder and computer scientist.

    • Yes her story does change with alarming frequency. Now she is this taxi service mogul (in a town that you can walk across in under 25 minutes – assuming that you are not Jabba the Hut like Norma). It is amazing just how silly she really is given all the crap she flings here. Stealing money from customers, though… that should do her business a world of good. This is a small town and the story is already circulating.

      • My story hasn’t changed, only Kenneth’s attack parameters of casting an ever widening net…to see if he can catch me… being his opinion of unhuman?

        Whether he likes it or not. he’s the outcast here in Dillon. and his family has a hard time accepting someone know’s the truth about them. So be it.

        I ain’t going anywhere on this blog as a commenter.

        See what Kenneth doesn’t want you to know is he cant work, because his paychecks would be garnished…. his name calling me fat, forgets his daughter in question isn’t large herself? Go figure.

        You know what bothers the Kailey’s about me the most…..The first thing they went digging for about me on Google…. Money! Like they are in a position themselves to talk about money??? imternet stuff I haven’t seen for years is popping out under my name. on google again? Oh by the way no bombshells for them

        Seems so, At least they didn’t mistake me for the butter lady. LOL She passed this last year….rest in peace namesake! Anyway,the Kaileys checked my financials……That’s what bugs them? A person is only worth what they made in their opinion?????

        LOL! I was somewhat successful as a single parent?

        This Folks is what Kaileys and Quack quartet believe I am:

        A millionaire? Bwahahahaha Hardly! I have made a little cash to stay warm and dry. I know how to start a business. I dont live in my car, like I started in adulthood.

        But thats got to be one of the most perverted ways to figure who a person is in this world, is….their net worth? One of the biggest reasons I agree with Elizabeth Warren on striking those kinds of questions in Job interviews…. for the sake of a person earnestly looking for a job???? Money I would think is the least of a person’s wealth…. its Character not to back down, wouldn’t ya think?

        Shorter Kailey Family: Oh she made too much money as a woman, so she must be a bitch? MAybe the reality is, I dont take shit from idiots? no matter who they are???

        Bwahahahahahahaha! Man, I was wondering why its getting so thick with green jealousy in this commenting section. Guess I finally found out why????? A Democratic, self made woman with a little money, seems to be a dangerous commodity for DINOS and RW Conservatives.

        Man your values guys about people…..are kinda whacked!

    • Drunks for Bohlinger | December 31, 2013 11:55 AM at 11:55 AM |

      Anybody else here glad that don’t live in Dillon?

      Sheesh, and I thought the Flathead was full of crazy people.

  34. Being from Eastern Montana I can say this Sen. Rosendale may win a primary but he will be labeled as a carpetbagger and lose a general election. If the Republicans of this state nominate him they will lose. Dirk Adams is an unknown candidate and I don’t think he has a chance of winning a Democratic primary especially against the candidates he is against. So as the saying goes may you live in interesting times.

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