TEA Party Tax Dodger Seeks Legislative Seat

TEA Party Republican Joseph Large says his “fiscal and governmental views are more in line with what the good people of the 9th district are looking for.”

But this is highly doubtful, since Large has managed to amass more than $20,000 in state and federal tax liens and civil judgements.

Joseph Large liens

If he can’t manage his own money and pay his own taxes, he can’t be trusted to manage ours.

Senate District 9 includes Toole, Pondera, and some of Glacier County. Large doesn’t live in any of these counties, so he’s not even legally qualified to run here unless he buys a house and moves to one of them.  He was recruited to run by TEA Party Republican Ed Walker (R-Exxon) of Laurel, who is managing the GOP’s legislative races and recruitment. So, it appears that the state party’s current legislative leaders believe that candidates like this would be so valuable in the next session that it has recruited them to run against their own incumbents.

Large faces Republican Sen. Llew Jones of Conrad in the primary.  The democratic candidate in this race is Joan Graham.  There’s also a TEA Party candidate running as a fake democrat in this race, David Brownell.

And speaking of fake candidates like Brownell, there is also a rash of TEA Party Republicans and neo-confederates running in Maryland this election cycle.  Jonathan Hutson has a rundown on the outbreak here, and sheds some light on the motivations behind the plot to deceive voters, which could also be in play in Montana.

Hutson’s in-depth post is worth a read. Maryland’s fake candidates call their scheme to deceive voters a “strategic plan,” called “Operation DINO” for Democrat in name only, which the tea partiers say will have a “devastating effect” on the next election.


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  1. They should have read Mike Brown’s ebook, “Preparing for the Race…” (http://thewesternword.com/buy-my-book/).

  2. These have all been paid for some time. They were the result of a terrible accountant, not intentional dodging. Also I have a residence set up in Teton County, where I have had an office for over a year, with IS in my district

  3. I think it will have a devastating effect next election – on their credibility.

    DINOs a good acronym – I think this party’s headin’ toward extinction.

  4. Sorry Joe, That kind of excuse isn’t going to fly on a public forum. A lien isn’t placed on one’s property until after the person has had a chance to pay the debt and fails.

  5. And also Maryland, what get’s me is that Daily Kos is claiming that the fake candidates were kicked off the ballot in Montana, but that isn’t true. Only two were kicked off – 6 remain on the ballot!

  6. Hee-Haw! “A rash of Tea Party Republicans and …a rundown on the outbreak…” This pretty much says it all I would wager next month’s dole check that Mr. Large will get thumped big time in the primary.

  7. If you would have checked your facts before posting that I belong to the tea party you would have found when I registered to vote I didn’t declare any party. What difference does it make as long as a person is willing to represent the people while in the Senate. I have voted for many democrats over the years.

    • Drunks for Denny | March 31, 2014 9:44 PM at 9:44 PM |

      Mr. Brownell does have a point. Your link embedded in his name simply leads back to this thread. No evidence that he parties with Tea is available.

  8. Laura Olson-Brown | April 5, 2014 1:43 PM at 1:43 PM |

    You made an error in your editing of that document. When you edited out the boxes farther down showing that these have been paid, you missed one. It amazes me how people will blindly follow someone who doesn’t even have the guts to say who they are, even when what they post shows in black and white that they are lying. I suggest everyone go look for yourself at all the public documents that are being posted about any candidate so that you know nothing has been changed.
    *edited to fix a spelling error*

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