Sanders County GOP Vice-Chair Files as Democratic Candidate

Fifth Right-Wing Candidate Found to Have Falsely Filed As Democrat to Deceive Voters

Yet another candidate has come to light. in a growing list of people who have falsely filed as democrats in what appears to be a plot to undermine Montana’s elections and deceive local voters. A man who was elected in 2011 as Vice-Chair of the Sanders County Republican Central Committee, the Missoulian reported has now filed for office claiming to be a democratic candidate.

Cuvillier, on his Facebook page, urged voters to support hard-right conservative Matt French over Rehberg, praised the Arizona Republicans for criticizing their elected officials for not being conservative enough, and decried the “socialism” of “Obamacare.”

Gerald Cullivier Rehberg

Gerald Cullivier AZ GOP Gerald Cullivier Socialism
Meanwhile, more information has come to light on the false filers from Bozeman who pretended to be Democrats and each listed the same address.

Turns out Harry Pennington is a homeless man who, the Bozeman Chronicle and KBZK have reported, lives out of his car or in the local warming shelter.

Bozeman resident Harry Pennington has been sleeping in his car for about three years. “I sleep on the driver’s side,” Pennington said. “Some times the passenger’s side.”

By the way, according to the Montana Cadastral online search tool, the owner of record for the address Pennington, Springer and Peeples used to file is 919 W. Lamme St., Bozeman: William Scott Joyner with mailing going to Christine McConnen.  Of course neither may be aware that their address is being used for this purpose. The filers could all be roommates who rent the place.

But it turns out the only Laura Springer is listed on the voter file has an address in Fortine–that’s in Lincoln County, not Gallatin–and does not appear to have ever voted in the state of Montana.

Thanks to the Cowgirl tipsters who continue to uncover this information about the fake candidates.  You can read more about what the game may be for these candidates here.  More information about the candidates seeking to undermine elections in Sanders County and Gallatin County voters here, here, and here.

The candidates are:

Gerald Cuvillier, Sanders County (see above)

Mike Comstock, Gallatin County

Laura Springer, Gallatin County

Harry Pennington, Gallatin County

Dane Peeples, Gallatin County

The tipline email is

The Montana Republican Party can be reached at 406-442-6469. Because these candidates are all Republicans, the state Republican Party will have a few questions to answer, too, about the ethics and honesty of blatantly seeking to deceive local voters.


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  1. Isn’t this voter fraud? I’m sick and tired of hearing that we need to stop “voter fraud” by restricting who can vote and when. Republicans ballot measure will mean fewer options for people to vote, but how is this not fraud when you purposefully lie to people to rig elections.

    And why is it no reporters think we deserve to know this kind of thing. No offense Cowgirl, but people shouldn’t have to go to a blog to find this out.

    • I completely agree. Why are the state papers not putting their vast resources toward reporting on this nonsense?

      But do people in Montana care? I mean, we’ll find out whether they care or not on June 3. But does that mean we should have to sit here while we’ve got elephants parading around like jackasses?

      Anyone can file however they like and run in that primary race. Sure, there are some special rules for independent parties, but the major parties don’t give tests. If I didn’t put a little initiative forth I could have filed as a democrat and met no other party democrats all the way until today. No one would know anything about me or my political beliefs.

      Does that mean I can’t run? Again, anyone can file and run for office, but it’s the voters that decide who goes on past a certain point and then eventually get elected.

      So this is more of an annoyance to democrats than anything outright wrong. Maybe these people are honestly trying to bail their party because it’s so bad. Even sinners need to be forgiven, and perhaps it’s time to welcome some of these folks with open arms. Will the voters welcome them?

      Since these are legislative races I don’t expect there to be much money spent and little if any TV advertising. So what are the options? Lots of flyers that go to the trash? Maybe some newspaper inserts with the pile of other advertising in the Sunday edition? How about robocalls?

      Those are all options, but I don’t think any of these folks will follow the most proven way to get votes – knocking on doors. That might force them to talk about issues.

      I will tell you from experience, when a voter asks you about issues, it only takes about 4 seconds for you to see a look in their face. This look is either good or bad depending on the words that just spilled out of your mouth, and that look will tell you if you have them or not.

      If I was to put money on the races you’ve uncovered I’d say none of these people have a chance, but they may pull votes away from the more conservative democrats in their districts, allowing the more liberal candidates to get in.

  2. It’s dishonest, and possibly in the case of Laura Springer an act at variance with the residency requirements mandated by Montana’s constitution, but it’s not voter fraud. I think the mainstream media will catch up with the story fairly quickly. There’s a lot of fact checking to do, and that takes time.

    There is, incidentally, a stumblebum aspect to this story that’s deeply saddening.

  3. A lot of people feel there is no difference between the two major parties. Candidates say one thing but when elected do another. Voters are going the Independent route these days.

  4. KTVM picked up Cowgirl’s reporting (and credited the source) on their Thursday (3/13) evening broadcast.
    They also reported Springer has withdrawn.

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