“Natural Man” Accuses Gallatin County of International Banking Conspiracy

Internet sensation “Natural Man” is back in the news this week for refusing to appear in court without a white flag on which he had written “truce.”  This apparently was some kind of legal strategy which he believes will prevent him from being held accountable for his actions.  Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, which is the natural man’s actual name, also accused Gallatin County of being part of an international banking conspiracy.

Tergelgte and his pals in the local militia and Oathkeepers have been spouting bizarre and ludicrous arguments popular with the so-called Sovereign Citizens Movement.  As KTVM reported,  “the FBI considers sovereign citizen extremists a domestic terrorist movement.”

Tertelgte’s posse have threatened to kidnap the judge who presided over Tertelgte’s last court appearance. judge

You can see the latest on KTVM’s website here.


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  1. O.M.G. That was hysterical. The only thing that scared me, is that he has FRIENDS!!!!!

  2. Jesus, woman, put those amazing investigative powers on your Democrat leadership, the real problem. We need leaders to counter the far right, you’re giving us shit and cloaked right wingers like Bullock and Walsh and Tester.

    American politics is always boring. That’s a given. You’re making it creepy, Cowgirl.

  3. Is he any relation to Mr. Natural?

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