TEA Party-Militia Plot Unearthed in Bozeman

The election season has just begun and already there is a nasty plot afoot in Gallatin county, hatched by the local conservatives.  It’s dirty, below-the-belt, highly dishonest stuff.  Embarrassed at the fact that they have become a national joke, the right-wing of the conservative movement has resorted to an attempt to invade and infect the Democratic Party, Trojan Horse style, and take it over. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s happening.

This year a bunch of  local Tea Partiers filed paperwork to run as Democrats for local legislative races. And unless the Gallatin democrats undertake a campaign to inform voters not to vote for these candidates, these imbeciles will succeed in deceiving the voters and will take seats in the 2015 legislature that the voters intended to be filled by democrats.

Let’s take a look at who they are.

Henry Pennington

Henry Pennington is a TEA Partier running as a fake democrat to deceive Bozeman Voters

This gentleman is Harry Pennington and this is Harry’s official Facebook photo.  Harry is running as a fake Democrat in SD 32. His Facebook page is littered with offensive racially-charged blather and calls to impeach Obama, and the usual nonsense one expects from these types [screenshots below] Rep. Franke Wilmer (D-Bozeman) is the actual Democrat in this race.

Harry Pennington facebook1 Harry Pennington Facebook2

RedDanePeeplesThe next TEA Partier running as a fake Democrat is Dane Peeples, who has filed for HD 62. Peebles, who goes by Red Dane online,  has an account on the TEA Party “patriot” bulletin board called the Constitution Club [screenshot.] Peeples is part of a local militia group called “the Irregulars” as you can see here. [screenshot]

If this guy, who goes by RedDane online, who is same age, astrological sign, has the same graphic interests, and who looks the same as Dane Peeples’ Facebook photos is also the Dane Peeples running for office, he appears to be looking for extra-marital hookups if any of you ladies are interested in that kind of thing. Rep. Tom Woods (D-Bozeman) is the actual democratic representative in this race.

Laura Springer is an associate of Dane Peeples, according to her account at the TEA Party “patriot” bulletin board known as the Constitution Club. Springer is also running as a fake democratic candidate in HD  63, Bozeman–although her Constitution Club profile says she lives in the Flathead.  If that’s true, she’s not legally permitted to run for this seat. [screenshot] The actual Democrat in this race is Zach Brown. 

The Constitution Club is a “patriot” site that contains postings from the group William Wolf and Joel Boniek are affiliated with –the bunch who threatened to kidnap a local judge for jailing “The Natural Man” Ernie Tertelgte.

Are three democratic candidates that have filed under the same address, 919 W Lamme in Bozeman. So we are to believe that three adult TEA Party Republicans all just happen to live together as adult roommates and are running for office. (I guess if it can happen in Havre it can happen here. At least those two had the sense to take out different PO Boxes.) Perhaps Bozeman readers will weigh in and let us know more about the address.  Unless we’re to believe that these three are all roommates, they may not be county residents at all and therefore may not be legally permitted to run. Harry doesn’t list a phone number of the Secretary of State’s filing page, but Laura and Dane do.

The Montana Republican Party certainly lists a phone number: 406-442-6469. Because these candidates are all Republicans, the state Republican Party will have a few questions to answer, too, about the ethics and honesty of blatantly seeking to deceive local voters.  This could turn into yet another embarrassment for Republicans in Montana, and Springer, Peeples, and Pennington should immediately withdraw their candidacies.

UPDATE: I’m told that there are more fake candidates out there who have filed as democrats — readers like you are the most likely people to know who they are–email the tip line at mntnacowgirl@gmail.com and help spread the word. Tips are starting to come in.  Here’s the latest fake candidate to be uncovered. 

UPDATE: March 12: A fake candidate in Sanders County was found. Sanders County GOP Vice-Chair Files as Democratic Candidate Here’s the list to date.

Gerald Cuvillier, Sanders County

Mike Comstock, Gallatin County

Laura Springer, Gallatin County

Harry Pennington, Gallatin County

Dane Peeples, Gallatin County

UPDATE: March 14 – The Great Falls Tribune has uncovered 2-3 additional TEA Party Republicans who have falsely filed as Dems to deceive voters. Here’s the Great Falls Tribune  piece [pdf].


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  1. Sounds like Curly, Moe, and Larry.

  2. i wonder if it’s the same dane peeples who left the comment on this crazy-ass website.

  3. The Tea Party has got to go somewhere. Republicans won’t have them anymore.
    Crushed Teabags

  4. Drunks for Joe Balyeat | March 11, 2014 8:09 AM at 8:09 AM |

    So Kris Hansen and her, um, roommate are both running for office in Havre. Hmmmm.

  5. Are you sure you have identified all of the mischief makers trying to disrupt the Democrat Party primaries? There sure are a lot more Democrat primaries than usual. HMMMM, makes you wonder doesn’t it?
    In their press conference yesterday the Democrats said they have “friendly” primaries. We will see how that works out for you.
    Remember, Democrats don’t typically vote in primaries. It looks like you have your work cut out for you.

  6. As a veteran of this sort of uber conservative mischief here in the Bitterroot, it looks like from here the same loony tune, Jan Wisniewski, that tried to infiltrate the Democratic Central Committee last time around has decided to primary his own pet candidate, Suzy Foss in the county commissioners race, this time as a Republican. He, and his brother from another mother, Bill Menager, are primarying the commissioners that they have been stalwartly defending. It seems from my perspective, that they are assuming that the current commissioners are damaged goods, but they think they have been somehow invisible in all the shenanigans and the voters won’t know that they are connected.

  7. Assume all true. Then reflect on that Dems are harvesting what they sowed. Glass house, rocks, getting Coxed, and all that in regards to interfering in an election. http://www.propublica.org/article/in-montana-dark-money-helped-democrats-hold-a-key-senate-seat

    • Right, Only Tester had “Dark” money, Denny did not get a penny….”But it appears the outside money has favored Rehberg, by about a $16.5 million to $12.5 million margin, based on conversations with the campaigns and academics tracking the outside cash.”


      • Lynn, please re-read the ProPublica piece until you understand that it wasn’t about Dem Dark Money in support of Tester, but the subversion of the election by supporting Cox. IMHO, what we are seeing in these elections is a to return the favor.

        IMHO, I can’t stand any of this whether it be Coxing the outcome, running as decoys, or crossing over to subvert primary elections. IT all stinks. A pox on all their houses.

        • I have read the Pro Publica piece many times and pointed you to the other reasons cited in the Article about why Tester won. It was not all Cox as you keep trying to say. There were several points made, the Republican mistakes in ads etc.

          Plus this is the First time you’ve admitted that the Republican side is playing dirty. I submit that they started this with Citizen’s United, I wish it was like not this but the Republicans wrote the rules, they wanted Citizen’s United, they are not trying to repeal it.

          You only cry “Foul” when your side loses.

          • http://helenavigilante.com/archives/8046

            Karl Rove’s ads could have driven people to vote for Cox, or the idea of voting for the guy with the least money, with ALL the ads by both sides, I submit that the one ad by Hunters and Anglers should not have had that much impact on the race

            • ” Several ads run by conservative groups backfired, messing up in ways that irked Montanans.

              The National Republican Senatorial Committee — a party committee that reports its donors — ran an ad that appeared to show Tester with all five digits on his left hand. (Tester is well known for having lost three fingers in a childhood accident involving a meat grinder.) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce misspelled Tester’s first name. A Montana cable operator yanked a Crossroads ad for claims the operator deemed false.

              “The first one that burned me really bad was from the U.S. Chamber,” said Verner Bertelsen, a former Republican state legislator and Montana secretary of state. “I thought — you buggers! We don’t need you to come in here and tell us who to vote for.” ”


  8. Old Line, Democrat | March 11, 2014 6:29 PM at 6:29 PM |

    What a pathetic, desperate strategy. What more proof does anyone need to see how little merit even the tea partiers see in their positions. First they try to make it more difficult for voters to actually cast their ballots, now they are overtly practicing blatant deception. Those of us truly concerned about the future of our state and country need to speak out clearly and loudly about this underhandedness. Spread the word!

  9. http://m.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/dailyfeatures/article_8e3d0fe8-5ed5-11e3-9d1d-0019bb2963f4.html?mode=jqm_gal Could this be the same Harry Pennington? Maybe the GOP in Bozeman are paying him to sabatoge the race?

  10. boston t. party | March 11, 2014 8:22 PM at 8:22 PM |

    Might want to give Molon Labeé a read

  11. Check out Teabagger Supreme Art Wittich’s attack editorial (in GF Tribune) on reasonably sane GOP legislatore Jesse O’Hara, blasting O’Hara’s lack of idealogicail PURITY and also calling all who could have received healthcare by medicaid expansion worthless, lazy SCUM of the earth…thanks Wittich, there’s a special place in hell for you!

  12. What about all the fake republicans that are really tea party members which should be thrown out of the Republican Party. Tea party is their own party and should run as such.

  13. The tiny house at 919 W. Lamme is owned by “WILLIAM SCOTT JOYNER & CHRISTINE P MCCONNEN” according to Gallatin Co. tax records. Maybe they can shed some light on who is living at that house?

  14. Has anyone reported this to the authorities yet? Surely this is not legal?

    • what is NOT legal is what the DEMOCRATS have done to the US Constitution; they LIE, they STEAL and they CORRUPT.
      Turn about is fair play and WE WILL DO TO YOU WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO US – Count on it!!

  15. There is nothing illegal about filing to run, you can file and list any party you want to.

    • As Cowgirl pointed out in her latest article, while there is nothing wrong with filing whatever party you want, there are quite a few things wrong with falsifying information on your registration.

      • I didn’t comment on if they were falsifying information, I was pointing out that it is not illegal to file and name any party you want to the poster named John, who stated he thought it was surely illegal. As far as falsifying information, yes, this is illegal and should be investigated.

  16. OMG! I was the girl running with her Hair-On-Fire, after reading this! I filed a “Formal Complaint” with The “Secretary Of State” I talked with our local County Attorney, and the Commissioner of Political Practices, and TWO Election Administrates! I even went by ‘said’ Fake Residence, yesterday! Apparently, it hit the Associated Press, and so far, THREE different News Papers picked it up, including “The Bozeman Chronicle!” I went by the FAKE Residence yesterday! OMG. Snazzy! LOL!!! Two of them are “Homeless” WHAT???

  17. 919 W. Lamme St. Bozeman, MT

  18. homeless!!!! gasp!!!! they should be imprisoned for running homelessly!!!!

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