Some Hard Truths About Obamacare

As guest poster Moorcat wrote recently, “the ACA does have real problems that no one seems interested in talking about or even recognizing. Everyone is so focused on the brainless drive to repeal/defund it because it is “evil” or to defend it because it is politically sound to do so.”

Michael Moore is not one of those people.  He had an op-ed in the NY Times this week points out some hard truths about the Affordable Care Act.

For example, that instead of blaming drug companies that charge $90,000 annually for leukemia medicine or health insurance execs who make $102 million a year for the high cost of health care in the U.S.–democrats bought into the myth that the problem was caused by “people going to get free colonoscopies and chemotherapy for the fun of it.”

That Obamacare was an idea from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.  It was Romneycare–and all the president did was “put lipstick on the dog in the carrier on top of Mitt Romney’s car.”

To be sure, Moore points out that some people will be helped by the new law –but that it is up to us as progressives to bring the kind of true health care reform this country really needs.

According to Moore, there are things states can do that don’t require approval from the worst congress in American history–things like what’s going in here in Montana:

Montana came up with another creative solution. Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat who just completed two terms, set up several health clinics to treat state workers, with no co-pays and no deductibles. The doctors there are salaried employees of the state of Montana; their only goal is their patients’ health. (If this sounds too much like big government to you, you might like to know that Google, Cisco and Pepsi do exactly the same.)

There are other solutions too,the public option and of course single-payer. When it comes to the ACA, as Moorcat says, “It is time to stop talking about what CAN’T be done and start talking about what MUST be done to fix it.”


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  1. I’ve always felt a little strange arguing for Obamacare against those who oppose it. All that keeps me involved in the argument is the dishonesty and immorality of those on the other side who don’t care if uninsured people die of treatable medical conditions.

    Single-payer is, of course, the answer to our problems. Obamacare is a weak compromise that is the best we can do for now.

  2. As a person who was denied health insurance or care based on a preexisting condition for 35 years, it helps There are many issues that need to be dealt with, its a complex issue, that needs a lot work. Electing people who at least feel that EVERYONE- no matter what their position on the income ladder – deserves care, would be a start.

    “Many of the newly insured have not been able to purchase insurance at any price in the past because insurers refused to sell coverage to millions of Americans with preexisting conditions. Insurers can no longer do that, nor can they charge people more than others simply because of a current or previous illness”

  3. Think about it almost half of the country, doesn’t care anymore about other people. and most of them who don’t care believe in christian teachings?

    You know where you’re supposed to feed and care for the poor! keep your citizens Happy and productive. Yep Pretty sad! we cant get more done if they really followed the bible.

    But what…..
    Utah and Arizona are beginning to find Value in Democratic thinking at least. they are beginning to understand it is cheaper to give a person a House, consul and help finding them services plus training than to leave them in the street.

    I think we need to help theses red states that are realizing it is better to give and it is cheaper in the long run as well.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 1:09 PM at 1:09 PM |

    Reposted from wrong thread below.

    Well, there are actually only two problems with the Affordable Care Act, it ain’t affordable and it ain’t care! Michael Moore is exactly right. Max Fawkus SHIT on the people who attempted to interject sanity into the health care debate, remember? He giggled as he had them removed from the hearing from, and in fact, threatened them with arrest! In Fawkus world, there is NO position but the insurance industry position. F*ck that! When polls indicated that a mere SEVENTY-FIVE friggin’ percent of the PEOPLE supported single payer or medicaire for all, Max called the police! He’s a no good son of a bitch. I mean, if you’ve got seventy-five percent support for something and you STILL shit on it, the question must be asked: just HOW much freakin’ support does Max NEED before he takes the industry tit out of his mouth and does the right thing?!

    MOST Dems and lefties are too polite to call Obamacare what it is. Moore is not. We could have done better, MUCH better, AND, given the Pubes a swift kick in the nuts! But Max didn’t. He knew better but he didn’t, just like his unbridled support for Georgie’s Orgy of Slaughter in Iraq. Max has no nuts, NOR integrity. It’s good that he’s gone!

    You see, some people of are the belief that if things get SO bad, the people will finally rise up and demand change. Hence, Obamacare sucks, and will suck so badly that people will be angry. But what they FAIL to realize is that the systems are no longer in place to effect change through traditional means. Them days are long gone. A plutocracy allows no dissent!


  5. I think it was alot easier to effect change, when people poured into the streets to stop the Nam war. but the outcome for thoses who served in those times wasn’t very good. I really like Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom book of Ideas about how to effect change, “Citizenville.” But like he has said in the book the biggest changes still have to come from the people we elect to get it moving.

    Right now, the GOP has elected officials who dont want technology of any kind. HOward Dean and our president have had a hell of a time getting the senate and congress to embrace the technology that will help right this country of ours.

    Then again there is the old dogs of the Republican right wing who closed down the office of technology for their own party years ago, and have no real plans to reopen it. seeking Magic instead of hard cold facts to save this country from stupidity…..

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      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 4, 2014 5:38 PM at 5:38 PM |

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  6. …its up to us as progressives …

    Two problems: one, it should be “it’s.” Can anyone go beyond spellcheck anymore?

    Two, you are not progressives. You are corporate Democrats. Stealing a label does not change reality. AHIP wrote the bill. They hired Baucus and Obama to pass it. They stuck us with indentured servitude to private corporations. There is still the small problem of perverse incentives: Every dollar that a private corporation pays out in benefits comes off their bottom line. Their incentive is to serve shareholders. Not customers. ACA did not change that. It enhanced it.

  7. Mark true Americans are not word or Grammar nazis. I don’t attack people because they make mistakes in spelling in the comment section.

    If I can understand what they are trying to bring across as an Idea, thats fine with me. I dont use it like you do as a crutch to attack people when I dont have a reasonable response worthy of a debate.

    I betcha you have no understanding of other folk not your color who are Americans. Thats probably why you don’t get along with most people other than white conservatives.

    The First languages of this country were not english. They came from the native people. Did you ever read the letters written by our first presidents? They were filled with spelling errors and dropped apostrophes.

    Get a life and while your at it a real argument!

    • I correct your grammer because you claim to be an educated person and cannot write or think legibly. If you did not put on a bullshit front I’d not bother. Kralj is just boozy. You’re functionally illiterate.

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        • If that was the case there would be no peace between countries with word nazis like you. Because it has never been the written word. It has been the verbal conversations and handshakes that held sway, for a lot of our countries deals that ended in peace were miswritten.

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          We are not writing literary prose here Mark, we are only scribbling out ideas in the comment section of a blog. You might do yourself a favor and read the Cambridge press Study of english Language called, “Studies in english official historical documents” sometime.

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          • To be quite frank….Your schooling such as it is, was developed by Bigots of yesteryear english… where no language is permissible but the plantation owners. Hate to tell you this but most of those assholes in the south during the civil War, had to hire a scribe…. they didn’t even have rudimentary english skills themselves.

          • Ladies and gentlemen, if you can figure out the words above, free beer follows.

            She demonstrates a fifth-grade comprehension level, incapable of logical sentence construction. This is a confused mind. And,oh, by the way, someone just sent her an email mentioning the Treaty of Tripoli, the importance of which is its assertion that the US is not a Christian nation. She missed that part, all boggled down by

            The prosecution rests.

    • OMG, the hypocrisy in Norma’s post is making me dizzy.

  8. Aware and Not stupid | January 5, 2014 12:03 AM at 12:03 AM |

    The two State run healthcare facilities were just another one of ol’ Gov. Scheister’s attempts to make himself look like a big shot at the taxpayers expense. Once again, It’s All About Brian!!!

    • As a factual correction, please note that the health clinics are not, as you claim, “state run,” but rather run by a private business–a contractor called CareHere, which runs over 100 such clinics nationwide.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 5, 2014 2:48 PM at 2:48 PM |

    Dear Brian, when your done kickin’ ass, TAKE SOME NAMES!
    God I luv this guy! He’s the only one doin’ it, kickin’ rightwing ass and takin’ names! The guy is driven! And that’s a good thing. We need him as prez now! I don’t think that they’ll be askin’ him back any time soon, but it might be too late! The damage is done, he’s out there. May the Force be with you, Guv!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 5, 2014 2:55 PM at 2:55 PM |

      We did it for the children, says Kooky Roberts! What a stooped horse’s ASS! We slaughtered over one hundred thousand innocent people, BANK rupted our country, and Kooky says we did it for the women and chillins! WTF? Good job, Brian. Amazing that you got a word in edge wise. The nazzis ain’t USED to have the TRVTH thrown into the faces! I owe you a beer, governor dude, and a shot of whiskey to go with it! That was great!

  10. As this topic is about “hard truths” a recent Kaiser survey show how hard those truths are.

    Now where do the Dem hopefuls, Walsh and Lewis, stand on addressing this trend?

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