Election Fraud

Fake TEA Party Candidates Running as Dems Deceive Voters in Two Dem Primaries

Two TEA Partiers have succeeded in nasty plot to invade and infect the Democratic Party, Trojan Horse style.

This year a bunch of  local Tea Partiers filed paperwork to run as Democrats for local legislative races.   It’s dirty, below-the-belt, highly dishonest stuff.  Embarrassed at the fact that they have become a national joke, the right-wing of the conservative movement has resorted to an attempt to invade and infect the Democratic Party, Trojan Horse style, and take it over.

Most lost last night by wide margins.  But two TEA Partiers won democratic primaries  by deceiving the voters and will move on to the general to run in slots that the voters intended to be filled by democrats.

In Cascade County, fake Democrat David Brownell, who has run for office as a Republican in the past, beat bona fide democrat Joan Graham for state senate District 9.  Brownell also frequently attended Teton County GOP meetings. Terry Caldwell also beat real democrat Lloyd Wilkins.  Caldwell told the  Great Falls Tribune  that he couldn’t name a single democratic issue he planned to campaign on nor a single issue on the democratic platform he supported.

Both face incumbent GOPers in the general.  Brownell faces Llew Jones in the general.  Caldwell will face Nicholas Schwaderer.

Meanwhile in Gallatin County the plot was a giant flop.

Tom Woods beat Dane Peeples, a Bozeman area militia member with a criminal record. Harry Pennington and Laura Springer, two homeless people who registered using Peeples’ address and credit card, have dropped out. Denise Hayman won over TEA Partier Hollenback, whose husband is a GOP precient chair and is a plaintiff in a GOP lawsuit to bar Montana from accepting federal funds for health coverage for the working poor. April Buonamici beat right-wing libertarian Mike Comstock. Comstock is a one-world government conspiracy theorist who believes the muppets are part of a socialist plot.

In Sanders County actual democrat Weylin Achatz prevailed over TEA Partier Gerald Cuvillier, who was vice-chair of the Sanders County Republican Party. And in Missoula County TJ McDermott succeeded over two fake democrats for the local sheriff’s race.


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  1. This comment from Dirk Adams’ email says a lot:

    “Democratic primary turnout was 75,005. Republican primary turnout was 132,224.”

    People need to be excited about candidates to vote for them, or even to vote. How can we make these Democrats more exciting over the next 5 months? It’s going to take some work, trust me!

    • Drunks for Denny | June 4, 2014 11:18 AM at 11:18 AM |

      I wouldn’t get too worked up over those numbers. Plenty of Democrats and Independents voted the Republican ballot just to vote against the Tea Baggers.

      • Maybe some Independents voted the Republican ballot but I seriously doubt many Democrats crossed over. Missoula, for example, had county attorney, county commissioner, many legislative races and a sheriff’s contest on the Democratic ballot — not worth skipping those races for a tea party v. “responsible” Republican contest.

        • I believe there was significant Democrat to Republican crossover in some legislative districts. I’ve started running the numbers and will report my results on Flathead Memo in the next few days.

          In Senate District 43, crossing-over Democrats may have helped defeat Scott Boulanger.

  2. More than anything else, the statewide numbers are probably a reflection of the Republican House race which generated more buzz and, thus, participation. That race brought out more Reds to the primary.

    But the point should be made, the Blues need to get behind their candidates this fall.

  3. Are there Right Wing Libertarians, I don’t think so. You can take the political quiz at http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz/quiz.php
    There are right conservatives and left liberals, but no right libertarians.

  4. If you can’t win through legitimate means, cheat. Nothing more patriotic than that.

    • Richard Miller | June 4, 2014 4:05 PM at 4:05 PM |

      Amorette, I have never seen more truer written words. It is the new American ethic in all walks of life.

  5. Helena also had several hot legislative primaries for the Democratic Party. People weren’t crossing over here.

    • The MEA-MFT conducted what amounted to a crossover campaign in selected districts. There was an organized Democrat-to-Republican effort in Ravalli County. In counties such as Lewis and Clark where there were aggressively contested Democratic primaries, there probably was little crossing over.

      • James, do you think crossover voting occurred to elect the fake democrats? How would a person determine whether this happened?

        • Jan, I believe most Democrats who crossed over did so to vote for Responsible Republicans in deep red districts where Democrats seldom win elections. I compare returns across recent elections, looking for departures from what I would consider normal. One obvious crossover occurred in the 2012 GOP primary in deep red SD-6 between Rep. Jana Taylor and appointed incumbent Carmine Mowbray. Along with Sen. Bruce Tutvedt, Mowbray was denounced by the Montana Family Foundation for believing that sex education in the public schools is a good thing. Taylor won the primary in a close contest. If one compares the primary returns to the general election returns, it’s clear that a lot of Democrats voted for Mowbray in the primary.

          Exit polling can uncover crossover voting, but people who polled on subject such as this sometimes are not honest in their responses, so I prefer to run the returns through my number crunchers.

          Some of the bogus Democrats might have filed in an attempt to keep Democrats from crossing over to the GOP primary. I doubt that many Republicans crossed over to the Democratic primary.

          • There does seem to be some evidence that Democrats crossed over in Ravalli County. I suppose there were a few other counties where there weren’t any down-ticket Democratic primary races worth voting the Dem. ballot. (Still, wouldn’t one want to cast a vote in the contested Dem. U.S Senate and House races?) So, I guess there are some cross over voters, but not many. Organizing a campaign to get bunches of Democratic voters to cross over is a tough job.

            And finally, when a Dem. does cross over, who does he/she vote for? The more radical Republican in hopes that the candidate won’t stand a chance against the Dem. in the general, or the more mainstream Republican in case this Republican candidate actually beats the Democrat in the fall?

  6. Can’t these Dem ‘fakes’ be prosecuted by the Commissioner of Political Practices? This scheme erodes to INTEGRITY of our democratic (small ‘d’) electoral process.

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