Tim Fox Conjures Up Bigamy, Incest to Defend Marriage Discrimination in Nevada

Montana Attorney General Tim FoxMontana Attorney General Tim Fox has fallen all over himself to get behind another piece of right wing imbecility in another state.

This time, Fox invokes incest and bigamy to defend a Nevada marriage ban. In an amicus brief Fox signed with eleven other hard right state attorneys general,  there is section entitled “Marriage Defined” which explains “what marriage is” and “what marriage is not.”  There Fox admonishes the court that being married is not for same-sex couples, nor is it for those engaging in bigamy or incest.

The attorney general for the state of Montana also believes that letting people get married will lead to the “tragic deconstruction” of marriage. That’s like saying letting people start a business will lead to the tragic destruction of the business community.

We all know that the GOP has become a party of radicals. It is now a badge of honor to bellow idiotic statements denigrating women, science, or anyone who doesn’t have health care like service industry staff and construction workers.   The more Tim Fox does, the more we know that he wears this badge with pride.

Meanwhile, polls show that a majority of Americans back marriage equality in all 50 states. 


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  1. It just seems like a dead issue to me. Sure, others will scream and pull their hair out, but there are more pressing matter than what people do in their homes.

    Let’s give all these people complaining about gay marriage minimum wage jobs and public housing for one month. Let’s see what they’re complaining about after that, huh?

  2. Remind me again why this man was elected. Was it because he didn’t have a worthy opponent, nah – couldn’t have been that – Pam Bucy was eminently qualified for the position.

    No, it was of course because outside interests, undoubtedly funded by the Koch Bros. paid a shit load of money to buy TV commercials to sway the sadly (always) uninformed voters of this state.

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