Selling Glacier to “Pay off the national debt”

Republicans have been touring the state to promote a most moronic idea: That states take over all federal land and sell it off to “pay down the national debt.

Ken Ivory is leader of the latest sagebrush rebellion. He’s a state legislator from Utah pushing the idea that states should take over public land and sell it off, 95% of which would “pay off the national debt” and 5% for schools. Ivory is making a stop in Bozeman before he heads to the Montana legislature tomorrow, Wed. Jan. 8.

Actually, he’s been touring around pushing the idea that states should condemn and sell of public land.  This is an ALEC bill, and Ken Ivory, basically Utah’s Derek Skees, has been pushing it at  ALEC conferences.  Montanans rejected the idea, which was among the infamous nutjob bills of the 2011 legislature which were ridiculed across the U.S. and if it couldn’t pass in a session dominated by wacky bills and hard right Republicans.
And it wouldn’t be a GOP event without an assault rifle raffle. At this event two assault rifles will be raffled off to whomever wanders in.

The Big Sky Pachyderms, Gallatin County Republican Central Committee, Bozeman Tea Party, Gallatin County Republican Women are all listed as sponsoring his speech tonight at the Bozeman Holiday Inn. This man is scheduled to appear in front of the EQC Committee of the MT legislature at 1:00pm today.



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  1. I wonder what republican, soldier, president and Wilderness Warrior Teddy Roosevelt would think of these ‘loons’ really, because it was TR responsible for establishing a vast majority of our parks, monuments and preserving our commons that JP Morgan (and it’s legacy JP Morgan Chase scamming USA) and Kochsters want to rape, pillage and plunder it all, even shaming the avarice of the Copper Kings.

  2. I think we should nationalize any big corporations that do not pay any US taxes. That ought to equalize things…

  3. By the way, Ivory specifies that national parks and wilderness areas will be left to the Feds.

    • Only under some conditions, such as that the feds make them “serviceable.” E.g. coal mines, logging, etc. If (when) the feds refused, the state could seize them.

  4. Look even Wyoming’s AG says this is garbage:

    “the Wyoming attorney general’s office wrote an opinion stating that Utah’s federal land transfer laws relied on “a repeatedly rejected reading of the United States Constitution and a strained interpretation of Utah’s statehood act.”

  5. As you can read in today’s Helena IR the Ivory Sagebrush Rebellion panel included all the predictable cries for more taxpayer subsidized logging of national forests. Those cries for more logging included Tom France, the National Wildlife Federation’s recently demoted staffer who stated, “We need to do a better job moving timber off federal lands.”

    Ironically, if anyone bothers to read through public participation NEPA documents dealing with the US Forest Service’s timber sale program in Montana you’ll see that Tom France and the National Wildlife Federation pretty much doesn’t participate in the public NEPA process for timber sales at all.

    You see, as one of the key architects Tester’s mandated logging bill, France prefers to operate in secret, private meetings with his timber industry ‘partners’ using his political connections that come with the National Wildlife Federation’s $80 million + budget, as opposed to participating in the public NEPA process like the rest of us do.

    Of course, none of this stops France from complaining in public that the actual groups and individuals who fully participate in the entire public NEPA process are somehow operating outside of the process, or just coming in at the 11th hour, etc.

    And seriously, do all those complaining about “gridlock” actually understand the fact that from 2008 to 2012 the US Forest Service sold enough logging sales in Montana and North Idaho to fill over 239,000 logging trucks, which if lined up end-to-end, would stretch for 2,048 miles. Does that sound like a lack of logging from National Forests to anyone?

    Do all the “more logging” complainers understand that America has been part of a global economic recession for the past 5 years? Those selfishly calling for “more logging” must not realize that US Lumber consumption is down nearly 50% over the past 10 years and new home construction is still just a fraction of what it once was.

    I get that these boys want US Taxpayers to pony more money to subsidize more logging on our national forests, but you’d think the National Wildlife Federation would support wildlife habitat, clean water and roadless area protection, instead of more logging coming from political mandates.

    • While we may disagree on Tester’s bill, you and I are in complete agreement about the Ivory Sagebrush idea. I am working on an article about that now.

    • We need to subsidize logging to get these dead trees out of here so our state doesn’t perish in a 1910 era firestorm. What is so hard to comprehend about that?

      And please, lets not drop the names of non-existent species like the lynx and the wolverine, blah, blah, blah. Focus on the issues! Leftover Pleistocene critters are doomed, anyway.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 10, 2014 8:46 PM at 8:46 PM |

        Right you ARE, drunk dude! And don’t forget about them NEW species that the Kockh brothers are creating! You like to fish? Me too! Well, the Kockh brothers are gonna DOUBLE your chances of gettin’ the big one! In fact, the Kockh brothers SPECIALIZE in givin’ folks the big one! It’s what they do! Bend over, and they give you the big one! It’s called progress! Anybody want the big one???

      • The problem isn’t subsidies. The problem is that there is a group of people who object to every single thing the Forest Service wants to do and sues CONSTANTLY. I can tell you that the forests spend more time and money doing NEPA to try to make sure they aren’t proposing to do anything that will get the opposition up in arms and running to the closest courthouse. Even something as simple and beneficial as getting rid of the beetle killed trees. They spend large amounts of time and money responding to litigation in this state. THAT is what is keeping the logging from happening, plain and simple. Not subsidies.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 10, 2014 8:30 PM at 8:30 PM |

    Again, allow me to iterate my latest reiteration that there is NO difference between the Dems and Pubbies. NONE! And yes, I have suffered public humiliation for saying this. But I must ask my good friend Javert (craigy) to at LEAST provided a Dem equivalent to this! I know there’s gotta be one. There just has to be! For it is written!……… the know nothings on the blogs! Right, tokey?? The same old same old……….same old!

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