Ravalli County TEA Party Treasurer “I’m not a criminal…I’m a sinner who has sinned”

Posts Bizarre, Bible-Reference Filled Defense on YouTube

If you haven’t yet been following what’s been going on in Ravalli County, Montana, it’s time to start. The complete and total failure of the county to manage its own finances is classic example of what happens when you put TEA Partiers in charge. Here is the latest.

This video was published on Youtube over the weekend.  It’s from recently ousted TEA Party Treasurer Valerie Stamey (who is on leave with pay), and it is pasted below. You should really watch this yourself before someone takes it down.  Here’s some of what Stamey has to say in her own words:

“I would ‘preciate it if you would tolerate while I do this for myself.

“Before I speak I pray for God’s intervention into my brain…and I keep my eyes open ’cause I want you to know I mean it…Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done , on earth, which is where we are right now, as it is in heaven….

“My only goal is to state the wrong that I find and state the right that is right… I’m not a criminal, I’ve never committed a criminal act. I’m not perfect. I am a sinner who has sinned…”

Stamey appears to believe that the firestorm she faces is related to a plan God has for her to uncover “corruption” in Ravalli County.  She compares herself to Saul of Tarsus and Moses in that both were, according to Stamey, unwillingly called to serve.

As I said in my own words.  Really God?! Really!? It’s not a good time. Elections are coming up.

Stamey said she didn’t want to contact that most hated entity of TEA Partiers across the nation, the federal government and specifically the FBI, about the county commissioners who didn’t vote to appoint her and those in her office who brought to light the financial problems in the county that have been snowballing for months.

Why did I contact the FBI? Do I like the FBI? Do I think they are our friends? No, I don’t.

However, Stamey that she was forced to contact them because the local sheriff did not contact the state attorney general to tell his office that Ms. Stamey had, as she claims, uncovered “criminal activity” committed by others.

She says she found herself “criminalized and removed from office” before she could find any “more” evidence of the “crimes” she alleges were committed by the permanent members of the staff of the treasurer’s office.

Stamey says local authorities subverted her efforts to find the truth and that she “had to think very carefully about what her next thoughts were.”  Apparently, those next thoughts lead Stamey to contact several different FBI offices, including the ones in Helena, Kalispsell, Missoula, and the Utah regional office.  I’m not sure why it was necessary to contact many different FBI offices to make allegations, so we’ll have to defer to Stamey’s expertise in these matters.

Stamey claims both that no one would tell here where any of the financial records were kept and also that she had seen and had “information and documentating[sic] proof” that others have taken actions that “at best make you scratch your head and you go what in the world would we have done this for.”

Perhaps someone with more financial experience could have made more sense of the documents, but that’s not who the world class TEA Party members of the Ravalli County Commission–Suzy Foss, Jeff Burrows, and Ron Stoltz–chose to put in the job.

The entire video can be viewed below or on youtube here.  This post has only scratched the service of its content.   The Bitterroot Star has also uncovered more legal and financial troubles from Stamey and her husband’s past.


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  1. Watch 33 minutes in, you can fast forward the video. She accuses the treasurer’s office staff of sending ‘immoral’ emails and ‘insider trading type of activity.’

  2. The Lord may love a sinner come to Jesus, but I suspect the voters would love the resignations of the sinner and the commissioners who hired her.

  3. I love also how its the two commissioners who didn’t vote to appoint her that she accuses of corruption. Where is the accountability from the ones who did appoint her. This woman is so obviously not qualified, and they appointed her anyway. Show some personal responsibility here. As soon as the TEA Party took over the GOP, they stopped even pretending to stand for accountability. This mess can only be cleaned up by a new commission, sans Foss Burrows and Ron Stolz.

  4. Makes me grateful that it makes my county gov’t look sane!

  5. You people are all missing the best part of the video. This speech was hosted by the Ravalli County GOP, that’s what that banner is that you see in the background. A Republican meeting sponsored this nonsense, and if you fast forward to 56 minutes in, you can see them get up and make statements in her defense–that the Party members are not shocked and outraged. Several of them stand up in her defense. The official county GOP organization, TEA Party schmee Party. This is the GOP folks. There is no such thing as the TEA Party any more. They say that the county employees who helped the paper get public information about this woman’s legal problems in other states should be sent to jail.

    (One woman later explains that the items uncovered from Stamey’s past were matters of public record.)

    Another critical comment these republicans made was this. One woman asks why, in the letter she presented to the commissioners, that she spelled her own name wrong, which implies that the document was written by someone else. She said that her attorney was the person who helped to write the letter and that her attorney had spelled her name wrong. She said spell check changed her name from Valerie to Valery. Try writing the name Valerie in word and see if that happens. NOPE. That was one of the “contrary” comment made to Stamey.

    Still, lots of supporting comments from audience members were also made. One member of the Republican faithful, asks her whether she’ll help the “victims” of the crimes Stamey alleges to have occurred will help them file a class action lawsuit. She said she would!

    Really encourage you to listen to the questions. She clearly misunderstands privacy laws. She things HIPAA, which applies to MEDICAL privacy, applies to her past legal judgements. Very very odd.

    • Should read “thinks” not things. And in the second to last paragraph “One member of the Republican faithful, asks her whether she’ll help the “victims” of the crimes Stamey alleges to have occurred to file a class action lawsuit” Oops

    • I believe it was reported that the only recommendations the commissioners received in favor of hiring her were submitted by her fellow members on the Republican Committee. It’s reasonable to assume some of these same supporters were at this meeting. Birds of the feather so to speak.

  6. Folks, the County Commission just appointed Stamey’s husband, the one who is alleged to have stolen a boat and had a warrant out for his arrest and filed fraudulent campaign finance reports to the county planning board to replace Jan Wisniewski, the guy who made racist statements about Indians and attributed them to Hill County officials. So clearly they are intent on supporting people like this.

  7. Praise the Lord!!

    She can have a great sense of humor…

  8. Stamey at 1hour:13 min – “Nothing that I have said to the press has come out to be true.”

    Um…that would be your own problem.

    Continuing on, more Stamey:

    Will you be revealing the true story to the public soon? Well you’ve really been put through the wringer and I wondered can you go back to the office?

    STAMEY: “So if I want anything that’s truthful to come out I have to be in a position to do this.

    It is appropriate or is it legal under any state or county law who and how many times you’ve been married or divorced, and what your names were. Is that legal appropriate or ethical in any venue.

    Yes, I had a starter husband, it was stupid. I’m sorry God, you told me it wasn’t the right one.

    Information will be forthcoming.

    Are you getting the feeling that you can trust either newspaper to get your stuff in or are you going to have to use another method.

    We’ve selected based on my attorney is setting up a press conference in his home with him present. The questions will have to be legal questions. iN other words you can asked its not legal unless I waive my right to privacy In other words, you can’t ask, it’s not legal to find out if my underwear has thongs bikini’s or grannies. I have that right. My right to privacy says that I have the ability to say this is the question you’ve asked, we will respond to that, you have the right to ask this, we will address these piece.

    AUDIENCE MEMBER: called the Bitterrroot Star a tabloid newspaper.

    AUDIENCE QUESTION: Can you go into the office or are you outta’ there now?

    “It appears that yesterday the determination was made that I should be suspended for a period of time administrative leave with pay.”

    AUDIENCE QUESTION: So what happens with all the payments everybody claims have not been made?

    I’m not able to do anything about it….I believe that the decision to place me on administrative leave was in God’s good wisdom because I was near death. The county commissioners called me every 5 minutes by saying, ‘Where are the reports, when is this going to be done?’ I said I’m not gonna respond to emails any more because people kept pestering me ‘where’s my this, where’s my this.’

  9. She’s got to be related to Palin…..

  10. Notice if Stamey ever looked at the
    Smartphone camera?

    Stable frames from tripod mount?

    Precisely framed in two key players
    W different but critical areas of focus.

    And the camera track swung smoothly back and forth to the one person
    Who sequentially offered what I’d call quality hypothetical criticisms.

    Maybe camera person w skill
    To track some most interesting comments from the attendees

    I’m suggesting look at Stamey and the background as watch this
    ?seminal u tube?

    Write down the specific charges she made. Compare them w what came out Of Commissioners meeting yesterday!

    I have not done that!
    My working theory is that of course she is a pro at what she does.
    And she might have been told it
    Would be hostile job place but had to be good soldier and look for lost files,
    Then she maybe discovered
    CFO decision to receipt ? Late tax money? Under MISCELLANEOUS.

    Then discovered nil bank reconciliation
    So w support, a banker trusted by Chilcott is hired and what did he say!

    What I’m saying is beyond revulsion!
    The very qualities that my stomach finds disgusting,
    Are perhaps the same qualities
    Stolz, Foss and Burrows,
    Wanted to employ
    At public expense!

    What did they attempt!
    What did they gain!
    At what costs!

    Add up costs from
    Takeover of Attorney
    Takeover makeover Zoning
    ?1/3 takeover Road and Bridge
    Add in $?200,000 for pending lawsuits

    I’m looking near a
    Million dollars cost

    For ethos cleansing, macro management, undisclosed agreements w outsiders hired to gun down Democrats and gin up Republicans
    While adding a Republican controlled layer into existing bureaurocracy!

    Big Government!
    Very very expensive big government
    Here in Ravalli County!

    But I lead up to,
    What to do?

    As I see it, because of recent law,
    Residents of District 2 and of 3,
    Are effectively barred from
    Filing as candidates for County
    Commissioner in 2014.

    At the same time ?no Democrats
    Have announced intention to run!!!
    One strong Independent has the credible skill sets to work w others
    Trying to fix the Big Mess at Treasurer.

    Yes other names will come up but for now I notice sparse candidacy activity
    For a Federal-State-County Primary
    That will again be visited by dark money.

    Obviously I’m wondering if increasing voter participation was the intent and purpose of changing the law to staggered terms for five commissioners each resident of an artifice, a five district map ? Not much used for other civic or public purposes.

    And if we continue to find low Candidacy participation in June Open Primary

    And if we do indeed have an emergency or two w Treasurer

    And have demonstrable need for Commissioners w financial skill sets!

    Who that is running has those skill sets??

    Therefore one remedy would be
    File in Court to lower or remove
    The bar to residents of Stevensville,
    Corvallis, Victor from filing for

    That is just a line of thinking!
    I’m old and miss a lot and
    Just tossing idea out there!

  11. Also, only amongst republicans apparently is it necessary to inform your audience about what planet we’re living on, Stamey does. Hard to believe she thinks this video helps her- and it has tripled in views since yesterday.

  12. (she) “had to think very carefully about what her next thoughts were.” Wasn’t her next thought thinking about her next thoughts? She must not have been thinking when she thought that…at least that’s what I think I thunk….

  13. Here’s the MTN news coverage of her bizarre declaration to the commissioners that she turned them into the FBI. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0jLpcik9Fo

    and here’s the longer video a local republican legislative candidate took of the commission meeting.

  14. While I know it makes everyone feel good to label anyone they deem “right wing nut job” as Tea Party, a few facts are in order. I am the former President of the Ravalli Tea Party, formerly the Ravalli County Tea Party Patriots, and a current member and Board Member. Valerie Stamey is not an active member of our group. In fact she is not on our email list and to the best of my knowledge she has never attended one of our meetings. As for Susy Foss, Jeff Burrows and Ron Stoltz, they also are not active members of our group, and have attended very sporadically when specific topics relating to the the Commission were on the agenda or they were invited. It is our practice to invite all candidates (Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats and Independents) to speak and answer questions at our meetings when they are running for office. So while you may consider these people Tea Party people, we in the Tea Party have no reason to believe that is true.

  15. So, Jannine Jones from the Ravalli County Tea Party is desperately distancing herself from Stamey and the Ravalli County Commissioners. What parallel universe are we living in? I guess even the Tea Party has it’s limits. This is huge! Maybe reality is intruding back in the Bitterroot!

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