Past Hostility Toward Women’s Clinic from Local Anti-Choice Activists Uncovered

The Montana Human Rights Network has uncovered another connection between Hope Pregnancy Ministries/Clear Choice Clinic, Michelle Reimer, director of the Hope Pregnancy Ministries, purchased All Families Clinic’s former building location and kicked Susan Cahill out ten years ago. Susan Cahill then was forced to find another location for her clinic–only to have her clinic destroyed by vandalism–leaving her again unable to operate.

“We knew that Hope was more politically anti-choice then they let on. Now with the connection of the accused vandal, Zachary Klundt, to Hope and knowing that Hope’s director bought the clinic’s building out from under Susan, we think there is reason to question if Hope is engaged in a concerted effort to deny women their constitutional rights by making reproductive health care inaccessible in the Flathead Valley,” said Rachel Carroll Rivas, Co-Director at MHRN, in a press release.

The Montana Human Rights Network also reported first on the organization’s Facebook page about the connections of Zachary Klundt, the man who was arrested today in connection with the break-in and vandalism of a women’s clinic in Kalispell, Montana. Nothing was stolen from the clinic, instead, “extensive damage” was found.

Zachary Klundt is the son of a woman named Twyla Klundt, who is on the board of Hope Pregnancy Ministries which is affiliated with a fake women’s clinic called Clear Choice–which is a so-called “crisis pregnancy center,” MHRN reports.

Skees works for Hope Pregnancy Ministries [screenshot] as the so-called crisis pregnancy center’s Resource Director. She is running for legislature in House District 7 in Kalispell against Frank Garner in a GOP primary. Skees is the TEA Partier in that race.

A crisis pregnancy center, in case you aren’t familiar with them yet, is basically a fake doctor’s office run by an anti-choice organization which poses as a medical clinic to get pregnant women seeking abortions or medical care in the door. Once women are inside, the staffers often then give women a Walmart pregnancy test out of the box and make them watch films with fake claims about the evils of abortion. There are all kinds of horror stories about these places, and there are several in operation in Montana. Some states have passed “truth in advertising” laws the prohibit these places from posing as medical clinics.Anyway, as the Montana Human Rights Network’s researchers report, “In 2010 white supremacist April Gaede solicited donations for Hope Pregnancy Ministries.”Even if you haven’t heard of April Gaede, you’ve probably heard of her twin daughters, Lamb and Lynx, who used to have a white power musical group called Prussian Blue. The two girls have been referred to as the “Nazi Pop Twins,” the Human Rights Network reports. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Gaede “a neo-Nazi stage mom” and includes a picture with her profile.

Gaede has posted on the white supremacist website Stormfront that she‘s given to Hope Pregnancy Ministries in the past, and that she believes giving money to that organization is a good way to “help save White babies.” I won’t link to Stormfront, nor should anyone.  As MHRN reports:

Gaede‘s posting continued by saying she has ―personally met many of these people (Ministries‘ staff). She told her peers to tell staff members that they were supporters of Stormfront, the  white supremacist website where Gaede made her request, when making a donation. She included the mailing address and website address for the Ministries.

Gaede encouraged her fellow white supremacists to send funds, because “our local population is over 95% White so they would be ―pretty much guaranteed to be helping to save White babies.”

Recall that Zachary Klundt, the man charged with four felonies in connection with the vandalism of a women’s clinic in Kalisepell is the son of a woman named Twyla Klundt, who is on the board of Hope Pregnancy Ministries.

Ronalee Skees is the wife of Derek Skees, the former TEA Party Republican legislator and nullification nutjob from the Flathead who proudly marched in a Memorial day parade wearing the confederate flag and is running this year for the Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities in Montana. Skees was profiled in TIME magazine because he has  been trying to make himself into a national figure in the ultra-right wing crowd.

To be sure, this new information about the Hope Pregnancy Ministries ties may or may not inform the investigation and or the case. Only time, good investigative reporting, law enforcement investigations, and the courts will tell.


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  1. The L and D are silent in the name Klundt, right?

  2. When does the trial start? FBI investigation news?

  3. Imagine how much better the world would be if anti-abortion folks actually cared about anyone but themselves.

    Perhaps there’s some of those folks here now. How often do you call that woman you convinced not to have an abortion? Do you ever get together for coffee, help change a diaper, or write a reference to the university?

    No, because you don’t care about these people. God doesn’t like that.

  4. I have a question for those that believe in the “war on women” mantra when it comes to abortions….Who is fighting for the life of the unborn child? Shouldn’t the unborn child have rights too? If you truly felt that abortion resulted in the killing of an unborn child, wouldn’t you do everything possible to stop the practice, even if it meant breaking the law yourself?

    • Yes, Sam without a uterus, dear, there is very much a war on women. You must be unaware of all the stupid legislation written by Rethugs to control women’s sexuality, fertility, access to contraception, and reproductive medical care. In 2011 the Rethug held House passed HR 358, the “Let Women Die Act”, which would have allowed a religious hospital to deny a hemorrhaging woman in the ER a life-saving abortion. The Senate and President would not let such a misogynist bill pass. Rethugs have written laws to make having a miscarriage a crime! Utah has the “miscarriage bill” courtesy of Teathug Carl Wimmer, which puts the onus on a woman to prove her miscarriage occurred “naturally”. Mark Obenshain, Virginia, wrote a bill requiring women to report a miscarriage within 24 hours to the police, or go to jail for a year. Thankfully, that bill went nowhere and he and his catholicuckoo buddy Cuccinelli went down in defeat at the ballot box. Terry England, Georgia, wrote a bill to force women with a stillborn fetus to go to term with it because by dang, the “cows and pigs on the farm do”. I could go on and on, honey, with legislation solely aimed at women’s reproductive parts.

  5. There are those who oppose abortion on moral grounds, and I respect them. It’s too bad that most on the far right have abandoned science, because there’s a good scientific argument that life begins at conception.
    But making abortion illegal again will not stop abortions, it will just cost the lives of desperate women who will seek to end pregnancy by other means, the bad situation the Supreme Court confronted in Roe v Wade.
    New Republican moves to make contraception more difficult just guarantees more abortion, and exposes a truly warped view of sex and government’s ability to somehow control it.
    Of course the Republican party will never outlaw abortion. There’s no way they will throw away millions of guaranteed votes in every election.
    The time for that was in the first six years of the G.W. Bush administration when the GOP held both houses of Congress, had an arch-conservative as Attorney General and a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, plus two then-popular wars going on to divert the public’s attention.
    They did not move on abortion at that time. Draw your own conclusions.
    Instead the GOP passes anti-abortion measures in state legislatures that never pass judicial muster, just to fool the pro-life crowd that they’re doing something. They gotta have those votes.

  6. OK… stop. Just stop. Roe VS Wade is NOT about abortion. Roe VS Wade is about a person’s right to choose what happens to their body. Yes, the original case was an abortion case, but Roe VS Wade came down to the simple question of whether the Government could mandate what we choices we – as citizens of the US – could decide about our own health.

    Pregnancy is a strain on any woman’s body. Some, even most, women deal with pregnancy just fine. Some don’t. Pregnancy can even be life threatening. Abortion is the medical procedure of terminating an unwanted or even life threatening pregnancy. Roe VS Wade ensured that we – as American Citizens – have the RIGHT to make that choice – just as we have the right to make other choices that relate to our own health care.

    The evangelical right doesn’t want us to have those choices. They believe that their god has the right to determine for us what we should do with our own healthcare and bodies. They want to be able to dictate what our actions are. It is as simple as that.

    Any time one of these evangelicals wants to make Roe VS Wade about “killing babies”, laugh at them, call them ignorant (they are) and calmly explain to them that Roe VS Wade isn’t about abortion. It is fun watching their heads explode.

  7. Zachary Klundt’s parents are Ken & Twyla Klundt. Ken Klundt has been a children’s “Leader” at Easthaven Baptist Church in Kalispell for several years. Judge Lympus attends Easthaven Baptist Church also in Kalispell. Just some small town information.

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