Today’s Must-Read Political Blog Post

Is up at Intelligent Discontent, where Don Pogreba writes another of his excellent point by point take downs of shoddy journalism.

I’ve read some terrible headlines from Montana newspapers in my day, but today’s story headlined “Political practices commissioner accused of using questionable tactics to get results” has to be one of the worst. More accurate headlines would include “Those accused of campaign finance violations cry bitterly about it” or “Commissioner Motl works to restore trust in Montana elections.”

Go read it.


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  1. It gets better yet. As I understand it, Motl is going to try to discover who Tester’s white knight is*, where that huge wad of black cash came from. Stay tuned elsewhere, won’t be covered here, as only Republican corruption is truly corrupt.
    *I made that up. I wish that.

  2. Aware and Not stupid | January 28, 2014 10:41 PM at 10:41 PM |

    Motl is on the Mother of Political Witch Hunts, doing Bullcks bidding, this ain’t rocket science kids! How dumb do you folks on the left think the public are! This sham has more holes in it than cheap Swiss cheese. The law of the political landscape according to Jonathan Motl,really? Welcome to OzDorothy!

    • It’s a hugely corrupt system, but most of the corruption is legal. The idea that you can legalize bribery of politicians and then try to enforce some incidental violations of window-dressing laws is absurd anyway. Members of each party think they are morally superior to the other. You’re all wading in a swamp.

      Motl has been an important force in Montana political history, hardly a political hack. He’s the right man for the job. It’s the job that is the joke.

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