Republicans on Why They Chose Black History Month to Mail Racist Flyer

The Carbon County Republicans have mailed out a treatise which claims that it is the Republican Party which fights racism and that the TEA Party movement is not indeed packed with racists–but also that President Obama is being allowed to “get away with giving the American people the finger” because: “He is black.”

Carbon County Republicans said they purposefully chose Black History Month to distribute their racist diatribe, because “all Americans should have access to many viewpoints.”

The missive begins with the ridiculous claim that it is the Republican Party that it is the party that fights racism, and that the TEA Party has been falsely portrayed as attracting racists to its folds.

Then, one finds an essay with the following beliefs, proudly endorsed with the official “Paid for by the Carbon County Republican Central Committee” seal.

The Carbon County GOP flyer calls President Obama “the shiny golden black man” and a “Trojan Horse” which led to a”vicious, bloody slaughter of every value, freedom, and institution we Americans hold dear, launching the end of America as we know it.”

“So how can Obama get away with giving the American people the finger?” this letter to local Republicans reads, “The answer. He is black.” And this:

…deceived Americans embraced the progressives’ young, handsome, articulate, and so-called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from accusations of being a racist nation.

You can download the garbage mailer here.   It’s an invitation to attend the local Republicans’ annual “Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner”– and the author of some of the worst material in the flyer is the group’s featured speaker.

To be sure, the state GOP will no doubt try to claim that the Carbon County Republicans are simply reprinting (and facilitating the mass distribution of) racially charged materials written by somebody else (who they’ve invited to keynote their annual fundraiser. ) The opening, and the choice to include these sentiments, are the Carbon County GOP’s own.

Their silly arguments, about Lincoln and slavery and so on, are often used by Republicans as supposed proof of their party’s abhorrence of racism.  But, as anyone knows, it’s pure nonsense because the party’s have long since reconstituted.  The Democrats and Republicans of today bear no more resemblance to the Democrats and Republicans of a hundred years ago, or even 50 years go, than do modern Egyptians to ancient Egyptians.

As the 20th century progressed and a succession of Democratic presidents began voicing their support for civil rights, culminating with the signing of the Civil Rights Act by Lyndon Johnson, the two parties gradually realigned and the racists departed the Democratic Party and ended up in the Republican Party, while blacks went over to the Democratic Party.

And that’s how it stands today.  For this reason, when somebody in Montana makes a joke about how blacks like watermelon; or makes an Obama effigy on Halloween out of a pumpkin in blackface; or sells bumper stickers that say “Don’t Re-Nigg in 2012“; or calls the President a Kenyan; or is running for office and member of the National Socialist Party; or wears a confederate flag, or says that the south was right during the civil war; or is a Klansman running for Congress; or is a federal judge who sends  racist emails; or produces a documentary about how Obama’s secret plan is to start a race war; or distributes racist flyers about Indians; or is a U.S. Senator and says “It’s a hell of a challenge” when asked by a constituent, “Senator Burns, how can you live back there in D.C., with all them [n-words]?”–these Montanans are always Republicans, without fail.

Intelligent Discontent also has a post up on this that you should go read.


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  1. The Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the Tea Party cuz they have to obey the banksters/globalists just like the Demos do.

    In order to retain the illusion of political choice, the Republicans & Democrats have to remain in ‘power’ (lol) to fool the people into thinking they have a choice.

    But notice the Republicans never fight Obamacare. Never. Have always gone along with it. And with massive immigration too (where are all the jobs for these people? There are none). Both parties are the SAME. No one looks though.

    The Tea Party is scaring the Powers That Be (Obama and his minions) and they’re getting whacked for it.

  2. I think that they have been drinking the water from the ski hill again. Remember these people. They are for less government and less taxes but want the rest of the country to pay for their road to Yellowstone. Whiners!

  3. KKK…Karbon Kounty KRAZIES!

  4. Wow, more horribleness from the people that brought us accused felon Jason Priest and poacher Scott Boggio.

    • Damn those environmentalist poachers like Marv Hoyt a director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

      • Will you be there sitting at the former Rep. Boggio’s table? Or won’t we be able to tell because everyone looks the same in a white hood.

        • I am not going to be there, but why are you going to be there with your fellow “we’s” UNDER your white hoods, because unless you are there just how will you tell who will be dressed like you?

          • By “we” I mean members of the public who see photos taken by reporters and are appalled. I sure as heck would not be caught poking this with a 10 foot pole. No way, so sir, no how. You folks will have to sort this out amongst yourselves.

            • Are you reading impaired? I am not going to be there.

              • Well, it was Craig who had the first comment on the “Don’t Re-Nigg in 2012” post here – in which he attempted to (pardon the pun) “whitewash” the situation by pointing out that the sign was being taken down and no bumper stickers had been sold.


                • gw, you are both a liar and a coward. Try using your real name when you post such personal attacks. BTW did you ever learn what “atrocious” meant? GFY.

                  gw, it’s truly desperate for Dems to attempt to rally their otherwise uninspired base just to go vote out of fear with such manufactured race baiting as you displayed with you personal attack. It sure has no hope whatsoever of changing minds. In fact it just may be quite off putting. And again, GFY.

                  • “GFY” is your response again? Not at all surprised. Guess I touched a sensitive nerve.

                    Your butt-hurt proves the old adage that sometimes the truth hurts.

  5. The Montana Republicans will probably try to farm this guy out to as many GOP local dinners while he is here as they can, but I don’t know that every local group is as nutty as Carbon. Sure, Ravalli, Sanders, Madison, et al. But no way Carter Republicans, at least the ones I know, would want anything to do with this. I know Ed Walker will be there, and probably Billings legislators.

  6. What CAN they be thinking? I mean, really. The incidents of racism are so utterly mean-spirited and cartoonish. In a room shocked into silence, wouldn’t you think someone would exclaim, “Why that’s disgraceful, repugnant, and foolish!”

    • It’s vile and disgusting behavior, and having LED American soldiers of
      all races, creeds and colors, I find republican behavior like this CONTRARY to every they so fervently claim to honor like in the Pledge, with ‘liberty and justice for ‘all’ indeed???

  7. You really are not allowed to write about your own party except to praise it, right? God what a mental prison you live in!

  8. The speaker dude seems to be (gasp) BLACK. Guess black conservatives are racist, right?
    Never mind that Ben Carson is coming to evil racist Kalispell in a couple of weeks. Eeeeek.

  9. Some of these comments read like entries in a race to the bottom.

  10. You think having a black member of the club means the club is not racist??

  11. The first BLACK WOMAN head of the NSA was Condi Rice. Not Susan.
    And the woman who got closer to being Vice President than any other wasn’t Geraldine, it was Sarah. I know you hate that, but it’s true.
    Go ahead and keep flying the identity–genderist-hyphenate-race card, CG, but the narrative is looking lamer every day.

  12. Max Lenington is back with his own special blend of racism and general wackiness. Wonder if he felt bad about getting left off the list at the end of this post, and just had to send another letter to the Gazoo?

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