The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…

It’s always an arduous process to narrow down the selection to just one GOP hypocrite, so this week there are two big winners: Hobby Lobby, and the MT GOP Young Guns.

Hobby Lobby was a no-brainer.  They’re the big handicrafts box store which sued to stop the Affordable Care Act from guaranteeing that evil, immoral contraception was covered by insurance policies. Meanwhile, at the same time, the companies own retirement plan had more than $73 million invested in birth control companies.

Yes, for being for birth control when it benefited them, but being against it when it benefited their own female employees, Hobby Lobby = hypocrisy exemplified. Molly Redden of Mother Jones has the story.  Birth control is something that 85% of women use at some point in their lives, yet TEA partiers want to exclude it from being counted as basic preventive medicine.

But no mention of hypocrites would be complete without a look at the Twitterverse infestation that calls itself the “GOP Young Guns.”

These bright minds spent the day tweeting inanities in hopes of persuading young females to become GOPers by telling them that there is gender pay gap or sexism in the world, then immediately going on to criticize Lilly Ledbetter for her looks.

 So, for trying to claim sexism doesn’t exist, then attacked the nation’s leading equal pay advocate for what she looked like, the Montana GOP Young Guns are this week’s co-winners.

Who could have predicted that their handful of tweets claiming that the GOP supports women fell on deaf ears. I guess they thought that claiming sexism didn’t exist was the next best they could do.  For more deep thoughts from this bunch, click here.

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2 Comments on "The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…"

  1. Since I had to sit through a lot of boring stories about that company and it’s moral problems, I sure would like to see them defund that retirement plan and leave their workers with nothing. I mean, what’s the alternative – burning in Hell?

    Hobby Lobby, do the right thing – be equal, screw everyone.

  2. My vote would be for the GOP Young Goons.

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