Republican Email Circulating Takes Aim at TEA Party Legislators

An email making the rounds in Republican circles today urges GOPers to stop the TEA Party “from doing any further damage to our beloved Montana GOP.”

The email take particular issue with Art Wittich, Jason Priest, Matt Rosendale, and Tom Tuck and the Gallatin County Republican Central Committee, was forwarded on by a tipster.  It is pasted below in its entirety so you can decide what to make of it yourselves.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Concerned Montanans <>
Date: Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 1:38 PM
Subject: Montanans on the Issues

Dear Concerned Montana Republicans,

Please boycott the Radical Tea Party members claiming to be Republicans and any future events they may have.

To find out why please read below: 

As many of you know radical Tea Party members are attempting to take over the Montana GOP and although we would agree on many of the issues they are promoting, the Tea Party has been taken over by criminals, liars, and cheats!!!

For example, the state political practices commissioner released findings on, Tuesday, April 1st, showing that Senate Majority Leader ART WITTICH violated the law by coordinating with Western Tradition Partnership and other entities to accept illegal corporate donations in his 2010 primary election campaign. THIS IS A FELONY CRIME!! Later that same day, Commissioner Jonathan Motl filed a civil complaint against ART WITTICH.

Is this someone we want our children looking up to?

For more information on ART WITTICH’s criminal activity please see the Billings Gazette article at:

ART WITTICH and other GOP Central Committee members, claiming to be Republicans, such as TOM TUCK, the Gallatin County Republican Central Committee’s chair, also work very closely with JASON PRIEST whom was arrested last February on suspicion of partner family member assault and resisting arrest. Priest is also is a founder of a nonprofit group called Montana Growth Network which supports U.S. HOUSE Candidate MATT ROSENDALE.​

Is this someone we want out children looking up to?

To find out more pertaining to the coordination between JASON PRIEST and ART WITTICH click below:

What is the one thing all these criminals have in common, they all rabidly support, U.S. House Candidate, MATT ROSENDALE! The Gallatin County Republican Central Committee even held a vote last February, which TOM TUCK feverishly supported, to solely support MATT ROSENDALE and his criminal cronies in the primary election.

Please help stop these criminals from doing any further damage to our beloved Montana GOP by boycotting, not only the Central Committee’s like Gallatin County, but also all future events.


 Thank you and God Bless!


Montanans on the Issues

Posted: April 17, 2014 at 7:56 pm

This post was written by Cowgirl

31 thoughts on “Republican Email Circulating Takes Aim at TEA Party Legislators

  1. Dave Skinner

    Oh, my, a DARK MONEY anonymously-sent email. THAT’S credible and will swing LOTS of voters.

    1. Jamie

      What evidence do you have that this email was paid for by dark money or by any flavor of money? What if its just people who weren’t paid by anyone sending out an email?

  2. Dave Skinner

    Hmmm. Upon further consideration, I seriously doubt a Republican wrote this. Very few have discovered the stunt of hitting and running from Gmail accounts. And, when it comes to matters of writing style and certain typocr@pical errors in the above message, hmmmm. Hmmmm. Oh, I know — Norma Duffy is computer literate and English challenged.
    I hereby wager 50 rounds of 22 Long Rifle hollowpoints that our other cowgal, Norma, actually wrote this.

    1. T.K.M.

      Skinner, do you know how to find the IP address of an email sender? That would prove whether it was or whether it wasn’t if anyone had an email from Norma.

      1. Dave Skinner

        If I had a copy of the Email itself, perhaps. Cowgirl could do it for me, but I guess she wants to keep his, her or its stash of long rifle.

  3. Jan Thomas

    Why would Norma Duffy care about the Gallatin County Central Committee, and where would she get the GOP’s email list? This is most likely an insider or R legislator in Gallatin County.

    1. W.H.

      He’s not serious, he’s just trying to insult Norma in violation of the comment policy and while pretending his comment is substantive in hopes that it doesn’t get deleted.

      1. Dave Skinner

        No, Whitey, I just thought the stylistic glitches in the missive, plus Norma’s known skills on the computer (she’s a computer expert) to hack into a GOP address file — my guess is as good as I can make it, and I can spare 50 rounds.

  4. Bill Freese

    Unfortunately, nobody has yet found a way to get voters to ignore anonymous attacks. We need to work on that. When Dark Money becomes Ignored Money, it will go away.

  5. surelyyoujest11

    As a Republican I completely agree with the letter. Wittich and his crew are driving the Party into the ditch at a frightening pace.

    1. Dave Skinner

      Then, O Great Republican Stalwart, perhaps you could send out a nice letter to all the papers over your signature expressing your concerns?

      1. surelyyoujest11

        Poor Dave…..Does it bother you that many Republicans can see bullshit within the party and call it for what it is? Now then, about that dark money claim you’ve made, any proof or just spouting for the sake of spouting?

          1. surelyyoujest11

            No, I didn’t look at the email. I wasn’t the one to make the claim. Wonder why Dave didn’t point that out initially?

            1. Craig Moore

              I can only guess that he thought it would be obvious to anyone who actually read the email and did a search on the sender and receiver.

                1. Craig Moore

                  Not everyone, you proved that. Only those that are observant and curious before drinking the Kool-Aid and going off half-cocked. Haven’t you ever received those chain e-mails that are pure nonsense?

                  1. surelyyoujest11

                    Or those that have more important things to do. By the way, the points contained within the email are still valid. Dipshits like Wittich and Essmann are killing the Party and apparent kool aid drinkers such as yourself keep bellying up to the trough. Impressive.

                    1. Craig Moore

                      If you had more important things you wouldn’t be here making snarky comments and getting all defensive when called on it.

                      As to resurrecting the integrity of the email, it’s own “dark” source defeats that when there is not a single person to corroborate it’s authenticity with real names sending and receiving. IMHO, that was Dave’s point: “Oh, my, a DARK MONEY anonymously-sent email. THAT’S credible and will swing LOTS of voters… I seriously doubt a Republican wrote this. Very few have discovered the stunt of hitting and running from Gmail accounts.”

                    2. surelyyoujest11

                      Try to follow along if you can Craig, I’ll make it as simple as I can. The email, regardless of its origin, contains valid points. Period.
                      Perhaps you could address the points rather than continuing to attack the source which has no bearing on the content of the actual email.
                      In the meantime, thanks for the chuckles.

    1. In2it

      I most fear the two parties when they work together, as that is when we are in for our deepest hardest screwings.

      I want Democrats to be assertive, tendentious, divisive, and to fight for the common man. In so doing, they should encounter full resistance from the party of wealth, and earn their hatred. they should, FDR style, welcome that hatred.

      Sadly, Democrats are just the other party of wealth. None of that happens.

  6. Reg man

    The “crew” Is bigger than you realize, Jeff ASSMAN is the lead obstructionist…helped out by none other than the party’s exec. director Bowen Greenwood who supports their ideologue mentality.

  7. Jeff McGrath

    Terrible that the party staff would get involved in primaries and supporting the extremist wing. Aren’t there policies against that ?

    1. Reg man

      Yes there is policy’s. Bowen is sneaky behind the scenes and doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

  8. Norma Duffy

    Wow! looks like the conservative hacks here, actually think I wrote this post! Did their heads explode when a Moderate republican…. either a he or she had enough with Dumbing down Montanans? LOL!

    Why the hell would I write about Gallatin County Central Committee, I live in Beaverhead county! Not interested in a place I don’t live in…. But I had a good laugh!

    Carry on!

    1. Norma Duffy

      Dave Ill take those fifty rounds by the way, since you lost the bet!

      44 special cowboy rounds preferred, or 36 special hollow points. Thirty thirty’s would be good as well, since your buying… just saying!

  9. Jeff McGrath

    It doesn’t take any money to send an email from a free gmail account, so Craig’s “dark money” claims ring a little hollow.

    1. Craig Moore

      Jeff, I don’t believe emails write and send themselves. Generally it requires people who have to find the scratch to put bread on the table and a roof over their heads. When those people hide who they are, that gets rather dark. When such an email is posted here and representations are made about it’s source and purpose, without any corroboration or trail to verify those representations, lap the Kool-Aid if you will.

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