New Report Targets “TEA Stained” Daines

Steve Daines and Ted Cruz 2

That’s Steve Daines in the background with the…giddy look on his face.

TEA party congressman Steve Daines is the target of a new, yearlong campaign to expose the influence the TEA Party has over Members of Congress.

As on opening salvo, Americans United for Change will release an extensive report tomorrow that looks at the voting records of members of congress from swing districts entitled ‘TEA Stained’, which you, dear readers, can check out now here:

‘TEA Stained’ analyzes the 2013 voting records of 47 politically vulnerable House Republicans, including Montana’s sole representative in Congress, Daines, to find out just how gangrenous their TEA Party loyalty has become.

When they looked at all the votes nationally,  Americans United for Change found that swing district Republicans vote with the TEA Party on average 81 percent of the time.  Yet Daines went above and beyond the call of TEA Party duty, voting for their counterproductive garbage 88 percent of the time.

We’re talking about votes on issues of top priority to groups like Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks–votes to slash food assistance, to shut down the government, to block hurricane relief for Sandy victims,  and to privatize Medicare.

Steve Daines, imbecileNow that this is out there, its going to be a lot easier to explain to your sister-in-law that Steve Daines votes with the TEA Party 88% of the time.  This startling fact is likely to become part of the national dialogue, especially with the help of paid ads/polling/grassroots activity from Montanans holding Daines accountable for putting a handful of ideological extremists, imbeciles, and exploitive out-of-state billionaires ahead of our economy and the middle class.

Daines and crew gutted help for the unemployed, obstructed efforts to raise the minimum wage, and standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform.  But given the mountain of national and in-district polling showing the percentage of people identifying themselves as TEA Party consistently falls in the high teens to low twenties at best, and that voters disapproval of the TEA Party consistently ranges from the high forties to near sixties, his votes are going to have some consequences. His approval rating will take a hot when people find out what this crackpot has been up to.

Steve DainesAnyway, this project got started in the wake of the two-week, TEA Party orchestrated government shutdown, Americans United for Change President Brad Woodhouse explained. Republicans realized at that point started to realize how unpopular the TEA Party’s crazy agenda really was, and they started trying to pretend they weren’t part of it.  That’s become Daines’ specialty: remaining on the down low.

Says Woodhouse, “Voters deserve better. Whether they embrace the Tea Party ideology or despise it or fall anywhere in between, they have a right to know where their elected representatives fall on the TEA Party spectrum – not where they say they fall, but how they actually vote. That is what the TEA Party Scorecard provides. What it proves, unfortunately for non-extremists who are represented by Republicans, is that there is no longer a meaningful distinction between the Tea Party and the Republican Party in American politics today.”



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  1. ‘Slick, Shutdown Steve’ wants it both ways, to run with the ‘teabaggers’ and then turn on a dime with his ‘snake oil and beads’ to seduce our Montana tribes while at the same time flippin’ over for the veterans and ‘feeling their pain’ while at the same time taking a knife to healthcare and food stamps that THOUSANDS of veterans depend on! Nice try Daines, but YOUR voting record and heartfelt devotion to Tea Party Cruz is inescapable, your STAINED indeed!

  2. I’m not a big fan of Steve Daines’ politics, but I learned firsthand today how hard it will be for a democratic challenger, or even a primary challenger, to beat him.

    I attended the MT Electrical Co-op Association’s Campaign School today in Missoula and Steven Daines stopped by to chat with the 30 or so people present since he was already in Missoula listening to voters.

    I thought he was well-spoken and had a good message that’ll appeal to a lot of voters. Hell, I was impressed today, and I’m running as a democrat for HD 98.

    He knows how to say things that appeal to Montana voters, and can do so with a message that can cut across party lines and appeal to some of those swing voters. And I know anyone leaning toward other republican candidates will likely change their minds if they get a personal visit from him.

    Overall it just shows the power that a little face time can have, and how much more effective that can be than many of the forms of political advertising used in the state today.

  3. It is true that the Democratic candidates have been in hiding since the campaign started. Its unfortunate, because Daines is doing the fake moderate act well – he’s also been doing outreach into Indian country and the dems have not, to my knowledge, set foot on a reservation.

    • Well said, where are the Dems, sitting on their laurels and waiting for another 2010 Massacre? Daines is ever so ‘slick’ and clever, BUT his voting record aligned with the tea party loons can’t be denied, VOTES do matter and voters need to stop being ‘swooned’ by VIP status, get over
      their ‘awesome’ prestige and notice the ‘aw shucks’ plain, plaid shirt
      style ‘Shutdown Steve’ is using effective. Dems and progressives, get your fight on.

  4. For decades Montana had real a Republican and a cloaked one in the Senate. Since 2006 there have been two cloaked Republicans, and they get away with murder, as we know that Democrats do not hold anyone accountable in their own party.

    It will be good to have a Republican back in office there, as you guys will again pay attention.

  5. So, sounds like a new report from Americans United for Change will clearly demonstrate Rep Daines Tea Party ways.

    Meanwhile, in spite of this fact, the Montana Wilderness Association (with the aid of a million dollars to act as the Pew Foundation’s independent contractor) continues to paint Rep Daines as some great bipartisan open to solid public lands protection policies.

    These Montana Wilderness Association actions are in an effort to get Daines to drop support for Daines’ own mandated logging bill (which passed the US House 9/20/13) that guts the ESA and public input and environmental analysis to drastically increase public lands logging across America’s 155 National Forests….

    And instead support Senator Tester’s mandated logging bill, which would dramatically increase logging to historic highs on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest and within critical grizzly bear habitat on the Kootenai National Forest.

    Geez…sounds like a B-rated horror flick.

    • i had to laugh like hell:

      Timber harvest on Forest Service land is continually being thwarted by several well-funded environmental organizations. The way it is now, the Forest Service cannot even salvage fire damaged trees in a timely manner due to the environmental groups using the endangered species act as a land use control mechanism. The essence of Tester’s bill is an attempt to force the Forest Service to follow through with existing plans that allow logging, and also attempts to limit environmental groups’ ability to challenge them.

    • Matthew,
      Please tell us/refer us
      To numbers of where Daines mandated logging volume would go

      Seems like over half would have to be
      Orient at orient prices
      Much of balance as btus for boiler feedstock

      =nil money for Scool district

      ? And heavy equipment operators=loggers

      More loads on roadways?

  6. This just in: Baucus confirmation hearing on China ambassadorship next Tuesday, Sen Foreign Relations Committee. #mtpol— Mike Dennison (@mikedennison) January 22, 2014

      • We called those wealthy Chinese children “little princes,” and I saw many when I was teaching.

        We had this one girl that was the daughter of the district’s police chief. He paid for like 250 hours of tutoring, and ungodly amount of money, and we later figured he was trying to launder it.

        See, he got busted for corruption about a year beforeI left Shenzhen and, well, his family probably ended up getting a bill in the mail for the bullet.

        His daughter was horribly behaved, cutting the computer monitor cord with scissors once I remember.

        This was also around the time the New York Times did a story on then Premier Wen Jiabao’s family wealth. For the next 9 months until I left the country you could not access the NYT online.

        Max will run into many of the same problems businessmen complained to me about – it’s awfully hard to do business when you can’t access information. Sure, they could use VPNs, but many of the natives don’t.

        I just don’t see Baucus holding this position that long, not with his age and the headaches he’ll experience over there. Even walking down the street is a headache over there, for many reasons.

  7. The Tea Party poses challenges for Daines in his campaign for U.S. Senate, said Craig Wilson, political science professor at Montana State University-Billings. Tea Party members are still a sizable block of Montana Republican voters, but they’re also unpopular with Montanans in general. Daines needs Tea Party support, but doesn’t need to be associated with them.

    Read more:

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