Creationists and the Court

Seems our recently profiled candidate for Montana’s Supreme Court,  Mr. Lawrence VanDyke, has a soft spot for soft science.

While he declined to reveal much in his interview with the IR, the internet has much to offer us.

In his time as the editor of the oft-praised Harvard Law Review in 2004, he took it upon himself to bring the world creationism rebranded as intelligent design.

Apparently, VanDyke:

“published a besotted review of Francis Beckwith’s book about the constitutionality of Intelligent Design creationism in public schools. VanDyke’s insipid and error-filled piece…would have been eminently ignorable had it not appeared in the often respected Law Review, and this fact alone attracted a dogpile of criticism.”

For example.

Mr. VanDyke’s article was entitled “Not Your Daddy’s Fundamentalism” it appeared in 117 Harv. L Rev. 964. He got trounced in the blogosphere and and merriment ensued.

Now, he wants a seat on the Montana Supreme Court.

Contrast this candidate with someone like Mike Black, who is more committed to social and economic justice than pseudo-science.


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  1. Old Line, Democrat | March 14, 2014 7:39 PM at 7:39 PM |

    Not surprising, it’s part of the far right wing’s billionaire masters plan to take over the state and federal courts to get the law changed to meet the master’s wishes.

    So incredibly gullible and naïve in their search for relevance by attacking other people to get what they are told to want.

  2. I’m glad I didn’t piss my money away at Harvard.

  3. Cowgirl, I assume you’ll be covering this assiduously and at length, but thought I’d pass this on as a heads up re the Kalispell Clinic destruction from my local The Stranger which I hadn’t seen reported anywhere else:

    It has a link for sending help/contributions.

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