Ousted Bozeman TEA Partier Hopes Belgrade Voters Haven’t Heard of Him Yet


Will Belgrade Take Bozeman’s Leavings?  Not Likely

An absurd former TEA Party legislator who was ousted by Bozeman voters last cycle appears to be hoping that Belgrade voters may be unfamiliar with his record and may vote him back into office.

That man is Tom Burnett, who served one term in Bozeman in 2011 and was immediately voted out in the next elect.  The former lawmaker may soon be under investigation for having been caught up in the Meth House Scandal, in which documents found at a meth house in Colorado were found to implicate certain GOP lawmakers for illegally coordinating with a dark money group, the American Tradition Partnership. But that’s just the beginning.

Tom Burnett has accused a youth support for LGBT young people in his community of meeting to recruit people into becoming gay.   He has also written that he wonders whether the high school support group would soon include pedophiles and beastiality:

“Is it only a matter of time before the umbrella covers pedophiles, necrophiles, and zoophiles? When will the high school advertise a group called Beastiality Acceptance Alliance, BAA?”

Burnett took the post down after his ravings appeared in campaign flyers and on a reporter’s blog.

But perhaps what Burnett is most known for is his obsession with preventing poor people from getting enough to eat. For a peek into the serpents’ nest of irrationality that is this guy’s brain, look no further than what he calls his “studies” which consist of lies, unsubstantiated anecdotes, and incoherent wackiness he found on the internet.

Burnett’s latest screed, released in October of 2013, is a follow up to his premier work “Childhood Hunger, the Myth” in which he reveals that pictures of fat kids he found on the internet prove that there is no such thing as childhood hunger.

His bizarre writings prove nothing other than that the snake on a yellow background is the perfect symbol for the TEA Party.

Consider Burnett in light of the recent scandal in Iowa.  That state’s top GOP-appointed public-health official resigned just last week after she was caught making unsubstantiated comments about food stamps.

“The No. 1 food item bought with food stamps in Iowa is Mountain Dew,” the director of the Iowa Department of Public Health claimed, even though states obviously don’t track such purchases.  The woman later claimed through a spokesman she “found it online” but couldn’t remember where.

After this scandal, Montanans are even less likely to put someone like this in charge of making decisions here–someone who makes things up to demonize and perpetuate stereotypes about the poor.

Burnett himself has claimed that Food stamps = Red Bull.  He’s also written that teachers are what is keeping Mexico in poverty.  Yeah.

Burnett has organized TEA Party events  with Tim Ravndal, the Helena TEA Partier who made national news for comments he made that implied support for violence against gays.Burnett also is the author of the famous bill to eliminate law that requires landlords to install carbon monoxide detectors (House Bill 354)  It made the venerated 2011 Montana Nutjob Bills list first published at Cowgirl Blog.




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  1. HD 67 is a tough pickup for Democrats. Gordon Vance ran unopposed in 2012, and as of now, no Democrat has filed to run against Burnett. That Burnett is loathsome is not in dispute. But crowing about what ‘Montanans are likely to do’ is just a tad premature.

  2. With Tom back, we bloggers won’t lack for material. There are times when the writer in me hungers for guys like him.

    • James, as I’ve written before, my beloved worked for the guy for years back when he was a legitimate business man (I’m not being sarcastic about the ‘legitimate’ part; he was.) I’m in complete agreement that what goes on in that man’s noodle is the best wacky blog-fodder any of us could ever hope for. But this is one case where the mirth at his expense would or will be completely out-weighed by his victory in an election to represent the people of the state.

  3. Off Topic but significant: Brian Schweitzer was on the Ed Show today complaining about the fast-tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (a NAFTA-like trade deal). The deal was negotiated in secret by corporate leaders and the politicians they own. It’s being pushed in the senate by Baucus and other corporate types and will lead to more American jobs being lost.

    Unfortunately, Obama is for it too. He needs an earful from the Democratic wing of our party.

    I’m beginning to like Schweitzer a lot. Certainly more than I like Hillary. I wonder what his chances are of overtaking her and getting the Democratic nomination for president.

  4. Shame on them, the Bible WARNS about the powerful oppressing the widows, children, and poor, shameless and WOE to the power mongers!

  5. Sounds like a job for the good old American two-party system.
    Montana Republicans — at least the local business leaders — have to stand up to these interlopers supported by outside money because it’s not in their long-term interests to be branded as nuts. (Republican candidates have also been targeted if they don’t vote as they’re told to by Denver law firms shoveling foreign money into Montana races.)
    And Democrats need to quit abandoning low-population Senate and legislative districts and give voters a real choice.

    • Exactly Our biggest problem for Democrats, is they only back races they can win. When you start treating your argument for good and the people like a business plan, you become a lot more like the opposition you promise to fight…. restricting the rights of social understanding to be spread outside the borders of a blue area. Like any good social network we need to start paying for expeditionary forces to go out and seek common ground in our state. Stop waiting for change all the time, and go out and find the people who can make it happen in red districts of this state a little Quicker.

      Its not like we have a choice as Democrats. So many state GOP parties have screwed up, so bad, that the RNC from DC is basically taking over at our state’s GOP as well as others.

      And at this point and time the RNC it is totally run over by teaparty members like Reince Priebus…. That means the GOP is likely to get worse.

      Instead of leaving moderate voters to their own imagination of fear so long pounded into them by goofy conservative Ideas, that have nothing to do with conserving lets show them how democrats have made better financial decisions… because we have!

    • And Democrats need to quit abandoning low-population Senate and legislative districts and give voters a real choice.

      I think that’s a bit of a hazardous mischaracterization. It is not always “low-population” districts in which it is difficult to get Democrats to run. It is those districts which historically lean heavily Republicant. Ultimately, it boils down to getting people willing to run a likely losing race. It is as difficult as all get out to get a person who has the time, energy and wherewithal to campaign for the obligation in any district. I don’t think that’s out of line to suggest that it is 100 fold more difficult to convince someone to spend that time, energy and wherewithal in a district that will likely reject them anyway. People are people, and no one likes being a poster child for futility (save maybe a few I can think of.)

      I agree that no race should remain uncontested, but “The Democrat’s” problem is not the lack of support for their candidates (from Democrats) but rather finding candidates willing to be sacrificial. If one accepts that, it seems odd to then claim that Republican business leaders need to ‘stand up’ or else Democrats will brand them as “nuts”. Most Republicans running for office are themselves local businessmen (and I use the gender laden term deliberately.) I suggest that they appear to be more in tune with desires of the electorate than those who would label them “nuts”. That would be why they win, not moneyed demands coming from Colorado.

      • Those low population districts are the key to a state like Montana – land = power. The senate is based on land ownership, with counties with a few thousand people having disproportionate representation. It’s an anachronism, but power never concedes without a fight.

  6. I would really really like to be a better Democrat. I really would. Please, all of you, help me be a better Democrat. The first, and likely only, thing you need to do is to tell me: What in the hell are the “rights of social understanding”?

  7. A noun, a verb, and Tea Party. [yawn]

  8. $teve Daines has bought a TV ad asking Montanans to phone him in Washington and thank him for voting against Obamacare. It’s 202-225-3211. Be sure to phone him and tell him what you think of his vote against affordable health insurance. While you’re at it you might chat with him about his votes against food stamps, WIC, veterans’ benefits, and his vote to shut down the government.

    • I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with Tom Burnett?

      • That maybe his views are not as widely held as he seems to believe. There were claims that “Duck’s” ratings would soar and that would “prove” that the majority of people agreed with idea that LGBT community should be treated like dirt or worse.

  9. What would the legislative makeup be if those candidates had to live in the district they want to represent. No more of this pick and choose the best district to run in. Of course the gerrymandering process doesn’t help. There seems to be a number of incumbents who aren’t running because I think they couldn’t get re-elected in their new districts.

  10. Cowgirl, any chance you will write a post about Walsh being denied promotion to general? http://missoulian.com/news/local/report-prevented-walsh-from-promotion-to-army-general/article_60f69ea0-809a-11e3-a859-0019bb2963f4.html
    h/t lizard

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