Legislator Complains About Being Left Off List of 2013’s Top Nutjobs

Ed Walker Defends Exxon

In one of the funniest episodes I can remember in my several years of blogging, I was contacted yesterday by a Republican state legislator, who is upset by the fact that I did not include him in my year-end list of the state’s top nutjobs of 2013 which I posted on New Year’s day.

Rep. Ed Walker (R-Billings) appears to be arguing that an imbecilic racially charged twitter rant he engaged in should have merited him a mention in the post.

“You left me out off your top 10 list?” Walker fumed.  “I figured you would include our back and forth on the history of Democrat racism in American [sic]…..Also, I remember educating your progressive, low information readers (but I repeat myself) about how progressive policy = road to serfdom.”

And so, my sincerest apologies to Mr. Walker.  At his request, I will revise the list to reflect that Rep. Walker is indeed a nutjob.   Specifically, he became the subject of ridicule after he embarked on a major twitter rant about race.  His thesis was that the Democratic Party is the party of racists, while the Republican Party is the party that fights racism.

Note that this isn’t the first time Walker has become very preoccupied about the Cowgirl Blog.   He often directs his tweets at me and he’s several times referred to me as a “demo terrorist,” whatever that means.

Happy New Year Ed, my nutjob fan.


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  1. He got his wish?


  2. A self-described nutjob may also qualify as a cracked pot.

  3. “Phil Robertson’s comments about gay and black people and social welfare — and the way they pierced public consciousness — explain more about our country’s political culture than almost anything else that happened all year.”


  4. “Creating your own reality is reassuring and fun. But making first contact with actual reality is jarring if you’ve been living in a delusion bubble. And in this case I fear the collision with policy reality may lead to a level of cognitive dissonance that will spawn new conspiracy theories of a scale we’ve perhaps never seen.”


    • I been watching people do it here for years, making their own reality….. KInda sad when some conservative minds burst.

      Lets face it when RW conservative christians would rather spend their time trying to save a reality star bigot…. then back the christian teachings of the new pope, plus calling him a marxist? I’d say the Bubble for them is small and complete. The problem is, they left out a whole bunch of Moderate republicans who are sick of that kinda crap….. the brand of people BOlinger is trying to capitalize on here in MOntana by Calling himself a democrat, when he should have been running as a moderate republican all along.

      Fudging the Numbers is all but over for them Lynn, the name conservative republican is a wounded brand!

  5. If you Montanans let a moron like this make your state laws, then the true morons are….

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 9:37 AM at 9:37 AM |

      Um, could you be a bit more specific, Frank? Just what moron are you referring to? We’ve got lots of morons here in Montana, mainly in the ReePube party, so you’re gonna have to help us out here.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 9:47 AM at 9:47 AM |

    Well, there are actually only two problems with the Affordable Care Act, it ain’t affordable and it ain’t care! Michael Moore is exactly right. Max Fawkus SHIT on the people who attempted to interject sanity into the health care debate, remember? He giggled as he had them removed from the hearing from, and in fact, threatened them with arrest! In Fawkus world, there is NO position but the insurance industry position. F*ck that! When polls indicated that a mere SEVENTY-FIVE friggin’ percent of the PEOPLE supported single payer or medicaire for all, Max called the police! He’s a no good son of a bitch. I mean, if you’ve got seventy-five percent support for something and you STILL shit on it, the question must be asked: just HOW much freakin’ support does Max NEED before he takes the industry tit out of his mouth and does the right thing?!

    MOST Dems and lefties are too polite to call Obamacare what it is. Moore is not. We could have done better, MUCH better, AND, given the Pubes a swift kick in the nuts! But Max didn’t. He knew better but he didn’t, just like his unbridled support for Georgie’s Orgy of Slaughter in Iraq. Max has no nuts, NOR integrity. It’s good that he’s gone!

    You see, some people of are the belief that if things get SO bad, the people will finally rise up and demand change. Hence, Obamacare sucks, and will suck so badly that people will be angry. But what they FAIL to realize is that the systems are no longer in place to effect change through traditional means. Them days are long gone. A plutocracy allows no dissent!

  7. Thanks Mr. Brigham (aka CowGIRL?) for including me on your list. I rarely read your liberal blather so I almost missed it. Whenever big government advocating, surveillance supporting, Marxist loving, freedom hating, identity hiding, middle aged white men posing as a liberal female blogger calls me a nut-job – I’ll take it as a badge of honor. Since you are a state employee who has benefited greatly by the numerous taxpayer funded pension bailouts – how many hours during the day working in the Dept of (big union) Labor do you spend blogging on the computer that Montana citizens paid for? Of course you and your ilk view the people as subjects, not citizens.

    • Mr. Brigham? Whoever he is he apparently hates freedom.

      • Uhh, Ed? Chock it up to your self-described lack of paying attention but it seems you’ve missed a fact or two, here. 1) Bob Brigham doesn’t get along the Montana Cowgirl website and it’s sycophants. abNorma is always happy to point out that Brigham hates Democracy based on their Twitter ‘conversations’. MT Cowgirl appears favorable to rational gun laws, and Brigham warns that such stance makes Democrats unappealing and weak. Mt Cowgirl seems to favor Lewis and Brigham favors Bohlinger, so much so that he actually works for the guy, which brings us to … 2) Brigham doesn’t work for the state. He doesn’t collect a state paycheck. However, you do …

        Simply put, if you’re gonna go fishing, be smart enough not to use a dog turd as bait.

  8. Eddy Walker is about as delusional as they come. He fashions himself as some sort of 1800’s Republican, which is odd since the religion he holds so dear was not even invented yet. I find it odd that a person with such clear and obvious distain for poor people could become Bishop in his church, granted it’s a church that does not much care for poor families. I probably need to do more research. Maybe in the LDS version of the second coming Jesus shits on poor people.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 6, 2014 12:54 PM at 12:54 PM |

      Eddy’s bio says he’s from Butte. But I find that very hard to believe. NO ONE from Butte that I know is such a little nazzi lover. His family musta moved there from somewhere else, for they definitely weren’t miners! He musta had one friend down there. Judy Mars!

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