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  1. Pat Wagman is a lobbyist for the Montana Family Foundation. This is the same Pat Wagman featured in the April 30th post “Something Smells in Park County”.

  2. You have to realize people that work for non-profits, political groups, and other ‘organizations’ often can’t do anything else. It doesn’t matter what party they adhere to and take money from – they can’t contribute to society in meaningful ways.

    • Put down the bong buddy. The comment that people i. Nonprofit work can’t do anything else makes no sense.

    • Strandberg says : “You have to realize people that work for non-profits, political groups, and other ‘organizations’ often can’t do anything else. It doesn’t matter what party they adhere to and take money from – they can’t contribute to society in meaningful ways.”
      Dearest Greg what in the hell kind of remark is that? Many non-profit people I know believe in more than money. They have powerful values. Know anything about church organizations? The Humane Society? Animeals? Opportunity Resources? Meals on Wheels? Big Brothers and Big Sisters? What kind of an idiot are you? Every time I read an inane comment like that from you I wonder if you are a Democrat at all. Be forewarned – I enjoy networking and those remarks will come back to haunt you. We don’t need your variety of empathy in this town.

  3. While I agree the tactics of the card aren’t totally on the up and up, it seems like this is a fairly standard political mailer. So I’m left wondering, why is this news? I’m new to MT politics so maybe I’m missing some back story on this.

  4. Extreme groups with right wing views, are totally something to stay away from. These folks already know your views and if you believe in helping people, no Matter what their color is, and you believe in the right to choose, equal Marriage rights for all, Obamacare…. You aren’t worried about agenda 21 being a conspricy… Just a clearinghouse of good information any city or or rural area can use to be more efficient voluntarily … Your’e labeled as a communist sympathizer.

    If said right wing groups get it in writing because you filled out there Question form, they make more of a mess then if you keep your Mouth shut. Problem is most Democrats will say something intelligent when pressed… And then, its all over right wing news that so and so just made a pact with the devil.

    These people are goofy. They won’t look outside their Bubble of information. They are not your parents Republican Party anymore, They are G-dsmacked and the constitution doesn’t matter any more. They believe in what others like FOX NEWS and right wing Goofballs Propagandize!!!

  5. Conner says that Fisher “thinks for herself instead of toeing the tea party line.” Maybe, but when she appeared at the Flathead Republicans Meet and Greet she said she would vote against the Flathead Compact, against Medicaid expansion and for the state taking over Federal land. Sounds like a little toeing of the line. You can find her making these promises at 1:27 on this video of the meeting:

    • Fisher is giving mixed signals on Medicaid expansion.

      The 5 May InterLake reported:

      “Fisher regards the Medicaid expansion issue as a ‘missed opportunity’ for the Republican Party to ‘find a Montana-made solution’ to make insurance available to more people.

      She believes the state could have accepted federal funding under the Affordable Care Act and directed that money toward private insurance market subsidies, rather than expanding enrollment in Medicaid, which she considers to be a ‘broken program.'”

      On her website, she says:

      “As I watched the 2013 State Legislature, it became clear to me that Helena is beginning to look more like Washington D.C. than a reflection of Montana. The same people that were angling to cut employee health insurance benefits, law enforcement widows’ benefits, and women’s health care funding were collecting a Cadillac benefit package funded by the taxpayers. These were the same legislators that voted against government subsidized health insurance for Montanans all the while collecting government subsidized health insurance themselves. This sort of hypocrisy reflects the values of bureaucrats in Washington D.C. rather than the values of Kalispell, Montana. Representing your district is about public service, not self-service.”

      I wouldn’t call her position on expanding Medicaid progressive on an absolute scale, but it’s certainly more progressive than Mark Blasdel’s let-’em-use-the-emergency-room position.

    • So she still saying it to people who barely know how to use Email… chances are they won’t look up her website. So What fellow commentor Dick is saying; is she is speaking to the bubble on these meet and greets.

      I ran across that a couple of weeks ago myself with candidates at a bipartisan meeting for house district 72….Telling me one thing personally, and then witnessed them flip-flop to conservatives, speak the same crazy crap, you see on Red meat sites. They are playing to people’s fears and not their strengths.

      Its Sad really. Americans in this state need bonafide leaders, and all their getting is GOP sock puppets. There was a lot of good people there that got told complete bunk, and when it became my turn to speak, I not only had to call them on it but promise to proffer proof. Transference of Land like it was a slam dunk? Problem is the state of Montana, North and South Dakota even Washington is beholden to the enabling Act to become states. Which Basically says that no state shall claim public lands owned by the Federal government.

      Hell we couldn’t even take care of the property if the FEDS gave it to us. the United states has exhausted its fire fighting moneys for the last 3 years fighting fires. and most of the bigger fires were fought right here in Montana

      The republicans Stated line here if textbook GOP denial, They don’t believe in Climate change either… and lastly when 1 citizen got up and asked us Candidates about Agenda 21. the two republican candidates agreed it was basically something to be frightened about. I mean WTF A voluntary program of best practices for energy Farming and Money efficiency? Best practices in farming harsh lands? Best practices in city planning? Its the same stuff we have been teaching in colleges since America first open Agriculture and architecture schools…. Its the same shit all presidents whether GOP or Dems have backed since its conception in 1979. Its basically been researched by more american scholars than anyone else in the world. Its free to use these Ideas, but the conservatives don’t like it because the UN backs it too???? Kinda crazy to me.

      The County commissioner from Madison who has been making money on this Buffoonery of complete lies should be behind bars for stealing these peoples simple lives with such dribble.

      This is planned from the gop, Taking orders from donors….if they were transparent about where they got their money and their Ideas( which they are not) it could be traced straight back to Corporations like the Kochs!

      Sad, really Sad!

      • the wealthy have so much dinero
        they can finance
        both wings of the R Party

        short term political campaign
        with public financing only
        would help de-atrophy both parties

        what are we waiting for?

  6. Political slicks are SUPPOSED to be manipulative and biased, kind of like how this website is the same.
    I’m sure it impressed the people who paid for it, tho.

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