They’ve Done This Before

This isn’t the first time TEA Partiers have sought to undermine Montana elections and deceive Montana voters.  What’s happening in Bozeman and Sanders County also happened in Ravalli County in 2012, the Missoulian reported at the time.   (It’s one more special distinction Ravalli doesn’t need.)

TEA Party Republicans have proven they have no qualms about lying to voters or the press.   It’s all part of a greater Republican strategy to suppress the vote. Here’s how it works.

Montana has two top nationally targeted races this year–for House and U.S. Senate–and taking back the MT legislature has never been more important–you could make the case its more important than Congress since that body does not seem to be able to get much done.  With so much money being spent in Montana, there will be very few undecided voters.  This means the election will be decided by who is best able to turn out voters for their candidates. Voter turnout is of course where local central committees, legislative races, and those working with local candidates are invaluable.

By causing confusion about which candidates are fake Dems which are not, the TEA party is hoping some Democrats won’t vote in the precinct level races at all–or vote for the wrong candidate.  The confusion will force local Dems to spend more resources—resources they could have used to help elect legislative candidates and democrats in the federal races in the fall.

When I wrote about this before, I said we should expect to see the Republicans repeat this trick in again, in other races, and here we are. It’s unlikely these are the only races, nor will this be the last time these tricks are played on Montanans.



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  1. I was more involved with the Ravalli County impostors last go round than I ever wanted to be, my quote in the Missoulian to the contrary. The local yokels have moved on to primary the very same county commissioners that they helped to elect and who appointed Jan Wisniewski to his vaulted position as head of the planning board. We all watched that unfold with horror and amazement.
    I have a little trouble believing that they are capable of the complicated thought processes that go along with the grand plan you outlined, at least the Bitterrooters. They can believe the most incredible conspiracy theories you could ever dream up to spoon feed them, but frankly, this complicated plan to manipulate the elections must be coming from a mastermind. Most of them just don’t have the mental bandwidth.

  2. Dear Cowgirl,
    Anything to win, anything to obtain more power.
    As to money being spent, particularly out of state monies, perhaps there is a solution. The John Marshall famously said, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” Perhaps an idea would be to tax all out of state monies in elections, say at 1000%. Spend a million trying to influence a Montana election, write a check for $1 billion to the Dept of Revenue. Don’t do so, and face felony tax evasion charges from the state. The Supreme Court struck down Citizens United, but it is doubtful they would strike down the state’s right to levy taxes. Are Montanans ready for it? I think so. Now to find a majority in the legislature to create and pass it.

  3. Perhaps it’s time to consider closed primaries and require people to register in a party to vote in a primary or run on that party ticket. Sad that it’s come to this.

    • Gee whiz, didn’t we get rid of that awhile back? I like going to the polling place on election day and voting for any of the candidates regardless of what party they’re in. Put all their names on one ballot so voters can choose anyone they like.

  4. You can have closed primaries, but have the parties pay for those primaries. No more taxpayer funded beauty contests.

  5. Or is this retribution for Bozeman Democrats turning out for a Republican primary to move moderate GOP candidates forward? I remember Mike Comstock having a holy hairy fit about this, which means it was a success.

  6. You’d think the Bitterroot has its share of fake Republicans since, Democrats seem to have a hard time getting elected. Who can you trust these days?

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