Cowgirl Music Review: TEA Party Tom Burnett’s Original Works

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RepTomBurnettOfficialCowgirlBlogHeadshotTom Burnett, the right wing lunatic legislator from Bozeman who’s favorite activities are gay-bashing and crusading to keep hungry low income kids from getting anything to eat, has gone public with some of his original musical compositions on Youtube.

The performances can be heard but not seen on Burnett’s Youtube channel- only stock photos are used–there are no visuals of the performances.

On Youtube, one can find Burnett masterpieces such as, “Goin’ Down to the Sea.”

Goin’ down to the sea, goin’ down you and me.

Going down to the beach, with our bucket and and sandals.


And then there is “Oh heck, it’s easy being humble,”  in which Burnett transforms Mac Davis’s “Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble” by replacing the lyrics with such lines as:

I used to be ripped and handsome but now I’m a sour old crab


My combover is windswept and I get more wrinkled each year.

There are also some acoustic piano compositions including this “New Year March.”

Montana politicians are not usually composers, but readers here know that this man is unlike ordinary politicians. Nor is this the first time Mr. Burnett has shared his considerable talents with the world.

The former Montana legislator has released an autobiography detailing his boyhood days on the Montana frontier–in the 1960s. Burnett’s much awaited boyhood memoirs, entitled “A Thin Slice of Sky” is available as an e-book on for $3.99.

“Like mica in granite,” Burnett says of the homestead, “it was part of us, and we were part of it”.
Like all frontier homesteaders, life was tough. His parents, he says, homesteaded in the Gallatin valley because

“like Indians following buffalo, we knew we had to go where a livelihood could be had.”

Burnett is a modern day Willa Cather.

“Frontier families have no access to symphonies, sonnets or galleries,” Burnett reminds us. “But the little creek on our property partly supplied the lack. It gave us music to the other-world of poetry, and the perpetually variable visual feast.”

Some of the stories he relates are a little creepy, like the one about his father breaking a hole in the ice in the river so Burnett and his eight siblings could take a bath. Of course, I suppose when a poor family has nine children, the children often end up bathing in the river.

But perhaps what Burnett is most known for is his obsession with preventing poor people from getting enough to eat. For a peek into the warped and rotted walnut that is this guy’s brain, look no further than what he calls his “studies” which consist of lies, unsubstantiated anecdotes, and incoherent wackiness he found on the internet.

In Burnett’s premier work, “Childhood Hunger, the Myth”  he reveals his belief that pictures of fat kids he found on the internet prove that there is no such thing as childhood hunger.

But never mind that. By showing us his musical side, Tom Burnett is making his ambitions for higher office known.

He’s taken a page from other politicians, and trying to soften up his anti-gay, hungry kid hating image. Like MC Rove, who took up rapping. Or like John Ashcroft, whose mighty eagle soared like it has never soared before.  Or Vladimir Putin, with his televised and Youtube memorialized performance of Blueberry Hill.

Burnett’s performances can be seen on his Youtube channel.

Hard to imagine how the voters of Bozeman declined to re-elect this guy last session.  This year, he’s taking another run at the legislature, but in a Belgrade where voters aren’t familiar with his antics. Burnett faces democratic candidate Jeannie Brown in the race for House District 67.


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  1. Music? What music?

  2. Mr. Burnett has a cameo in the Matt Rosendale television ad “Protecting Freedom”.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 23, 2014 8:03 AM at 8:03 AM |

      Well, really, why not? When you think about it, what says Montana values MORE than some moron from Maryland living out his cowboy fantasy in Montana?! Matt Rosiepalmdale is a regular Montana Midnight Cowboy! Flat top haircut, big belt buckle, guns. And like in the original Midnight Cowboy, ol’ Matt donned his cowboy hat and is now gonna show them hicks in Montana how a REAL moron gets things done in D.C.

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