Marc Racicot Fights to Keep Barry Beach in Prison, for Life

Barry Beach got a hearing last week in front of the Board of Pardons as part of his ongoing effort to have his life sentence amended to make it possible for him to be paroled. He’s served 22 years for a crime he says he didn’t commit and his conviction was based entirely upon a confession that he says was coerced out of him.

Dozens of citizens testified for Beach, but only Marc Racicot, who is the former governor, and Ed Corrigan, a Flathead County prosecutor who has no connection at all to the case, testified against Beach. And only Corrigan actually showed up.  Racicot, who was the prosecuting attorney at Beach’s trial in the early 1990s, sent a letter to the Board but refused to appear at the hearing.  He did, however, have a secret meeting with members of the hearing panel, at least according to John Adams of the Great Falls Tribune.  If so, such behavior is unbecoming and cowardly.

The Board will now have to decide whether to recommend to governor Bullock that Beach be made parole-eligible.   Beach has already been out of prison because a judge threw out his conviction and Beach spent a year and a half showing exemplary behavior, and everyone from Conrad Burns to Jon Tester to Brian Schweitzer has gone on record supporting parole for him.  Racicot, of course, is not really advocating against Beach, but rather for himself, to try to erase a dubious legacy.  In his prosecution of Beach he took improper actions in court that in today’s legal system might get him sanctioned and might be grounds for a mistrial.  He informed the jury, for example, that certain incriminating DNA and physical evidence existed which linked Beach to the crime scene.  But he never presented any of it and it didn’t exist.

I would think that someone in Racicot’s shoes would want to do exactly the opposite–try to make things right or at least work to rectify the flimsy prosecution that resulted in a questionable conviction and allow it to be redressed by giving Beach parole.  But apparently Racicot’s Republican blood runs too strong.



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  1. Someone’ll write a biography of Racicot one day. I wonder what the title will be.

  2. Richard Miller | May 13, 2014 4:28 PM at 4:28 PM |

    “….such behavior is unbecoming and cowardly.” He is a coward. He deserted Montana for the limelight in the repuglican utopia called D.C.
    I’d rather have Beach babysit my kids that some asshole like racicot.

  3. Raciot a gutless ‘snake’, sold Montanans DOWN THE RIVER with de-reg, thanks to ALEC, Enron affiliates, and worse. Maybe he’s also involved with a ‘damn dam’ scam with PPL sale of dams, huh?

  4. Mr. Corrigan appeared before the Montana Supreme Court for a public censure on December 30, 2003.

  5. Marc Racicot is an arrogant and self-serving p–ck. Don’t expect him to do the right thing. Let’s hope the parole board doesn’t consider any of his lies.

  6. Cowardly doesn’t even begin to describe the gentleman. He didn’t have enough guts to attend the hearing in person, but acted in a sneaky and underhanded way. Is there something lurking around out there that Marquis Marc doesn’t want to come out?

    • “Cowardly doesn’t even begin to describe…” a commenter such as yourself that bushwhacks from behind an alias Grow a pair and use your name when calling someone out.

      • Mark talked so smooth
        that became his groove

        much smoother than Daines
        who also talks so smooth
        he sometimes forgets
        what he was saying

  7. Drunks for Denny | May 29, 2014 3:38 PM at 3:38 PM |

    ….and in other news today, it is revealed that Brian Schweitzer has decided that a presidential run in 2016 probably isn’t such a good idea, it’s better to follow the path of Marc Racicot and make a bunch of money being a shyster:

    It is a sorry day for the former governor, now that he is in cahoots with on of the biggest crooks in the mining business, Frank Duval. IS Brian going to turn Stillwater into the next Pegasus Gold?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 29, 2014 7:34 PM at 7:34 PM |

      Drunk dude, you know that I’m with your ninety-nine percent of the time. But on this one, I must part ways. Look, NO ONE knows these mining bastards like I do. Just ask ol’ hermaphrodite and mining lobbyist jonny fitzpatrick, or maybe bill snoddy. They know the Rangers very well. We were mortal enemies for twenty some years. Fortunately, we won.

      But here’s the deal. A guy has to make a living. If Schweitzer needs to make some money to further some other just causes, so be it! Let me remind you that one of the country’s greatest lawyers, Clarence Darrow, represented some of the biggest sh*tbag corporations of his day. But he also did great work for social justice.

      That’s where I put Schweitzer. The dude will use that money to kick corporate ass and do the right thing. Don’t be too hard on him. He knows what he’s doing.

      • Drunks for Denny | May 29, 2014 9:02 PM at 9:02 PM |

        I agree with all you say, Larry, which is why I am so disappointed in Schweitzer. Did you look at the second link I posted?

        That you, of all people, would side with the Pegasus Gold Corporation (which is implicit in your post) amazes and confounds me. He is kicking corporate ass with Frank Duval and Frank’s daughter Heather Thomas? Frank and Heather are paragons of virtue instead of mining opportunist swindlers that I have known them to be for over 20 years in their mining dealings int the interior northwest?

        Schweitzer can’t be serious in running for any future elective office if he has thrown in with that crowd.

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