The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…

…right-wing conservative candidate Tonya Shellnut of Billings.

For writing a book chronicling her own choices and lamenting the lack of control she had over her own body–then leading an organization whose goal is the shame women and deny them freedom and control over their own bodies–Tonya Shellnut is this week’s hands down winner. 

Tonya Shellnut is the Montana State Director for Concerned Women for America, a position for which she apparently volunteers because the organization has not been able to raise any funds to pay a staff person.

“The Concerned Women for America,” as your women friends will surely tell you, is concerned with some very important stuff, especially about calling feminists sluts and telling us to keep our legs shut and denying women the freedom to obtain birth control.  Shellnut doesn’t mention the Concerned Women on her website, nor does she mention some of the aspects of her life story chronicled her book, “Women Power Revolution: shellnutbookUnderstanding True Feminism” (written like the Ron Paul Revolution graphic) in which she explains how she found that true “feminism” was of the conservative “true femininity” woman hating right-wing traditional role variety.

The book contains passages describing Shellnut’s own life, such as the time she, on her 13th birthday, decided to “get all dolled up and found any male willing to show [her] some attention” then “got drunk” and as Shellnut puts it “gave my innocence” to a 21-year old. Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 7.27.00 AM

Her book describes various other alcoholic blackouts and episodes of  “waking up completely naked with someone I did not know next to me” and finding herself “unwed and pregnant” which is of course a very big no-no in the right-wing Concerned Women for America doctrine.

Indeed, Shellnut also writes that she was a victim of sexual abuse in her book.  For lamenting this lack of control over her own body, then signing up up to lead a movement which denies other women that control makes Shellnut a hypocrite.  You can read more passages from her book here, here, and here.

Concerned Women of American made a stopover in Montana last election cycle as part a bus tour of Chick-fil-A restaurants and “parking lots near Chick-Fil-A”s  to tell America about their highly credible organization. According to the watchdog group Right Wing Watch,  the Concerned Women for America are concerned that health care reform violates each and every single one of the Ten Commandments, that gays are discriminatory bullies who hate American democracy, that climate change science is a conspiracy against poor people, and that President Obama wants communists to control America’s children.

And speaking of the ten commandments, as anyone who has ever driven through the Flathead knows, one of the Ten Commandments is “Though shall not bear false witness.” But this very God fearing TEA Partier seems to have a problem with the truth when it comes to her affiliation with the TEA party. Shellnut claims to have no affiliation with the TEA Party, you see.

Shellnut TEA Party 1   photo 2 copyYet she was eager enough to affiliate with them when it came time to appear as a speaker about preserving “our” legacies at their gatherings–and to be endorsed by them on various TEA Party Facebook pages, as you can see from the screenshots below. When November comes around, Montana voters should tell Shellnut to keep her hypocrisy–and her backwards views on women, LGBT Montanans, health care, science, and education to herself.  They don’t belong in Montana law. tea party shellnut 2 TEA party 1 shellnut shellnut tea 3


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  1. Damn it, I’ve got 41 books and she’s got 1? How the hell did she get through the primary and I didn’t? Gosh!

  2. This particular brand of GOP hypocrisy is an old one – the woman who regrets her own choices so launches a crusade to force her newly discovered brand of right wing morality on everyone else. A very tired trope, this. No thanks Shellnut.

  3. Also as to her “book” if ramblings, I went to to read the reviews and there are only two- Neither of which is from an amazon verified purchaser- which is telling.

  4. My vote is for the P.S.C.’s

    “lowest cost to consumers” Bob Lake.

  5. Teabag ‘loon’ and buffoon in a ‘NutShell’ doin’ the ‘sell’ job….

  6. It is a shame that the Republican brand is being destroyed by this faction. Two regional leaders, Ken Miller and Tom Tuck, claim to be theologians, constitutional historians, and guardians of our nation’s morality. Neither of those two ever attained anything higher than a high sch.ool diploma. I want small government not some pontificating group of fools whose only message is to call the Democrats baby killing, gun grabbing, sodomites. Will someone who is not of this ilk please lead the party. I am too busy trying to make a living in this increasingly hostile environment

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 19, 2014 10:24 AM at 10:24 AM |

      Agreed. Very well said. I’ve always thought it very strange that Montana Pubbies could fall under the spell of the southern inbred christofascist nut job wing of the Pubbie party. I mean, think back about forty years or so here in Montana. I don’t recall ANY of that creationism Jesus jumpin’ holly roller sh*t goin’ on around here. Oh sure, maybe there was the odd fundiwackmentalist church here and there. But when did the inbreds take over the party? There can’t be that many inbreds from down south movin’ up here. Or maybe there can. Snake handlin’ and speakin’ in tongues is NOT a traditional Montana cultural trait! At least I never saw it much.

  7. Brian “Gaydar” Schweitzer

    • Dustin “ridicule the disabled” Hurst

      • wow, Dustin. As the sister of a special needs person and as a nurse myself, I am deeply disturbed by this. And that you would feel compelled to ridicule someone’s physical deficits in private, let alone to put it on facebook in a public setting is tremendously shameful and pathetic. I suggest to you that you volunteer with the physically handicapped for only a day, stroll in their wheelchair, and grow up rather than spend your time hatefully photoshopping. But the likely scenario is that you will continue to spew hatred in your little world rather than try to make it a better one. Your mother must hang her head in shame.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 19, 2014 8:40 PM at 8:40 PM |

      Hey, dustin, who sets YOUR gaydar off? THIS guy? If not, WHY not?!

      You see, the difference is that we in the Dem party accept gays. Oh sure, we don’t understand them and never will. But we accept them as people. YOU dudes don’t!

      And yes, we are comfortable enough to poke a little fun at them. Why not? They are basically lost souls that need our help. And if we can help them, we will by giving them the rights and dignity they deserve.

      It’s YOU morons that want to pray away the gay! We know that that ain’t happenin’.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 20, 2014 6:26 AM at 6:26 AM |

        And on a more serious note, I can remember way back when the Dem party first started putting the gay agenda in their party platforms. And we took a frickin’ BEATING at the polls for doing so! Hell, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why we ALL had to suffer at the polls for an item as small as the gay agenda! It hurt the country and the party, and I’m not sure that it was worth it. For you see, the gays are a very small, tiny percentage of the country! And the country suffered mightily as a result of including them. The Pubbies used it as a battering ram!

        But now, the gays have made progress, and yet they STILL aren’t happy enough. They’re gonna cudgel anyone who happens to make a snarky remark about them. Well, tough noogies! Get used to it! If you want equality, you gotta take all the come with it, in CLUDING gaydar! For you see, the reality is that the gay agenda is NOT necessarily the highest priority for most of us Dems!

        Now, let the hate responses begin! I can take it.

        • The gay agenda, the green energy agenda, the we need 30 million more illegal aliens agenda, the non keystone pipeline agenda.– come on man! I was a union guy dem until the party started supporting illegals over Americans. Your party’s agendas are killing America.

          • I wonder what you have against “green energy.” It’s the only way we’ll prevent the total destruction of the planet. Is that objectionable to you?

            Probably. Because you’re obviously a moron.

            • Solyndra, Al Gore, John Kerry and the trading of carbon credits are the only entities that can save us from total apocalypse?Enviro lefties are as bad as Religous righties. Your Earth Mother — Al Gore as your Earth Mother’s Prophet is as bad as Republicans claiming Jaysussz says we’re blessed as long as we are Republicans and we fight the culture war and bow to Israel. Stop being so militant with your pseudo science. Global Warming/ Green Energy in its current form is a scam. Technology is not there yet buckaroo.

  8. Hey! I scanned those passages, fancy them showing up here. Lol. I ordered Shellnutt’s book as soon as she filed and I initially began highlighting the numerous grammatical errors and awkward sentences. There were many. The poor writing was so difficult to endure that I gave up on page 30.

    Shellnutt has no idea how to properly use the words “to” and “too”. Some form of the word “wound” (wound, wounds, wounding, etc) was used on nearly every page, as many as eight times. She uses apostrophes improperly. “Black outs” and “blackouts” are used interchangeably. I can’t even continue. It was just so bad.

    Woman Power Revolution was one of the worst books I’ve ever attempted to read. I am far too embarrassed to place it in my bookshelf. It also appears she ripped off Ron Paul’s Revolution logo.

    Oh yeah, I also discovered some other interesting information about Shellnutt. It requires a bit more investigation, however.

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