When Honesty is Not the Best Policy

TEA Party Republican Scott Boulanger was appointed to his state senate seat by Ravalli County Tea Party Commissioners.  However his campaign sign clearly say he is running for “Re Election.”  When given the choice of whether to elect Boulanger, the voters declined and instead chose  Republican Rep. Pat Connell.

Scott Boulanger hopes voters won't remember he wasn't elected, but appointed by the same people who appointed Valerie Stamey.

Scott Boulanger hopes voters won’t remember he wasn’t elected, but appointed by the same people who appointed Valerie Stamey.

Rep. Scott Boulanger

Rep. Scott Boulanger proudly posing with a bullet-ridded “Obama Presidential Library”

Sen. Scott Boulanger R-Darby pictured above with the infamous bullet-ridden Obama outhouse, is running against in a GOP primary against Rep. Pat Connell. Boulanger was one of ten Republicans who actually voted to take freedoms away from Montanans by keeping being gay an imprisonable offense in Montana.  

To be sure, Boulanger may not be simply hoping  voters in the area won’t remember that they have already picked Pat Connell over Boulanger once before, when Boulanger ran for house in 2012.  Sure, Boulanger lost, but the only reason he’s in office now is because he was appointed by the Ravalli County Commissioners.

Yes, this is the same bunch that appointed embattled TEA Party Treasurer Valerie Stamey, who is still on the county’s payroll even after the Bitterroot Star and other news outlets have reported on a dizzying array of examples of late or unmade payments and bills, uncollected taxes, backlogs, oddities, tens of thousands of checks stuffed in drawers, hundreds of thousands in undeposited payments–and unanswered requests for information on what exactly is going on from cities, schools, libraries, and fire departments. Certainly their judgement when it comes to appointments is suspect.


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  1. I like the outhouse. Stamey is a leech we should have ripped from our necks and stepped on some time ago, however.

  2. You would have to be shitty to like that outhouse.

  3. By the way, ever bill ‘Big B’ proposed DIED in committees…yep, a real consensus builder and ‘piece of work’………

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