Posted: June 21, 2014 at 5:30 am

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29 thoughts on “This Week’s Worst Political Ad

  1. In4it

    It’s a crazy effing country we live in, where all of our political dialogue is reduced to manipulative 15 and 30 second ads crafted by skilled liars.

    I’ve seen worse, much worse. Not catching anything particularly dishonest in it. Is that why you think it’s so bad?

      1. In4it

        Just saying, I’ve seen worse ads. The Walsh ad that CG highlighted a few posts below is as skin-crawly as anything I’ve ever seen. The man is attempting to mimic compassion, and it doesn’t work. Now that is revoltin’.

  2. Pete Talbot

    I’ll bet the Tennessee media are frothing at the mouth. She’ll make great copy during her term as commissioner … like some of our Ravalli County Commissioners and state legislators.

  3. Virginia Hanna

    Will we EVER be through with all this STUPID Political Nonsense ? No wonder America is in such a mess. We go from one Political fiasco into the next one.. What a waste of the Tax Payer’s hard earnd Dollars..

    1. Robin Heide

      Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but it isn’t the Republican Party! From the shut down of the federal government to the nay saying of constructive policy bills and endless committee hearings on Obama Administration appointees, congress has done nothing but waste the taxpayers money! Not only has the Republican congress defiled there signature battle cry of fiscal conservatism, it robbed the bank!- with not even a useless widget or obscure research on potential effects of alien invasions to put on the books to account for our taxpayers money disappearing into thin air. The fiscal sacrilege of Republican values perpetuated by its own party at the expense of the average American is overshadowed by violation of its ultimate theology of individual rights. Neo Con Republican dogma denies reasonable health care, strips a citizen of its ability to vote, tramples on the right of a woman to choose what to do with her own body, allows corporations status not as an entity on paper but as single personality, and worse yet, denies
      parents the right to protect their children from being shot by the mentally ill with arsenals while giving permission to corporations to poison their water and air. How would the party of no answer the question of its constituents, “What has my party done for my family, the state I reside, the country?”

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Some people don’t have the decency to die! Come ON, dick. We all could use a good party! And you goin’ home to Satan is about the best reason I can THINK of! Look, when that rotten beeyatch Margret thatcher hopped the twig, England had one ginormous holiday! But that will be NOTHING compared to the day you go! The entire freakin’ WORLD will rejoice in song and merriment! PLEASE, dick, just go! For you see, I’m really, really thirsty! And I’ve got a great bottle of scotch saved for your sendoff! Bon voyage, dick! Have a nice trip…….TO HELL!

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

        Need proof?! Just stand outside your local Walmart for about a half hour and watch the human flotsam and jetsam walk by, IF they can walk! Many simply ride their Rascal scooters while munchin’ on a bag of chips! From primordial stew, we first develope legs. And now, wheels! Maybe ten thousand years from now, these lardbutted, teatarded, patridiotic, christofascist Reepubes will actually GROW wheels out their asses! HEY, it could happen you know! Ya never know!

    1. larry kurtz

      Skinner, how vile to smell you: Ms. Jackson’s pelt too illegal for you to strip from her skeleton?

      1. In4it

        You’re trippin’ man. I’ve always wanted to take acid. What’s it like? Sounds like you’re having fun.

      1. Dave Skinner

        Thanks, James, I knew you would be able to keep it classy. Too bad you can’t osmose some into your compadres here.

  4. Turner

    A friend of mine was on a phone conference with John Walsh and told me Walsh criticized Harry Reid and Obamacare. He hung up after about 10 minutes.

    Did anyone else join the conference? Did Walsh really say he was opposed to Obamacare?

    I’ll never vote for Daines, but I’m not sure I can vote for Walsh, either. Can someone explain why I should?

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      WRITE IN TIME! I suggest that we DUMP Gen. Wishy Walshy and write in Dirk Adams! For you see, I too cannot vote for Wishy Walshy. If we’re gonna lose anyway to pissant dipshit daines, I say that we should at least make a statement to the Paddy Wms. crowd, the nutless quitter wing of the Dim party. I’d STILL like to know who coronated this buffoon! Hell, I may write in old Bob Kelleher. From the GRAVE he could do a better job than this brain dead loser! I voted for Bob last time anyway!

      1. Rob Kailey

        Larry, your idea is not terrible, but it really isn’t very good, either. Yes, Walsh is likely to get his ass handed to him by Daines. On that we agree. But your idea for protest has a few critical flaws.

        One, frankly, is you. You act like a clown, not an organizer or leader. Your ‘great idear’ doesn’t come off as a call to arms in protest. It reads much more like “Here, hold my beer and watch this!”. Your enthusiasm is to be admired, I guess.

        Two, you seem to forget that Adams didn’t just lose the primary, he got creamed. Looking back through off-year turnout, even if every person who voted for Dirk in the primary (which includes me) voted for him in the general, he still wouldn’t pull more than 5%. Even if you and I were to call for a write-in everyday from now until November, it would be a shock for Adams to get more than 1000 votes. That’s not a protest, and it sends no message, given that Walsh is already likely to lose. That’s just doing the same thing twice and expecting better result. I’m certain you can tell how the Montana Democratic establishment will interpret that.

        The progs are already gleefully pointing out that Democratic enthusiasm for voting in an off-year is dismal. If there is a mistake in that, it’s that Democratic enthusiasm in off-years has been pretty damned low for over a decade, and this year is no different. Given that, I can think of at least 3 better ways to ‘protest’.
        1) Stay home. That would seriously hurt local and state Democrats and leave us looking much more like Wyoming in representation. But it would put serious pressure on the our current elected Democratic leaders like Bullock to stand proud. Of course, that might also push them far more to the right …
        2) Leave that oval blank. That would create a statistical anomaly hard for the Dem leadership to ignore. At that point, you are truly protesting the candidate.
        3) Vote Libertarian or vote Daines. Again, that creates a statistical anomaly hard to ignore, especially if Daines gets an anomalous percentage of votes in districts that elect Democratic state representation. If that doesn’t convince the state Democratic structure that they backed the wrong horse, few things will. The downside, of course, is that an increase in Libertarian votes has the small possibility of actually aiding Walsh. So choose wisely.

      2. Drunks for Denny

        I voted for old Bob Kelleher, too. His idea to scrap the Constitution and replace it with a European parliamentary system was excellent. I dream of quitting the Republican and becoming a Tory.

  5. Turner

    I wonder if it’s too late for Walsh to tack enough to the left that he can make Montana D’s a little more enthusiastic. For example, couldn’t he “evolve” to fully embrace the ACA and SSI?

    Voting is irrational. Walsh has one intangible advantage (with his military swagger he appears macho while Daines comes across like Dana Carvey’s George Bush Sr.) that some people might respond to. Liberal Democrats would reward his leftward drift because they’re desperate for some reason not to vote for Daines. Those who want to privatize SSI aren’t going to vote for him anyway no matter how much he panders to them.

    But his advisors apparently want him come off as to the right of Max Baucus. As a strategy it’s a loser.

    1. Turner

      I should’ve said liberal Democrats, who’ll never vote for Daines, need a reason not to stay home on election day.

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