The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to….

…Steve Zabawa the anti-medical marijuana crusader who appeared in the Billings Gazette after his attempts to get in on a share of a medical marijuana business came to light.

For proposing a ballot initiative to ban the possession, use or cultivation of marijuana in Montana after trying to get in on the profits from the sale of it, Zabawa is this week’s hypocrisy hero.

Let’s here it for Zabawa, dear readers.  It takes a special kind of hypocrite to campaign to eradicate something after you failed to profit from it personally.

But it gets better….or worse. As the Republican blog Montanafesto reported in 2011. Zabawa, is the owner of the Rimrock Auto and Mercedez dealerships in Billings. Rimrock Auto  had been plagued with problems, including federal probes into its business practices, the Billings Outpost reported. In hopes of righting his business he hired the infamous Tony Woolery to manage and run his west end  location to help the struggling business around. Tony Woolery’s wife has terminal bone cancer, so has been a registered medical marijuana card carrier and relies on medical marijuana for pain medication.

But hypocrites and conservatives aren’t bothered by the plight of other people.  That’s what makes them what they are.

So get out there in one of your Mercedes and celebrate your success Mr. Zabawa. As a religious man, you don’t need to you ask yourself “What Would Jesus Do?” because you know the answer. As you cruise the cosmopolitan streets of downtown Billings with your convertible top down, don’t waste a thought on  your business partner’s wife’s terminal illness and suffering.

The Montanafesto blog has also reported on Zabawa’s crusade over the years, including about his organization called “Safe Community, Safe Kids:” read it here.


3 Comments on "The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…."

  1. The article about this sure got people on the Missoulian riled up: 128 comments since April 19.

    Of course, if you really want people talking on your site, write about climate change. That article went up on March 28 and has 811 comments.

    If Zabawa wants to increase customers, maybe he needs to find a new high horse to ride.

  2. I did not ever think that there could be two perfect assholes in this universe. Mr. E(A)ssmann and now this zero have proved science and mother nature wrong.

  3. It’s those compassionate conservatives who rail about “states rights” and federal government intrusion that served up the medical marijuana community to the DEA on a silver platter during the last legislative session. Hypocrite does not adequately describe this sorry bunch.

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