Racicot in Helena

A Cowgirl tipster reported today that Mark Racicot  was spotted in a popular Helena breakfast and lunch spot this morning with local political operatives.  Could he be eyeing the MT senate seat?  Stay tuned.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 10, 2014 10:07 PM at 10:07 PM |

    ENRON BOY? Little Marky Ratco? Mr. Dereg himself? I seriously doubt it! But why not?! Hell, he didn’t even realize that “nuisance dust” had killed over two hundred people in his home town of Libby! Maybe he actually thinks he can come back into Montana ridin’ on a Big Kockh and wearin’ a white hat and do it all again! But I seriously doubt it.

    But for shits and giggles, you know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see a Schweitzer/Ratco matchup! Everyone always used to say how smart Ratco was, but if you listen to him carefully, the man was a blithering idiot! (as he showed everyone on national tv) He got some asshole from New York to write his speeches for him, and that is EXACTLY what they sounded like, some asshole from New York writing about Montana! Schweitzer would eat that little pissant’s LUNCH for him! It would be wonderful to watch!

    Oh please, Bullock, appoint Scwheitzer! And then DARE the ReePubes to run the rat, marky ratco! We need the comic relief!

    • Oops, forget about the ENRON fiasco, where Raciot AND both legislative parties were ‘swooning’ over electric de-reg which had DISASTROUS consequences and bad cascading effects.

  2. Raciot the ‘snake’, considering how he sold Montana out when he
    went to all the corporate boards, especially the INSURANCE SCAMMERS who refused to allow proper public single payer health care, and we
    got stuck with the GOP’s own heritage sponsored insurance giveway health care we’re stuck with the ACA, which is still better than having NO
    health care, and the GOP plan is let the sick wither away and ‘decrease’ the surplus population as their hero Scrooge said.

  3. I suspect one of the U.S. House candidates is seeking Racicot’s endorsement. Daines may be, too.

  4. All you need to know about Marc Racicot is that when his friends from high school began filling up the graveyards of Libby, he did everything in his power to defend the coroporation that put them there.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 11, 2014 8:39 AM at 8:39 AM |

      The rat marky ratco, bad seed! True story. About fifteen years or so ago while taking a summer class in Missoula, I ran into a guy from Libby who grew up with the rat, and we got to talking about him. He said that Ratco’s own FATHER disowned the little pissant before he died. Ratco’s dad was a teacher, coach, and good democrat. When marky went to the dark side, his dad wouldn’t abide it! Sounded very possible to me! And boy has the rat gone on to make the ratco name shine!

      • The GOP has been screwing with the health of Montanans for over a hundred Years. It was a republican led legislature and Governor that fucked Libby in the first place, by starting or Okaying the Asbestos mine.

        it was other GOP Governors who buried reports of toxicity, and the fact that people were dying. they also were quite complicit, as a party in keeping miners from seeking Help or Damages. Because it was GOP mine owners who were filling the Republicans campaign.

        Wasn’t till national news and Federal pressure came down on Judy Martz that she finally relented to allow federal dollars to flow on cleanup, Healthcare, and to fund investigations into just how corrupt her administration and other proceeding GOP administrations were in defending the Mine owners giving kickbacks to the republican Party.

        Racot was all part of that shit. Burying countless studies, denying legal recourse. allowing people to die to fill his pockets in campaign money, and doing whatever was necessary to allow W.R. Grace & mining to slink away without paying for all the mining clean-ups. We are still as a nation cleaning today.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 11, 2014 6:56 PM at 6:56 PM |

          Don’t forget sen. cornhole burns, who gave W.R. Grace the retro active back tax breaks to insure that they would pay NOTHING!

          • I wasn’t forgetting him the Republican list in Montana is so long….. for destroying the health of people in Libby and other areas it is just heart breaking.

            The pollution still enters the Kootenai River. Around rainy creek, and the river itself is now on a endangered river list Because It is also in danger of being polluted from open pit mining of coal from Canada. The Kootenai is the major tributary of the Columbia River water supply, which flows to the sea.

  5. I think it was a guy named Sullivan who crafted the Racicot public image in Montana, highly skilled public relations. At the same time, politics aside, I could not help but sense that Racicot himself was a decent man, good strong family man, even smart. I wish he was a progressive, as men like him are hard to find.

  6. That he got out of Montana as fast as he could after his term was up told me all I needed to know.

  7. Aware and Not stupid | January 11, 2014 10:30 PM at 10:30 PM |

    There is a HUGE difference between being a candidate and being a consultant to other Republicans who are tired of the crap the Wingnut Teabirchers are putting out. Say what you want about Racicot but when he was Gov. He was anything but a right wing nut job!

  8. “Mark Racicot was spotted in a popular Helena breakfast and lunch spot”

    Details, please. For some reason I don’t see Marc hanging out at the No Sweat. Jorgenson’s, yes.

    Thinking of Marc Racicot reminds me of a great letter to the editor that was published in the IR eight years ago:

    Sad headline

    The Independent Record saved their best, funniest, saddest, most ironic and most pathetic headline for their last paper of 2005. “Racicot praises Bush,” the headline shouted on Dec. 31.

    Don’t stop now. Keep the fun alive in 2006. The headline possibilities are endless. Here are more praiseful headlines. Feel free to use any of them.

    Enron praises Exxon, Saddam praises Bin Laden, Bonnie praises Clyde, The devil praises Hitler, Moe praises Larry who praises Curly, Abbot praises Costello, Bush praises torture, Torture praises Bush, Martz praises Racicot, Racicot praises Martz, Martz praises Martz, Racicot praises Racicot, Tom DeLay praises lobbyists, Idi Amin praises Jeffrey Dahmer, The guy who cut off the dog’s head near Basin praises the guy who threw the cat off the bridge in Missoula, NorthWestern Energy praises Racicot, Daffy Duck praises Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse praises Goofy, Wal-Mart praises poverty, the Chinese praise American merchandise, Jessica Simpson praises Paris Hilton, Bush praises Nixon, Gomer Pyle praises Conrad Burns, Republicans praise the minimum wage, Bush praises honesty, Conrad Burns praises Archie Bunker.

    Tom Kilmer

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