Another Email Takes Aim at TEA Party Lawmakers

A second email is making the rounds in GOP circles this week from an anonymous gmail account called “Concerned Montanans.”  Here’s the first email.

While there’s no word yet on who’s behind these, it is interesting to note that the emails appeared to be focused on the house rather than the senate. Except for Matt Rosendale,  the Senate’s likely new TEA Party leadership candidates, Fred Thomas and Jennifer Fielder, appear to be escaping the flack so far.  Jason Priest isn’t running.

“Facts are Stubborn Things!” – John Adams 

Assault on a child and wife

Prosecutors filed charges Wednesday, February 12th accusing state Sen. Jason Priest of throwing his 4-year-old daughter, shoving his estranged wife and breaking her boyfriend’s rib and then struggling with an officer who intervened in the incident…

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Sen. Jason Priest (R-TEA Red Lodge) Yellowstone County Detention Facility mug shot.

Sen. Jason Priest (R-TEA Red Lodge) Yellowstone County Detention Facility mug shot.



The state political practices commissioner released findings Tuesday, April 1st, 2014  showing he concluded that Senate Majority Leader Art Wittich violated the law by coordinating with Western Tradition Partnership and other entities to accept illegal corporate donations in his 2010 primary election campaign.

Later Tuesday Commissioner Jonathan Motl filed a civil complaint against Wittich, a Republican legislator from Bozeman, in District Court in Helena.

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Ken Miller violates Montana Code 45-8-216 with his Robo Calls in the 2012 primary.

The commissioner of political practices is rejected Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller’s request to dismiss a campaign complaint, and warning his campaign to stop making automated telephone calls that are technically illegal.

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Miller and Rosendale  coordinate on a regular basis.

Wittich has held fundraisers for Rosendale in Gallatin County and elsewhere.

Be on the look-out for Dark Money coming Rosendale’s way since he can’t raise any of his own. Wittich and Priest will probably funnel it through the Montana Growth Network!




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  1. Maybe Rosendale needs a ‘goatee’, huh? His drone ad is stunning!

  2. Couldnt help but notice that JP’s tee is on inside out and backwards. must have gotten dressed in a hurry for some odd reason!

  3. So who do you think is sending these emails, and why? And how do you stop them, or do the powers that be want them stopped?

  4. The Carbon County News reported that when police encountered Jason Priest he was wearing “socks.” Period.

  5. Miller is a has-been, and Priest is pretty much done anyway — they’re both not real relevant to the GOP any more. And Rosendale/Wittich may still be elected.
    This has got to be either a Dem plant or one of the SDM RINOs playing power games for the next legislature.

  6. What is an SDM RINO?

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