Cowgirl Blog’s Top Nutjobs of 2013

It’s been another wacky year if TEA Party nutjob antics. From voting to keep prison sentences for being gay to a slew of racist remarks and terrible ideas, Montana elected officials, TEA Party activists, and candidates brought the crackpot craziness to mainstream politics in an embarrassing way.

Here’s a look back at some of the most outrageous comments, craziest conspiracy theories, and just plain bad ideas proposed by our witless leaders in 2013, making these the blog’s most popular posts.

1. They Keep Saying They Aren’t Racist, but…

The blog crashed when this post ended up on the front page of Reddit. People were outraged that the chair of the Yellowstone County Republican party had posted a racist joke on her Facebook page.  But local Republicans didn’t remove Jennifer Olson, who also leads the Billings TEA Party group. Olson later resigned saying she wanted to “spend more time with her family.”

2. Montana Republican Caught Using N-Word: Says He Is By No Means a Racist

Nor was 2013 a great year for another elected Republican official. Yellowstone County Treasurer Max Lengington was caught using the n-word in his government emails, plagiarizing other racist rants, and setting up an unauthorized $25k line of credit for himself–but in the county’s name.

3. 30 Days for Billings Teacher Who Raped 14-year-old Student

In 2013, we learned of the Yellowstone County GOP leader’s racist Facebook post and that the Yellowstone County superintendent of schools in Billings is a barely literate, racist, plagiarizing, Tea Party ignoramus.

We also learned of another Billings official who needs to be removed from office. Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced a 54-year-old male ex-teacher to only 30 days in prison, for having been in an ongoing sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student who later committed suicide. Judge Baugh, in issuing the sentence, declared his belief that the girl was “older than her chronological age.” Sentences usually seen in Montana for sex offenses like this one are in the dozens of years, with little chance for parole. In this case, perhaps the Judge decided that since the victim wasn’t quite white enough, that a lighter sentence was in order. I don’t know this to be the case, but I can’t come up with any other explanation.

4. TEA Partiers Caught on Tape

A pair of TEA Party elected officials were caught on tape this year. The officials were recorded discussing–in front of their own organization’s running audio recorder–whether the room was bugged after they had a conversation about how American Indians were “not Americans.” Boone Cole and Jerry Laskody of Montana’s Flathead Joint Board of Control were put in office by TEA Party dark money groups to obstruct a water rights agreement with Montana tribes. You can read the whole transcript here.

5. Montana Lawmaker Makes National News for Bizarre Sex, Ballpoint Pen Comments,Then Tries to Lie to Media about What He Said

In a segment called “The Sideshow, this week in GOP Jaw Droppers,” Chris Matthews shines a light the most ridiculous things actually said by Republicans across the nation.  Here’s the video featuring Montana legislator Dave Hagstrom:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


6. Would Be “Peaceful Ethnic Cleanser” from Montana Makes National News

A white supremacy group leader who has called for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” that would clear parts of North America for only white people was profiled on the Rachel Maddow show in 2013. Here’s the clip:

Richard Spencer, recently moved the group from Georgia to Whitefish. He says: “It is perfectly feasible for a white state to be established on the North American continent,” adding, “I have a dream.”

7. Ten Montana Senators Vote to Keep Prison Time for Gay People

This past year, the Montana Senate voted, finally, to erase our “anti-sodomy law” which makes it an imprisonable crime to be gay.  Although invalidated by our state supreme court in 1997, the law has remained on the books because Republicans always refused to go along with efforts to scrap it.  SB 107, a measure to strike the offensive language from our statutes finally passed the senate.  That said, the vote was far from unanimous.  Ten Republicans voted no:

Sen. Dave Lewis, R-Helena; Sen. Scott Sales, R-Bozeman; Sen. Scott Boulanger, R-Darby; Sen. Dee Brown, R-Hungry Horse; Sen. Verdell Jackson, R-Kalispell; Sen. Rick Ripley, R-Wolf Creek; Sen. John Brenden, R-Scobey, Sen. Matthew Rosendale, R-Glendive; Sen. Fred Thomas, R-Stevensville; Sen. Roger Webb, R-Billings


8. Leaked Memo: National GOP Tells Daines How to Scare Voters, Act Like He Cares

If you thought Republican politicians got even more stupid in 2013, then you apparently were right because this leaked document from the National Republican Party in Washington spoke to them like they are imbeciles. The hilarious memo instructed Steve Daines and his House GOP colleagues on how to tour their districts during the August recess. Namely, it was chock full of advice on how to seem popular, how to blame “Washington” for all of our nation’s ills, how to frighten people about Obamacare and “red tape,” and how to use all of these techniques, and many others, to increase the chances of getting re-elected.

9. The Usurpathoner Road Show

A birther blogger who once tried to organize a national “Usurpathon” to unseat President Obama  is taking to the road as a water rights “expert” to help the TEA Party obstruct a water rights agreement between Montana and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

Kate Vandemoer is most known for her unsuccessful campaign to unseat President Obama, with an event she called “The Usurpathon.”  Vandemoer attempted to organize 10,000 TEA Partiers and birthers from across the U.S. to descend on Washington and unseat “the Usurper,” President Obama. Unfortunately for Vandemoer, only two people showed up.

10. Leaked Emails Show Civil War in Montana GOP

One of the biggest news themes of 2013, if it is news at all, was the ongoing war Republicans in Montana have with each other.

Some juicy emails [PDF] were published by the Great Falls Tribune this year, showing the machinations of rightwing Republicans such as Jeff Essmann and Art Wittich as they try to vanquish the moderates, led by ousted Senate President Jim Peterson.  Presumably, these missives were leaked by one of the moderate legislators in the scrum, who thought it would be good to publicize the schism.

UPDATE: Rep. Ed Walker (R-TEA Billings) was miffed that I didn’t that I did not include him in this year-end list of the state’s top nutjobs of 2013.

Rep. Ed Walker (R-Billings) argues that an imbecilic racially charged twitter rant he engaged in should have merited him a mention in the post.

“You left me out off your top 10 list?” Rep. Walker fumed.  “I figured you would include our back and forth on the history of Democrat racism in American [sic]…..Also, I remember educating your progressive, low information readers (but I repeat myself) about how progressive policy = road to serfdom.”

And so, my sincerest apologies to Mr. Walker.  At his request, I have revised the list to reflect that Rep. Walker is indeed a nutjob. Specifically, he became the subject of ridicule after he embarked on a major twitter rant about race.  His thesis was that the Democratic Party is the party of racists, while the Republican Party is the party that fights racism. Many happy returns of the day, Rep. Walker….you’ve really outdone yourself.



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  1. This is a computer-generated post. Do not respond.

  2. Once again, it is necessary to point out that Scott Sales does *NOT* represent Bozeman. His district is northwest Gallatin county, southern Broadwater county.

  3. Until the State Republican party grows up and purges the idiots (TP’ers, Essmann, Wittich, etc) expect more of the same.

    Unfortunately, they are the current face of the state apparatus. I do, however, see a realization among many in the party that they can no longer be silent and allow the foolishness to continue if they hope to achieve anything of note fiscally. Socially, their time passed decades ago and with each passing day their numbers dwindle.

  4. No expected “Batshit crazy” to grow after 2011. but apparently Bat Feces is quite the fertilizer for the republican Party.

    But lets face facts, it is the same voices. They have become attached to being known in their community. because the Media is no longer worried about getting the story right…They are just interested in continually selling advertisements so they don’t starve. Propping up continuous Scandals without the meat

    Forgetting altogether, that their menu of real news for the people of this state is all but gone itself.

  5. Its a worthy list, but how can any post titled “Cowgirl Blog’s Top Nutjobs of 2013” not include Norma Duffy and Larry Kralj? How about an honorable mention at least.

    The preacher/lobbyist/snake handler from down in the bitterroot who just got sentenced for fraud probably should make some kind of list as well.

  6. Bob, you left me out off your top 10 list? I figured you would include our back and forth on the history of Democrat racism in American. Also, I remember educating your progressive, low information readers (but I repeat myself) about how progressive policy = road to serfdom. Ho-hum, maybe next year.

    • That’s an OK burn, Mr. Walker, kind of over-the-top and not clever, but I get your meaning – “progressives”, and it is all a giant clump in your eyes, are low-IQ and low self-awareness people. Now, slowly turn that mirror around, and we will watch you melt.

    • let me get this straight-you are a state legislator, and are upset that you were not listed as among the top 10 craziest lunatics in montana ? are you kidding me?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 2, 2014 10:10 PM at 10:10 PM |

      Mr. Edwierdo Wanker, you made the HUMOR list, dude! You’re a funny little fella, not really worthy of much attention! Sorry. When you grow up, and grow a set, come back and maybe we’ll reconsider you as something other than humorous!


    • You’re confused. Bob Funk is paid to write the MTStreetfighter by Hilltop Solutions. This blog is written by staffers at the insurance commissioner’s office.

  7. Mr. Walker,
    I’m surprised you did not make the list either, but don’t worry this was just the top Nutjobs for 2013. I believe the 2013 list of smug assholes is forthcoming and I am sure you will make that list.
    P.S. When attempting to educate anybody about Democrat racism in American you should stop using that widely debunked list of talking points………Or you could just tell us again that MLK was a card carrying Republican, lol, that’s one of my favorites.

  8. Aware and Not stupid | January 2, 2014 7:11 PM at 7:11 PM |

    You forgot to add a story about “isn’t It All About Me” Brad Johnson……he’s going to take Denny Rehberg out in the GOP Primary or maybe be the next PSC Commissioner? He could actually make Brad Molnar look like a reasonable Republican. The guy is a legend in his own mind, but heck, the GOP thought ol’ Bob Kelleher was a good choice for the U.S. Senate a few years back too…..

  9. All these folk caught spitting against the wind in Montana this year.

  10. By the way Cowgirl excellent LIst!

  11. Right? I never watched it till you brought in your new Persona, abe Foreskin. Was this one of your fav movies of all time Rob?

    I guess I was to busy watching better flicks such as “Alien”, “The color of money”, “A room with a view.” or even “Little shop of horrors” for the first time. even “Top Gun” might have been to adult for you then?????? just saying!

    • Actually, dumbass, my fave movies are these:

      Chariots of Fire
      Alien (notice the singular)
      The Director’s cut of Blade Runner
      Ghost Busters
      Night of the Living Dead
      12 Angry Men (a perfect film)
      The Cowboys
      All of the LOTR movies as well as all of the HP movies,
      and Burlesque
      For the record, stupid, it’s “too” and “to”. Learn the difference, idiot.

  12. Does anybody else see the irony in a couple of nutjobs arguing in the comment section of a post about nutjobs?

    I feel bad for Ed Walker though, he fell victim, like most teabaggers, to finding some talking points that fit his narrow, selfish, world view, conducting zero additional research and then holding it up like the truth. Whether its quotes from Lincoln or a weak list of democrat examples of racism they just can’t seem to help themselves. Granted, when you share Ed’s world view I’m sure facts are hard to come by.

  13. I just love passing gas…I mean time… visiting MT Cowgirl when certain topics catch my eye. Topics and posts that would hold more “water” if there were criticisms of both sides. I’ve said it B4 and I’ll keep saying it. There is no difference between the opposite sides of the same coin. No matter how you flip it, the value never changes. They both suck!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 5, 2014 2:39 PM at 2:39 PM |

      Um, Claire, that comment was kinda like your entire site. There’s nuthin’ there! I spent considerable time trying to find out what the hell you’re saying, and I concluded that yes, you really DO know something about passing gas! Please, post an opinion…..if you actually have one. BTW, where you from? I listened to the Kriss Cross radio interview and you sound very much like you’re from some place else. What is your background, and where did you get your bona fides? College, etc. Do you know ANYTHING about Montana? What is your expertise on government, since that seems to be your major theme? Very, very strange site you got there.

  14. What? does someone expect me to argue with a pseudonym Like Abe? the sausage king?

    Nah! My new year resolutions is to just “Flip the bird” at anonymous assholes. who comment here anymore. Not once have we seen anything he says be anything more than whining……

    Since I already know he is one of the QUack Quartet, who use numerous fake accounts to comment here…. who Cares!

  15. Do you realize this comment makes no sense given where it’s posted? Just asking …

  16. So tell us Norma, who is using numerous fake accounts? Which accounts are these? How do you know this? Does Ms. Cleo know you’re using her schtick? Are you listening to the voices in your head again?

    I’ll say one thing for you, your lunacy always brings a chuckle to my day.

  17. Troll and Fake name accounts abound including yours….. We spent all this last summer and this fall piecing together IPS addresses, and geolocating worthless scum….

    Congratulations “Surley” you made the list. Worthy of a one middle finger salute, and a F off troll certification….

  18. As I expected, talking out your backside Norma. I post here under this ID and this ID alone.

    Not surprising that your skills in this endeavor are on par with your skills at running for office.

    But by all means, keep posting lies. It seems to be something at which you actually have some skills.

  19. So you’re an expertise of what? Bullshit? And You figure by saying, “it just isn’t so” and calling me Names….. without links, without proof, and without a real name for people to check your bonafides….this makes you….. Important?

    IN reality. It makes you nothing but an ASS!

    You can continue trolling if you wish just don’t expect me to do anything but laugh at someone too afraid to use his real name.Too frightened to show his real face, and too afraid his workmates will find out who he really is. Especially your boss.
    Too afraid to be real.

    Talk is cheap without the expertise to back it! There are too many other people here, Real people with names who have Personal experiences. they aren’t afraid to share their names, and their experiences….I commend those for that

    Ibeit Some folk here lie anyway …Built up a reputation they can’t prove or is easily debunked…. You my Overworked troll, dont have any background whatsoever to base your reasoning on, No Bedrock to stand on …none whatsoever.

    a Sad little “Culo” who can only fling virtual feces. that you think in some way hurts me in my real life?


    The best hacks and liars have tried for years. you don’t even compare to the dirt under their fingernails…..

  20. ….And thank you for being a nobody. That no one has to believe— because he hasn’t the guts, backbone, or honor to be anyone else but a made up name!

  21. By the way Googling names is not Stalking!
    It is not stalking if someone puts their information on the Internet. It becomes public, just like standing on a street corner handing out cards with your photos, name, phone or whatever you have put on it. There has been a lot of information available for years if someone wanted to dig for it.
    Now, thanks to the Internet and ignorant people like you who post embarrassing bullshit and lies, there is little privacy.

    Did you know that it is common practice for corporations to Google applicants?

    I rent out a house and I have always Googled possible tenants. Amazing what you can find.

    So, is looking for someone in the phonebook considered stalking? Google is not any different!

    My Mantra: Know your Opposition

  22. Again just because you say your truthful, with no proof, no expertise, no real name, no personal backing of any kind…. doesn’t make it true.

    A anonymous troll’s observation of himself, a person who lives under the rocks and not in the sunlight of verification….. cant prove anything, …. You count for nothing. You aren’t willing to tell folks who you are. so why would anyone give a crap what you think!

  23. I cant believe more people are not forthcoming with their real names and identities to subject themselves to Norma’s stalking, cyber bullying and deranged harassment in the real world.

  24. Montana Cowgirl is a known Commodity, just like the following names… NO one is Named NBC, CBS, or Fox news. Slashdot deals with writers on an anonymous streak only if they divulged themselves, in their entirety to them before writing…. so you know you’re getting fairly decent real news.

    Save your misplaced arguments Rob, you seem always bent on protecting trash, before people…. because you use so many online trashed personas yourself.

  25. So tell me Rob do you know People named Instagram, Flickr, Twitter? REally?

  26. Its amazing everytime Rob shows up and cant responds respectively in a debate, that the saugage king Abe follows right behind him….every time.

    Shorter Rob:If I cant beat Norma with my responses, bring an imaginary friend?

    Pleease Rob you making me Laugh!

  27. Already know who? How come you don’t?

  28. Poor Rob He really thinks he is Ferris Bueller….. at age fifty!

  29. You seem to forget that everyone loves Ferris Bueller, Principal Rooney.

  30. Hard to character assassinate anyone who has done a better job of assassinating themselves online Rob. You and your brother did a better job than I could ever do just breathing, and making up personas that don’t exist!

    I just pointed out the truth…..

  31. By the way not a rightie if any kind ROB. But you were….. or do you keep forgetting your podcasts with Craig MOore?

  32. You are a liar. Prove me wrong.

  33. Norma, you are quite the dumbass. I have not done any podcasts. Your ignorance is on parade. I have not not anyone from the blogs in person or over the phone.

  34. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 3, 2014 8:36 PM at 8:36 PM |

    “I have defended the Montana Cowgirl blog more than most.”

    sir rob the ego hearted!


    Yes, folks, sir rob the ego hearted has single handily KEPT this blog going!

    Sheesh. Now that’s heelarious, dude! We wouldn’t have a blog without our champion like you!

    Give it a rest, champ. You’re gettin’ punchy!

  35. Poor little robby is all upset I didn’t answer him right away….. Whah whah!

    I have better things to do like, go to retirement parties tonight, testing games, and setting up Movie poster sized artwork for the Bannack Dinner here, as well as pick up a couple of people with the cab when they called.

    Probably another thing Rob cant do is multi task. all that screaming and ranting has rotted his Brain….

    Yeah they did the deed Robbie and Moore Podcasted I posted it sometime last year( or last month depending on your point of view), and I remember Craigs last name being written not the other asshole sprout with MR ROb.

    What’s wrong Rob no other hobby except hating on people? I betcha your blood pressure is through the roof. Man you are a spectacular failure at a human Male.

    Yep the association needed a couple of prizes, and I was happy to draw them for them. Good people those association folk!

  36. Norma, you lied.

    Yeah they did the deed Robbie and Moore Podcasted I posted it sometime last year( or last month depending on your point of view), and I remember Craigs last name being written not the other asshole sprout with MR ROb.

    I have NEVER spoken to Rob. Just admit you lied…. because you are never just mistaken.

  37. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 9:50 AM at 9:50 AM |

    Oh shut up, craig. No one cares what you think. Look, dude, if you don’t have an opinion on the issues, take it elsewhere! We KNOW that you’ve attempted liable, so you have no room to talk!

  38. Kralj, you defend a liar and the lie. Here is who Rob spoke to.

  39. Got a handle on this thread, LK?

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