TEA Party “Young Guns” Tweet Things

In case you haven’t noticed, the Montana Twitter scene has become infested lately with a new breed of imbecile: the young Tea Partier.  A gang of them have taken to the Twitterverse and call themselves Young Guns, or #MTGOPYoungGuns to be precise.

Sources tell me that the Republican Party had a special training session this past weekend at which the infestation hatched.   The main piece of advice offered to the young assembled radicals was to invade the Twitter scene and make sure to try to compete with liberal tweeters, in equal numbers of tweets.   This they appear to have done.  If you ever happen to peruse #mtpol, you will notice that people with names such as Austin James, Legislator Nicholas “scary vaginas” Schwaderer and many other of their friends are offering up a constant stream of tweets.

The bad news is that the tweets are nothing but inane dribble. Mostly they are just statements by the tweeter, who proclaims that he or she is proud to be a member of the Young Guns.

Here is a selection of some of this important content on Twitter:

some dead campfire

earth shattering news


sacred right to privacy for men

This one is especially ironic, since the GOP has consistently opposed the right to privacy for women in its party platform and only a few GOP legislators have supported women’s privacy rights.

Good thing “orgins” don’t matter so much.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 9.16.44 PM

new ideas that involve liberty

Sounds important, but what are they?

The Schwad

Yes,  important news

The part I enjoy most, however, is that my blog is apparently the major concern among these nitwits.  That doesn’t surprise me, since Montana conservatives have repeatedly tried and failed to start a successful blog and are dumbfounded that there are literally dozens of good democratic blogs going strong.   Tea Partiers, not known for being tech savvy, can’t seem to figure out the black box, the secret code, for creating content that people actually might want to read.

And so apparently they view the Cowgirl Blog as a sort of Eye of Sauron–the evil Lord and Emperor in The Lord of the Rings, from whence the dark forces of social liberalism exert immense power and dark magic, and have subjugated the conservative movement.  As Austin James once said, “In Montana it’s very difficult (to keep a conservative blog) because we have blogs like Montana Cowgirl.”

These Young Guns are conservative Frodos and Sams, and are now going to try to free their world of oppression and darkness such as public education standards dumping on their “freedom” (and maybe achieve a rare win in a statewide race).

My informant who has knowledge of what transpired at the GOP training session tells me that one of the most emphatic points made to the young attendees was that they should boldly challenge, on Twitter, “any assertion made by the Montana Cowgirl Blog and monitor it closely.”

And so I’m happy to say, and happy to know, that I have provided a purpose in the lives of some of these young dopes.

Nobody told them apparently that they needed to communicate anything other than “Hey! We are young guns, brah.”  And dudes they mostly are. wko2014fewwomen Look at this photo they took from their tweeting training.  They’ve pushed the handful of women to the front to make it seem like there are more of them.  Just like the old guns did at the GOP “all filing for office together” press conference.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 7.48.12 PM

I suspect, by the way, that this hilarious Craigslist advertisement which appeared a yesterday in Bozeman, is the work product of an enthusiastic Young Gun:

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 7.37.33 PM

At least they didn’t put it in the Classifieds section in the Newspaper.  They are learning, slowly.


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  1. I love the one who has been given the pre-fab form that says “I’m a republican because my ________ to________is_____.” Hahahahahaha!

  2. If I were still in college and still under 50, I would definitely join. The woman:man ratio would assure me of a Saturday date….

  3. The form should be filled out like this

    I’m a Republican because my” __IQ__” is “__too low__” to”__know how the policies they support will harm me.”

  4. LOL @Jamie ‘I’m a Republican because my IQ is too low to know how to survive in an over regulated economy where my personal liberties are infringed by an over bearing government.’

  5. Three? You need to learn how to count.

  6. I think you can laugh all you want, but a lot of these “Young Guns” have economic principles in line with much of Montana.

    I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of republicans in Helena go too far, but the idea of fiscal responsibility, privacy, and personal liberties are good ones.

    There’s no reason why the state shouldn’t save more and spend less, and do tax rebates from time to time. A balanced budget is always a good idea, and I think everyone agrees on that.

    But we have to look at people that are struggling and give them a hand as well, especially when this economic outreach just goes right back into the local communities.

    I think a lot of older people reading about these young people in the paper probably agree with them. I hope these “Young Guns” also realize that many don’t, and that working together and compromising is the best solution for everyone.

  7. Austin James is back, hes gone from writing fake letters to the editor to tweeting. Craig Moore, I think Kendall Cotton here is a more accurate test subject for your thesis on whether you can determine if someone is mentally impaired by studying a picture of their face. What’s your take on Kendall Cotton? Mentally impaired or no?

  8. Thankfully, your primary opponent for legislature, Willis Curdy, is a well-respected teacher, community member, and is likely to win the primary.

  9. Do I sense a meme coming on?

  10. I wonder if the people of ‘color’ in the ‘gun squad’ pic above allowed to have ammunition? I wonder what kind of HEALTHCARE coverage these ‘Yung Gunz’ have? Same as Daines?

    • If we wiped out the scummy, thieving insurance companies, that screw both the doctors and the patients, medicine bills would be so low, you could pay them out of pocket. AS WE USED TO DO.

      Just like in the old days (World War II generation being the last that could pay with cash).

      The poor could obtain a special no-interest loan to pay it back at a low amt, each month, and that would be a worst-case scenario.

      Remember the Catholic charity hospitals? Great idea, but you cannot have mass immigration if you have these, it would overwhelm the system, as it has here in California.

      Check out The Surgery Center in Oklahoma. They take CASH ONLY but the cost of their operations is less than A FIFTH of regular, insurance-backed medicine.

      Even the poor could get a loan for this. But I am unwilling to impoverish myself, through confiscatory taxes, to ensure that the masses of poor coming from Latin America get insurance. Their irresponsible governments need to take control of that, and they won’t, cuz they know they can send their unwanted up to the U.S.

      And we are dying financially because of it.

  11. I’m a republican because it’s funny watching the libtards on reverse cowgirl getting their panties in a bunch because young people are waking up from the false promises from the Dems who run up the debt because they know it’s in our best interests. Ya right

    • Is that you Austin?

    • This is an issue, the debt, that young people in both parties are concerned about. All this debt our parents have piled up we’ll have to carry on our backs. We know our lives will be worse off than theirs, and don’t even get me started on my son’s life.

      How long are we going to put off this tightening of our belts that we should have done 5 years ago, and that really should have began a lot sooner?

      Thank God in Montana we have the common sense to do a balanced budget each year.

      • Greg, I mean absolutely no insult by this, but … your view is financially naive. The debt was accrued to pay for things, things which may or may not benefit those who are being asked to pay for that borrowing. Anyone who has ever been in debt knows that there are two ways out of it, usually used in concert with each other. You can decrease spending (the Republican plan is to balance the budget no matter the cost with no eye to those who profited from generating that debt) and/or increase revenue. If one has had a balanced budget (like Montana) then debt is not an issue, which is why Montana Republicans consistently hype the fear of debt even though it is Constitutionally not allowed. They don’t tend to have anything real, save the fear.
        The national debt is very real and appears awesome. So, the battle cry is to cut spending, follow austerity. There are a couple of problems with that, however. Every single time austerity has been tried in the last 200 years it has 1) resulted in a counter-productive decrease in revenue, and 2) inordinately affected those who benefited the least by the purchases that generated the debt in the first place. That is financially unsound, and quite simply put, morally unjust.
        These are not party issues, but simple financial math. One of the very few things that the US leads the world in anymore is income inequality. Those who get rich by spending the government’s money, our money, want the rest of us to pay for the debt that they burdened us with, and they want us to do it by being satisfied with ‘less’. Though one certainly has to admire the passion of the young Republicans and accept the validity of their concerns, one does not have to believe the same lies they’ve been spoon fed:
        1) Corporations are people, and cannot be regulated for they are the ‘job creators’. Bullshit. Job creators are those who employ people to generate more revenue, with their employees generating revenue as well. Job creators actually create jobs pumping money into the market through purchases. Notice, that includes the government.
        2) Liberty means passing the debt buck away from those who truly benefit from ‘liberty’ on to those who pay for the largess of others. It makes little sense that the very rich pay 36% of their income in taxes and the middle class pays 30 to 32%. The income gap is much more vast than those percentages imply.
        3) Corporate subsidies are necessary for job creation. Of course they are, overseas where the nation sees no benefit to revenue. If corporations are people, then why are you, I and these young Republicans paying them to get tax refunds that increase the debt?
        4) National defense benefits everyone. No it doesn’t. That’s one of the most pernicious lies ever told. No it doesn’t. It benefits war profiteers. We haven’t had an ‘enemy’ on the same continent as us since Mexico declared alliance with the fascists in World War II and did absolutely nothing that threatened us. And yet, the overwhelming majority of our horrific debt is somehow supposed to be for our ‘safety’. It’s all to the good that these young Republicans are het up about the security state. That’s something that they share with young Democrats and independents. perhaps instead of showing babbled signs about “liberty”, they might want to accept the fact that the debt they are so concerned with is the direct result of the butt-puckered fear and profiteering from those who inspired them to write those little signs.
        I, for one, wouldn’t mind accepting the debt for my parent’s debt, as long as I get the return of it’s value. That is not the case here. These pups are being convinced that it was the evil partisan Democrats who generated that debt and they have the righteous quest ahead of holding someone responsible for that, someone who isn’t them or their handlers. That is the wrong path. Raise the minimum wage. Spend on infra-structure. Cut military spending in half. Single payer health care. Increase taxes to Eisenhower levels minus 20% and kill corporate welfare. Any or all of those will go much farther towards decreasing the national debt than twittering platitudes about ‘liberty and freedom’.

        • Actually, Greg, it’s worse than you can even imagine. Forget Rob’s cheeze, go check out David Stockman’s epic rant book The Great Deformation.
          I don’t agree with everything in it, but it is a fabulous, if stultifying, history lesson. It wasn’t just the last five years, but conditions set for the past fifty by business as usual.

        • You make some good points. I always like to point out to republicans Ike’s Farewell Address where he warned us about the military industrial complex. He was a smart guy with good tax sense for the time. I wish more republicans could be like him and some of those others.

          Jeez, now I’m waxing nostalgic for some of the republicans we had on the national stage in the late 80s and early 90s. At least they tried to make deals.

          I don’t know how a lot of republicans can be businessmen today – they never want to cut a deal.

    • What an insulting word to use…..

  12. Drunks for Denny | March 7, 2014 10:41 AM at 10:41 AM |

    Why is one of the young guns a NEGRO? Doesn’t he know his fellow young guns would just as soon send him to Africa???

    • Actually sir, they would rather wire him to a fence and whip him for being the same color as the President.
      One word best describes these people: LOSERS.

  13. When it comes to the “dark forces of social liberalism” The Guardian has your back, Cowgirl. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/mar/06/not-even-climate-change-will-kill-off-capitalism

    • Craig, you didn’t answer my question. Kendall Cotton: Mentally impaired or not? Take a look at the picture and let me know your thoughts.

  14. So Montana Republicans don’t want to produce a blog where they make a fake caricature of themselves and spend all their time calling everyone else names? What failures!

  15. Anyone believing that Tim Fox isn’t spying on Montanans is delusional.


  16. Why Tom Burnett is a Republican

  17. There are so many, many reasons

  18. Bitterroot!

  19. Other groups have been doing this long before the Republicans. They must be worried about the Libertarians. Republicans don’t understand the idea of liberty or freedom. It’s kind of like Animal Farm: We support Liberty for all, but some will have more Liberty then others. It’s all a PR stunt.

  20. “As ridiculous as the right-wing pundits are, though, it’s the 70 percent of Republicans following Heritage that is actually more worrying. Heritage has joined the rest of the conservative movement in shifting from pursuing politically achievable conservative policy goals to always advocating for the most conservative course of action even when that course involves apocalyptic consequences and is also impossible. So if you want to know how exactly House Republicans managed to convince themselves that they’ll be able to repeal Obamacare if they just want to bad enough, well, it jibes with everything they hear in their wonderful little self-contained world.”


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