First Day on the Job

On his first day on the job, U.S. Senator John Walsh (D-MT) got right to work.

Among his first acts was to announce his plans to co-sponsor the Campaign Disclosure Parity Act, the Center for Public Integrity reports, which will make campaign finance reports more transparent, more quickly.

The bill requires senators and Senate candidates to electronically file their campaign finance disclosures with the Federal Election Commission. Its main sponsor is fellow Montanan Jon Tester, who Montanans sent to Washington after becoming fed up with the corruption and pay-to-play games of Conrad Burns.

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  1. He is lucky not to have his first vote be on Congressional pay.

  2. A darn good bill to co-sponsor. He has my full support on that.

  3. Meanwhile Mr. Walsh’s presumptive opponent Rep. Steve Daines spent the day voting “No” on the clean debt limit bill, siding with the crazies who are out to destroy the good faith and credit of the United States in another failed extortion attempt.

    • Keep in mind Daines signed Grover Norquist’s pledge to always put the Corporate interest ahead of all working Montanans and our families.
      Daines represents only the rich, Grover has his signature to prove it.

      • So, with Walsh joining Daines in supporting the KXL pipeline and energy development (coal and oil) in eastern Montana, just exactly how does that save Walsh from your condemnation of supporting corporate interests?

        “I can tell you that we’re here today to celebrate the fact that Montana is open for business,” Walsh said. “Eastern Montana is the land of opportunity. It is home to the biggest energy boom in America. That’s something we can be proud of.”

        • Wow, so did Walsh sign a pledge promising his vote to Grover Norquist every single time no matter how bad it is for Montana just like Daines did? Show me Walsh’s signature please! Daines sold us out at day one by pledging his allegiance to a out of state special interest corporate controlled group. What pledge is Walsh bound to? Who in the world would sign away your vote? Daines is more than happy to be bought and owned. See the difference?

          • Perhaps Walsh should campaign on raising taxes for Montanans since he feels they are under taxed. Here is the pledge Daines signed: “I pledge to the taxpayers of my district and to the American people that I will: ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and TWO, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.” Meanwhile Walsh is taking contributions from Impact, Chuck Schumer’s leadership PAC, that has all sorts of CORPORATE, Wall Street, heavy hitters on the contribution list.

  4. Then I guess Cowgirl will be reading through Walsh’s donor list to see all the Texans and PACs that support him? And writing up a nice summary for a posting?

    • I will see your off topic nonsense and raise you Left in the West.

      Although the Dirk Adams campaign has been the only one to reach out for dialogue or to be available to the public, I watched John Bollinger campaign very hard in Butte. He tried to delay his announcement until he had party approval, approval that obviously never came. Story is that he wasn’t the only one, but no approval=no donors. I took the opportunity to meet his beautiful wife while I observed him quizzing some gentlemen about the possibilities for bio-fuels and green energy for Montana’s economic development on the lawn after the lunch break.

      Yes, I saw John Walsh/ Barrett Kaiser there also. I don’t believe that John has very much experience or understanding of life outside outside of the military, therefore it is my opinion that he is not a good choice for this era we are living in because of that.

      I understand that there are people who cling to the belief that John Walsh is Montana’s last best hope of keeping the senate in Democratic hands. I strongly disagree and am willing to back that belief up with a list of reasons if anyone wants to hear them let me know because this post has been in the making for over a week already.

  5. The Topic is Campaign laws and Fund Raising, you don’t have a problem with Fake/Misleading web sites? I think it should be illegal and carry a HUGE fine.

  6. I {{{LIKE}}} him! Just being a good loyal DEM. Already catching major flak! Check out the “Missoulian!”

  7. Daines ads out, he’s running with his father and ad doesn’t INFORM public Daine’s bill for ‘No pay for Congress if non balanced budget’ never got anywhere and why doesn’t Daines just say we do NOT have a balanced budget but I’m still GETTING a check? John Walsh did manual labor while getting thru school as most of us, and Daines notes that he worked construction to pay for school and ran a business for 28 years but didn’t say that business PROFITTED from ‘Gummin’t contracts’ as well. The race is on…………..

  8. Why so much flak? Steve did his job, appointing an ‘interim’ Senator. John doing his, voting like a Democrat! Oh, the Horrors!

    • That assclown Essman is running his mouth complaining about the appointment when he should just be quiet. The Republicans would have done the exact same thing so complaining about it makes them seem petty, among other things. Geez I hope the party goes the way of the Reasonable Republicans and boots these extremists to the curb.

  9. Good grief, Cowgirl. The guy introduces a pre-written bill designed to generate some publicity and otherwise go nowhere, and you write it up like it was his idea. You have no dignity! You’re a paid hack, a shill. I suppose if you could make an honest doing honest work, you would. Sucks 2BU.

  10. Mandates never work. If candidates want to mail in their forms, so be it. This sounds like another incumbent protection act.

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