Don’t Let Violence Win

The Montana Human Rights Network has been raising money online to help All Families Health Care in Kalispell to recover after it was destroyed by vandalism.

Susan Cahill has been offering family practice services in Kalispell, Montana since 1976.  She has provided abortions as one part of her comprehensive reproductive healthcare model–and this is probably why she was targeted by an anti-choice extremist. (Not that you can find many of these types that support birth control either.)

The damage at All Families Healthcare has been described by Susan Cahill herself as “a total loss.”  All of the equipment was systematically destroyed, records were trashed and stolen.

As Susan Cahill said, “If women don’t band together and understand that this violence against me is also violence against them, then we’re just going to end up back [as things were] before [abortion] was legal.”  We must stand together as a caring community to support Susan, the All Families staff, and anyone else who is a victim of violence. The vandalism and subsequent hiatus of abortion services in Kalispell and the Flathead Valley does nothing to reduce the need for these services–in fact, one could argue that the need now is greater than ever as Susan Cahill also provided services like pregnancy prevention.

Please take a minute to share this fundraising page with others who may be willing to help.

You can also get connected locally to Love Lives Here in Kalispell by contacting Will Randall,  Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley, an affiliate organization of Montana Human Rights Network, is committed to co-creating a caring, open, accepting and diverse community, free from discrimination and dedicated to equal treatment for all our citizens.

As of last night, over $39,000.00 donated, the goal was $25,000.00. This particular fundraiser will run for another 25 days or so. There are other fund raisers other than this one in the process of collecting contributions, t the current rate. Hopefully, combined, there may well be over $100,000.00 generated by the months end, which is closer  probably not even close to the amount needed to help this clinic stay in business.

Here are some of the stories about the destruction:

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and of course on this blog.

Good work by Maggie Moran, Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana, and the Montana Human Rights Network.  It’s great to have organizations like this in Montana.


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  1. 6:20 PM over 55,000, plus my check in the mail

  2. Any leads on catching the vandal scum, and see who motivated them?

  3. What an outstanding and caring community… I’m impressed and humbled….!! Thank you for being decent people, and proving it….!!

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