Prison could await Tea Partiers for their dirty scheme

I realized today that  the miscreants in Bozeman–the Tea Partiers who are pretending to be Democrats, and have filed for office as Democrats–could end up in the pokey, rather than in office.  As I reported earlier this week, they appear to have used falsified residence information on their election forms.  If so, it would mean that they have probably broken numerous laws relating to false swearing, false affidavits and deceptive election practices.

Here are three sections of the Montana law that these jerks might want to read, or might have read before going through with their idiotic Tea Party scheme:

13-35-207 Deceptive election practices (six months in prison)

45-7-202 False swearing (six months in prison)

45-7-208 Tampering with public records or information (10 years or $50,000)

What’s more, the Great Falls Tribune has uncovered additional fake candidates–TEA Partiers who have filed as democrats in Sanders County, Teton County, and more in Bozeman. You can read that story here, although I originally criticized John Adams for not crediting this blog for uncovering the candidates, I was wrong–Adams did so.

The Cowgirl blog first published the story here.

The candidates uncovered so far include: David Brownell, Dane Peeples, Laura Springer, Harry Pennington, Terry Caldwell, Kathy Hollenback,  Michael Comstock, and Gerald Cullivier.


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  1. Not one of these nitwits will win a contested primary. But the bona fide Democrats will get a tune-up election and the opportunity to raise more money, which should make them more competitive in November.

  2. Hoist on their own petards, or something – love that. You can’t invent stupid.

  3. Prison? C’mon! Not only is that too far, it’s a waste of that taxpayer money they’re always shouting to the heavens about. It’s a lot cheaper if those guys are walking the streets – I don’t want to pay to feed them.

  4. So, do we know what the statute of limitations is on the deception of election practices? I know a former County Planning Board chair here in Ravalli County who swore he was a Democrat last election, and just swore he is a Republican this time around. How does one submit a complaint?

    • The illegality is not claiming to be a Democrat. That part is perfectly legal. It’s a free country and anyone can claim allegiance to any party at any time, even if it’s a sham as is the case here. But these folks apparently listed fakes place of residence on their forms. Three candidates, all using the same address in Bozeman. And they had to swear an affidavit when they submitted the forms.

  5. GOOD for you MC! I found another one, and have reported it to “The County Attorney” and “The Secretary of State!” Why I have too work SO hard, and not get PAID, is beyond me. Took me three, Eight Hour Days!

    30-13-332. Fraudulent registration. Any person who, for the person’s own sake or on behalf of any other person, procures the filing or registration of any mark in the office of the secretary of state under the provisions of this part by knowingly making any false or fraudulent representation or declaration, verbally or in writing or by any other fraudulent means, is liable to pay all damages sustained in consequence of the filing or registration. Damages may be recovered by or on behalf of the injured party in any court of competent jurisdiction.

  6. It’s possible some of these nitwits ran afoul of a statute or two and could, in theory, be prosecuted. But these are fundamentally political acts, and the remedy is political action, not civil or criminal prosecution. Those who filed invalid paperwork, or who fail to file required paperwork, will be kicked off the ballot. The rest get to be judged by the voters. Democrats should help bona fide Democratic candidates and put this to rest on 3 June.

    • I have to disagree James. Even if they stand ZERO chance of making a difference (I can sense my comment is going devolve into a tirade but I will try to temper my rage.)
      they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. They have NO respect for the laws of the people they hope to “represent.”
      They are ruining political discourse in our country and if we are being honest our country. I would support trying half of the Tea Party members for treason for the things they are doing. They don’t even believe in the fundamentals of democracy. They are the ones always pushing to stop imaginary voter fraud and then they pull stunts like this. I am a ANGRY liberal six days a week and twice on Sunday. But I could NEVER imagine actively working to suppress Republicans from voting. This isn’t a protest of the either party’s platform. This isn’t civil disobedience. It is a organized, willful, and spiteful attack on the foundations of our democracy. Someone needs to learn that the rules are for EVERYONE.

  7. S9 much for the BIG-GUNS “The Commission Of Political Practices” Glad I did not make a “Formal Complaint!” (Public Access!) Check out what they would have done with it! Poor Candidates, poor, poor Candidate! Now I am curious what Mr. Motl’s Political Persuasion is?

  8. I wouldn’t want to give these guys any more press but candidates do lie about where they live just to get elected. Wasn’t there one Democrat who was married and owned a house in Helena, but claimed he was still living at home in another county.

  9. Nothing will happen to them – some years ago a man named Russ Doty moved from Colorado to Montana one weekend, the next day he files to run for the PSC, claimed to be a resident, and put the address of a place he THOUGHT he might move to as a resident address.

    Not only was he caught and reported, but he was allowed to run, and never prosecuted.

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