Daines Caught Pretending to Support Meals on Wheels While Voting to End the Program

This is what I call an online two timing double talking phony.

Steve Daines is a hypocrite and phony.

Steve Daines is a hypocrite.

Congressman Daines’ hypocrisy reached his Facebook page yesterday when posted a staged Meals on Wheels photo op on Facebook to imply he supports the program.  In reality, Daines voted to cut anti-hunger programs that would have left mostly children, seniors and veterans without food.

If you are looking for someone who epitomizes hypocrisy, look no further than TEA Party poster boy Steve Daines.  Montana’s lone Congressman voted against the bill to restore funding for the Meals on Wheels program. It would have provided an added $41 million for elderly nutrition programs, including the Meals on Wheels. He also voted for the Paul Ryan budget that cut (non-defense) spending by $900 billion which hurt “the ability of federally assisted programs such as Meals on Wheels to continue serving populations.”

But its not just cuts Daines’ has tried to pass.  He supported an earlier TEA Party budget that would essentially eliminate the Meals on Wheels program by cutting grants that fund programs like Meals on Wheels. He voted to cut nearly $40 billion from anti-hunger programs that would have left low-income families – mostly children, seniors and veterans – without food.  What a gem.

Unfortunately, a few reporters fell for his publicity stunt.  Perhaps next time they’ll check his voting record before giving him thousands of dollars worth of free air time to pretend to support something he tried to eliminate.  CBS got it right anyway (KECI, KPAX) http://youtu.be/RRK36E46-9M

ABCFox not so much.  KAJ Kalispell perhaps did the worst job, implying that Daines was helping because of cuts to the budget without mentioning that it was Daines himself who made the cuts.


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  1. It’s odd that this post contains word for word replication of text appearing here. http://www.montanademocrats.org/node/448 Why no attribution?????????? Perhaps the writer is the same person ? As to the actual bill, H R 3547, it was an omnibus spending measure, a Christmas tree of many many items. To single out one bulb on that tree as the reason for the vote without confirmation of the reason is rather disingenuous and misleading. But what the heck, that’s politics and that’s the best you got.

  2. So you give three meals to seniors and you get free press, and no one in the media mentions that you voted to gut meals for thousands and the press ignores it- this is insane. What a joke !

    • A-HOLE, that’s my initial response and maybe his sleazy mentor Gianforte – ‘RightNow tech making JOBZ in China – will give ‘Shutdown Steve’ some
      pocket change to seduce,confuse and trick seniors he cares?

  3. I had KPAX on list night while trying to shovels kids towards tooth brushing and bed. I’m certain that the report from KPAX did cover the hypocrisy of his voting record with the images shown on the teevee. Im not one to defend the local press but at least one source nailed it.

  4. Say what you want but Walsh will never touch him. Walsh doesnt even know why he is running, and the Bullock Bozos will fuck everything up.

    • I’ll take you up on the opportunity to say what I want. Daines is a fraud. He’s a TEA Party loon and fundamentalist who votes 88% of the time with the TEA Party. The man is an embarrassment, he’s a fake and a liar who edits and deletes comments from his own Facebook page like he was the Stasi. If people dont’ find out the truth, yeah, Daines will win. That’s why he’s so bent on creating a sham pinata image of himself.

  5. Aware and Not stupid | March 19, 2014 9:49 PM at 9:49 PM |

    Cowpie, you crack me up, did it ever occur to any of you bleeding heart liberals that Meals on Wheels just might work with some NON government money as well and that community Civic groups, churches and private donations help this program and Daines just might be supporting that concept ? No, I didn’t think so, cause’ unless it’s a government give away program it has no merit to your way of thinking. Before you go off on Daines you getter sit your boy G I John down and tell him what the company line is on Obamacare. He was on Public Radio last night out of Missoula and he was clueless……..”Who says I’m FOR Obamacare”……..ok, so he’s well aware what the poll numbers say on that subject here in Montana, but he’s dancing around the subject trying not to take a stand like ol’ Harry Reid is watching him from the balcony! Wait, Harry IS watching!

  6. By the way, Public Policy Polling had Daines leading Walsh by 17 points last November. Today the new R poll came out showing Daines leading Walsh by 14 points. After all the trash talking against Daines and the gift appointment by Bullock, the needle has barely moved in 4 months. Walsh is in trouble.

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