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  1. Well, that should get the post count down about 80 percent.

  2. I went through the comments and deleted offenders on the posts that are still on the front page here and didn’t find that many – but that just shows how much a few offending comments can pollute the atmosphere.

    It just made me sick that people were being bullied – especially one of the few women commenters here and one of only three women who are active bloggers in the state. I wish more women would comment, but I’m not surprise they haven’t when they saw what happened to the few who do.

    I hope Norma comes back, as I appreciate her comments, but I won’t blame her if she doesn’t.

    • I enjoy reading her comments, too…. I hope she returns, as well….!!

    • House of ill reButte | January 11, 2014 7:55 PM at 7:55 PM |

      I’m happy to read about your changes, Cowgirl. I enjoy your blog and most of the comments here. The attacks were ridiculous and the repetitive, off-topic and juvenile sexcentric comments by Larry Krajk or whatever detracted from the good discussion. I appreciate your insights and the thoughtful contributions of commenters like James Conner. I know I am more likely to participate if you have civil ground rules. Heck, I even wrote down this username so I can contribute with consistency instead forgetting what I used last time, which may have been a year ago!
      Vive Cowgirl!

  3. I have always posted my real name and my email address where indicated. Those that hide behind phoney names and email address don’t deserve to have their opinions posted. Delete them, period.

  4. Mr. Miller,

    I am an elected official who posts here as a private citizen. I do not use my name here as A) it is not required B) Recent actions by a poster(s) here have gone beyond simple disagreement on an anonymous blog and entered into personal meddling in people’s lives and C) because I am putting forward my words/opinions, not my bona fides. If folks want to attack my words, have at it, I have no problem with that.

    Lastly, Cowgirl, I enjoy your blog immensely. There are some interesting points bandied about here. However, for you to single out Norma as a victim I seriously must question your judgment. Norma gives as good as she gets despite her need to distort facts and blatantly lie.

    Of course, it’s your sandbox but I would have thought you would give a fair look at what is really occuring on your site. I stand disappointed.

    • Actually, Sure, it’s shameful you post anonymously. I’m sure there are voters out there that would really like to know what you really say in unguarded moments. You owe it to them.

      • Mr. Skinner,

        Why should voters be concerned with my personal feelings/thoughts/opinions? My duties are mandated by statute. My personal feelings play zero part in my professional dealings.

        The Voters should be, and in my opinion, are, concerned with the job I do. Period. I’m not a legislator so my own beliefs have no bearing on my position. In addition, the comments I’ve made here have been made as a private citizen and not as a representative of my office.

        • Frankly, I find that view refreshing. Like many in America, I like to kid myself that our politics became a cult of personality with election of an actor to California governor, and then President. Sadly, it’s most always been that way. The real purpose of our representation is that we embrace the rule of law. Seriously, it’s in every Constitution federal and state. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. We shouldn’t be electing people because they believe things we like to think we believe. We should be electing people to represent us with a voice in the body politic.

        • Well, you might be an elected official. We don’t know that you are because you write under a pseudonym. But if you are an elected official, and you are writing anonymously on matters of public interest, you are hiding information that your constituents might find useful when they must decide to return you to office. Time for you to be a stand-up person and identify yourself.

          • Of course, James is correct. So there.

          • Did my earlier response confuse you in some manner Mr. Connor? My personal opinions have zero bearing on my professional duties. My Duties are mandated by statute. Period. It wouldn’t matter if you, Norma, Mr. Kailey or anyone else on this blog came into my office. You would all receive the same respectful service that you are entitled to and which we strive to provide. Lastly, and again, I’ve spoken as a private citizen here, not as a representative of my office.

            I can’t make it any clearer.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 9, 2014 11:32 AM at 11:32 AM |

    Um, God? You created him, you OWN him! What do you do in your spare time, collect assholes? HEY, everyone needs a hobby I guess! But could you please create a few fewer!

  6. Sounds like a good housekeeping measure, MC.

  7. Certainly Norma isn’t the only one to be attacked, and I’ve deleted comments from her too – and from Mark, and Larry, and others. This applies to everyone.

    • Norma was never “bullied”, at least not by me. She carries a chip on her shoulder, awaiting opportunity to lash out at any she thinks will attack her gender, her life experience or her control over the views of others. This was a forum that allowed her to do that with impunity, the blogging Bush doctrine in action. I just happened to be the primary recipient of her misplaced aggression. My problem is poor impulse control. When someone throws a poor punch, I tend to hit back.

      That others found her ‘distasteful’ has nothing to do with bullying or silencing women’s voices, though I well admit that may be an effect. That has little to do with her gender, save offering a handy excuse for why people disagree with her. I do suggest this to you, if Norma is gone then you might actually attract some women commenters who do not instantly attack any who might disagree with them because of their ‘nethers’, and won’t be ‘bullied’ because they’ve gone out of their way to be completely obnoxious.

      • As the blog admin, I share some of the blame by not establishing rules earlier. I hope I can fix that so I don’t lose any commenters, including you, and perhaps attract new ones.

        Like you I don’t mind if people use aliases- as long as they stick to one- and I welcome comments from people with political opinions different than mine- that won’t change.

  8. I have commented here once or twice over the past couple of years. For the most part I just read. But what I’ve been reading over the past few months has definitely made me not really want to post anything for fear of being attacked; not for what I say, but for who I am related to. Yes, I am Kenneth’s wife and Rob’s sister-in-law, and mighty proud of both of those roles. But, strangely, I have my own thoughts and ideas. I truly hope that things do become less contentious on this site.

    I can’t help but notice the banner at the top, with all of the complimentary comments from other sites, like AP. With all of the nastiness I’ve seen, I can’t help but wonder how many have come here because of the kudos and then run away as quick as possible due to the vitriol. I hope that can turn around.

    I guess I just wanted to let you know that you do actually have another female sitting in the wings too :)

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 9, 2014 9:03 PM at 9:03 PM |

    Allow me to bring a little culture to the blog. RIP, Charlie. We miss you.

  10. Jeez I go to Idaho for a day and all hell breaks loose.

  11. I don’t know much about the blogosphere in Montana but if you type “montana blogs” into Google this comes up #1. That means all the national media will find this site as that’s going to be one of the top 5 things their researchers are going to be looking up.

    Some of those media outlets could base a few of their opinions of Montanans from these comments. So please try to make us look good.

  12. [sigh]. Such moronic hypocrisy, blatant manipulation by the Montana Democratic Party. it’s as if you hold your base in contempt the way you diddle them.

  13. I wrote a post on my blog (which CG removed from the blog roll, “Don’t go there” s/he advises you in authoritarian fashion). In it I said that the comment section here had become an insane asylum and that there would be a Monday staff meeting at Montana Democratic headquarters, and that on Tuesday a new comment monitoring system would appear. Missed it by one day. I also responded to a comment:

    December 29, 2013 at 9:45 pm:
    I don’t think they pay attention to the comments. It’s becoming an embarrassment so perhaps there will be a moderating policy in place soon, after a staff meeting. Those things usually happen on Monday, so Tuesday would be the day, but that is NY Eve and no one is working, so maybe first week in January. That’s my guess.

    Here is the problem: this site exists (as do hundreds nationwide) as places where Democrats go to get their minds right. You scare them into supporting your party even though you are as right wing as the other one. It’s painful, open, and obvious contempt for your base.

    Tea Party! Boo!

    I should have warned you I was going to do that. Go ahead and clean your shorts and report back.

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 10, 2014 6:07 AM at 6:07 AM |

    But, but, but……….they were USING the latest technology? How many times have we heard THAT shit before? People in this country need to start figuring it out. The corporate bastards don’t GIVE a shit if you have no water! They don’t GIVE a shit if you die from cancer, or explosion, or poison. They don’t GIVE a shit if your entire environment is toxic and poisons your grandkids. They don’t GIVE a shit if you’ve no place to live! It’s all about progress, and profit. SO, here skinner, Javert. HERE is your vaunted progress in action! Yes, THIS is what we need in Montana, my Teat Party pals. More progress! What assholes.

  15. Well MOntana Democrats have a few things to work with here, Republicans don’t have and thats a good thing/

    1) No party leaders in GOP Montana. no new Ideas. Continually, the GOP in this state wavers like a limp Gadsden flag on a windless day. The Rank and file of the GOP remains as angry and upset as the day the MArket crashed in 2008…And extreme party leaders have only gotten stupider, by avoiding telling the truth to party faithful. and allowing lies to continue. They have done nothing to protect blue collar workers, whereas the Democrats have continued to protect them in Jobs, benefits and security. Obamacare is working. Universal or near-universal coverage is a concept thats here to stay, and conservatives should not only accept it, but use it as an opening to work with Democrats in the state to fix the way ObamaCare delivers in Montana, before their own rank and file starts believing the republicans just want to destroy it for big business’s sake. Expand medicare GOP for families and students, or the your moderates will desert you on this.

    2) NO one is blaming the NSA on the democrats. Sorry but everyone I have talked to agrees Bush and Republicans set it up after 9/11. Montana Democratic Governors Brian and now Steve have done everything they can to stop National Ids here….As a new generation enters the political fray, the new political issues of democrats will be making sure Americans are assured of less snooping by the NSA at least in this state and that goes a long way. The Republicans haven’t gotten past Rehberg’s policies on snooping, and locking up hunting and fishing areas. their continued plans of destruction in hunting, recreational and fishing access is gonna bite them in the butt.

    3) Other issues in this state will be around Environmental rights of property owners close to federal leases,,Better security issues for towns and people living next to the blakkens,Gay rights, marijuana legalization, Immigration, and climate change. These issues will be on the forefront in this state. The challenge for Republicans is how to evolve their views from the 1950’s and a 4000 year old book they never read, too trusting science to find the answers, or lose an entire generation of upcoming youth on those issues as well.

    As long as Democrats have the youth at their back they will continue to pick at the carcass of a almost dead elephant in the room. But Democrats need to be reminded of this too, not to discount what the young say.

    • Democrats must become vultures. I get it. Thanks.

    • Nationally, the Democratic Party looks pretty good — I mean their chances for winning. In Montana, which is more than ninety percent white, it’s going to be difficult for the next ten or twenty years.

      That’s because, more and more, the Republican Party has become the Caucasian People’s Party. That makes it a good fit for this state, especially given the recent infusion of white southerners (and all the ugly values they bring with them).

      • A couple of problems with that, Turner.

        First, I disagree with the National Democrats looking good. In fact, at this point, every major polling service is saying quite the opposite. Given that the Democrats are defending far more seats in the Senate than the Republicans and given the fact that – at least at this point – the ACA will NOT be a selling point for the Democrats, the chances are that the Republicans will make gains in the Senate. The odds makers are giving it almost even odds that the Republicans might even take the Senate.

        In the House, there is little chance that Democrats will take the House back. There might be a little shifting going on but with the gerrymandering and the way the ACA rollout pretty much squandered the potential lead the Democrats might have garnered from the shutdown, I really don’t see much of a shift in the House.

        Overall – barring any major change between now and November, I think that we are likely to be the about the same situation we are in now. If anything, I think the Republicans will make a small gain in the Senate and the House will remain firmly in the hands of the Republicans.

        Now a lot can happen between now and November. If the Republicans stage another down to the wire fight over the ACA when the debt ceiling hits, they will lose some of the ground they made up with the rollout issues. If the administration doesn’t hit their projected enrollment with the ACA, this will also be a plus to the Republicans. The biggest potential hit to the administration will be if the Republicans can show – after April 1 – that the ACA did not significantly reduce the cost of health care for most Americans, then it will be a bloodbath for the Democrats in November.

        I am not even going to touch your “Caucasian People’s Party” other than to say that is not only in poor taste, it doesn’t help you win any votes by saying it.

        • This coming from the guy who picked Rehberg overTester?

          Polling this far out? Again? What is the fascination with error riddled polling this far out on Candidates? Shit, Nate Silver isn’t even gonna go there for months……. And yet, you republicans LOVE polls.

          Heres one for you Kenneth.

          The only poll worth watching right now is Party Affiliation and thats rather telling. 44% no longer affiliate themselves with a party. 30% affiliation with Dems and 24% with Republicans.

          While the yearly average of Democrats is relatively stable since 1980. the Republicans have been steadily dropping since 2004.

          So Dan Cox, who all you republicans thought was stealing Rehberg’s votes…. well it turns out it was well justified in the current polling going regarding GOP Party losses here in Montana. Republicans are losing voters quickly. Your extreme right Republicans misteps, and candidates are disenfranchising voters faster then you can count. Those moderates you lost, are leaving in droves and will look for a suitable replacement party…. whoever isn’t wacko might just win big. and that looks a lot like dems to me.

          • Thank you for your lovely attack, Norma, but it changes nothing.

            1) I am not a Republican, no matter how hard you try to make me one. Montana has no requirement to declare party and even if it did, I would probably declare Independent like I did the last time I did have to declare. I have not been a Republican for a very long time.

            2) I did not “pick” Rehberg over Tester. In fact, I have been a Tester supporter since before the Primary between Tester and Morrison. It would help your arguments if you stopped misrepresenting people.

            3) You claimed you would win your race in Beaverhead County. You failed miserably. You said that Turner would win his race against Barrett. While he did better than you did, the outcome of that race was never in question. You said Bucy would “wipe the floor” with Fox. Fox won. You said Malesich would win easily in Dillon. That race was over when Malesich couldn’t get a third person to run. The only question was by what margin Klakken would win.

            I am familiar with the Gallop poll you posted, Norma since I have referenced it on three different blogs – including my own – since it came out. While it shows a trend in the this country moving away from the two established parties, it is likely to mean little in the election. At the end of the day, those people will probably vote for the same party they have always voted for unless one of the parties can give those people a reason to change. I will tell you one thing – it won’t be because you demonize the party you don’t like.

            Obama understood that simple concept and used the “Hope” campaign in his first election and the “Change” campaign in the second. He didn’t demonize the opposition, he gave people something to believe in. “You propose nothing in the eyes of God”. People like you love to point out how terrible everyone else is but you give nothing on the other side of the equation. You aggressively and abusively tell everyone how they are wrong – instantly and completely ensuring that they will not listen to anything you have to say.

            The situation is what it is. The Republicans are hardly out of the game regardless of what you want to believe. I don’t have to be a Republican to understand that. You are welcome to live in a delusional world that sees the “Earth haters” as a failed and doomed party and then when they win the elections that do, you can pull out your hair and wonder where it all went. Myself, I prefer to deal with the world as it is and try to influence (positively) the things that I can.

          • As far as extreme wackos are concerned, as it stands now, Skees – one of the most extreme wackos in Montana – is likely to win his race for the Montana PSC, just like the Lie Monkey did two years ago. Don’t want to take my word for it? Fine – how about James Conner’s word –


            If you are truly interested in helping Democrats win elections both in Montana and on the National stage, it might help if you dump the delusions and start dealing with the realities of today. It also might help if you stopped insulting everyone and actually learned to work with people but I am not holding my breath on that one.

            • Yes we had this Lovely conversation before…..

              Geez Kenneth, You think I don’t see you peddling a form of snakeoil liberalism that doesn’t exist.? Do you honestly believe I forgot what you have said here at Cowgirl 2 years ago…… its almost as if you have amnesia regarding your writings here, possibly a large whack on the head???

              And why are you using an Argument of James, on Skees as a catch all for the entire state? Wheres your own lame arguments? James might be right about Skees, but it is too early to tell!

              James is basically thinking out loud with that article you mention, and he didn’t write it as if it was written in stone…..or couldn’t understand get that jest from his writing? With two more months of before candidate filings close, You’re gonna call Skees a winner? Really? Bwahahahahaha

              And why use the same Pathetic argument for every other race in the state…..Cause thats what your doing?

              Nor can your argument work to save other republicans who are looking at primaries from the crazies on the right, even before general elections?

              This far out of election, With two more months to file for candidates….long before primaries…..And you are already calling republicans winners? Really? And you’re calling yourself a Democrat?


              As for your delusions about helping the Democrats, about being a Democrat…. LMAO

              I don’t remember you or your wife helping with door to door campaigns. adding money to local democratic coffers. why weren’t you helping to volunteer at the fair or in any democratic phone or Office time. So tell me who is delusional????? You think just writing words on your blog about how great and illustrious you are as a democrat makes you one? Really??? Youre this great Liberal without all the elbow grease and Volunteerism here in Beaverhead County?????

              So the realities of the day are, infact……you have an Opinion you can’t back up to me, or any other Democrat from Beaverhead. Yeah Tell Turner, a another Democratic Official here, that same sadly written story……. he will laugh just as loud!!!!!

              Oh sure you show up at a few of our functions to eat the free food, but you never help. And how many times have you only pushed yourself of as a center right Republican with a blog…. or don’t you remember what you say when you actually do show up?

              Man you talk alot of crap here about being a democrat, but have yet to prove to anyone in this part of the state any Bona Fides about being one except by illusion here…. which I have already proved is false….Your online persona doesn’t count for much to Democrats in Beaverhead county.

              • Where are you trying to go? When do you expect to get there, if ever?

                “You’ll never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks.” – Winston Churchill

                You spend all your time throwing rocks in all directions while baying at shadows.

              • Once again, in your abusive and obtuse reply to me, you take a tour on the deluded side. I am not a Democrat. I have never claimed to be a Democrat. I do not now claim to be a Democrat. I am what I have always said I am – a fiscal conservative and a social progressive. In today’s political world, that kind of makes me an independent, but in Montana IT DOESN’T MATTER. You don’t have to claim a political affiliation here. When will you realize that your attempts to pigeonhole people into some kind of political box does you more harm than good.

                Further, don’t presume to know what my wife and I have done for anyone. You don’t. You have no idea. I have never “showed up to eat your free food” (all the Democrat functions I have attended – with one exception – were not free and we donated to candidates at each one). You are not helping your cause or the cause of Democrats with your blatant attacks on me either. When will you realize that?

                I have not “called” any race in the state – regardless of what you think. I have stated that at this point, there many Republicans in this state have a lead that will be hard to defeat. I have also given my rational for those statements – something that you have utterly failed to do.

                Your repeated attempts to drive me away from this site do not do yourself or the Montana Democrats any favors. I would suggest you spend more time working to get them elected than trying to insult potential voters. Any further attacks on me or my wife will result in yet another complaint to Cowgirl about your hostility.

                • I not trying to drive you and your little buddies anywhere….. except to telling the truth. Shut up long enough to hear it for a change, because it doesn’t come from your imagination, Kenneth.

                  It comes from the history of a party you want to join and know nothing about…..all of our functions are free with the exception of the dinner every year here at the county level. All of them. We do not ask you to pay, we suggest you donate, time or money.,,, get to know the candidates and the issues

                  See we are not the republicans… were you have to pay to get in through the door here in Beaverhead. You even get to come in later after the Annual dinner to hear people for free….. SO of you were a Democrat, you would know that… and you dont.

                  Here you are lying again. and you didn’t answer one of my Questions. Just called me names, within mangled word salads and threatened me, with Cowgirl when All I asked from you was the truth. been fairly active in the party here in Dillon since 2008, for 6 years I havent seen you since I moved back home, and according to your own blog, by your own words, you were a Rebublican then.

                  I know you hate the truth Kenneth, but it is there for anyone who searches for it.

                  • ‘Anyone who searches for it’, including a self-professed computer professional …

                    And yet – …

                  • Rob has already addressed the main points of your screed but I do want to point out a couple of other problems with it.

                    1) My wife and I moved to Dillon in 2004. Thanks to the influence of my brother, I was blogging by the end of 2004. My primary focus was the city council and I have over two years of recording of the Dillon city council. Not once did I see you there. Not once did I see you involved in local politics. You have no idea of what occurred in that time period so don’t presume that you know anything about my involvement in either politics or city government.

                    2) three of the four DEMOCRATIC events I have attended in Dillon were paid events held at the Lion’s Club. You are obviously misinformed if you think that the Beaverton Democrats do not run paid events. I can even tell you where I purchased the tickets for the last event – Bert’s CD’s in Downtown Dillon. Given that I have a bad habit of not cleaning out my wallet regularly, I probably still have those tickets stuck in there somewhere. At that event, we donated to the campaigns of three of the Democratic Candidates in attendance.

                    You toss around terms like “lying” with astounding frequency without really having any idea what that term means, obviously. More to the point, it is not incumbent on me to meet any of your ridiculous demands or expectations. It is what it is. You were wrong about me, you are still wrong about me and you will continue to misrepresent what I say, what I have done and what I will do. Just stop. How about you focus on your own actions, and the actual issues of the day instead of this insane smear campaign you seem to have going against me.

              • The funny thing about the Internet, Norma, is that unlike your memory it is searchable and linkable. I just wasted a half an hour of my life going through the archives of this website from August 2012 to November 2012. Not once did I find Moorcat predicting a Rehberg win. I did find a trackback to his own website where he claimed strongly his distaste for Richy Rehberg (his term) and announced his vote for Jon Tester. As things are, I am surprised that as a computer and Internet professional you can’t have linked to at least one instance in that time where Moorcat “picked Rehberg over Tester”, either as a prediction or a claim of voter intent.

                What i did find, however, was a post at Left in the West from June in 2011 (written by me) where Moorcat offers several comments reasoning why Tester could likely beat Rehberg, and in fact should. When you read his comments and compare to the actual outcome of the election, it looks a whole lot like he was spot on in his commentary. In that thread, even Larry Kralj vociferously seconded his assessment.

                Since he does not serve the Democratic party, and apparently has never claimed to, it’s easily understandable why you would challenge his credibility on the topic of elections. But doesn’t that make it incumbent on you to establish the credibility of the claims you make against him? Frankly, all evidence points to the contrary of what you claim to be so. Simply put, that calls your credibility into question, doesn’t it? Sans a link or some reasoning to show his arguments as “Pathetic”, it simply appears that you have a personal problem with him. Am I wrong?

                (Let me be extremely clear about this, Norma. Kenneth’s wife has absolutely nothing to do with this or any other discussion here at all, unless she chooses to. Unless you have something relevant referring to her service as an elected representative (an honor she *had*, unlike you) then leave her out of this. Expecting her to serve your expectations of her husband is sexist; bringing her up as a means to attack her husband is nothing short of vile. I can’t be any more clear than that. Do you understand?)

                • Here at Cowgirl not left in the west. I realize you guys dont like to read my words but concentrate next time Okay? I notice again you point to no arguments here your brother made that says he was for Tester even in his comments, he Parrots you.

                  “Rob actually did a good job of summing up the upcoming race. There a lots of factors that will be involved in this race and none of them have anything to do with the McDonald/Rehberg race. I personally think it will close. Both candidates have money. Both have name recognision and both are kind of incumbants. It should be interesting.”

                  So wheres this ringing endorsement??(By the way that was a copy and paste of Kenneths Kaileys Impressive handwriting at ‘Left of the West)

                  The Kailey family Really needs to read the questions I pose. and than the person I wrote to needs to answer the question, not his younger brother.

                  Secondly I would appreciate some decorum addressed in my direction. As you will notice I am not name calling. By the way I was an elected Precinct captain in Beaverhead county, and an elected trustee to the beaverhead Museum. So in not talking about Kenneths wife you try and use her to bash me. NIce try at trying not to use someone else in the conversation?????


                  • And yet again, from a self professed computer and Internet professional …


                    So, in other words more to the point, you are a Democrat elected by other Democrats to pass no legislation or statute at all that serves the people. Thanks for clarifying that, Norma.

                    No, you didn’t “call anybody names”, Norma. You *did* use the Ad Hominem fallacy quite freely, just as you do here. You called someone else’s credibility into question, didn’t you? But then, no one else has called you names, either. So do tell, that make us as cool as you?

                    • And if it’s ringing endorsements you demand,

                      “I voted for Jon Tester because he is one of the few politicians in either the Federal scene or the Statewide scene that honestly wants to represent the voters. He has continually shown that he will represent the majority of constituents – even when that support is counter to what his party is doing. Further, he has single handedly done more for Veterans than any other Montana Senator in history. This is a clear choice and Montana will be far better for re-electing Jon Tester to the Senate.”

                  • First, Norma, can you read?

                    I have to ask the question because you really don’t; seem to understand reading comprehension at all.

                    Take the comment you posted above. I freely admit I wrote it (though I do notice that you have left out the context of the quote, but let’s step past that). What I said is obvious to the most casual observer – the race will be close – and I gave my reasoning for that. Guess what.. the race WAS close. It was also interesting.

                    The point, though, is somehow in your twisted logic, you read that statement as me somehow not supporting Tester. I just don’t get it. Where did you go to school? That statement has nothing to do with whether I support either candidate. It was simply my read on a political race – one which, btw, I was right about.

                    • Larry Kralj:

                      “And speaking of constitutional, Moorcat’s most cogent point I believe IS the one about the goofball Teawankers like birther bob, etc., who were endlessly spouting the Constitution. Sure, people DO have short attention spans, but NO ONE is gonna forget any time soon the big dump that the Teawankers took on the state in the last Lege!

                      Look, Moorcat is a conservative, and I’m a wacko liberal radical enviro, and we BOTH agree that the Teawankers were the biggest pile of dung to EVER make it to Helena. And where was widdle Dopey Reeburp in all this? Why, he was right at the BOTTOM of the cow pie! He SELF-IDENTIFIED with the Wankers as soon as they sprout like a boil on the Pubbie’s ass! In fact, Dopey was PROUD to be the first Wanker out there. “

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 4:40 PM at 4:40 PM |

                    Ah gee, Norma. Let the Wailey brothers have it! They DESERVE no quarter! They picked the fight with you, and now look like complete assholes for doing so! That’s their problem. You just keep doing what you do. Most of us enjoy your posts. Your experience comes shining through. You are a wealth of information. Ignore the Wailey brothers and their wailing. They have some bizarre need for attention! Improper poty training maybe??? I dunno, I’m not a mental health specialist!

                  • I will reiterate what Rob said….leave me out of it. You do not know me, what I believe in, what I have done, or what I think.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 7:27 AM at 7:27 AM |

        “especially given the recent infusion of white southerners (and all the ugly values they bring with them).’

        I call it the Great White Inbred Migration! You see, the inbreds consider themselves to be the modern day Jews of old without their own country! They have wandered in the wastelands for long enough, now they think they’ve finally found their Great White Homeland! In Montana! And they’re such a persecuted minority doncha know!

  16. While I get that this site is a Democrat/Liberal/Progressive site and I get that the intent is to promote Democrats and vilify Republicans, don’t for a second think that the Republican Party is dead or even dying. Make no mistake, the odds of Democrat holding onto Baucus’s seat at this point is iffy at best. The one candidate that the Democrats have fielded with even a chance of beating Daines is absent from his own campaign. The House race – at this point – looks a little better but if Richy Rehberg enters the race, Lewis will have a hell of a time winning. Attacking the Republicans on a website isn’t going to get it done if the candidates don’t work to get elected and if the Democrats don’t work together to get their candidate out in front of the electorate. Sitting back and declaring the Republicans “dead” is delusional at best. You guys – at this point – have candidates I would be more likely to support if you can get them to engage, but run a campaign on issues, not “The Republicans are bad, M’kay”.

    • I don’t think Rehberg has a snowball’s shot in hell as a candidate. Thats How I am reading this on a ground level. and I guess I am gonna stay with this assumption. Lewis looks more and more like he can win this no matter who the candidate opposition is.

      And those who want to wave 400 person Polls in my face this early in the year….. forget convincing me, this state is laughable in polls until the last month. the best ones don’t come from here in the state either.

      Is someone gonna tell me exactly what issues the GOP in this state has to win on? Anyone? they have no strategy but dirt throwing.

      They have brought nothing new to the table in two years, and the Tester/Baucus roundtables have pretty much helped a lot of small business get on their feet, sweep up a lot of moderates, right under the noses of squabbling GOP. You’re gonna be quite suprised this summer when the old Tea Party farts crys war…. and no one shows up because of all the new construction Jobs and related services around the state.

      • We will see who is surprised when November comes around. Your political predictions haven’t been too reliable. The experts are currently disagreeing with your assessment and given their track record and your track record, I am more likely to buy their predictions.

        I think you are fooling yourself if you think the Tea Party has no influence anymore. Just the shear amount of money flowing from Tea party centric groups will make a difference in at least some elections. I also don’t see all these jobs you are talking about. apparently you missed the jobs report that was just released and the analysis of the American jobs market that was posted with it on all the national news sources. Fact is, the jobs market looks like crap and more people have given up and effectively left the jobs market now than anytime since 1948. It doesn’t look good out there and it will take a lot of work to turn it around.

        • What experts? Name them? I picked Tester, and told you he was going to win. you picked Rehberg. We as a party did far better then the GOP… and will do better this election as well. Because a certain party shut down the Government. … and it wasn’t the Dems. save your rewriting of history.

          • Experts.. Let’s start there –




            The bottom line here is that the Democrats have far more seats up for election in the Senate than the Republicans do and this gives the Republicans at least a chance to make gains in the Senate. Some of those races are already looking like they might or will go Republican.

            The ACA has already hurt the Democrats (Politifact has already named President Obama’s promise about keeping your insurance as the biggest lie of 2013) and it will probably continue to hurt them for some time. Until the Administration can show actual numbers on how the majority of people saved money on insurance because of the ACA, it is a crap shoot which issue will effect the voters more in November.

            You are correct in one aspect. It is too early to call any races just yet. That does not mean that you should ignore the obvious. The Dems have their work cut out for them and stating that “The Tea party is dead” is both delusional and harmful. The Tea Party and the Conservatives that benefit from them are still very much alive and well and they will make their influence an issue in this year’s midterms.

            • More painful stories about the ACA –



              This is how the conservatives will shape the debate about the ACA. The more mistakes the Administration makes with the ACA, the more ammunition the Conservatives have to elect their candidates. Moreover, consider this – as the debate over the ACA heats up, and as more and more issues are found with the ACA, the more the wingnut conservatives can turn to their constituents and say “See, I was justified in trying to defund the ACA”. While my views on the ACA have been stated clearly and multiple times, this argument will resonate with people that don’t like the very idea of the ACA and that will help them and hurt the Democrats.

              • Sometimes the most hurtful critics are those from within.

                A vast majority of top congressional aides say in a new survey that they are concerned about the effects of Obamacare on their staff, ticking off worries about changes to their benefits, higher costs and whether they’ll have access to local health care providers.

                Ninety percent of staffers surveyed for a report released Monday by the Congressional Management Foundation said they are concerned about benefit changes under the health care law, while 86 percent are anxious about the financial
                Only about 35 percent of staffers said they have a “good understanding” of the changes to their health care plan under Obamacare, according to the survey. Under the health care law, all members of Congress and most congressional aides were required to enroll in the exchanges instead of staying on their federal health care plan.

                “The elimination of staff’s traditional health care has been a complete disaster,” one aide said in the survey. “If you wanted a legislative branch run by K Street lobbyists and 25-year-old staffers, mission accomplished.”

                Another staffer in the survey was diagnosed with breast cancer in September and was hit with changes in health care coverage in the middle of radiation treatments, according to the report.

                “Getting insured through the D.C. exchange is not helpful – my choices are very limited and costs are high,” the staffer said. “As a result, I’ve gone on my husband’s plan. My staff don’t necessarily have that option.”

                Of the 163 aides who participated in the survey — which included House and Senate chiefs of staff, House district directors and Senate state directors — 79 percent said it was likely that the health care changes could contribute to staff exits. Fifty-two percent of those who responded worked in a Democratic office, while 48 percent were from GOP offices. The response rate for the survey was 15 percent.

                • More good news about ObamaCare:

                  The young and healthy may actually be signing up for Obamacare plans at a faster rate than they did under Massachusetts’ health law during a comparable period. As the functionality of the online portals improved, young people began enrolling in Obamacare at a faster rate than the general population in December. According to the newest enrollment report, there was an over eight-fold increase for young adults enrolling in December, compared to October and November.

                  • An eightfold increase over practically zero isn’t a big increase. As I have posted before on this, the numbers of actual people enrolled are still iffy – especially in relation to the numbers for Medicaid enrollment. Given that many of these “younger people” are actually people in that age group finding out they are eligible for Medicaid, I would wait a bit before declaring the War over.

                  • Good news. Did you see the Harvard poll?

                    Many of those signing up are doing so with resentment and anger that will be reflected in their voting. Pissed off compliance is not a selling point.

                    • A couple of points about that poll, Craig. First, the Harvard poll is ALWAYS slanted to the right. This reflects the enrollment of the school as much as anything else. Harvard polls rarely track consistently with independent polls and I wouldn’t read too much into them.

                      What should be pointed out though, is that this is not the only poll that indicates a majority of millennial pissed off about the ACA. CNN’s poll, MSNBC’s poll and PEW research’s poll all show a growing dissatisfaction with the ACA is all age groups below 30. All three polls also show a majority of that age group disliking the ACA and wanting to see it repealed or delayed.

                      If the Administration cannot turn that trend around, things could go south for the ACA because the underlying idea of reduced cost of insurance is that the companies providing the insurance can offset the cost of taking higher risk customers with the lower risk customers signing up.

                      We won’t see the whole picture until April, when the enrollment ends and people have to pay the penalties. That will be the story that the insurance companies are going to react to and that will be the story that politicians will try to spin one way or the other.

                    • P.S. Craig, you misunderstand me. I do not see the ACA failing as “good news”. I may not like the ACA but it beats what existed before it. What we need is true Universal Health Care but I am pretty resigned to not seeing that fulfilled before I die.

                    • Good to see agreement with Ralph Nader from the earth hater party:

                      Obamacare, which has already confused and infuriated many Americans — and even some experts — with its complexity made up of thousands of pages of legislation and regulations is clearly not the answer to the problem. Enacting a single payer, full Medicare-for-all system is the only chance the United States has of unwinding itself from the spider web of waste, harm, and bloat that currently comprise its highly flawed health insurance and health care systems. Nader

                    • Moorcat, I haven’t misunderstood your view. You have been very clear.

                      The political consequences of a social policy that carries punitive measures can be quite knee-jerk by those pissed off at how it affects them. That social policy must be broadly embraced for it succeed and the politicians not be punished in return.

      • Let’s talk jobs now…

        We can argue the finer points of politics all day but I will make a concrete prediction right now…

        The party that is seen as most likely to create jobs will win – both in Montana and Nationally. That is one of the most deceptive lies about the Ivory Plan circulating right now. Jobs and the Economy are the two most important issues on voter’s minds right now and this is backed up by every poll conducted in the last six months by conservative, independent and liberal polling agencies.

  17. I would respectfully ask that for those people that post an absurd amount of links that have nothing to do with the post/thread be reigned in a bit. I would encourage such individuals to start their own blog if they are wanting to start a conversation about things they find on the internet. I come here to read MC’s posts and the thoughts associated with said posts. Not distracting links.

  18. Larry, this is my one and only reply to your tirade….

    1) This site is run by Cowgirl, not you. You don’t get to pick and choose who comments here any more than Norma does.

    2) I did not “pick a fight” with Norma. I was responding to the issue under discussion. It was Norma that picked a fight with me and when I didn’t respond in kind (I continued to discuss the issue), she got even uglier in her replies. Rob decided to enter the conversation and posted actual links showing that Norma was incorrect and still she tried to continue picking a fight.

    3) I could care less about Norma. She has minimized herself – she didn’t need my help. What I do care about is the issues we face, locally, statewide and nationally. I will continue to discuss those issues regardless of what you and Norma think. If you continue to harass, slander and attack me, I will make my complaints to Cowgirl. If you want to discuss issues, then I am more than happy to do so.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 5:03 PM at 5:03 PM |

      What we DON’T need, dude, is your idiocy and threats!

      • Just how are you so delusional as to pretend to speak for others?

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 5:23 PM at 5:23 PM |

          Well, actually, many folks who read this blog have contacted me, and they’re too polite to state the obvious. I’m not. Does that help? BTW, you would like NOTHING better than to sabotage this blog. Great writers here when they’re not engaged in internecine warfare.

          • So you claim to enjoy litterae patentes granting you authority to speak for the writers. Please share.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 6:01 PM at 6:01 PM |

              Javert, you job as ALWAYS been to sabotage this blog, and you smell blood. But unfortunately for you, this blog will survive and thrive! I feel you pain.

      • What threats, Larry? That I would follow Cowgirl’s state procedure when I feel harassed and abused by another commenter? Do I need to remind you of the policy that Cowgirl herself just posted (you know, the article these comments are actually under?)

        This is posted plainly in the article above –

        “Any commenter who ignores these policies repeatedly may be banned permanently and without notice. If this doesn’t work, I’ll require account logins with working email addresses.

        Moving forward, if you see an abusive comment that isn’t deleted, it just means I haven’t seen it yet. You email me at the tip line email mntnacowgirl (at) and I’ll get to it when I can.”

        In point of fact, I have already been in an email exchange with Cowgirl over a previous comment by Norma that was already deleted. In fact, it was actually Cowgirl who asked me to return after I left a couple of weeks ago.

        If you mean any other “threat” you will have to be more specific.

        BTW, I am hardly an “idiot” and that definitely qualifies and “name calling”.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 5:26 PM at 5:26 PM |

          Dude, above you IMPLIED that I was resorting to “idiocy”. Your words, dude. Not mine. There for all to see above. If not, what did you MEAN by resorting to idiocy? Please be clearer in your writing. AND, ignore other posters whom you feel slighted by. Stick to issues, which you do very well. We ALL benefit when we stick to issues, NOT other posters! True story.

          • You will have to be more specific than that, Larry. I do use the word idiot but usually in reference to a specific person or event. I am not sure what you are talking about. I do think you act in a fashion that can be called “idiotic” but I rarely say it because even in your worst tirades, you can sometimes be somewhat entertaining. If I called you an idiot, though, I would have said it straight out and without any question. I am arrogant like that.

      • Who is “we”, White Man?

        The Democratic party is just that, a group of people (party) set on a particular goal that is for their chosen people to get elected. Democrats uber alles. No f’ing problem, except when Democrats work against Democrats getting elected. Some of us actually care that better people get elected, and some of you actually care to call people idiots without any evidence just because you think you can and it feels good.

        Norma has ‘knocked doors for Democrats’. Is that good thing? Not if she mortifies and offends them. The election results of 2012 would suggest that she did that very thing. But she’s the good person and we’re the idiots, right?

        I love sports, Football in particular. It’s a team endeavor, you can’t win without all players in sync. When players start to think that the whole ch-bang revolves around them (usually wide-receivers) the effort to win falls apart. It becomes time to bench them or cut them. Witness Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. It isn’t much different in politics. Norma thinks she’s all that and then some. Election results in Beaverhead county suggest that she’s a liability, not an asset. She volunteers and knocks and doors and has more than ample opportunity to engage people and woo them. But no. She convinces people that she’s kinda an arrogant dick who they really don’t want to be ‘ruled’ by. Larry, you understand authority. What the hell tells you that you want to be ruled by a dick like Norma? She doesn’t want a win by team D. She wants a win by team NORMA. And this serves you and our desires … How? Not at all.

        Smart teams cut bad players. They do. The Montana Democrats cut Steve Kelly, a good dreamer but bad player. They cut Melinda Gopher, who attacked other Democrats and then responded with bile when they attacked back. What is the goal, bud? To lose and claim moral superiority or get what we actually want (win!)?

        I suggest to you that Norma is a ‘good Democrat’, and a losing player. She attacks others who can help the win, and you attack others who think she should be benched. We’ll see how the website owners react. They might bench me. But I’ll tell you right now, Norma will never help Democrats win, and you calling me names won’t change that fact.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 5:57 PM at 5:57 PM |

          How bout both you and Norma call a truce in the blog war, for it’s going no where and detracting from the bad guys and issues that need to be discussed. Is that so much to ask?

          • Effectively, I did that, Larry. I went so far as to say “Screw it”, I don’t want to deal with this crap anymore. I left. Cowgirl wrote me and asked me to return. I expressed my concerns about returning and the VERY FIRST POST I did when I came back, Norma attacked me on. Cowgirl was nice enough to delete that attack but it doesn’t change the fact that I came back to discuss issues and was immediately attacked for having the balls to do just that. Nothing in my post had anything to do with her yet she hated me enough to personally attack me just because I commented.

            I did not start this fight, I do not want to be in this fight and posting to this site is not important enough to me to continue taking the kind of attacks you and Norma want to dish out. I posit that it isn’t either Rob or I that are causing problems for this site. See to the mote in thine own eye.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 6:20 PM at 6:20 PM |

              Moorcat, when you stick to issues, you’re the best. You do NOT need to mud wrestle with anyone. THAT is what people tune into this blog for, not the mud wrestling. Ignore Norma even if she won’t. But I suspect that if someone is the first to ignore, the rest will too. Just a suggestion. Far be it for me to suggest what anyone else does. Let’s all stick to what we do best. I just try to avoid attacking other lefties who are fighting the good fight by their own lights.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 6:27 PM at 6:27 PM |

                p.s. And the comment section should be FUN as well as informative. Shoot, go the any lefty site. The comments are heelarious! I love reading them. There is nothing better than having fun at the winguts’ expense. It’s what we do.

        • Truce? The very second she calls for it, with myself, my family, my gender, my state, and my political interests. It is “so much” to ask because she will never do it. Sorry, Larry. You really don’t get it. This isn’t about issues or bad guys. Norma’s world is about Norma.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2014 6:16 PM at 6:16 PM |

            You don’t HAVE to respond to every perceived slight! You just don’t. My last post on this subject. Do it for the greater good. That’s all I’m asking. Or at least think about it. On any other blog, all this fighting would be erased. Cowgirl is very tolerant. Try not to abuse that privilege. Again, for the last time, try to save your best shots for the bad buys, for they’re the ones that need it.


            • Larry, if we have any hope of achieving of what we really want, then yes, we do the best players on the field. We don’t need McDonald showing up to a broom-ass-kicking. We don’t need people attacking those who might vote our way because they aren’t ‘pure’ Democrats. These are not “perceived” slights; they are very real and damaging. Like my brother, I’m very tired of this shit. I don’t respond just because someone disagrees with me; that would be Norma’s schtick. I respond, because very much like you I believe the greater good calls for a harsh response against those who carry the stupid. We only disagree about who carries the platter.

              • How’s about all who don’t like Norma, don’t respond to her. All who don’t like Moorcat, don’t respond to him. All who don’t like Larry (I’m still trying to figure you out :) ), don’t respond to him. Hell, if you don’t like me (as if!! ), don’t respond to me. It may turn out that no one is talking, but I’m thinking even that is better than this bickering back and forth.

                I do not claim to be Dem or Rep. I see good and bad on both sides. But I will go out on a limb here and claim that this bullshit bickering is not helping the cause..whatever that cause may be.

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