UPDATE: More Information Emerges on Suspect in Women’s Clinic Destruction

The Montana Human Rights Network is reporting some additional information on the organization’s Facebook page about the connections of Zachary Klundt, the man who was arrested today in connection with the break-in and vandalism of a women’s clinic in Kalispell, Montana. Nothing was stolen from the clinic, instead, “extensive damage” was found.

UPDATE:  The Flathead Beacon is reporting that something was stolen – medical records.  Also police found an unidentified yellow powder had been sprinkled around covering “almost everything.”

Zachary Klundt is the son of a woman named Twyla Klundt, who is on the board of Hope Pregnancy Ministries which is affiliated with a fake women’s clinic called Clear Choice–which is a so-called “crisis pregnancy center,” MHRN reports.

A crisis pregnancy center, in case you aren’t familiar with them yet, is basically a fake doctor’s office run by an anti-choice organization which poses as a medical clinic to get pregnant women seeking abortions or medical care in the door. Once women are inside, the staffers often then give women a Walmart pregnancy test out of the box and make them watch films with fake claims about the evils of abortion. There are all kinds of horror stories about these places, and there are several in operation in Montana. Some states have passed “truth in advertising” laws the prohibit these places from posing as medical clinics.

Anyway, as the Montana Human Rights Network’s researchers report, “In 2010 white supremacist April Gaede solicited donations for Hope Pregnancy Ministries.”

Even if you haven’t heard of April Gaede, you’ve probably heard of her twin daughters, Lamb and Lynx, who used to have a white power musical group called Prussian Blue. The two girls have been referred to as the “Nazi Pop Twins,” the Human Rights Network reports. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Gaede “a neo-Nazi stage mom” and includes a picture with her profile.

Gaede has posted on the white supremacist website Stormfront that she‘s given to Hope Pregnancy Ministries in the past, and that she believes giving money to that organization is a good way to “help save White babies.” I won’t link to Stormfront, nor should anyone.  As MHRN reports:

Gaede‘s posting continued by saying she has ―personally met many of these people (Ministries‘ staff). She told her peers to tell staff members that they were supporters of Stormfront, the  white supremacist website where Gaede made her request, when making a donation. She included the mailing address and website address for the Ministries.

Gaede encouraged her fellow white supremacists to send funds, because “our local population is over 95% White so they would be ―pretty much guaranteed to be helping to save White babies.”

To be sure, this new information about Klundt’s ties may or may not inform the investigation and or the case. Only time, good investigative reporting, and the courts will tell. There’s lots more info in the full six-page MHRN brief for an enterprising reporter to uncover on this emerging story.


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  1. So, all abortion opponents are ARYANS. Got it.

  2. The MHRN is practicing guilt by association in the court of public opinion. I prefer guilt by evidence in a court of law. And harking back to a 2010 report on April Gaede is a stretch. I smell fund-raising or paranoia. Maybe both.

    • Unlike the Rabid Ones who associate all enviros with “terrorists” because of the unibomber, there’s a little more than just “association” here and it is justified to ask the hard questions some would not prefer asked. The son of a board member of an anti-choice “clinic” that April Gaede gives money to on the eve of a “peaceful protest” by this whole menagerie? These are the ties that bind, and for anyone like those who support MHRN who are paying attention these ties show up again and again and again and again. Not sure what dog besides right-wing intolerance is in whose fight, but MHRN is right on as always.

      • Bill, see the pictures of Klundt. If it turns out he has the diminished mental capacity of a young child, would you still apply that label to him?

        • You can tell if someone has diminished mental capacity by looking at them?

          • He sure does look homely Ill give you that. But homeliness does not = downs syndrome. If he had downs Im pretty sure it would have been mentioned already.

            • Really? There is so much pressure to string this guy up as a terrorist by the left, why would anyone care to look deeper? Just hook him to a horse and drag him around the streets until the lust for political vengeance is satiated.

              Until he is arraigned and enters a plea there won’t be much more. Perhaps if he had a lawyer like Debo Adegbile defending him the left might take notice.

            • Well if my son or family member got caught up in something like this and he had downs syndrome or some other condition which kept him from forming the requisite criminal intent I’d probably say something to the media as an explanation. Wouldn’t you? The kid had his own facebook page apparently. You seem to be grasping at straws here Craig.

              • No. Don’t say a damn thing until the prosecution reveals its case, and then and only then AFTER competent defense counsel advises. No family member under the emotional duress of this situation should be making any statements from the hip at this time.

                • I tend to agree with Craig. It’s okay to release a short written statement saying “I love my son/daughter,” but anything else should come from a good defense attorney. Silence on the part of the suspect’s family is proof of smarts, not guilt.

                  • I’m noticing all the commenters on this string are guys. Including myself of course. So as a guy, I feel qualified to ask: why the rush for the benefit of the doubt GUYS? This is interesting. To state the obvious: there’s nobody—nobody—dragging this guy behind a horse. That would be sadistic and really painful if someone really did that, don’t you think? But women ( as well as husbands of women and fathers of women) who use reproductive health services have had to face the very real possibility of very real, painful, bloody AND sadistic violence from this flat world quarter for far, far too long. Wait til some glacial court proceedings grind to a halt til we “rush to judgement”?!? Look at the evidence such as it is right now. Then consider the total irrelevancy of whether this guy is unstable for any reason. OF COURSE A GUY WHO WOULD TEAR UP A WOMENS’ HEALTH CLINIC THAT PROVIDES ABORTIONS THAT HIS MOM THINKS IS EVIL IS UNSTABLE!!!!! That’s who these movements motivate duh! What’s the matter with you guys. Why are you trying to blame people who would prefer NOT to give the “benefit of the doubt” to the demonstrably violence-intimidation-based movements the anti-choicers choose to associate themselves with? One of the only women’s healthcare clinics that offer abortions in the state of Montana just got viciously vandalized on the eve of an anti-choice protest led by a group who keeps some pretty bad company. Let’s start there, please. That’s real. Crocodile tears aren’t.

                    • Evidence is what’s presented in court, not what’s printed in newspapers, broadcast on television, or posted on websites. Young Mr. Klundt may be guilty as hell. But just like the rest of us, he’s entitled to the presumption of innocence, and he has the right to demand that the state prove its case. And we have the responsibility to demand that his rights are honored, for his rights are not distinguishable from ours. Lynch Mr. Klundt and we lynch ourselves.

                      I spent a few minutes today across the street from All Families Healthcare taking file photos for Flathead Memo. There were people present, including a gray-haired man taking boxes of documents out of the building, his face contorted in anger. Had he not been laboring to move too many boxes at one time, there could have been an ugly confrontation as he clearly didn’t like my taking photographs, and he probably didn’t believe, or care, that I had the right to take photographs.

                      People have a right to be angry, but they have a responsibility not to let their anger cloud their judgment. Justice for all must not be replaced with justice for me but not for thee. Or to put it in the particular, with justice for Susan Cahill but not for Zac Klundt.

                    • Thank you, Mr. LaCroix, for an outstanding, and most honorable comment.

                • Sure guys. Unless the suspect has downs syndrome as Craig seems to believe. A fact which would be pretty obvious to all involved if that were the case. Which if raised in the media would bring just as much pressure on the prosecution to drop the case before it goes anywhere. You really think if the guy has downs that’s something the wily public defenders office is holding close to the vest as their trump card? All that said I think the whole thing is a rush to judgment as far as being some kind of political intimidation. He seems more like a drunk retard getting into trouble, and I’m not referring to your belief he has downs.

  3. It’s relevant even if its a case of a young man desperate for drugs.

  4. Also interesting, someone has taken down his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/zach.klundt

  5. If the assertions above prove to be true, it should prompt the FBI to conduct an investigation of the possible conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism, as has occurred in previous bombings of abortion providers and murders of their personnel.
    I respect those who hold and anti-abortion position on moral grounds, but not those who employ that position only for political ends and who think killing for a cause is justified.

    • The FBI has already been requested to join the investigation, and they have agreed.

      “There was extensive damage inside the office. So we called out our Major Case Unit to assist with evidence collection – just due to the amount of damage inside the office. We made contact with our local FBI office to see if they were interested in assisting with the investigation and they agreed to come on board with us,” Kalispell Police Captain Scott Warnell explained.

      “It just looked like they were trying to do damage to cause a problem for her trying to operate her business,” Warnell said.


  6. I call this an appalling act against a legitimate business and someone’s livelihood. At first, I thought it might be a person looking for drugs, but the terrible scenes from the news, show it to be a deliberate act of willful destruction. Perhaps a hate crime or domestic terrorism.

  7. But why would a robber attract attention by making noise and destroying things–and breaking every single window instead of searching for drugs.

    Plus who robs an abortion clinic for money or drugs – they might have a bottle of valium max. FYI – its an inpatient, no anesthetic procedure people.

    ” As can be seen in photos provided by Cahill to RH Reality Check (below), throughout the facility furniture, equipment, and records were damaged and destroyed, and nearly every piece of glass was broken.”


  8. Craig has not apparently met anyone with Downs Syndrome. They are among the kindest most gentle people on earth. It takes a real jerk to judge people by their appearance and call them intellectually disabled.

  9. So you’re a burglar, and you stop to destroy the water heater and sewer line, break all the windows, and sprinkle a yellow powder everywhere. Right. That’s totally credible.

  10. If the suspect truly believes in the sanctity of human life, I’d like to hear his explanation as to why — and the time of this arrest — he carried the means to murder 20 or more people, depending on how good a shot he is.
    The level of rage exhibited by the physical damage he is alleged to have done gives me pause.
    Curious, also, is that he faces no firearms charges.

  11. I’m a native Montanan – & proud of it until I discovered cowgirl.com today. If cowgirl.com is, in fact, a leading political website of ANY kind I might have to move out of state due to my embarassment at its wreckless, baseless, inflamatory, sensationalistic (I was going to say “reporting” but I don’t want to insult real journalists and real journalism!) CRAP! (I know – unimaginative name-calling but sometimes you have to just tell it like it really is!). I’m glad cowgirl.com is, instead, clearly trash, written and published by trash and because that’s so obvious, I can join the others who have taken one look at cowpie.com and vowed never to look at it again!

  12. Howdy Jim, having dispensed with the intros, dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

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