By the numbers

Here are some interesting numbers which came out today from the Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.  Anyone affiliated with this effort should be proud.

By the Numbers (according to the Montana Secretary of State website as of 3/11/14 ):


  • Seats filled: 125 (0 unfilled)
  • Total candidates: 153
  • Seats with primaries: 25
  • Women candidates: 67 (44% of total; exactly 50% of Senate candidates are women)
  • Native American candidates: 11 (not including 2 additional Native American legislators not up for election this year)


  • Seats filled: 109 (16 unfilled)
  • Total candidates: 150
  • Seats with primaries: 40 (including many against incumbents)
  • Women candidates: 28 (19% of total)
  • Native American candidates: 3

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  1. Yes, I am proud of those numbers.

    If you’re a woman in Montana the democrats care about you and the issues you face and we’re ready to work for you in Helena, not against you.

    • Well, here are some other numbers. Don’t suppose anyone here is going to be singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

      President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party are facing difficult political headwinds less than eight months before November’s midterm elections, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

      Obama’s job-approval rating has dropped to a low point of 41 percent, never a good position for the party controlling the White House;
      By a 33 percent to 24 percent margin, Americans say their vote will be to signal opposition to the president rather than to signal support, though 41 percent say their vote will have nothing to do about Obama;
      Forty-eight percent of voters say they’re less likely to vote for a candidate who’s a solid supporter of the Obama administration, versus 26 percent who say they’re more likely to vote for that candidate;
      And Republicans hold a one-point edge over Democrats on which party registered voters prefer to control Congress, 44 percent to 43 percent. While that’s within the poll’s margin of error, Republicans have traditionally fared well in elections when they’ve held a slight lead on this question.

      “The wind is in our face,” says Democratic pollster Fred Yang of Hart Research…

      So which of Montana’s Dem candidates are going to affirm their support for Obama?

      • I support Obama – this country would be even deeper in the shitter if Romney was in charge right now.

        • Well Greg, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, just the 48% who are less likely to vote for any candidate who is a strong supporter of Obama. Did you see what happened in Florida when the old folks expressed their preference?

          If I’m a Democratic House member in any competitive district in America or a Democratic incumbent senator up for re-election this year in a moderate-to-conservative state like North Carolina, Arkansas, Colorado, Alaska or Louisiana, I’m waking up more than a little anxious about what happened in Pinellas County on Tuesday.

          In Alex Sink, Democrats had a better-funded, well-known nominee who ran a strong campaign against a little-known, second- or third-tier Republican who ran an often wobbly race in a district Barack Obama won twice. Outside Republican groups — much more so than the under-funded Jolly campaign — hung the Affordable Care Act and President Obama on Sink.

          It worked.

          Consider also, the effect of older voters is felt more in off years.

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