We’ve Met the Enemy and It is Science and Knowledge

Creationists have been much in the news in Montana of late. Here’s the latest on Greg Gianforte, the billionaire tech mogul who apparently believes the earth is 4,300 years old.  It’s also time for an update on Lawrence VanDyke, the creationist supreme court candidate who believes in “pray away the gay” conversion therapy.


Intelligent Discontent has an excellent piece up on Greg Gianforte, the billionaire tech mogul from Bozeman who apparently believes that the earth is 4,300 years old, and is bringing “His Creationist Entrepreneurial Spirit to Carroll College.” The best part: when the dear Dr. Evans wrings his hands and admits he can’t speak to Mr. Gianforte’s religious beliefs.

Yet, when you combine his large donations to The Montana Family Foundation and a creationist museum and his wife’s recent decree that discrimination against gay people must be kept legal, with a solid number of Montana and SCOTUS justices telling us that under campaign finance laws these days money basically is speech, I’d say it’s a hard thing to ignore.

jesusdinoScreen shot 2014-04-09 at 12.03.45 AMPlus, he’s involved teaching computer science and economic impact after donating to a museum that promotes false science and says the earth is only 4,000 years old and that dinosaurs died in the Noah’s ark flood. I don’t think students want to pay good money to be told basically: “This is the Invisible Hand, it influences market movement and smites the unholy and dirty hordes of poor people. It’s not invisible because it doesn’t exist, it is is visible if you have the magic glasses.”

His announced commencement speech at MT Tech touched off quite a stir of course,  with stories in Montana and national press.  Students and teachers at Montana Tech are organizing a boycott.

So, way to devalue your own degrees and images Carroll and Tech.

Lawrence VanDyke

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 12.03.59 AMAnti-science newsmaker number two is our recently profiled candidate for Montana’s Supreme Court, creationist Lawrence VanDyke.  Like Greg Gianforte, VanDyke isn’t just a creationist, he’s also got some troubling views on LGBT people.

He states his belief in the Harvard Law Record that being gay is a choice correctable by conversion therapy a la Michelle Bachmann, citing a lone study, which relied exclusively on verbal self-report of changes in sexual orientation. He also states that in Canada, “courts are forcing same sex marriage on the populace.” (Does he actually believe Canada is forcing people to marry others of the same sex?)

VanDyke clerked for right-wing justice Janice Rogers Brown from 2006-2007.  She’s the rightwinger who infamously ruled against birth control, against women’s medical privacy and the rights of same sex couples to adopt kids with no homes. As PBS reports, civil rights groups say “Justice Brown’s opinions on civil rights law ‘reveal significant skepticism about the existence and impact of discrimination.'”

From Think Progress:

Prior to her nomination to the D.C. Circuit, Brown labeled the New Deal a “socialist revolution,” and she likened Social Security to a kind of intergenerational cannibalism — “[t]oday’s senior citizens blithely cannibalize their grandchildren because they have a right to get as much ‘free’ stuff as the political system will permit them to extract.”

Also troubling is that VanDyke wants to be elected to pass judgments on Montanans, but he apparently believes he himself is above the law and has filed for office even though he’s nearly two years short of the legal requirement to have five years of active status with the State Bar of Montana in order to run.

Five delegates to the Montana Constitutional Convention have filed a lawsuit to have him removed from the ballot.  These delegates are right of course – a person should have to meet the minimum qualifications in order to run.  No one is above the law, not even this guy.

So yeah, our Supreme Court is already getting pretty bad with McKinnon, Rice, and sometimes Baker carrying water for TEA partiers, and this guy is the last thing we need.

By the way it was a Carroll College professor who made internationally renowned discoveries about how being LGBT is part of natural biological variation (while on sabbatical from Carroll.)

Dr. Anne Perkins is an animal behaviorist, a former USDA scientist, member of the Carroll Psych dept, and the current head of Carroll’s Anthrozoology (Human Animal Bonding Program). She discovered how the embryonic development of animals and hormone levels leading to natural homosexual attraction.

Dr. Perkins has been featured in the London Times, Science News, New Scientist,and Annuals of Biopsychology.  She has been a featured speaker at the International Symposium on Human Development, the International Ethological Society, and the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity. She was also quoted in the documentary “Survival of the Fabulous”. She hosted a screening and discussion of the film and the implications of naturally expressed homosexuality at the Myrna recently.

So lest you think the profs at Carroll are okay with this while the Tech faculty is not, that’s not likely.  Several Carroll faculty testified against the creation bill during the last session. 


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  1. There are so many subjects and so much stupidity to go around. Cowgirl, you’ve got a mighty helping of your own offered up each day here. If I were you, I’d try to be a little self-aware before I pointed the accusing finger of stupidity at others. This is just rich.

    • So giving of you to offer yourself as an example of stupid others should follow …

      Mark, I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve claimed that you were above the petty Democrats bickering on blogs and that you were bettering your life by leaving it beneath you. Yet every time you do, the frequency of your accusatory comments and bad pseudo-psychoanalysis increases on the blogs. Perhaps you’d better take another long look at what self-awareness really means, hmmm?

      • Religious fundamentalism is common in the population, among smart as well as stupid people. There’s part of the primitive brain at work there aside the more evolved one. Cowgirl’s focus on that is an easy and cheap shot.

        In the meantime, her inability to focus on issue politics, instead focusing on personalities, allows her to ignore Democrats and an immense sea of stupidity, supporting candidates who work against her proclaimed ideals, worrying more about winning elections than advancing even a modestly liberal agenda.

        That’s just stupid. Ergo, Cowgirl is stupid.

          • No content, Craig. At what point to you bring it?

            • It’s a head scratcher that you find no content in your own writings.

              So for me the goal is to continue to lead my charmed life in spite of it all. The encounters that I have on the blogs lately are mostly unpleasant. I don’t like it when that happens. But if there is one type of personality that troubles me more than any other on this planet, it is the arrogant fool, the person so full of hubris that he is unapproachable and cannot be reasoned with. He will always presume himself more knowledgeable and wise while in truth knowing nothing. That personality sets me afire. I used to think the exchanges were fun, but now to see these same people years later unaffected by anything that has passed before their eyes, ignorant of all and yet assured of their own high intelligence and rightness … it gets really old. This is, as one of my kids’ teachers termed it years ago, “supreme stupidity.”

              So I want to write about other stuff.

              As I said, read, rinse, repeat until you have washed out the “supreme stupidity” of condescending ignorance, pseudo-intelligence, and self-righteousness.

              • Stupidity is the most abundant element in the universe. Either Einstein or Harlan Ellison said that. Further, stupid people cannot possibly know they are stupid, as by definition they are too stupid to realize they are stupid. John Cleese said that.

                If you are not stupid, it is going to come out in the things you write. You are going to say insightful things, and since most people are stupid (especially about politics), they are going to not only disagree, but complain and ridicule. It is not enough on the blogs just to be stupid, but you must also be polite. (Ellison) It is impolite to call stupid people stupid. they get enraged. Smart people self-critique, and always wonder about their own abilities. that’s part of being smart – to know that you are extremely fallible.

                If you think you are smarter than most Craig, you’re going to offend a lot of people. You are yet to offend me.

        • What an ignorant and rude thing to say…!! I enjoy reading the blog..

  2. How exactly is Justice Baker carrying TEA Party’s slop buckets? Can you cite a specific opinion, and one other than where she was merely applying the law? The same thing goes for McKinnon and Rice. Point to those opinions. Generally, I agree with much of what is posted here, but when I see such accusations so casually thrown around about a subject I actually know about, it makes me wonder about the veracity of your claims when it is a subject I know nothing about.

  3. Drunks for Denny | April 9, 2014 5:33 PM at 5:33 PM |

    I agree with JK. The law is the law, and Beth Baker seems to be pretty straight up in her opinions. This appears to be a totally unwarranted smear. The irony of this blog is how much it supports women in government, yet will blast Baker and McKinnon without warrant. Methinks it seems like a page off the Tokarski playbook…..

  4. Geez, are we making “Stoopid” a new requirement for Montana Republican nominations? What part of, “Oh, was livin’ in Texas, y’all” doesn’t VanDyke understand.
    Thanks, Cowgirl, for exposing these Flat Earther morons.

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