The Assman Copieth

Essmann Embarrasses MontanaMore interesting doings in Teton County this week.  Jeff Essmann has paid to have an op-ed placed in the Choteau Acantha which bears some surprising resemblances Art Wittich’s recent op-ed in the Great Falls Tribune.

Sen. President Jeff Essmann, aka the Assman, (a moniker that refers not to his physical situation but to the smell of his foul legislation and outright lies, which resemble ass) is either copying Wittich outright, or we’ve just discovered that it is really Wittich who is the man behind the TEA Party curtain, pulling the doomsday-prepper-procured strings.

Essmann’s piece has the same structure as Wittichs.  Both pieces start out in the first paragraphs by saying essentially someone called me an extremist but really I’m not.

Here’s Wittich:

So why am I called an extremist? Well, I had the audacity to lead 75 percent of the Senate Republican caucus in opposing the backroom political wheeling by O’Hara and his cross-over Republicans dealing with the Democrats, on things like:

Here’s Essmann:

So what did I do to deserve being called an extremist by Llew?  Well I, along with 80% of the Republican caucus had the audacity to oppose the backroom political wheeling and dealing he engaged in with the Democrats.

This kind of thing is similar throughout the piece.  Essmann also copies Wittich’s lies, almost word for word.  I wrote about Wittich’s lies and attack on Jesse O’Hara here. Sen. Dick Barrett wrote about the factual problems with Wittich’s hit piece here.

Here’s Wittich:

Appropriating taxpayer money to organizations such as Planned Parenthood to perform abortions.

Here’s Essmann:

Sen. Jones supports measures that allow taxpayer money to flow to organizations, such as Planned Parenthood. that perform abortions.


Passing a $125 million taxpayer-funded bailout of the state employee pension system, making taxpayers (and our children) again guarantee O’Hara and his friends’ retirement, instead of their own.


Sen. Jones supported a $125 million taxpayer funded bailout of the state employee pension system…taking taxpayers like you and me out of the business of guaranteeing anyone’s retirement but our own.

Essmann, after copying Wittich’s opening and Wittich’s lies, also copies his end:


The bottom line is that O’Hara and his fellow crossovers had the opportunity to work with their Republican colleagues to support the reform principles that we campaigned on.  Instead, O’Hara chose to support the liberal policies of our spendthrift governor and Democratic legislators.


The bottom line is that Senator Jones and his “Responsible Republicans” had the opportunity to work with their Republican colleagues to support the principles that we campaigned on. Instead, Llew chose to support the liberal policies of our spendthrift governor and Democrat legislators.

Here’s Page 1 and Page 2 of Essmann’s attack piece.

Here’s Wittich’s attack piece.

To be sure there is one difference between the two pieces–Wittich didn’t have to pay to get his published. Essmann’s piece appears labeled as a paid advertisement.


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  1. Kind of make you wonder how this Mr. Assman ever got educated….did he copy and plagiarize his entire education? Seems like he did after looking at all the bullshit that he has written over the past several years.

  2. Old Line, Democrat | March 28, 2014 2:08 PM at 2:08 PM |

    Isn’t it obvious that these two are not copying each other, but rather they both are following the scripts provided for them by what ever Koch brothers funded organization that is handling the “Montana Boys” for this election cycle. These two haven’t had any original ideas in years. They are simply plugged in to their monied masters’ pipeline. Minions is the only appropriate description for them.

  3. Yes, where are these people educated? Where have they been? Do they have any real-world experience? What is their business?

    See, I’m just flummoxed that folks like this have been able to get this far in life. Let’s take a look at some of this rubbish.

    Not dealing with the other party, or even parts of his own. Now, I work with people all over the place. I’d say 50% of my business is in the US, the other half is in Asia, Australia, and Europe. I’ll tell ya, I work with people in India that drive me crazy. We start yelling at each other over instant messaging.

    But you know what? We both have something the other wants, so we make a deal. I get paid (perhaps not as much as I’d like) and they get content (perhaps not as much as they’d like). But we make a deal, and both of us are able to put food on the table.

    This approach of finding deals to benefit both parties is not wrong, it is right, and we need to encourage more of it.

    The way I see it, we need more money funding abortions. Why? We don’t have the money to take care of these kids, and the parents often don’t either. Yeah, maybe they could have not gotten pregnant, but we don’t teach about that or fund it.

    For some young women having a baby means they’re kissing higher education goodbye and that means they’ll be stuck in poverty for who knows how long. If people like this clown were serious about ending abortions they’d fund programs that help struggling families so they’d actually feel a child is a blessing, not a burden.

    I’ll admit I’m a little biased on state employee pensions – my mom retired from the Department of Revenue as an accountant and my dad did the same from the Department of Publications & Graphics. I wonder what condition Helena would be in right now if the bureaucrats that live there had little confidence in their future. I’m sure the local economy would suffer and the Capitol Hill Mall wouldn’t be the only large, abandoned structure blighting the landscape.

    I wish we had more spend-happy governors. I wish they were putting more money into all the counties of the state. We know that as government investment and spending grow businesses hire, the workforce becomes more educated, the economy expands, and productivity increases. Isn’t this what we want?

    Or do we want foolish policies that benefit the few over the many? Vote for these jokers and their posse – that’s exactly what you’ll get.

  4. Like you’ve never seen a bulleted letter-writing campaign before? Never mind that the MT BASE people fired the first shot with Jesse’s letter.
    By the way, Greg, do you really want to say you wish we had more spend-happy governors? Are you serious?

    • Where does that money go? Who gets it, who benefits, who loses out, and why?

    • Debra Bonogofsky | March 28, 2014 8:32 PM at 8:32 PM |

      I’m sorry Dave, but the first shot was fired years ago with the wing nuts attacking Republicans who didn’t pass their purity test. Now MT BASE is just fighting back and it’s about time!

      • Deb, everyone knows you’re a RINO, and that won’t change, even with ATP gone. You ran as something you aren’t — and trust me, as someone who has done the same thing, word gets out. Maybe your district is now gerrymandered enough thanks to Joe Lamson, but we’ll find out in June.
        As for Essman, the fact is, O’Hara fired the first shot.

    • So what you’re basically saying Dave is that base conservative voters are wrong to support the people we elected to get MT’s economy out of the toilet and that the ideologues don’t have an original thought in their head. Point taken.

      • “Base conservative” voters? Nice try at spinning something that is not correct. A “base conservative” voter is not going to vote for a go-along get-along run-up-the-numbers squish, which is what the MT-BASE people are.
        In case you haven’t noticed, Montana’s budget chews through a lot of federal money, which is sourced from an entity sitting on 17 trillion of straight debt and about 80 some trillion of unfunded liabilities — that’s not counting the pension liabilities held by the respective states, of which in turn Montana is not too far in the hole right now.
        But the federal spigot needs to be turned down or the whole mess will come down on our heads, at all levels of government AND in the private sector.
        Don’t think so? Enjoy that Kool Aid, I’m having TEA.

        • Yes, but we don’t care about that huge federal deficit. Republicans don’t care about it, Democrats don’t care about it, and Tea Party folks don’t care. Oh, they say they do, but their actions speak otherwise.

          See, I’m 32, so I’m just waiting for all the old people to dry up the system with their medicare and other health care costs. When that money runs out and the states have nothing to replace it with, who’s going to pay for your nursing home? Your kids? With what?

          What will happen when we have to put old people from the home onto the sidewalk? Yeah, it might not be next week, but how about 15 years? How will the government’s finances look in 15 years if we continue on our course?

          But we don’t want to change anything, do we? We don’t want to lower that debt? Because then we’d have nothing to complain about. We don’t want candidates to tell us what they think ,we want them to lie to us. Again, if they tell us the truth before they’re elected, how can we complain about them afterward?

          I’d take a look in the mirror and figure out where the true problems lie, probably in our own misguided perceptions and sense of what’s right and wrong.

          • So, what did you see in that mirror?

            Think you need some remedial reading. The Great Deformation by Dave Stockman would be a good start. Call it your punishment for not caring.

  5. I agree with “Old Line”. It is a fact that these clowns just regurgitate ALEC, Heritage Foundation, and AFP crap. I see Essmann’s face and ringing endorsement in the “Environmental & Climate News” (The Heartland Institute) often, this “educational paper” is full of corporate lies, misinformation and talking points, it is what he reads along with 57% of all legislators. And 60% of all legislators read (Heartland’s) anti-public education paper the “School Reform News”. They take it as Gospel! It’s crap in and crap out for these greasy low information politicians. I often wonder if they even have a clue that they are being controlled by the well moneyed corporate elite like little puppets. I very much prefer Democracy over the Oligarchy that the Essmann’s of the world are fighting for.

    • I recommend that everyone contact the Heartland Institute to get their various position documents. You’ll immediately see where your local right-wing nut is getting his talking points.

      When I was running for state senate in 2012 I received a brochure from them telling me what to say about energy issues. Among them: global warning is a hoax, mercury is a harmless element. Each talking point had footnotes to other right-wing organizations in their cluster-**** echo-chamber of misinformation.

      I guess they thought either (1) I was a Teabagger, or (2) I was an idiot.

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