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Small Businessman and Former State Manager Files for Lewis & Clark County Commission

If you’ve been following what’s going on in Ravalli and Lincoln Counties lately I don’t have to tell you how important it is to vote for responsible, intelligent and competent county leaders instead of angry ideologues.

Dennis Small photo

Dennis Small is running for Lewis & Clark County Commissioner

So it’s good news that longtime resident, community activist and former State Fund manager Dennis Small is running for Lewis & Clark County Commission. Small, a democrat, is running to improve the level of communications between county agencies and residents.  He says he’ll also make responsible growth planning and wise use water policy priorities.

Small says more attention is needed to make sure our county’s water is going to be cleaned and treated before it gets to our schools and homes. “Wise use of water is becoming more and more important as we move forward.  The county needs to be prepared ahead of time for the inevitable increased use of our water resources.”

Dennis Small has a BA in English and a Masters of Public Administration, both from the University of Montana.  Dennis and his wife, Terri Hamilton, have lived in Helena for more than 20 years.  Their parents, children and grandchildren also live here. After 18 years at the Montana State Fund, Dennis left to help his wife manage their small business, Transformational Arts Center and Blue Feather Chiropractic.

Dennis Small, candidate for Lewis and Clark County Commissioner

Dennis Small

“I’ve lived in Lewis & Clark County for 23 years and love the people and communities that make up this amazing section of Montana, however, I feel there is room to improve the customer service between agencies and the people they need to be helping,” said Small. “As Commissioner, I will be available to hear your concerns and make sure your voice is heard.”





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  1. A breath of fresh air.

    Unlike the latest new candidate for Commissioner in Msla County, Vicky Gordon, who’s big issue is the City’s planned purchase of Mountain Water. Regardless the wisdom of that strategy, it is hard to pin that one on her potential opponent, Michele Landquist. Perhaps she should consider running for Mayor – oh that’s right -she doesn’t live in the City.

    Echoing Tea Party rants against “elitists” and “world view” boogiemen, Gordon appears to be the new vanguard in Msla county for those now proven disasterous great examples of failed local governance to the south.

    • So is there a good county commission candidate in Missoula County yet? Just curious as to your thoughts.

      In Helena, it sounds like this will be a three way race between Dennis Small, who I hear good things about, a prosecutor here locally who I can’t remember the the name, and the woman that the Lewis and Clark County Infighting (er I mean Republican) Central Committee appointed –Susan Geise.

      Prosecutors already have too much power – look what happened with Mike Cotter and the medical marijuana raids.

  2. I grew up in Helena, don’t know Gordon, but he seems like a pretty good guy.

    There’s a lot of issues there along the tracks with some contamination possibly. I was talking to an old coworker in the capitol yesterday who lives over by there by the train station and his wife died of Grave’s Disease recently. Well, that’s a pretty small percentage who get that, but 8 people have gotten it in that neighborhood over the past decade or so.

    Issues with water just tie into things like that, so it’s good to have someone that’s concerned about them.

  3. If you’re into issues, listen up close to the race and don’t let your partisan horses stampede. Susan Good-Geise’s worth a substantive comparison. Sounds like our own county may have the extremely good fortune of a pool of terrific candidates. Stay to the high road and try not to pity other counties.

  4. Aware and Not stupid | February 22, 2014 10:23 AM at 10:23 AM |

    Good-Geise is not the darling of the Radical Right in Lewis and Clark County. She’s a reasonable Republican with some common sense. I hear Mignon Waterman is supporting her, and current Commissioner Mike Murray has endorsed her, both fairly significant names in democrat circles.

  5. There’s an old joke about how Catholics control rats in the church basement. The convert them to Catholicism, and that wya they only show up on Christmas and Easter.

    There must be a counterpart for your party, as in the best way to get a Republican elected is to call him a Democrat while running, and then ignoring him afterward.

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