Urgent Emergency

Steve Daines and Ted Cruz at a TEA Party caucus press event.

Steve Daines and Ted Cruz at a TEA Party caucus press event.

As you all know, Montana Republicans are a nativist and xenophobic crew, who hurl “out-of-state” as a nasty insult and love to tout the number of generations back that their lineage has lived in Montana.  Many a pale chest is thumped mightily as if these men had a role in choosing the location of their births.

So we should assume that the GOP power brokers are currently holding an emergency meeting in a smoke-filled room somewhere, urgently trying to decide how to handle a shocking development within the party: The Montana Democratic Party pointed out today that Daines’ latest ad asserts he “grew up in Bozeman, a fifth-generation Montanan,” which directly contradicts earlier claims Daines made to the press: “I’m a third-generation Montanan, kind of that classic Montana kid.” (And if someone were to dig up his RNC speech and cached versions of his old twitter accounts, we might see different numbered generations manifest themselves.)

Actually, Daines was born in southern California.

Many major prominent and minor GOP candidates have all been from out of state. Corey Stapleton was born in Seattle, raised partly in Idaho.  Brad Johnson was born in Illinois.  Matt Rosendale was born in Baltimore. Derek Skees was born in Orlando. Champ Edmunds is from South Carolina.

Also, other Republican out-of-state spies have previously infiltrated Montana politics. Rick Hill was born and raised in Minnesota; Ken Miller was born and raised in Colorado; Neil Livingstone was born in St. Louis; Conrad Burns was from Missouri. Chuck Baldwin is from Indiana. And Dave Lewis, lieutenant governor candidate in 2004, was born in South Dakota.

So it’s a major embarrassment. Most GOP current and recent statewide primary candidates can’t pass their own Montana purity test. This is an awful calamity that requires some remedy, quickly.

Because how on earth can anyone possibly be a dedicated public servant if he or she was born in another state? It’s inconceivable–a non-starter.

(I guess we’re finally starting to get hints about what all that google washing Daines did was about.)

The bottom line is this: If Daines will lie about his own background, no one should be surprised when he lies about whom he answers to, about how his votes are bad for jobs and schools, about what he’s really up to, and what he really believes.


Posted: February 26, 2014 at 11:18 pm

This post was written by Cowgirl

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  1. Greg Strandberg

    A lot of people from out of state have good ideas.

    That said, I’m proud to be a 3rd-generation Montanan, born and raised in Helena, and now living in Missoula. You can vote for me June 3 (on the highly unlikely chance that anyone reading this is living in HD98).

    1. Lynn

      I don’ t have a problem with anyone being “out of state” ( I was not born here) I have a problem with liars

  2. Publius II

    Independents should have serious doubts when they see ‘Shutdown’ Steve with King Kruz, and that pic though will surely solidify his Tea Party base of course, King Kruz with his courtiers and synchophants.

  3. Craig Moore

    Oh Please! Such manufactured nonsense when there is nothing to sell Walsh to the voters. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Daines

    Daines was born in California and moved to Montana with his parents when he was two years old.[2] He was raised in Bozeman, Montana where he attended school from kindergarten through college.[3] Although born in California, he asserts that he is a fifth-generation Montanan, based on having a direct family line of people who have lived in Montana since his great-great-grandmother Karine Dyrud immigrated from Norway to Minnesota in 1869, and later moved to Montana. His parents both grew up in Billings, Montana, and returned to Montana to start their own home-construction business.[4]

    Daines graduated from Bozeman High School and was elected President of his class. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University.

    His first memories of life were of Bozeman. Went to K through MSU in Montana. He claims being raised in Montana, feels Montanan from the all of his memories of life, can trace his Montana roots back to his great-great grandmother who came to Montana to homestead in 1869. To my knowledge, he never claimed to being born here, only raised here.

    I suppose this whole post is to distract from Walsh’s numerous lies and deceptions that have gotten him in trouble. Turning on the smoke screen will not make them go away.

  4. Moorcat

    I, too, don’t have a real issue with whether a person is born in Montana. I would also point out that being an “X” generation Montanan is just as important and mentioned just as often by Democrats as by Republicans. I am far more concerned for what a candidate stands for (his actions, not his rhetoric) than how many generations his family has been in Montana.

      1. Rob Kailey

        Like every single Democratic candidate’s commercial ever? Jon Tester – Montana Farmer, Brian Schweitzer – Montana Rancher, yadayada. Include the copious use of guns and family walking Montana country roads, and I think that’s all the ‘proof’ you need. The real question is why you think it’s at all relevant that Democrats be different from Republicans in the claim that they are X generation Montanan.

        1. Moorcat

          I do not believe that it is “relevant that Democrats be different from Republicans”. I do, however, feel it is hypocritical to sling mud at Republicans for doing the very same thing that Democrats do. As I said before, I could give a rat’s ass how many generations a person has been in Montana. What I do care about is what that candidate stands for and what his/her proven track record is – if they have one.

  5. Dave Skinner

    You are a product of where you grow up. Daines qualifies on that count alone.
    Where did YOU grow up, Cowgirl?

  6. Dave Lewis

    Yes, I was born in South Dakota but I am pretty sure it was in a log cabin. Does that count for some type of frontier street cred.?

  7. Publius II

    Daines now has ‘syrupy’ ads running with charming ‘brady bunch’ ads to swoon the public………..

            1. Craig Moore

              For the coup de grâce to chase the maple sugar monsters away, add a little Baileys Irish Cream and a swizzle stick of cinnamon to stir your coffee.

    1. Craig Moore

      Lynn, remember what Ted Dick, former executive director of the Montana Democratic Party, said about such nonsense that focuses on red herring distractions that sap the energy from establishing priorities and economic policies that will help workers, families and small businesses?

      Again, this manufactured issue is all about distracting from Walsh’s failings and shortcomings while attempting to motivate Dem voters through knee-jerk emotional fear and hatred just to go vote. Quite sad that Walsh is such a hard sell to the Dem base.

      1. Jeff McGrath

        When one side starts to claim that character and personal integrity should no longer be an issue for consideration in an election, that side has got a real problem.

      2. Lynn

        Craig, I just post what’s out there, whether I agree with it or not, have you got any recent polling to support your claim that Walsh is in trouble? I ‘m waiting to see how he votes in the Senate in the next few months before I decide whose getting my vote. Due to Daine’s games with the shutdown last fall and the fact that I like my health care not being limited by pre-existing conditions any more, it won’t be for Daines.

        1. Craig Moore

          Lynn, if there were good news for Walsh, this and other Dem blogs would be posting giddy spams of exciting News!!!!! There is nothing to report that can generate excitement for Walsh and move the needle. BTW the latest survey came from Harper Polling in February that has Daines up by 14% . This lead is consistent with the Daines lead reported by Public Policy Polling last November.

  8. John

    I agree with the sentiment about Daines’ history being…gelatinous. However we have been asked to thank him and I would appreciate everyone here thanking Steve for fighting to stop…
    lower premiums for my healthcare (the truth),
    allowing my kid to stay on my plan until she’s 26,
    insurance companies to forget about pre-existing conditions,
    a check from my insurance company when they don’t spend 80% on us,
    portable health insurance so I don’t have to stay at that phony-baloney job, and…
    with four million enrollees, five million added to medicare rolls, and all those twenty-somethings, I have to say;
    Thanks Steve, glad you didn’t win that fight, here’s hoping you don’t again.

    1. Greg Strandberg

      I won’t be getting health care until the tax fines are high enough to make me. I simply couldn’t afford it, not with student loan payments. Most young people know which monthly payment is more important.

      1. Moorcat

        For a large number of Montanans, there won’t be a penalty for not getting health care insurance. If you do not qualify for Medicaid and you fall below the subsidy level, the penalty has been waived.

      2. Corrine Gantt

        I have 2 sons. One is 25 and one is 33. They both now have insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The 25 year old, who could have stayed on our insurance for another year if we paid $317 a month signed up for his own. His premium is now $28 a month. His older brother, who was uninsurable without the Affordable Care Act due to a variety of pre existing conditions, pays $58 a month premiums. Do you think we love Obamacare?

    1. Lynn

      “When it comes to next steps on the law, a majority say it should be kept in place, including 48 percent who want Congress to work to improve it and 8 percent who say it should be kept as is. Fewer say Congress should repeal the law and replace it with a Republican-sponsored alternative (12 percent) or repeal it and not replace it (19 percent). Like opinions on the law overall, views about next steps are deeply divided by political party identification, with most Democrats preferring to keep the law in place and a majority of Republicans wanting to see it repealed. Among independents, more than half want Congress to keep the law as is or work to improve it, while a third prefer to see it repealed.”


  9. Drifter

    Boy Howdy! Liar, liar pants on fire! The GF Buffoon seems to think that this is a non-issue, which means that it is, considering the Buffoon’s Bizzaro World….

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