Blogger’s Dream: Citizen’s Nightmare

TEA Party PAC Works to Put Birther Bob Wagner Back in Office

A Billings TEA Partier is running a political action committee help skyrocket the TEA Party back into the national spotlight.  Just not in they way they probably hoped.

A TEA Party political action committee known as the Conservative Majority PAC is working to put Birther Bob Wagner back in the state legislature.  If Wagner wins, national media outlets should park a satellite van outside of the capitol building throughout the session an watch as the ludicrous bills, statements, and proposals roll in.

Conservative Majority Shaw Attack

Conservative flyers are arriving in Madison County attacking Birther Bob’s opponent Ray Shaw.  Local voters booted Wagner in favor of Shaw after they saw the mess he made of the 2011 legislative session.  That’s when Wagner’s birther bill made the state a national laughingstock after Wagner appeared on CNN.

And who could forget his bill to run the state government like a leprechaun colony–with buckets of gold and silver. (HB 513, 2011)  I guess the TEA Party talking points didn’t include the fact that the gold standard is widely thought to have been responsible for the Great Depression.

Rep. Wagner even went so far as to refute the fiscal note for the bill because:

This fiscal note is denominated in dollar units of exchange, when in fact the State has no dollar units of exchange as defined by Act 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution and Act 1, Section 9 as well as The Coinage Act of April 2, 1972.

Somehow Wagner was able to put these objections aside when he cashed his legislative paycheck.

So what is known about this PAC and its backers?  It’s treasurer is a man named James Pennington, an anti-medical marijuana and TEA Party crusader extraordinaire.

Pennington apparently runs an oil and vinegar multi-level marketing “home party” company in Billings. He also works for a homebuilding/subdivision company there. He also appears to really like Alice in Wonderland related youtube videos.  To each his own.
Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 9.33.19 PM

When Pennington isn’t testifying at the Montana legislature to keep the terminally ill from getting pain medication, he likes to file frivolous political practices complaints against Governor Bullock.

He was listed on the Koch Brother’s Freedom Works website as a Montana contact, which for some reason someone has taken down, but you can see it thanks to the miracle of google cache and screenshots. Local voters already ousted Wagner in favor of Shaw once, but apparently a Koch brothers-affiliated PAC thinks it knows better than the citizens of Madison County.

James Pennington wants Birther Bob making laws in Montana.

James Pennington wants Birther Bob making laws in Montana.

So now the Conservative Majority PAC is working to put birthers in the legislature over Republicans who might actually retain a brain cell or two. Western Traditions Partnership did this same 2010 and look what kind of legislature we had in 2011.  In Madison County, WTP helped defeat a Republican most locals really liked–a man named Les Gilman.

It isn’t known if the Conservative Majority PAC is also helping these two, however, just yesterday a tipster received diatribe against Ryan Zinke in the mail box  no name, just the same Billings return address.

There is quite a group of nutjobs in Madison County, as readers here know.  Take Madison County Commissioner and TEA Party Republican Dan Happel, who goes around wasting public resources  by filling other county’s commission agenda’s with Agenda 21 conspiracy theories and ravings about the county secessionist movement. Apparently local justice court judge candidate Victor Bunitsky is also one of this bunch.

Shaw has a response ad in this week’s Madisonian, in which he shoots down the falsehoods in the attack mailer.  He explains that school curriculum are set by local school boards, which are elected by local voters, not the Montana legislature. He also explains how his vote to help local businesses and hospitals who provide good paying jobs open by accepting the  federal funds for health care for the working poor (something the Montana Chamber of Commerce supported) was a vote for his constituents.  It’s no different than accepting federal highway funds or defense contracts. Finally, he refutes the ridiculous Roger Koopman nutjob scorecard called “TAB“, where pro-business and development bills that put taxpayer money back to work in the communities to create jobs is called socialism.

Here is Shaw’s ad:

shaw rebuttal1Shaw rebuttal


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  1. Birther Bob is way out there. But Shaw’s also far to the right. Neither is worth supporting.

    • Shaw flounts his voting record! Says he votes yes on bills that most of the people want. But he lies about it also! Is half the truth the Truth? Yes he voted yes on bills. But when they came back for final vote? He voted NO! And the ones he voted for in the first place? With a yes vote? And killed with his NO vote when It counted, hurt us all. True Wagner has did some things that most thought strange. But is not what Jareer Abeed did in giving 5 killers for a turncoat stranger? Shaw will also vote to handcuff Montana’s hunters, sportshooters, and ones that believe in protecting their families and their self! He has proven that. I can’t wait to get to say, I TOLD YOU SO!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 7, 2014 9:18 AM at 9:18 AM |

        Dem black people gonna GET you, teddy! You better watch out, you better not cry, you’d better not pout I’m tellin’ you why, the federales are comin’ toooo town!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 7, 2014 9:22 AM at 9:22 AM |

          The brilliance of teddy lew, the mooselim hunter, In his own words, his own reality! Mooselim’s FEAR teddy lew!

          “If you really think they should be lead out in cuff’s? Are YOU going MAY16th.? This action, by a lot AMERICANS, will either do as they say. Or start a fight! And if a fight starts? WE ALL SHOULD KNOW, Jareer Abeed will be the one that starts it! That there is no dought to that. True, that many people and no guns allowed? There will be one fool that will try to get one by. And if that person is caught? They will use it to start something some want to start. A WAR! But i wonder how many here will go to their aid if that happens? A lot of people have said to me. Jareer Abeed will start a fight any way he can. He has his RED FLAGS all in place! As Always. ” I live my life. That when my feet hit the floor in the morning. The devil and muslims say, ” OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!”

  2. Agreed – Shaw is a hard right conservative – he isn’t a looney gold standard birther, but he’s no moderate.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there are a lot of really stupid people in Montana.

    Frankly, I’m surprised others want people like this working for them. But then I guess those employers must just be as stupid, right? I mean, how can folks like this contribute to society in meaningful ways. What do they do?

    Yes, there are lots of stupid people in Montana and unfortunately they could get their way and make the rest of our lives hell for some time to come.

    Reading crazy headlines in the paper isn’t worth that. Especially not for those that keep their heads down, struggle through each day, and just hope they have enough to pay the bill each month. You know, most people that live in Montana?

    • “There are a lot of really stupid people in Montana.”
      Hey Greg we are who we are. As different as we might be from one another, we still have an odd sort of local loyalty.
      You don’t really have a politician’s DNA do you?

      • Greg actually believes that “Montanans aren’t worth the shit on his boots”. That is a direct quote. His whole candidacy and frequent blog comments are really just a ploy to try and drive traffic to his website to boost sales of his e-stories. He admits this openly.

        • Abe, I really think you are underestimating the Rise of Coil, not to mention the Black Walnut.

        • I think many people in this state realize there are lots of ignorant and stupid people that aren’t worth shit.

          Take that treasurer and how much they’ve cost the state. Think of the people that put that person there.

          Consider those folks that refused federal funding for our hospitals last session while accepting it for our highways.

          We’ve got a long history of ignorance here.

          People opposed the creation of Yellowstone Park in 1872 and poaching was a huge problem into the 1890s and beyond. Tourism was seen as a silly idea.

          How about those fools in 1996 that deregulated our energy industry? Ignorance there, or something much worse?

          There’s lots of stupid people here and the problem this election is that many of them will vote. It’s one of the only ways their ignorance can continue to reign.

          I’m not sure why we continue to send so many stupid people to Helena every two years, people that don’t really care about this state, but I have a feeling we’ll send a lot more this election cycle.

          • I have to agree with Greg on this. we need to stop people who are incompetent and lie that they are gonna help Montanans succeed.

            I think people forget that our last GOV made no Bones about bullshitters… Calling them Batshit crazy whenever necessary.

            Nothing wrong with verbally tarring and feathering bullpucky whenever it raises it ugly head.

          • Well Greg, what you actually said at the time was that ALL Montanans were not worth the shit on your boots. Maybe you got a big head during all that time you were out of state living overseas…started to believe you were above us lowly Montanans. Of course you are right, lots of people coming up short in the intelligence score in this State. Sometimes they even run for the legislature. I see two commenting in this thread alone.

            • Well, that was my mistake. I should have said ‘most,’ as we do have a Republican controlled legislature. I do wonder about a lot of the Democrats at times too, however.

              So you got me. Good job. I guess I’ve lost the election. Now what will I ever do? Darn, just make money, pay taxes, and contribute to the economy. Do you do those things?

          • I was around in ’97, not ’96, for electrical deregulation. I ran for legislature and lost, but I promise you, had I won, I would have been one of your stupid people in the legislature. The problem was term limits. All of the institutional wisdom was put out to pasture, and Goldman Sachs and Racicot overran the legislature at the last moment with a well-planned hit job.

            The vast majority of people have no business in politics, but it is not stupidity. It is lack of time. Typically people interact with the political system at two year intervals, and turn it off in between. They are just not up to speed.

            So they need smart leaders. Term limits took that option off the table. We are the blind led by the blind, easily sucked in by whatever scam the money people cook up. Tester got reelected in ’12 by such a scam. These are very sophisticated manipulators, these moneybags. On the other side, people who figure out the game and learn how to play hardball are, by law, kept out of the game.

            I do not see, Mr. Greg sir, where you are offering anything better. You’re not going to go in and change anything. You’ll be bowled over too. This much is obvious.

          • Greg, oh foolish one, consider how far you might get in any election in a state of one million people. We all either know each other or someone who knows someone we know. For you to insist on calling us stupid, well, that’s stupid. Your stupidity amazes me. Methinks you just like to hear your head rattle. Who’s your competition again?

            If non-profits of all stripes and federal money disappeared, this state would rachet sideways to a bizarre post-modern homestead condition. Without Universities and Vo Techs. without The NPS, the USFS, USDA, USGS, BLM, Fish and Wildlife Service, protected Wilderness, Superfund money (rmember the dam?), and all the educated professionals who populate those agencies. The East would be an industrial ag-subsidized, poisoned, unregulated, explosive, hydrocarbon glut fest and the West would burn up. Rich folks and all. You don’t really know much about what makes this state tick, do you?

          • If you don’t know why there are so many rotten fish in Helena, I suspect you’ve never heard of the Berkeley Pit and its current benefactor (D.W.), the American Tradition partnership, the NRA, ALEC, and Citizens’ United. To name a few.

  4. This guy is one of the Steve Zabawe affiliated commie mommies group from Billings. – the anti cannibus folks.

  5. Bob is a man whose approach to public service is not constrained by the conventional wisdom, or, for that matter, perhaps not by any kind of wisdom. He’s a resilient fellow to come back for more after the thumpin’ the voters gave him two years ago.

    • Your focus on sizzle is noted. Ever think about steak?

      Wait, hold it: You’re a democrat. Allow me to explain. “Steak vs sizzle” is an old ad adage, meaning that people are not aware of substance but rather only focus on unimportant peripheral details. That, to me, seems to sum up the essence of Mr.

    • Your focus on sizzle is noted. Ever think about steak?

      Wait, hold it. You’re a Democrat. I’ll explain that comment for you. “Steak vs Sizzle” is an advertising concept. It means that people don’t think about things and are swayed by fleeting impressions. “You don’t sell the steak. You sell the sizzle.” This, to me sums up Mr. Conner – with the annoying factor that makes you a Democrat pundit: You think you have depth.

      • I’m a Democrat who punned it. And I’m delighted that my sizzle staked you to a soul satisfying seethe. Stay steamed, laddie: it’s a cleansing therapy that you need.

        • James, be kind to Mark. As I think of his ‘sizzle,’ someday he may be an important source of protein… after marinating of course before roasting over a mesquite fire.

        • Deflection. You’re the Rio Grande of politics, a mile wide, an inch deep. On the day you turn your self-imagined insightful eye on your own party, I will stop insulting you. For now, the best I can give you is a backhand slap: The Pogie is strong in you.

  6. Kathkeen Mumme | May 15, 2014 9:08 PM at 9:08 PM |

    I wouldn’t call Ray Shaw a liberal , but he is certainly far to the left of people like Bob Wagner. The chances for a Democratic House win in this district, again, are slim to none. I supported Kim Miller in 2012 and now Johanna Lester, but the fact remains that we are far, far better off with Ray Shaw than we ever would be with Bob Wagner.

    • Why is Shaw better? Ask him about Agenda 21, Obamacare, Common Core, Benghazi, the IRS, guns. There’s no real difference between him and Birther Bob except, maybe, he’s not 100% sure our president was born in Kenya.

      • The difference is Ray answers to his constituents not Wittich, Vance and Essman.

        • But at what cost if he believes in all the same dumb fantasies of Agenda 21, Obamacare, Common Core, Benghazi, the IRS, guns? Different face but the same Agenda as Birther Bob.

      • Ray is willing work toward a compromise, that’s the key. Birther Bob is too righteous about his beliefs to ever compromise.

  7. Ray Shaw is a far, far cry from bing a moderate – Turner is right. He may not be a lunatic like Wagner, but he is a right wing anti abortion anti union anti Obama right winger.

  8. Welcome to “Trollarama” Greg. Where Most people won’t use their real names when they cuss Ya! We may have difference of Opinions sir…. but we have the same trolls! LOL

    • I have no problem insulting people to their face when they’ve earned it, and I do so quite frequently. My purse strings are held by myself, and no other, and my income is dependent upon no one but myself.

      Because I insult people to their face I have no problem doing so online. When they don’t use their real name I make it a point to tick them off. I’m quite good at it, and I’ll only get better.

      Just imagine how all those Republicans will feel when I turn my sights on them after the primary. You Democrats thought you had it bad, well, just wait.

    • You guys are two mentally unbalanced peas in a pod. It’s so nice you’ve found each other.

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