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Unanimous No

Suzy Foss, from her websiteInteresting doings at the Hamilton City Council this week. Every single member of the city council voted against allowing embattled TEA Party Republican Suzy Foss, a Ravalli County Commissioner, onto the city’s planning board. As the Ravalli Republic reports, what usually happens is that the County Commission just picks one of its members to serve on the board. The Hamilton mayor had never seen this happen before. He said, “If I were to second guess their reasons, I’d have to say that everything that transpired over the last several months with the county had something to do with it.”

Ravalli County is embroiled in a major financial debacle in which, under TEA Party Republican governance, nearly $1 million in checks and cash were found not deposited but stuffed around various places in the treasurer’s office. The county’s finances are now undergoing an independent investigation.



Steve Daines and Ted Cruz at a TEA Party caucus press event.

Steve Daines and Ted Cruz at a TEA Party caucus press event.

The Steve Daines campaign said this week that those wanting a change in Washington should send back same bunch who are there now causing all the problems. Steve Daines’ campaign, said Friday that “‘there are people around the country who would like to see a change in Washington,’ and that’s why they’re supporting Daines,” the Billings Gazette reported. In fact, that’s the last thing anyone wanting the imbecility in D.C. to continue should do.

Daines’ campaign is desperate that we not find out about his true ideology. They even appear to be taking to this blog to post unconvincing comments pretending to be from the right to imply that Daines isn’t really part of the TEA party’s ranks. What gave this away was, in part, that commenter did not call Daines a “RINO”–which is how a true opponent of Daines would do it. Rather, the commenter referred to Daines with the less offensive (and seldom used by TEA Partiers) “establishment” Republican, giving himself away as someone who didn’t actually want to be too critical of Daines.

TEA Party Republican Steve Daines didn’t just vote to shutdown the government. He’s a member of the bunch dubbed the right-wing’s “suicide caucus” which has been steering the nation off the cliff. Daines votes with the TEA Party 88% of the time, and is a young earth creationist who believes creationism should be taught in Montana’s public schools.


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  1. The Missoula Independent ran my comment the other week saying something to the effect of “please Ravalli County, stop making the rest of us in Montana look stupid.” I’m glad most people down there feel the same way.

    In regard to Daines, I just feel sorry for the people forced to watch his money at work on TV.

    Maybe if people would keep a notepad by their armchairs and tally how many political ads they see in one week alone, well, maybe we could end this injustice.

  2. And can we believe Daines received an ENGINEERING degree, worked to create so ‘many’ jobz in Technology (which he probably supports shipping MORE jobs overseas via TPP, one of Max’s parting gifts) and still denies climate impacts, wants modern medicine to create drugs to defeat disease and all this in 6,000 YEARS of creation history????? Just ask the Texas and OK billionaires who’ve been BUYING our GOP pols here in Montana who KNOW that the geology tells us the Earth is a ‘wee’ bit older than 6,000 years Mr. Daines.

  3. Awww, c’mon, please let the batcrap crazy lady serve. Where am I going to go for humor? Maybe she could plan things like they are in Arizona and have Ravalli County become the darling of the whites only teaparty.
    Daines…..what a loser. He won’t even respond to his emails or letters. All I have been able to get is his stupid polls that keep redirecting you to his bullshit campaign site.
    Most of the vets I know will not vote for him as he is a chickenhawk that is using his father’s service time to bolster his otherwise dismal career. He is a true hypocrite.

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