Supreme Court Unanimously Tosses TEA Party Lawsuit

MonfortonTinFoilThe Montana Supreme Court today rejected an attempt by TEA Party AG Tim Fox and a TEA Party legislative candidate to block a citizen’s initiative to accept federal funding for health care for the working poor and veterans today.

In a unanimous ruling, the justices ruled that Fox’s and the TEA Partier’s attempt to invalidate Fox’s own fiscal statement and have it rewritten–an attempt to force the pro-Medicaid expansion signature gatherers to throw out thousands of signatures already gathered and start over at a later date, thereby severely restricting the amount of time they have to gather signatures.

It did not go unnoticed by the Supreme Court justices that these same obstructionists failed to voice their supposed concerns during the public comment period, thereby making their attempt to invalidate current signatures pretty obvious.

Montana Attorney General Tim FoxRemember also that it was Tim Fox himself who was charged with writing the fiscal statement.  He didn’t voice any concerns about his own work at the time he wrote it, yet instead decided to sign on to a lawsuit filed against himself, which speaks to his lack of competence if nothing else.

TEA Party Republican legislator Fred Thomas responded by saying any justice that disagreed with him “shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.”   I guess he means all of them, including the arch conservatives on the court, since the ruling was unanimous.


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  1. Did you actually read the state’s brief filed by the AG? Doubt it. The state asked the court to toss the governor’s flawed (cooked) fiscal note.

    Whoever writes these blog posts is an amateur wannabe hack. No wonder no one in the capitol press corps reads this blog anymore!

    • Spoken like a true and extremely transparent Tim Fox lackey. Hilarious! Hahahahahha. Quick, try to guess what gave you away.

      Also nice blatantly pathetic attempt to try to get reporters to stop reading this blog. So funny.

  2. For God’s sake just let them secede already and be done with it. Which of these nimrods is going to calculate how much taxpayer money they’ve wasted by their frivolous lawsuits?!

    Isn’t this guy a new form of welfare cheat? He is “taking” use of public resources from honest Patriotic Montanans by filing this crap and clogging up the courts without paying a fee just to get attention for his piece of dog crap campaign, and meanwhile he’s accusing the working poor of being lazy because they work three jobs just so he can turn away federal money to pay 100% of the cost of health care for these workers just so he can say he’s fighting a black president

    Yeah, I am just going to call him the new king of government welfare. And a scumbag. And Fred Thomas is sucking off the dole with his taxpayer funded health care all the while that he’s fighting to keep any actual poor people from getting help from the federal government that is FREE—FREE to states for the first to years and then 98% paid for. Meanwhile Thomas is filing lawsuits over just what 95% paid for for 10 years means or whatever . Here’s to you Fred Thomas. Scum.

  3. It is also satisfying that Fox came out as a partisan hack rather than a sound attorney, attacked his own fiscal statement AND THEN, the very next day, the Supreme Court unanimously smacked his spiteful hack butt down. Point one for the people of Montana.

    What does he have against poor people being able to avoid medical bankruptcy. Does he think we don’t know that WE the taxpayers pay for his families health insurance? That is all.

  4. Is it true that Montana is the only state that is having to do this by ballot initiative because we have such a terrible legislature? At this time 27 states are expanding and three more have Republican governors who have proposed it. But I don’t see any state where the citizens had to force the state to do something besides us.

  5. surelyyoujest11 | April 18, 2014 9:22 AM at 9:22 AM |

    Isn’t this the case that Monforton was here pounding his chest (before refusing to answer questions and slinking away) about?

  6. Doesn’t Matthew Monforton now owe cowgirl a $1000 donation to a charity of her choice? Come on Mr. Monforton, you big stud you, pay up!

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